Taking the Plunge with Invisible Orthodontia - Tucson, AZ

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So...I'm a procrastinator/perfectionist. It's bad...

So...I'm a procrastinator/perfectionist. It's bad. This is why after a couple months of treatment I finally decided to make an account and share my experiences with a bunch of strangers on the internet.
I've wanted for years to have straight teeth, but my parents could not afford braces and I wasn't financially self sufficient to go and get them on my own. However, last summer I got a great job, a drivers license, and a big enough paycheck to start paying for my own things. A family friend/coworker got her daughter's braces at OrthoPros, and when I mentioned how I might finally get braces, she recommended them to me. She thought they were great, and I decided, "Hell, why not?"
Therefore, last November, I went to OrthoPros for my free consultation. Right from the start, I felt welcomed and at ease. The front desk staff was lovely. One of the assistants greeted me warmly, ushered me into a small office off the main room, collected my demographics, and then examined my mouth to see what needed addressing. She then took me back to get x-rays of my mouth (using a super cool machine, unlike the bitewings I had to do when I went to the dentist), and to take pictures from a gazillion different angles. She then sent me back to the little office, and introduced me to one of the orthodontists at the practice. I felt very comfortable with him, and right away, he asked me what kind of braces I wanted. I told him that I really wanted the Invisalign, but figured that my teeth were too messed up to consider the invisible option. After examining me, he told me that I was indeed a candidate; he gave me a ballpark estimate of two years, and said that even with braces it would take approximately that long as well. That had me super excited. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm vain, I'm a young adult who's already insecure about her smile, I didn't want metal mouth on top of that.
Unfortunately, there were several obstacles. One, I needed my wisdom teeth removed to clear up some space and to keep from later complications (two were impacted), and the other reason was my dad's insurance didn't cover me because I was over 19. Bummer. They gave me the self-pay prices, with a discount, and an affordable monthly payment plan after an initial deposit. The whole atmosphere of the place was friendly, the entire place was very clean, and I knew I was sold; it was just a matter of paying for it.
Here's where some more procrastinating comes in. I got new dental insurance through work, got my wisdom teeth out in January, then waited about six weeks to recover before I called up the clinic to set up my appt to start the process. Turns out my new insurance covered another $1,000...That meant a $2,000 discount, and an affordable deposit/payment plan. After the financial part was taken care of, they put me in the chair, and they scanned my teeth with the iTero Digital Impressions scanner. Pretty awesome. Reading these reviews, I noticed that some people had to do an actual mold with gooey stuff, so I suppose I'm lucky. They sent it off to the Invisalign Company immediately, and six weeks from then, I got my first delivery.
I went to the ortho to get my trays. He showed me my ClinCheck, a tray-by-tray look at how my teeth would move. It was 42 trays for uppers and lowers, which would be 84 weeks, almost 2 years, not including the refinements! I thought it was crazy, but I was ready. I was dedicated. I wanted this more than I had wanted boobs when I was younger. Wait, what? Sorry, moving on.

When I first put the trays in, my teeth felt hard and plastic, and extra shiny. I talked with a lisp, and I drooled. So sexy, right? However, my coworkers didn't know I had them in unless I told them. I did get a bitch of a headache the first day, as if a super tight rubber band had wrapped itself across my face. The trays had a vice grip on my teeth. I didn't care. My teeth were moving and that's all that mattered. So the first few days were rather brutal, but once my teeth shifted, I could take them on and off in a matter of seconds. The second set of aligners was the same, although it wasn't as tragic because I had gotten used to them by then. My lisp had disappeared, and the small sore on the tip of my tongue from running it along the inside edge had healed.
Last month I got my attachments put on. That was a pain in the butt (mouth). The prepping part wasn't terrible. They cleaned my teeth, put some bonding solution onto my teeth, then put the attachments on and popped the guide tray in, setting the attachments in place with a blue light to harden. Taking the tray off was a whole other matter. Between the assistant, and myself we wrested them from my teeth, but took off a bump in the process, which meant she had to start the process all over for the one bump. They matched my tooth color really well (although they might be clear, not entirely sure) I’m sure you can tell once I put up the pictures. Once again, the first few days sucked. It was hard to eat with all these bumpy things in my mouth, so I ate like a young child with no manners during my meals, but now my mouth is acclimated to them and don't make much of a difference.
So, that's my story so far! I started tray 5 a couple days ago, but I'll save that for another post. And I'll post pics soon.

