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I have been thinking of getting tummy tuck for...

I have been thinking of getting tummy tuck for many years since I lost the weight. I've gone to self help seminars, positive support groups, etc. Most of my friends are against it except others who have gone through the same thing and are still active vibrant women. I am getting tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I was not sure about the breast because it was nature not weight loss that caused them to deflate,but since the advent of the safer gummy bears, I considered it. It's only day post op. I was mostly asleep and out of it the whole time. Today was painful and generally boring. My boobs look promising and I can't feel implants inside. They are just poofy. The Dr said it went very very well. I can't wait.

Post op day 3

I'm in a reclined position that took like 7 pillows. Day 2 is supposed to be the most painful and it was. I saw my Dr. And he said it all looked good. My boobs looked flat but they are supposed to fluff up. I uploaded photos. You cant see but my skin is crepe and looks cellulite like. I also hang a lot when I bend over. I am wearing a binder, drains, and sports bra. All were provided by my Dr. Also my left Butt cheek is sore from laying down a lot.

Day 4 Post Op

So here we are at day 4! I feel like I'm getting bed sores in my left Butt cheek. I'm a little worried. I tried putting more pillows under my Butt. It's not helping. I can't get up without help because I'll engage my chest muscles and cause my implant to hurt. Or I engage my hips or tummy which makes me feel like I'm typing my incision.
The pain is more tolerable. I still have my meds on a timer. I did have constipation mildly. I took a gentle laxative, 2 per day for 2 days. I actually went yesterday but it was difficult. The drainage is not bad. Totaling, I drain around 40cc from both. I keep hydrated and am 90% not nauseous. I mostly easy soft foods and protein. I feel like I'm not too swollen under the wrapper. And I do feel weird itchiness, but I hear that comes from healing. That's it for now!!

What was done and why!

I never gave an ample description of what was being done and why. I first wanted a tummy tuck. I had been fit for many years, then I began emotional eating. I got up to about 289lbs, when my Dr told me I had high blood pressure and I should not be at that point at my age. He wanted to put me on medication because I was so far along. I asked him to give me a chance to change.
I started on food. For a year I worked on eating a healthy amount. This helped immensely. Then the next year I walked with my dogs and changed up my food a little. Then I began taking classes at the gym. I chose low impact options but I stayed for the whole class, no excuses. After that I worked out like crazy and ate well with awesome cheat days. No matter how low I got my bmi, I still had a tummy. People said maybe if I exercised more it'd go away. I went 4 hrs everyday. The tummy didn't change. I could see my abs disappear underneath a tummy.
For a while I felt like it wasn't a big deal. That I was fine and healthy. It's not like I wanted to be shredded. But I couldn't wear crop tops or bikinis or anything that showed my stomach. The skin was rumpled and hung down l like an old cloth. I went back and forth thinking about it as well as my boobs for over a couple years. My boobs were just nature rather than weight-loss. But I looked Deflated overall.
I also thought about recovery. Tummy tucks don't begin fade for about a year. And I can't really bra shop for 3 months. And the money is save up would be an amazing vacation to Italy or paying off the car... I thought if it for much of a time.
I also almost chickened out doing it. But had a supportive human being who reminded me how long I've dreamed of it....
So here I am recovering. I can see my boobs are very well inflated. Though I hope they look fluffier. And I can feel swelling is going down because it feels looser in my binder. I'm not feeling excited yet to the degree I know I am. I'm chalking that up to staying home and pain meds.

Day 6

Almost time to see if drains will come out. I have not removed my binder or bra since the operation. I clean with wipes. My hair is a dank mess. I can't wait to take a shower and to get intimate with my bf. The main pain I have is the drains rubbing my muscles or bones or something. I get a sting sensation and then soreness. My arms are getting better on right side. Left arm feels sore. I want to look at stuff but don't want to mess anything up so I'm leaving alone. Ugh cant wait til shower and shave! My pain meds ran out so I'm trying regular Tylenol. And I went number 2 twice. I'm barely beating constipation.

Almost to the day!!

Hoping tomorrow is drain removal!!!

