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I have finally figured out a plan and Dr. I'm...

I have finally figured out a plan and Dr. I'm having my 550 saline implants removed and replaced with the same size silicone implants, I'm getting a lift because 1 side fell while the other stayed high and tight from capsular contracture, I have gained ands lostlost weight enough times that this time my tummy didn't come back and well the labiaplasty because hell I'm already doing the rest. I also had my lips filled with Juvederm. I'm not calling it mommy makeover... I'm calling it overhaul from lips to lips. Today I scheduled the surgeries. Sept 1. Very excited. Photos to come

Phase 1 lips

I had 1 syringe of Juvederm ultra


Tomorrow is the big day. The long procedure I feel like I am not prepared, not for surgery but recovery. I forgot to buy ice packs and until I need it it'd won't know what else I'm missing. I picked up all my prescriptions earlier this week and had blood work done. Today I had my nails and toes done so I feel good in recovery and to strip off the color.
Tomorrow they say my procedure will be about 5.5 hours. Tomorrow Sept 1 is the BA revision with lift and tummy tuck. I've added photos. But the v lady 2 weeks stressing about surgery ice gained a bitv off my weight back. Hoping it doesn't affect final results. I'm 5'8 175 pounds (now) and currently have mentor 575 cc moderate profile round saline.

It's done!

Today was the big day. I don't remember much. I was in a bit of pain on the ride home, ok more than a bit a lot. Took my RX as directed and fell asleep. I felt close to vomiting but didn't. Once I woke up I was able to to eat. Because I had a catheter during surgery going pee was a challenge. After waiting a whole and 3 attempts later I was able. I bought the female urinal which make the compression garment not a nuisance. Right now I feel great. I have zero pain until I try to move. But even then its only when I engage the muscle. We'll see tomorrow. So far so good.

Day 1,post op

So today I had zero pain in surgery sitesurprised. My back hurts most from walking hunched over. Big November's are tender but over all very surprised I had no real pain. Saw Dr Rao today he said Im healing well and was surprised I didn't have pain. As usual his staff were all welcoming and friendly . I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Only got 1 picture because I'm still wrapped up in compression. Garment

4 days post op

I feel Great! I'm able to walk around do things for myself. I have zero pain, I had a drain start to leak last night Dr. Rao called me within 10 minutes. It wasn't serious and we remedied it over the phone. The only issue is the tape is starting to make me itch. But even that isn't bad. I have very slight bruises the biggest bruise is where the IV went in. And I'm already so thrilledc with my results.

Day 5 post op

I had my drain checked today all is going well. I still have no pain and I'm Able to walk more upright. Dr. Rao said I'm a model patient that everything is healing well. I've been drink a lot of water and started Arnica and COQ 10 and Bromelain, we can't say for sure that it's helped btw it certainly hasn't Hurt. I still have zero bruises except from where c the IV was placed. The darkness in the photos is blood and sutures under surgical tape/glue. I couldn't be more pleased with my results and with Dr. Rao and his staff. They are a,winning team.

Post op day 7

I hadc another follow up today with Dr. Rao. He and his staff are so pleasant I look forward to going. I didn't vetv the pesky drains out but he did remove the itchy tape. And oh my God. I can't believe how great my breasts look. The rest was all gravy, I was so self conscious of the unevenness of my breast. And v7 days post op still the only pain is my back from walking not straight.. literally zero bruises. Dr. Rao is amazing.

When one can't bathe....

I can't shower until the drains come out, better than baby wipes...I found these on Amazon Wash Up 1-2-3 add water it suds up but requires no rinsing. Stay clean.

Day 10-12 post op

Everyday things look better and better. Still no pain until I went back to work just got tired and stiff mostly. feeling great. On day 11 one of my drains was "sliding out" no biggie until it came out to much and kept filling with air. I thought it looked like the end so I decided to just take it out myself. DO NOT DO THIS it turns out there is about 12 inches left inside once you start there's no going back. It didn't hurt but now my other drain is compensating and I'm supposed to get out tomorrow but I think my output is still too much. I will be so happy to be done with drains. Also I can't fit into any pants/shorts/skirts from before. I'm hoping its swelling in my thighs and ass. Even my work scrubs don't fit. They're scrubs! Overall the results still look great.

Day 14 post-op

1,drain still tensions. The output is still a little higher than Dr Rao was comfortable removing it. Fingers crossed tomorrow is the day. I did get sutures out of my new belly button. And it actually looks like a belly button. No part of my results looks obviously fake to me. And Dr Rao had a lobby full this morning yet I never have to wait he's so good about running on time.

4 weeks post op

4 days ago I had an incision start opening up Dr Rao got me in right v away. It wasn't infected and he treated it very proactively. It feels good today. The only issue I'm having is my skind feels weird almost like it's burning. But nothing too major. Still have abdominal swelling. The drain came out a week ago.
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

From the first email reply from the office, Carmen was a doll. When I met the Dr he and I aesthetically are on the same page, I'm confident with him. I had my lips done last week and the Dr was great. Carmen took care of everything else for me. Today I scheduled. Dr Rao answered all my questions and the ones I forgot to ask Carmen was able to answer for me through email (my preferred method)

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