Tray 5 update and some pictures

So I can't access my account (maintenance on the website) to show the official before pictures but I'll show you what my teeth look like now.

Tray 5 during the first couple days was a beyotch. Also, my fangs (as I've so lovingly dubbed them) didn't seem to conform to the tray space? Like they fit around the attachment but there's a very small gap between the top of my tooth and the tray. Luckily it's not as noticeable as it was in the beginning so I know my teeth have shifted but I don't know why this set is like that when all the others have fit exactly. I hope that doesn't mean that they aren't moving the way they're supposed to. A question to ask my ortho at my next appt I guess. My bottom teeth hurt more in this tray, I'm guessing it was concentrating on some of those, seeing as it's easier to floss between some of them. I also got a water flosser, which is great, but I'm still getting the hang of it, I'm still kind of messy.

As for progress, it's hard to see any. I can feel the difference when I floss, but being on only tray 5 out of 42 isn't going to yield very visible results. My family claims to see a difference, however.

Sorry about the pictures, they suck. As you can see, I have major crowding issues, teeth overlapping. My fangs grew in over my baby teeth, so I have gaps back there where my adult teeth will hopefully slide into place. Multiple attachments on a bottom tooth and two top premolars (I should probably learn the names of these teeth) and then a bunch more have just one.

I have my next appt June 30th, I'll get 6,7, and hopefully 8. They'll also do some more IPR.

Tray 6/42 Update

Saw my orthodontist on Monday. He said everything is still moving and looking good! They did a little more IPR between a couple teeth that were especially tight (my front two, yikes!)

I also got another look at my Clincheck. It kind of sucks, I mean I am going to have flared out teeth up until tray 30. This is because in order to pull my fangs in we have to push everything forward and you can only go forward so much until you have to go out. Then once there's enough space they can start pushing everything back in. It's a tad distressing but they said to hang in there, my case is one where my teeth will look worse before they get better. Fabulous, right?

I can already tell that that's what this tray is starting to do. It's also moving a couple of bottom teeth around, which I'm thankful for because I hasn't really been feeling too much down there even though I can tell they've shifted.

Here are some more pics. I added in some of me Pre Invisalign but they were hard to find because I tend to delete any pictures of me looking like my teeth are extra crooked or if I'm just plain ugly.

Tray 7 aka where'd all this space between my teeth come from

This tray has been pretty great. Usually the first time I go to take them out I die a little inside because it hurts really bad. I put them in the night before, and the next morning they popped right out. I was so. happy.
And also I have all this space between my teeth? Like obviously from the pictures you can't tell. But especially with my front two teeth they were tight even with IPR and now I can slide floss up there with ease. Awesome!

Not a lot of pain. Also awesome. In the beginning though I did feel like the tray was sitting on my gum in the back molar area, although it would shift onto the tooth once I'd been wearing them for a little bit. I thought invisalign couldn't really move molars back though? What's up with that?

I have a question for you invisalign friends. Is whitening even worth it at this point? Or should I wait until the very end when the attachments come off? And if I do whiten what would you suggest? Strips or gel or whatever?

Tray 8/42

Damn this tray has been a big ole bitch. The moment I put them in I knew it was going to be a tough tray. This one I think expanded my top arch a little bit, pushing one of my right fang down/back now that there's a bit more space there. Also pushing the teeth forward slightly more. Surprisingly my molars are very sore, I haven't felt soreness there in a while.
Bottoms were hardly sore too.
Here are some more pictures, I added a comparison shot between 4 and 8. I want to know if you guys see a difference!
Also thanks to everyone who commented on tooth whitening ideas! I think I'm just going to wait until my teeth get a bit straighter.

Tray 9

Some good news and bad news. My ins won't cover my invisalign after all. So that's another $1,000 added to my monthly payments; luckily it only raises it by $8 per month.

Good news, this tray is much like tray 7, pops in and out with ease already, mild pressure on molars. Also my two front teeth have officially parted ways. There's a gap, albeit a very narrow one!
I had my orthodontist appt on Tuesday, they did a bit more IPR on the top and also started on the bottom. Dr. Kacer says he's more conservative about IPR, which I'm fine with because I wouldn't want him to bang out all .5 mm at once, that just causes problems from what I've seen on here. He also said I will probably need rubber bands at the end to correct the hugeeee overjet that I'll have. But that's a long way away so I'm not worrying about it. He then gave me sets 9-12.