Night before

Really hoping for drain removal. They really pinch my insides and I have to have help getting up from reclined positions. I feel every second in going to rip a tube out on accident. My chest feels like a million pounds. So far the cleavage looks cute, but I'm wondering I can really work out with them... Did not find any cute wireless bras at ross. Wondering if I should get fitted at vs and buy cheap clearance bras or perhaps try marshals or something. This surgery sports bra is unsupportive. I feel Phantom prickly spots or tingling or crampy feelings in my breast and stomach. I feel like I'll be a hunch back forever. I hope someone can allay my fears and maybe point me to some good binders and cheap wireless bras. I'm only 1 week from post surgery. I'm trying not to go crazy. I hear 3 months before any real bra shopping. Well to bed now.

Drains out

I just got drains out. It hurt! He took stitches out. And then they pulled the drains out. Everything looks scary and Frankenstein. They assure me it'll look better and better. Sadly a lot of my stretch marks stayed on me. They took 2 lbs of skin and lipoed 1lbs. I saw a photo of both items. It was quick, all finished. My bandages and tape and drains and everything was removed. I don't know what to feel. At least nothing will be hanging and clothes will fit nicely!!

More energy

Since my oxy ran out, I've had more energy. My left side twitches around my lower stomach where the drain was and my left boob hurts. The incisions underneath are so tiny. My boobs are huge. They fit into my old bra, which fit onto head. I didn't quite want to be that big but I still have fluffing and dropping to do so we'll see what happens. I'll post some pictures tonight.

No pics yet

I got refill in pain meds, not quite over but I'm taking half a pill. Much better drains are out. I had sex twice if you are curious. We did it kind of slow and watched incisions, but worked out. My left breast was too tender to be touched. Still healing!

My update not showing?

I think some of my updates didn't post


1) anyone had their body flake a lot of skin and seem dry or fragile?
2) how do you know you messed up your boobs? I feel my right one is jutting kind of weird into my cleavage. I'm worried.
3) is it swelling? I see when I sit, I still have skin hanging over my incision. My skin is still rumpled at the incision site.. It's only been 1 week 5 days now. Looks tight all other times, and I've just started to stand straight.
4) I hear people say after ba, under muscle, not to really strengthen your back, chest. And shoulders. I want to do some performance arts that rely heavily on those muscles.. Will I be able to do it?

Thanks to whoever looks!

Swell hell

I'm so swollen I can tap my tummy and it moves. I'm so nervous. Think I overdid it the last two days. I rested all day. I felt so yucky today.

2 week post op appt

I was still very swollen and tight when I went to my appt. He gently checked out my swelling. It moved on its own a little. I was scared he would say the drains were returning. But instead he took a big needle. Which hurt... And removed my fluid. He said even less came out than he thought was going to. I felt like I was going to faint but I didn't and they laid me down. I felt like a bit of a wimp. But having the fluid out is a lot better. Also make sure to take it easy or it can make you swell. I felt so energetic Sunday that I overdid it. Oh and the overhang was swelling. Dry skin is normal. And dry your belly button after shower. I only patted it and a tiny bit of water stayed making it smell.
Also scabs are coming off on their own. It's skin underneath!! I'm getting hopeful. I'm also working on my teeth next.

Over 2 weeks!

I'm swollen again. But my scabs ate steadily falling off. Once they all come off, I can get embrace strips. I hope it really helps. I want small flat scars!! My scars are already a little thick and ropey. I also am wrinkled towards my hips, the cut had to go a little further than we originally talked about. I hope and pray it'll all go down enough.
I have also been looking at waterproof body makeup. Call it vanity but I want to wear some on my bb scar and stretch marks. Did you know they use 30 layers of body makeup on runway models??
I just want to bare my belly one time and just feel free and pretty.
Here's a photo of the rumpled part. I'm healing slowly but surely.

Week 3!!

So I was swelling a lot, but I'm not watching sodium as good as I was first week. Minus pain meds except rare occasions, my appetite, energy, and bathroom habits are back to fill swing. Today I ate at home and found swelling that was not too bad. I overhang my incision site still but I hope to get tighter and when I work out, maybe some abs. I can't even imagine. Also my boobs healing right along!!

Week 4!

I have my appt in the morning and I just transitioned into spanx like garments. I'll have to take a picture. I can't believe how everything fits better! You will feel less bulky believe me. I got a random brand at Burlington for 7.99$ and its great! Supportive, thin, self removable, and black so if anyone sees it they'll think it's a shirt. Also my week 3 appt, I opt to get fluid removed. Only 20cc came out! This time it did not hurt and I felt even better. My crotch also stopped swelling from the fluid removal on week 2.
Also get crazier, I got dental surgery yesterday. I'm in a lot of pain and sad. Dummy me, scheduled the surgery before valentine's :( ugh. Here's the picture of the garment.

