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I am countinally reading stories on this website...

I am countinally reading stories on this website to prepare myself for the decision I have made. It has been very helpful to me so I thought I would share my experience. I have wanted a tummy tuck from a very young age. I did not want to be in debt from the choice and I now have the opportunity to go forth. I feel like I am a an age were I need to do it so I can have a healthy recovery and enjoy my body. There are several other procedures that I feel I will need but this is my hearts desire. I still have many fears but really want this.

Pre-op complete - 2 weeks to go

Only 2 more weeks :) I will post before and after photos and try to detail my experience in writing as best I can. Lots to think about. I have 4 prescriptions to fill. Percocet 5mg (not sure how strong that one will be), Phenergan 25mg (Nausea), Keflex 500mg(antibiotic) and Valium 2mg. Also was recommended an over the counter med Senokot for bowels (helps with constipation).

2nd day postop

Well I did it. Yesterday not so bad, couldn't couldn't walk only tried to get up once but I was too light headed. Came home with a foley catheter compression hoses for my legs and pump, one drain and a compression binder around my abdomen. Had a follow up this morning and the doctor told me he removed about 12 pounds from my abdominal area and in liposuction from back. The pain is worse today but the Foley is out and I have to get up to get moving to help the healing. I haven't gone the bathroom in two days so I'm drinking lots of fluids and taking senokot-s. I feel pretty gassy. I don't go back to the doctor till Tuesday.

2 weeks post-op

I decided to journal my journey because this web-site has provided so much information; even though my boyfriend dis-approves of the online/internet community. The stories of other woman provided knowledge and has helped encourage my decision. It has also helped me with medically related post-surgical questions.

I love my Doctor and his team. My experience has been great. I was so nervous going into surgery, which was scheduled at 5:30am. I showered with a anti-bacterial soap that morning. Even though they said I didn't need to. The last thing I remember is getting on the OR table, prone and the anesthesiologist wanting me to be comfortable. So weird. Don't remember coming home or feeling nauseated but my boyfriend said I did quit a bit of burping. Not to lady like. They sent me home with a drain and a urinary catheter. Which I am thankful for because I did try to get up that afternoon - once only once. I saw the Doctor the next day in the office and they removed the urinary cath. The first week was probably typically challenging but I took my pain medication, antibiotics, drank water and got up regularly without fail. Basic things hurt including movement, coughing and don't let anyone make you laugh. I feel one of the most important things is to trust your doctor and follow his/her instructions. Saw the PS again 8 days later and my only concern was my belly button, which was black. I was happy I got to shower for the first time that evening but it was challenging, very tiring and pretty painful.

My drain was in for a 11 days and was still collecting about 60cc of fluid when removed. However, my doctor said is was important to come out. I was fearful about the experience (I work in healthcare, with drains) but is wasn't that bad. My belly button did get packed because to prevent infection, speed healing.

Today I am officially 2 weeks post-op. I origianlly only took 2 weeks off of work, but had to extend another week. I do feel like I have a fluid collection and will be going back to see my PS tomorrow. I will probably need an aspiration. In general I feel good. However, I am overly tired, my back still hurts quit a bit and the new feelings sensation in my abdomen can be some what unpleasant. I am a stomach/side sleeper and that has also been a challenge.

Beginning week 5 and I have multiple concerns.

My belly button is still not healing, my seroma keeps returning, I have areas along my incision that are extremely hard and my lower back were I had liposuction is still numb and sometimes I get other sensations including burning. I just want to feel good again. My doctor tells me everything is ok and it's all standard healing. Sometimes I feel like he is just saying that.
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