46 Year Old with Lots of Skin to Spare. Phase 1 Lipo Arms, Inner Thigh, Stomach. Tucson, AZ

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I went in for my consult with Dr. Case on June 15....

I went in for my consult with Dr. Case on June 15. His staff was very nice. He explained different procedures and options in order to get the best results. I need to eventually get a thigh lift and an arm lift. The plan is to do this in stages. I will have liposuction on my arms, legs and stomach. Then in 3-6 months after I heal and the swelling goes down, I will have an arm lift and thigh lift. Dr. Case is doing this in stages in order to get a better defined and tighter result.

I have lost 110 pounds through weight loss surgery. i have kept about 90 lbs of it off. I have lots of sagging skin. My arms have been the pain point for me. I dont cover them up because I live in Arizona and its way to hot for that. They just look bad. I cant wait to get stage 1 and 2 over and done with. Carrying around all of this skin wears you down physically and mentally. Its time to get this done.

Post Op Visit and my nerves are bad

I went for my post op visit with Dr. Case. Phase 1 is to "deflate" my arms and legs. Phase 2, once I am healed, I would get a an arm lift and thigh lift. Dr Case said that I will get a better contour and a better result with the lipo first. I am fine with that. I scheduled my surgical date and put down my deposit. Very excited!!! But then I thought... wait... how much is phase 2 going to be? I almost had a heart attack when i learned today how much phase 2 was going to be. 8,000 something. I cant remember the exact amount, I blacked out I think. LOL. I am a single mom. Phase 1 is a streeeeeeettttchhhh for me. I kind of wished I knew the price of both before.

So now I am having anxiety about the whole thing. I am deflating myself and I may not be able to afford phase 2. I am going to go ahead with deflate gate 2016. I am praying to the Lord that I dont look like a hot mess and I will be able to complete this transformation. Even if it has to be completed in phase 2, phase 2 and 3/4ths whatever. The desire of my heart is to finally get rid of the 300 lb shell I used to carry. I am confident that Dr Case will do a magnificent job. I have never had lipo before. I am not sure what my results will be. My nerves are bad right now.

I will post before pictures soon.

Operation deflategate is tomorrow June 27th

I am excited and nervous. I will post more when I am feeling up to it. Praying for an awesome outcome.
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