Week 4 passing!

I had my week 4 Post yesterday. No fluid needed to be removed. I have minor swelling under my belly button. I did have a weird looking infected scab. My Dr said it was a bit of stitching and cut it out. Looks very gross today. I'm weirded out by it. He said maybe next week we might be able to hit up embrace scar therapy strips.
My boobs are normalizing more as far as sensitivity and feel fairly natural. I feel very normal with this size. And they are even a bit.. Dare I say it? Fun! Glad I decided to go the extra step.
My dental surgery recovery is worse than my tt and ba combined. I can't eat anything but liquid. My face is throbbing and I can't string together 3 hours to sleep. So painful. I just want to crawl under a rock and die...
And silly enough I could only go one day before I jumped my honey's bones. Geez.


Finally photos! Progress after 4.5 weeks. I'm in pain from my dental surgery so back to pain killers and constipation lol. Also my Dr. cut out stitches and I'm left with a wound that's not healing so well. My other scabs fell off. Might not be be getting embrace this week til my wound heals. My lower belly looks poochy still. And my belly button is dark but hope it goes well.

Worried about the wound

It's still gaping where my ps cut my stitch out. I see him in one more day. Hopefully it's not necrosis or infected. I'm so scared.

The wound and the hurty scab

Here's photos of the wound and my hurty scab that might have a stitch in it.

5 weeks posted pictures

Back dated pictures

I found my side profile bent over, before picture. And a 1 week progress picture post op. That's when it was dated.

Ugh popping stitches

Officially week 6! I am still spitting stitches. I guess they are dissolvable stitches, but some people's bodies get irritated and spit. Mine is crazy spitting. I went to my appt and my Dr pulled 3 more sections. One longer than my finger. Then as I went for my first long bike ride I felt slight pinching all day. I took a shower and after I saw clear string poked in a fresh spot in my skin, bleeding freshly. I pulled out a piece of stitch almost as long as my finger. Almost barfed but couldn't leave it part in and out till another week for my Dr to pull out. So creepy. Still got to wait till I heal. And i was not cleared for regular activity either. But I took the bike ride! I had to get out to increase my appetite and sleep better. And overall it was good. I felt better spirit and that stitch poked out instead of causing me issues later. So two pictures. I'm pointing at where the stitch came out and I took a picture of the stitch piece.

Week 7 po already?!

So I went for the week 7 po appt. More stitches. My other gaping wound is finally closed for the most part but now I have a small part and another big hole. I am not cleared for regular activity. I can do stationary bike, some weights, no core work, upper body to my comfort, and no aerobics yet or bent activities. I did go for a 12 mile bike ride and leaked fluids. But I was in a great mood with improved appetite. We went to sweet tomatoes, a salad and soup buffet. I didn't do too terrible. I'm not a big salad eater. They had enough soft spring mix that I could nibble it. I'm still on soft diet for the next 3-6 months for my teeth. Also my Dr did clear me to wean myself from any type of binders or spanx! And underwire bra if it's not too irritating. I wore my spanx type stuff most of the day except evening/before bed. I also went to dinner without any compression! In the morning my tummy looked much more tightened. I think my swelling is easing. I also bought a Victoria Secrets Incredible sports bra. It has a bra inside of a front zip sports bra. I wore it for my bike ride.
I looked at some high impact sports bra but not sure what else would be good. I don't like compression on my chest and I like something to separate my boobs. I hope it'll be ok when I return to my high aerobics.
What a journey! I'll try to get more pictures up soon:)

Old pictures from a few weeks ago

Old photos around the time my first stitch popped. Really need to take new ones:)


