Hyaluronidase DOES Dissolve Your Own Collagen - Tucson, AZ

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Had restylane in my lips. Noticed a small lump...

Had restylane in my lips. Noticed a small lump above on the left top lip, very small area. Nurse offered to dissolve it, so I said okay. Within hour I could tell it looked worse, there was a dent in my left top lip that ad not been there before. Returned twice to add more filler to try to fix it. Lips filler is so painful imo that I finally just gave up on fixing it. I doubt it's noticable to others, but I see every imperfection in my face (I doubt I am alone in that respect ;) She kept saying it wasn't noticable, but I still notice it. I have pics I will see if I can find them. This may only happen with some people, but I caution you to think twice, because when it happens to you it's awful...

Found pics

Before anything, after filler, after hyaluronidase / vitrase.
Like I said, prob only noticeable to me, but there are lots of similar stories. I would never do it again.
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