New Under Buttock and Neck Tomorrow! - Tucson, AZ

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Hi there, I'm Asch. 24, 5' 7", 130lbs. I'm going...

Hi there, I'm Asch. 24, 5' 7", 130lbs. I'm going to be getting my neck lipod as well as my double butt! (The fat right under the buttock, it's like the double chin of a butt) I've been working out and exorcizing but nothing was working so I decided to say screw it and cheat! Bwuahaha.
Anywho. I'll also be having breast augmentation done. I'll go ahead and post those photos here as well. I have another posting under breast augmentation but people looking for lipo won't be going to the boob section. I also will post the cost of my surgery and I don't want people to think 'holy crap, all that for just that??'.
So my surgery is tomorrow. I still can't believe its happening. Like....I should feel nervous and excited yet I don't. It's weird. Anyone else feel this way before their surgery? Anywho. I've got an hour left till I can't eat or drink. It sucks because I drink so much water and now I have to hold back till I'm out of it.
I'll be popin a valium to help me sleep at midnight and hope I sleep through most my ride up (1.5 hours). I don't want to feel nervous on top of car sick all that time, haha.
Well, wish me luck! I'll update some time after my surgery when I'm not doped up on pain killers!
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I've been in talks with Dr. Maloney and his assistant for a few months now. He is very informative about the cons and pros. Lindsay, his assistant is very nice and she has answered every of my crazy questions. What's great about Maloney is he actually comes down to Sierra Vista (1.5 hour drive) just for consults and pre ops. Talk about convenient!

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