My new catchphrase has been, "thanks, but I can't" Everytime someone offers me food or drink. I'm sure everyone here has said that multiple times through their treatment. Sigh.

Tray 9 Photos

Tray 10- Finally into Double Digits!

Yayyyy! And three more trays until I'm in my teens!

These trays are shifting some bottom teeth around (I feel like these don't get as much attention... Maybe because my top teeth have more moving to do?) They are also continuing to push one of my front teeth more forward. From the front they still look okay but at certain views you can definitely tell there's a difference. I'm okay with it but hopefully the other one will join it soon.

This tray is about a 6.5 on the pain scale. Monday night I popped them in, chewed on a straw (because I don't have chewies) to seat them a little better, and went to bed. Tuesday morning, took them out at work for breakfast and there was the wonderful sensation of feeling like your teeth were being ripped out. That feeling went away by yesterday at dinner.

Attached is a comparison between trays 1 and 10. I was gonna wait for 12 but I'm impatient.

Until next time!

Tray 11/42

This tray was pretty standard, mild tenderness in one of the fang areas, and some molar soreness. It's gone now. Little bit more spacing in bottom teeth, I can tell because we had corn on the cob tonight and all the skins went in between my teeth.

The owner of the cheer gym I go to asked to see my teeth and he said he could definitely see a difference. But he doesn't stare at my teeth as often as I do so I can see why he can!

Thinking about it this part of the website is so strange. It's just a bunch of pictures of mouths, and some mouths have bad teeth that get progressively better, and others have good teeth that get even more perfect. I dunno. Something I was thinking about.

I added a picture of my sister and I on here, her teeth are pretty much perf and she's never had braces. Sigh. We look so cute, right? ^_^

Tray 12/42

I'm about a week late guys, sorry about that. This one was pretty nasty to my molars. Since I've started treatment I feel like they've been moved a lot, but I didn't think invisalign was good at moving molars so idk. I have my next appt on Tuesday to get next sets of trays, and maybe more IPR too. Tbh I've no idea how much ipr I've had done so far but I think it's .5 mm total around almost every tooth.
I can't attach pictures but I'll keep trying

Tray 12 pictures

Tray 12/42 pics

Tray 13/42....A quarter of the way there!

So everything is looking good. Orthodontist changed my checkups back to every 6 weeks again. He says because we're pushing teeth so far forward to make room for my fangs that he wants to monitor them closely and make sure nothing goes wonky. I respect that, I want everything to be right. They did a lot of IPR, it seems like. The tech cut into my gum accidentally though, so I was bleeding. And some of my molars hurt afterwards. Buttttt I finally got a set of chewies. HOLY CRAP these things are lifesavers. They work so much better than a straw. I cut one in half so hopefully I can use them for longer. I think in trays 13-15 they're working on pushing my other front tooth forward, because I can't see much else being moved. We shall see. My back molars also look like they're starting to flare out just a little bit? Maybe it's just an illusion.

That's all for now.

Tray 14... Reallyyyyy Late Update

Yo sorry this is so late, this past week and a half has been absolutely ridiculously hectic. I'm not gonna go into detail. So this tray was painful for the bottom teeth, lots of movement there, the chewy was a lifesaver. The one I keep at work is basically split in two.

I had my annual dental checkup yesterday. Gums are getting healthier and healthier each time I show up, just have to keep those back molars cleaner, several 4mm pockets still. But compared to last year at this time when I had mostly fours and fives (and bleeding) I'm very satisfied. Bad news though, they found another cavity. I had two small ones filled at the beginning of treatment back in April. So those happened pre invisalign. This is the first since starting. It's $250 to fill it (cries) but I'm hoping that that's the only one I get the whole treatment. I mean, everyone here is so meticulous about keeping our mouths clean... How many of you still got cavities?

Tray 15/42

These are very easy trays, medium pressure but very little soreness. I'm not sure what was moving here. But based on how easy this one was, tray 16 is probably going to be a pain in the booty.

Oh, and my boyfriend has invisalign too! However, he had to pause treatment since you can't have any braces for the Air Force. Once he gets back from basic and tech school he can start wearing them again. But it helps having someone to commiserate with over these darn things!

Tray 16/42

Sorry such a late update, life gets exciting and I lose track of time!

This one was standard pain and pressure wise. Tray 18 is when my higher fang finally starts to get pushed back. Can't wait for it!
My orthodontist is pleased with my progress, he's almost as antsy as I am for me to be done I think. Ha!