Hiii I've been off in the weeds. Lots of changes in life so now I'm back into the flow. I found Iost a lot of muscle mass. I am much weaker than I used to be but I"m definitely working on it. I was finally cleared for activity with whatever Ifeel good with my ps said. My teeth are also healing and Iwas calmed down after my freak out with mesh coming through my gums! So far I like my boobs a lot though they feel funny when I lay on them or try to use my upper body muscles but I will get through it! My wound spit out hopefully the last 3 stitches just before I had my appointment. I got scared because my wound spontaneously opened while on a trip and pus drained out. My ps said it was my body in attempt to dissolve the stitches. I pulled out a gooey piece of stitch and within an hour or so, it started to dry and heal right away. Iwish Ihad dug in there sooner. It wasn't till after I got home that I attempted it.
My ps also said it wouldn't be worth doing the embrace strips and told me to get scaraway. partially because I also have some bad reactions to adhesive. I still am curious to do it. I ended up getting newgel+ gel and am medipac tape. My belly button still does not look good. I won't show it in public that's for sure. And i STILL SWELL. Yup. A small area above the insicion and below the belly button gets crazy puffy by the end of the day or after eatting horribly. I'm posting a recent picture from a few days ago. My incision also itches and feels funny when I do yoga or lay on it but its getting better every day?
Woot working out!!:) Come on belly button!!!!

Nitty gritty

So I worked out 3 days in the week not including on Easter a little. I also did yoga. It was ackward on my boobs and I didn't continue vinyasa because my upper body muscles screamed. I did lay on my tummy. It was ackward but I'm trying to get my body back into the motions. I am definitely weaker. My body is super happy though because my hair and nails grew stronger. I wasn't dieting during recovery because I didn't want to take a chance on my healing. I also healed better from dental surgery when I could eat more than half a smoothie for a whOle day. I actually lost 10lbs but I think it's all muscle loss.

Tips for you ladies working out: Arnica helps swelling.
Vs sport knockout bras are great and recently they made a wireless one!! So it's a normal bra inside a sports bra!! I wore the wired one and stayed secured!

Need to update with pictures!

So I got mepitac tape! I reuse it after I remove it for work out and showers! It helps my belly button a lot. I did more work out! I love the look of my boobs now, but don't like the feeling when I use my upper body muscles;p Also I'm riding a bra size that vs is getting rid of! 32ddd :( WTF! 34dd doesn't do the trick for sports bras because it's too big around the band, not giving me enough support! ARGH. *SIGH SIGH*

Out of the loop

Hi friends, sorry I've been gone. I got a new very physically demanding and time intense job. I'm just a limp piece of seaweed and I just sleep when I get the chance! My scar is still dark but healing. Bb still awkward.. I'll have to put pictures up. I do still feel self conscious and swell.. I hope to catch up with friends here and update,

Finally a bit of updating

This setting the 6-7 month mark pictures. Sorry they aren't more recent. I took the photos before I accidentally but utterly destroyed my phone. They are the TT photos after doing exercise. I'm still not preop weight. I was almost 132 lbs , now I'm 165lbs. I'm stressing. I don't get it because I eat salad for lunch, have a physically demanding job and still work out 1-3 hours for 6 days a week. I eat my breakfast!

Anyways my dr retired to go help kids with cleft palates so I went to his partner for my check up. Everything is healing well. He said my bb is the shape it is due to how my dr did it. I am considering revision if I have enough skin. Also I'm STILL swelling terribly. I have dog ears a little and my skin still seems loose. Dr.Stuart said give it 4 months before any type of freaking out... I feel like such a vain brat.
Anyways here's a few photos for now. Love you all.

Updated without me finishing

It posted before I could add last photo

Still swelling I think

Well it's been a little while! I don't have pictures right now but I'm still worried. The old pooch is back. I don't know if I'm just fat or my TT didn't work out or if I'm still swelling. It could be swelling because it's still numb and I had quite a bit of trouble with localized swelling in the now poochey area. I go for an appointment Monday after Thanksgiving. I'm not happy with the scar either. My bb got better and doesn't look like a dog's bum, but it's not cute. Wish me luck!
I am still exercising about 5-6 days a week for at least an hour or more. Hard to avoid a bit of stress eating. I will try to post more recent photos in the future.

10 months!

So I might still be swelling. My new ps said he would look at in Jan, the year mark. If it didn't resolv, he is thinking of lipo to shape it. I feel like it's a bad time around the holidays because of stress eating. Also during winter it's hard for me to be active. I'm still working out but I struggle with it. I missed 2 days last week. Also he talked about revising my scar upward. I want a possible revise but just to smooth. Not sure if I want it turned up at the edges. Sorry no photos lately.
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

Great personality and bedside manner! I chose Reinke because I met over 8 women who had happy surgeries from Reinke from ba to tt to the full gamut. He has over 25 years experience and has the most gentle manner. I even wept and squeal about some kinds of things associated with post surgery but he never lost his awesome demeanor and constantly reassured me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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