57, No Kids, Reverse Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift/implants OUT!

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I've been planning this for the past 3 years. I'm...

I've been planning this for the past 3 years. I'm 57, no children. I had sub-glandular implants in 2003, to help with ptosis. They were great at first, now ptosis is worse than ever. I had a complicated abdominal surgery back in '86, that left me with complicated abdominal scarring. I had a nice reverse tummy tuck that helped, but not perfect. So now, I'm going for a removal of the implants with a lift, and a revision
of the scar/reverse tummy tuck I had ten years ago. I'll put up before pictures soon. I met with several surgeons, am going with one I felt quite comfortable with in Tucson AZ.

Pre-op photos

Here they are. You really can't see the scar revision well, since it is hidden in shadows from my breasts, oops. A radiologist today today told me the implants are sub muscular, which is NOT what the surgeon who originally placed them told me. I said it was a moot point, they were being explanted in one week, and the new surgeon will tell me exactly where he found them. :-)

Here are some pre-op photos

Trying to get these photos uploaded!

More pre-op photos

Here are the unclothed ones. Here's hoping things will look a lot better soon!

Home Day zero. PO

Haven spoken with MD yet. Came home with catheter, drain in place. Thank goodness for adjustable beds! Had veggie broth, took Percocet. Time to reset for awhile. Can tell everyone thing is definitely rearranged ????????????

First post op selfie day 1

Ace wrap, JP drain, catheter bag. Feeling good!

Doing surprisingly well

The nurses removed the ace wrap, slathered me in ointment, rewrapped and put me back in the CG, removed the catheter. Showed me how to empty the drain. I knew the plan going in, but I was startled at how much tissue he removed, and I can tell how it will eventually shape up. Just a little tired today, nothing bad. Have done light housework and napped. Feeling a little bored, but on the meds I sure can't go out by myself! right now, the plan is no showers, just sponge baths until the drain comes out one week post-op. How difficult is it to wash one's own hair in the sink? Think I'll be up to going to the salon for color on Saturday, which will be 4 days post-op? I hope so.

Very tired

8:00 pm and very tired. No one said the recovery was going to be easy :-) However, keeping on top of the pain medication is really helping.

I've been shopping on line for shape wear to help with the inevitable groin area swelling. My PS recommended Spanx. What do you all like?

New dawn, new day!

I'm feeling much better today. I was able to sleep during the night, waking only to take the pain pills as recommended. Yesterday I was 30 minutes late on a dose, and I sure felt that! Thinking I may be able to switch to tylenol later today, certainly by tomorrow. Been doing my breathing exercises, and walking short distances. No DVTs for me! My entire previous scar is gone, and my breasts are much higher and already more comfortable without those implants. Just wearing the ace wrap and the CG is fine for me right now. On Tuesday next, the drain comes out, and I'm really looking forward to the sports bra phase, since I have no idea what size I'll be. I'll do one of those comparison shots with the 36G bra, and that will be a huge change! I like what I saw of my new belly button, and even though I was in a recliner when the bandages were changed, I could really see the difference in how flat my tummy is now. My PS did discover a small hernia, so he fixed it also. Good thing! I'd hate to have a problem with it later. I'm really hoping not to lose any skin.

What protein shakes/powders do you all prefer?

Much easier recovery than I anticipated

Today I knew I don't need the narcotics anymore. Easy enough to wash my hair in the sink, good sponge bath, emptied the JP drain, and went to go see the Star War movie, finally! Stopped for organic broccoli on the way home, steak and broccoli for dinner. Two of my six dogs come home tomorrow so my pack will be intact again, but I'm feeling good enough to handle it. Slept through the night. I have an adjustable bed, so head and feet are both raised. Drinking plenty of fluids. I want have any pics to share until Tuesday, when the wraps are finally removed and the drain pulled. I did peak, and was pleasantly surprised how high my nipples/areoles are! They haven't been there since I was a pre-teen!

First post op pics

Yesterday was my first look at myself unwrapped in the surgeon's office. I'm very, very pleased with the changes. The healing is going well, and I'm really looking forward to the changes that will occur over the next few months. My PS eyed me critically, and said he already sees things he wants to revise before summer, so after the stitches come out this Friday, I'll be seeing him every two weeks for checkups. In addition to the breast lift with implants removed, he did a reverse tummy tuck, so you can see the new position of my belly button several inches below the old one! Extensive abdominal liposuction also. I do agree, I see things that will need tweaking, but I'm seriously awesomely thrilled!

I'm also very glad I don't go back to work until Monday, which will be 13 days post-op. I find I tire easily, no surprise. No pain at all, just pressure on my abdomen, which is to be expected.

It was a relief to finally have a proper shower today, although the sponge baths and washing my hair in the sink was doable. Switching to a sports bra with the abdominal compression garment feels great!