My cavity got filled, using the chewy is a little sensitive in that spot still, ugh.
I added side profile pictures to show how far my teeth have been pushed forward.
Until next time :)

Tray 17/42

Another day, another tray. And now I'm seeing a new development. I was brushing my teeth and noticed these yellow spots on my three bottom teeth. I grabbed the floss thinking I'd missed some gunk with the Waterpik. But nope! It's the surfaces of my teeth that have previously never seen the light of day so they are yellow and splotchy. Gross!
I'm hoping with time they will lighten up with continued brushing. Also my filling is still a little sensitive when I chew/floss near it. I'm hoping that goes away soon too.
Until next time!

Tray 18/42

These aren't bad. Have some "tooth going to fall out pressure" on one tooth but that's the one that needs to be moved so I'm okay with it. I have these in for more than two weeks since I'm on vacation and so is the ortho. Actually writing this as we're getting ready to leave!
My bf left, sad face. But my teeth will be much better in the six months that he's gone! Also going to get back into shape so that I'm extra hot by the time I see him graduate. ^_^
Have a happy holiday y'all!

Wow I'm really sad

I'm at Costco right now and while I could technically take my trays out and enjoy the delicious free samples, it's just not worth it for me to do it. Ugh. But I want to. But I'm feeling sick of the whole process of flossing and brushing etc. Oy vey. Okay rant over.

Tray 19/42

Happy New Year everyone!
Almost out of my teens. The next few trays are bringing bigger changes, from what I can tell. Ortho gave me four trays, which pushes me past the halfway point by the time I return for my next sets. Yay!
They did some IPR on my bottom teeth. For some reason it feels worse on the bottom than on the top. More of that grating, "nails on a chalkboard" feeling. I don't know, I guess I'm weird. Other than that, I just keep truckin along doing my thing.
One note, however. I've been working with small children lately with my new job (coaching gymnastics) and a couple have asked me if I am wearing "those invisible braces". Maybe it's because they're looking up and can see the bumps from their perspective more? Anyways, they think it's cool so I'm cool with them noticing. And if any of the older kids have noticed, they don't comment. So that's it, until next time!

Welcome to the Roarin' 20s - Tray 20/42

Here I was complaining about how the last few trays have been very mild and low pressure... This tray made up for that! Pain was centered on my right fang, the first couple days the tray was also suction cupped to my right molars as well. Not fun to take off. That "tooth is falling out" sensation was there, but it's gone now. I also feel like there's a raw spot where I catch my cheek on my very back molars, which seems to happen every time my molars shift back. And from the trays you can't tell that they have but I know they did! They must have, I don't have as much space as I did before my wisdom teeth came out. Am I crazy? Probably.
Anyways, until next time!


Guys I'm so excited. Ten months in and halfway through. There's still a lot of work to be done but my teeth look so much better than they used to! This is absolutely worth it.
This tray wasn't as bad as the last one, which I'm grateful for. I got some white strips, to try and lighten my teeth before I go to Texas next week. I've only used them once so far, but I did notice a bit of a difference. I'll have to use it multiple times to see big changes of course. Pictures of the trays attached. You can't tell my molars moved, all you can see is how far forward my front teeth have been pushed. I guess I'm delusional then!

Tray 21 Pictures

I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feeling (Tray) 22

Tray 22 Update! Several bottom teeth were sore, I'm about a week in and that resolved after a couple days. I'm feeling way more confident when smiling, however! I still have 9 more months of this, but wow, such a change! Taking selfies used to be a depressing event, I would take 30 pictures and only find one or two that were decent. Now, I'm taking 30 pictures and finding that I like nearly all of them! This is making me vain, I'm sure, but I don't care!

Let's see, Valentine's Day weekend I drove up to San Antonio with my boyfriend's mom and his youngest sister to watch him graduate USAF Basic Training! 13 hour car rides are not conducive to good dental hygiene. I ate PopTarts and had to wait a couple hours before I could brush my teeth. I rinsed my mouth out the best I could and put the trays back in, but yeah, I was happy when we had a rest stop and I could brush and floss thoroughly! I know that a day or two here and there isn't going to give me cavities, still, the ick factor goes up considerably!

I have my next tray delivery next week, so I'll update you then. I also have a cleaning scheduled the day after I get my new trays, I hope Tray 23 is mild, otherwise it is not going to be a fun experience!

