Sleeve on 10/27/16!!!!! - Tucson, AZ

I was approved by my insurance for gastric sleeve...

I was approved by my insurance for gastric sleeve scheduled for October 27th!!! I start my pre-op stuff tomorrow!!! I'm SOOO excited! I have a ton of medical issues. I'm 5'4" and 270-ish. I was tiny until my 40s. I'm now 51. I'm on a CPAP for Sleep Apnea, meds for high BP, high Cholesterol, Fibromyalgia, severe Vit-D deficiency, depression, etc.... etc.... Hopefully this helps me get my life back! Please give me any tips and/or encouragement. Thanks!

Sleeve on Thursday!!! 4 Days to go!!! Any words of wisdom???

Hello! 4 days till sleeve and I'm nervous, then fine! Any words of wisdom from sleeves?? The pre-op has been a little bit rough with feeling hungry... : - ( I hope I don't have urges to binge... Is it mental or will the cravings go away?

Before pic!!! Sleeve Surgery on 10/27/16

Yikes..... This pic is horrifying! LOL. I cant wait for the "after" pics! Starting weight 276. Today i'm 263. Sleeve surgery in 4 more days on 10/27/16!!! At least the scale is finally going down! Yay!
Tucson Bariatric Surgeon

So far so good!

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