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I have have sweatiest pits ever since I can...

I have have sweatiest pits ever since I can remember. I work in corporate America and wear black all the time. I ruin all of my clothes and drip visible droplets down my arms in a tank top. It sucks. I looked into Botox and read about too many scary Side effects thus canceling my 1st appointment and cost to maintain was crazy. My insurance wouldn't pay either and mine is medical condition status. I heard about miradry at my dermatologist and signed up right away. I didn't read reviews so I wouldn't back out. It's been 7 days since 1st treatment. The procedure took 1 hour with 2 great gals. It hurt like hell because the lidocaine didn't work well on me. I swelled like crazy and was out of work 4 days. Day 5 at work I left early in pain, numbing in arm and other effects were occurring. After surgery I was in so much pain also throwing up and fainting for 3 days. My neuro motors skills day 5 at work were off and vision blurry. I have headaches badly now and bruising and swelling. I kept them so clean so I wouldn't get infected. I took ibuprofen and ice that's it. I still ice at night after work and before work in the morning. I hAve been wearing shirts I couldn't wear before now and not sweating yet. They did say some people have glands below where the radiation can reach and I hope in not that person. I wonder what happens to the lymph nodes? I hope I do t sweat like I used to anymore and so far worth it because even 3 days at work not sweating there was a miracle I have always wanted to experience. I'm afraid of the 2nd treatment but will do it anyways to get rid of my condition or reduce it to normal living and functionality. I hope for the best but who knows I guess it's a health risk and perhaps a cure but probably not. Like I said I'm hopeful and cant turn back now. My sick days at work cost me too but worth it for sweat reduction.

Update 2.5 weeks after 1st tx

Side effects decreasing still less sweat odor is worse but today I drenched a shirt just doing computer work on day off in bed the right armpit 80% back boooooo

3 months later

There is a little numbness still but the results are great thus far. I have experienced hardly any sweating it's amazing. I wear what I want and it is so freeing. This has changed my life. The ladies who did the procedure were so nice and professional. I need to go again for the 2nd treatment but I'm nervous. They said I can do it anytime and it doesn't have to be 3 months. My side effects were not normal aside from swelling, pain, and numbness. One effect I love is that my hair hardly grows in my armpits. All the side effects were worth every minute of this effective treatment. I highly recommend it.

Still a life changer

Im still so happy with my results!
I had 1 treatment many months ago and I wear whatever I want with confidence. I still can't believe this miracle exists.
Julie and Brenda

They were a great tam

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