Tray 23/42, Orthodontist and Dentist updates

So last week I had my orthodontist appointment to get my new sets of trays. He always gets so excited when I come in! He's impressed with the progress my teeth have made, he says mine is a difficult case and he loves how well I'm sticking with it and he can't believe I'm more than halfway through either! They did a little more IPR as well. Does anyone else experience cold sensitivity after they have that done? It only happens on occasion, but it's not that fun. I bought Sensodyne toothpaste to counteract that, but only because I had a coupon, I'm frugal like that. He gave me trays 23-26, so my next appt is right before I go visit my boyfriend at tech school! Yay!

Then I had my dentist appt the next day...not as fun when you have new trays in! The hygienist was very pleased, minimal scraping, and it's easier since I have wayyyy less crowding than when I first went. These are maintenance cleanings since I had gum disease, but she says since my teeth and gums get healthier every time I come in, she's going to have my dentist do my next cleaning and see if they can switch me to a normal patient as opposed to whatever I am now. That's not until July though.

Anyways, this tray has been okay. Typical pressure, the usual tooth getting moved downward doesn't feel like it's going to fall out anymore. Guys, if everything keeps progressing the way it does I'll be done in November! Eek! It's so far away and yet so close at the same time.

Trays 24 and 25- 1 Year with Invisalign????!!!

Wow, sorry, it's been a while, huh? I'm just staying busy and these past two trays have been pretty standard, nothing worth talking about. I've noticed that my bite is slightly off again, nothing terrible. I figured it would happen eventually, but I've been extremely lucky when it comes to that, when I hear everyone else talking about their bite changing wildly from tray to tray. Also, my two front teeth no longer have a huge gap, they're close together again, although one is still pushed farther forward than the other. My arch is coming together nicely, once I reach tray 30 is when they'll start getting pushed back. It's amazing how close that is now.

I think this is also my 1 year mark since starting Invisalign. I'm amazed at how much my mouth has changed. It's truly incredible and I still have plenty of trays left!!!

Tray 26 and 27

Well, I'm just plugging right along here. My overbite is so crazy! I was liking my smile but now I'm starting to not like it again. I know it's only temporary, which is what's keeping me sane.
I've been slacking on keeping them in my usual 23 hrs. The other night I had drinks with my mom and had them out for two hours! Oops! Luckily they aren't snug when I put them back in. I'm just waiting for tray 30, when I can do another comparison picture!

Tray 28 and 29

Lots of shifting with my bottom teeth! I'm so excited. Of course, with shifting comes soreness, but it is so worth it! I start tray 30 tonight.

Tray 30/42 !!!!!!

Holy smokes y'all, I can't believe I only have 12 trays left! Hopefully with no refinements *fingers crossed*
So these trays had a space on the bottom trays and then a cutout on my top teeth for rubber bands. That took a while to get used to, and my teeth were so sore! This was a lingering sore too. Thank god my teeth will start moving back after my appointment on Wednesday! Getting mighty tired of the overjet. Don't get me wrong, it's worth it, but sometimes a girl needs to rant!
Anyways, my boyfriend is home after six long months and I'm a very happy girl! Here are some pictures for you guys, comparisons as well!

Tray 31/42

So I actually don't get rubber bands until tray 34, oh well. IPR this time around was not pleasant. Everything was super tight, and the assistant accidentally filed up into my gum, so that was tender for a day or two. These trays sucked, my teeth are starting to get pushed back now, which is a lovely new type of hurt. I couldn't bite down into anything remotely firm for a week.
I don't notice the precision cuts at all this tray, so that's nice. I might start using my whitening strips again now that my teeth are for the most part all in a row.
Well, that's all for now I think!

Tray 32/42

Holy crap. 10 trays left already? Wowza.
Anyways, this tray was easy but hard at the same time. Like, discomfort from the teeth being pushed back, but the trays are also so much easier to take off. Know what I mean?
Also, does anyone ever look at their teeth one day and think, "God everything looks so fantastic" and then the next day smile and go, "shit, they're still ugly and have so much work left"?
I'm having little crises like this a lot now. I'm just trying not to focus on it.
I had a dentist checkup/cleaning on Monday. My hygienist loves me, we did a Caries assessment for cavities, and even though I'm considered high risk because of Invisalign, I'm doing everything else right. The scraping was minimal, and way less traumatic this time because there's less crowding. I have only one spot of bleeding, and that's the lower right molar where the trays sometimes dig into the gum. So yeah, she's happy, and I'm happy.
Until next time, fellow Invisaligners!