Stitches out

The nurse did a great job removing my sutures today; a few small twinges, but we happily chatted throughout the process. Dr. Taki may want to do a tweak, so I go back in a month for my next follow up. Until then, I'm in the sports bra, CG/ and or Spanx 24/7 . I can walk as much as I like, but no hitting nag the gym until then either.

I'm feeling great, no need to nap at all today, and just the minor twinges associated with healing. No pain meds of any kind need.

I can't say enough good things about Drs. Taki and Bazzel, the anesthesiologist, and his entire staff; that have been honest, straightforward, gentle and kind from the first day I walked into his clinic.

Time for photo update - Happy Sunday everyone!

Now that I'm twelve days PO, time for more pics. Remember, I had to have a reverse TT because of the complex abdominal surgery 30 years ago, and I really disliked the size and ptosis of my breasts with the implants :-)

I can't say enough how happy I am with my results and how things are progressing. I'm ready to head back to my day job tomorrow, after having two weeks off. There is some physical activity involved, but I've cleared it with my PS and am ready to go. I'm just sorry for my dogs; they were so happy having me home all the time :-)

Sorry some of the pics are blurry; I'm not the best at taking selfies. Things are beginning to soften up a bit, but there is still quite a bit of swelling. I wear my CG over the spanx while I'm home.

I'm really eager to go bra shopping, so being patient for months is going to be difficult.

Despite the swelling, I've been trying on clothes from my closet, and am super happy with how they fit and how I'm looking in them already!

Of course my scarring will be more visible than almost everyone else's, but I KNEW that going in, and am more than happy to take the trade off in scars for high natural perky breasts and a flatter abdomen!

I didn't even connect that I'm actually a massive weight loss person also; I've gradually lost around 100 lbs over the past few years, good diet and exercise. Now I'm thinking ahead to arm and thigh lifts; will keep you all posted on those topics :-)

2 weeks post, 3 day back at work

I was surprised at how tired I was at the end of the first day back at work, but now I'm back full on in the thick of things. I'm finding wearing the Spanx/Assets under my CG is working well to control swelling, and helping with posture while I'm sitting :-) The bruising is fading nicely, and some of the scabs are beginning to peel off. I'm just very gently running body wash over the incisions in the shower, and rinsing off; I want those scabs to come off when they are ready, so the scars will be nice and fine.

Side notes: I weighed myself the day of, and the day after surgery, and then yesteday. I was up 14 lbs the day after surgery, not surprised. I'm pleasantly surprised that two weeks out I'm down 8 lbs from day of surgery.

Pics to follow later today or tomorrow!

Two weeks post-op pics

As you can see, the bruising is way down. I'm pretty swollen still, these were taking after work when I was changing into my PJs for the evening. :-) I'm very pleased with my progress; my breasts feel great without the implants, I love where they are, and I'm getting an impression of their eventual size. The puckering will soften more with time, and it will be fun to document it. There is a lot of residual edema/swelling under my new belly button; I think Dr. Taki and I will discuss what to do about this at a later time. Notice the incision scabs are beginning to fall off, and I will have thin fine scars eventually. Very, very happy!

Almost three weeks pics

I'm feeling great physically and mentally. Not a big fan of the CG and tight sports bras though :-) I'm really looking forward to being able to buy pretty new bras. I noticed yesterday going over a speed bump I felt a little jiggle, and my breasts are beginning to soften up a bit. The scabs are beginning to peel off also, I'm not rushing them!

I'm pleased with my progress so far. Have a great week everyone!

Love how things are going!

I saw Dr. Taki today for my 5 weeks post-op visit. He, and I, are very pleased with how things are going. He showed me what he may want to tweak, if it doesn't resolve, in the next months. If you are curious, the indents beneath my breasts are from the anchoring sutures he placed, so my subcutaneous tissue and skin would adhere and the scar wouldn't drift south. He wants me to message the sites/scars now, to break down the sutures and let my breasts settle.
Best of all, I'm out of the Spanx! Hooray! And now I can get back to the gym and work out besides just walking, which is great exercise by itself.
We discussed potential revisions, and agreed that waiting until Nov.-Dec. would yield the best results. :-)

I'll post more photos as things settle down, and the scars start fading. The final scabs literally came off in the shower today, before I went for my post-op visit.

I heartily recommend Dr. Taki if you want to have surgery in Tucson!

Pre and post bra pics :-)

Just as he was leaving the exam room yesterday, Dr. Taki asked me how it felt to have the weight of the implants gone. Oh my goodness, it feels GREAT! I hadn't gotten rid of all of my pre-op 36GG bras, so I thought I'd try one on, today 5 weeks post surgery. It looks pretty silly on me now! I bought this soft little Playtex bralette at Target so I have something besides the sport bras while things are still changing and settling.
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