Tray 33/42

That pretty much sums up this tray. I get new trays on Wednesday! And RUBBER BANDS! I'm excited, but also apprehensive because I don't know what the pain level will be like. Anyone who has been there/done that please comment!

My First Encounter with Elastics - A Haiku

These rubber bands suck
My molars are freaking sore
And my cheeks are raw

Okay, yeah, they suck, but I'll adjust just like I did with the attachments. And I'll write more about them when I do my Tray 34 update. I just wanted to complain a little. :D

Tray 34/42 - With Elastics

So I had my orthodontist appointment to get my rubber bands last week. I spent 10-15 minutes with my mouth wide open and one of those things that holds your tongue back while they put the metal posts on my molars. I was figuring that I would have a, well, boob-looking metal attachment, but it's something different. They had to cut my trays a bit more to leave room for them. It took a couple days for me to get the hang of the elastics but now I can take them on and off without a mirror. I have to wear them 24/7 unless I'm eating, and change them everytime I brush my teeth. They gave me two bags but I don't think they'll last me the six weeks.
In my last post I was complaining about them. The pain in my teeth has almost completely diminished except when I clench them. It's also still difficult to bite down on things, I expect that will be the norm for the next three months considering my front top teeth are getting pushed back now.
I've noticed a teeny tiny black triangle between my two bottom front teeth. But you can really only see it at a certain angle, and I'm not too worried about it.
The rubber bands aren't terribly noticeable either, which I'm glad about. Of course it just gives me one more thing to fiddle with in my mouth. And the posts feel like I have food stuck between my gums even though I don't. I also think the elastics are giving me tension headaches? I'm not sure but it sucks.

Tray 35/42

So it occurred to me that trays 41&42 might actually be over correction trays. I still hope I get to wear them, just so everything is perfect, but if not then I only have 5 trays left?! What!!!!

Tray 35 has been ten times easier than the last one. Some molar soreness... It actually felt like they were being either pushed out or in, I couldn't tell (maybe something to do with my smile looking wider?) But yeah, minimal soreness, although with the elastics the pain lasts longer than it would without it. Has anyone else snapped the inside/outside of their lips when playing with them and they accidentally come unhooked? Just me? Oops.
I just want this overbite gone. And to be done with the trays in general. I want to eat whenever I feel like it! For example, help my mom taste the food when cooking or go to Costco and nom on all their samples. Although (shhh) I ate some grapes with my trays in a week ago. I know I shouldn't have, but I was hungry and didn't feel like brushing my teeth right before dinner.

Tray 36/42

Okay, this one wasn't pleasant. But the pain went away after a couple of days like usual, even though biting down with my front teeth is still uncomfortable. The rubber bands are definitely doing their job! I get more IPR done on Tuesday, and get my next sets of trays. It's hard to believe I'm almost done, it still feels like there's so much movement left to do! It's going to be really weird not having them in anymore.

Tray 37/42

I only have two trays left after this one! Trays 40-42 were over correction trays. I'm wearing 37-39 for 12 days instead of two weeks. When I go back in for my next appointment they'll take the attachments off and Dr. Kacer told me he's going to scan me for refinements. Of course, if I'm happy with how my teeth look by tray 39, then I'll be done! I unfortunately don't see that happening, my overjet, while ten times better than two months ago, is still pretty bad. In addition, one of my fangs still protrudes a little more than my other. Dr Kacer told me that should be fixed with the refinements. Otherwise he's very pleased!

On the pain scale, this one was pretty high, but that's okay, it means things are moving. At the beginning of the tray, I noticed my bite was off on one side. But that's evened out as my teeth have settled. Strange, but not unexpected. That's all for now folks!

Tray 38/42...aka The Penultimate Tray

***cue dramatic music***

This one has been a bit of a pain. On both the top AND bottom. Wee! Anyways so I noticed that one of my molars has been significantly pushed up into my gums, and I'm not sure why. I attached a picture of it. I wonder if my orthodontist noticed and just didn't say anything? Idk. Other than that everything is just trucking along. One more tray! Until refinements!! Maybe I'm just picky but it seems like there's so much left to do! I'll never achieve the "Hollywood smile" but I want my version of it!

Tray 39/42 -My Last Tray!

Well, this was my last tray, it was a pain in more ways than one. I had it out a lot because I had surgery and would feel nauseous/throw up so I would end up leaving my trays out for hours on end eating pretzels and drinking Powerade and trying not to feel like shit. Oh well, I'm wearing these suckers for another 4-6 weeks so I'll be fine.
My attachments were taken off! It was a very strange sensation, like tooth sensitivity while eating ice cream but with an unpleasant burning smell rising in your nostrils. Yummy. My teeth feel so smooth it's crazy! We did another round with the iTero scanner, the difference between my teeth pre Invisalign and post Invisalign is incredible. I don't get my new trays until after thanksgiving, which means I can nosh all day and not feel as guilty for leaving my trays in the cup on my bathroom sink! I'm sooooo looking forward to it.
Well, that's it for now I suppose. I'll update again when I get my refinements, if nothing else pops up between then and now.

Refinements Tray 1/19

Hello Invisafriends! I'm back!
I had my appointment, it's 19 trays of refinements, and 9 attachments, but hey, that's better than 39 and 16! The trays fit snugly, I can't believe I missed that feeling. I wear the trays every 10 days, so I should be done in June if all goes well. These trays work on getting my top row of teeth pushed back to line up with my back molars. Also, it is pulling that one tooth back down and pushing one of my fangs back more. All in all I'm very excited, but also bummed because I have to be good about wearing them again. I super duper slacked the last six weeks, mostly because I was trying to preserve that last tray (which was super freaking gross btw)
I'll update regularly now!

Tray 2/19 - Refinements

Tray 2 was pretty standard, nothing too bad. Even just wearing them ten days keeps them so much cleaner. Unfortunately, this is my second Christmas with Invisalign. Ah well. Crazy how time flies though. I'll post a pic from last xmas for comparison!

Tray 3/19 Refinements

This one was a pain! Oh my goodness, my mouth was not happy with me. I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Tray 4/19 Refinements

Happy New Years everyone! These trays haven't been that bad, which I was thankful for. Changing every ten days definitely makes the time go by faster! My trays also don't look as dingy after ten days as opposed to fourteen. I'm not noticing a whole lot of change on my top row, but my bottom row is looking a little better :D I do need to keep in mind that I'll look back at my teeth in a couple months and be like, "wow, so much has changed!"
Any Invisalign resolutions for this year?

Tray 5/19 Refinements

These haven't been awful. In other news, I found out my awful sore throat was actually tonsillitis yesterday. (Seriously, it felt like I was swallowing around a boulder) I was given antibiotics, and already today I feel loads better, but I'm still considered contagious, so I'm going to wait until Tuesday to change trays, that way my germs just stay on this tray (yuck)
But hooray for being able to eat actual food today!
So yeah, that's pretty much been the lowest point of these past two weeks, but the high point is I got new bedding! And it's Girl Scout Cookie Season! What a time to be alive!

Tray 6/19 Refinements

This one was okay, not a whole lot happened. I'm basically just plugging along. I had my orthodontist appointment on Monday, but I'll talk about that in my next post.

Refinement Tray 7,8,9

Sorry I've been away so long! Life has been super crazy, and nothing super important has been happening with my trays. Although, starting tray 7 my bottom teeth are in passive trays! So it's only my top teeth moving now.

Tray 10 Refinements

Here's a comparison between refinement tray 1 and refinement tray 10... Not a whole lot of difference, but my back molar has come down a little bit more. Also I'm posting a selfie because I can ????

Tray 11 Refinements

My molars hurt a bit at the beginning of this one, which was whatever because been there,done that, ya know? That tricky premolar continues to be pulled back down, little by little. I only have 8 trays left!
Also, big news guys: I finished paying off Invisalign a couple weeks ago!!! Huzzah! I'm so excited guys, now that money can go towards other important things :D

Retainers! Plus Final Pics

So obviously I've been busy, I haven't updated here in forever! Of course, treatment was progressing so well that I didn't even think about it. I finished treatment a couple months ago, and then wore retainers full time up until a couple weeks ago. My teeth feel a little wiggly today, which is a first, but I'm considering it normal? I know it takes a while for them to settle, and my retainer is always tight at the end of the day. Anyone with experience have the same thing happen to them?

I absolutely adore my smile, and I'm now in the process of whitening them a little more. I added a whitening mouthwash to my regimen and it seems to be helping.

Anyways, thanks for joining me on my journey to straighter teeth! Good luck to everyone who's starting out or somewhere in the middle! It's sooooo worth every penny!
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