Facial Rejuvenation at 60, one year later

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Was originally planning just upper and lower...

Was originally planning just upper and lower blephs, but figured I would only do this once, so I'm getting "the works". By the "works" I mean full facelift (which includes necklift), upper and lower blephs, lateral (temporal) browlift, fat transfer and laser resurfacing a month or two after. I am beyond excited, but also nervous, which I'm sure is completely normal. I have pored over the questions and reviews here for months and asked a few questions of my own. The knowledge I've gained has given me the confidence to proceed. What an exciting time we live in!

Before picture

This is a very flattering pic I took yesterday morning. Lighting and angles are everything! ;)

Had the worst headache at my pre op yesterday…

I was a bundle of nerves I guess? Got there 5 mins late due to: a train, emergency road construction, and snowbirds… ugh! I hate being late, left so I’d be 15 mins early… oh well. But my head felt like it was gonna split open lol .. Anyways, Dr Maloney spent over an hour talking with me and answering my questions (6 pages worth lol) Prob got on his nerves but he was nice about it, it’s my FACE after all.

Signed all the paperwork, walked through what exactly would happen, in what order (like incisions and stuff, I need to know!), saw the room, PAID lol. So no turning back now.

I made copies of some pics I wanted him to have for reference, some of me through the years at 12, 27, 32, and 35 yo, and some of results I hoped for, especially around the mouth area and the oblique cheek area. He said a couple were photoshopped? Lol idk, anyway I was very clear about what I wanted and he seemed to think it was all reasonable. I am having fat grafting and realize that they overfill because it doesn’t all take, and told him I was fine with coming in for another round, I know that is necessary sometimes. I brought that up, not him.

I asked about revision policy and he said it wouldn’t be necessary. Lol again! I pressed on it and if I change my mind about what I wanted in my FL he would redo for half price (he’s very reasonable already imo). I doubt any of that will be necessary, that’s the reason I took care to communicate my desires and bring pictures etc.

Oh, I got my prescriptions, FIVE of them. Sedative (valium), pain med (vicodin), antibiotic, eye ointment and eye drops. Asked about Arnica, etc, he didn't seem to think it made any difference, but said it was ok if I wanted to. I came home and ordered the VitaMedica Surgery Program Kit, with Arnica and Bromelain, and multivitamins that don't interfere with surgery (ie Vitamin E)
Says it contains:
Clinical Support Morning Formulation
Clinical Support Evening Formulation
Bromelain with Quercetin
Arnica Montana

So I’m really doing this, hugely excited and just not going to dwell on the nerves part, they seemed to think the valium would take care of that just fine when the time comes. I tend to agree lol.

Oh, if you didn’t know already, I’m having this done in the office, with valium and local anesthetic (injections), thus the anxiety. I guess it’s pretty common and much easier recovery, so…

Came home and took a few pictures for posterity, will try to post them.

My NewsFeed doesn't update anymore...

Anyone else having that problem? I get email alerts but when I click on NewsFeed there is -0-...

I'm a bundle of nerves...

39 hours till blast off, ugh lol Trying to get everything done, including house cleaning, shopping, preparing and freezing meals, and on top of that, trying to get the house decorated and tree up cuz it's not happening after! I guess whatever will be, will be :/

Almost time

So nervous, in the bathroom looking at the back of my neck, wondering how bad my scars will be? Oh well, que sera, sera...

I did it!

Was pretty intense, I'm home now, my face kinda hurts d'oh lol. I did get a pic right out of surgery in the room, will post later. Thanks so much for all your well wishes and encouragement, not sure I could have done it without you XOXO!

Will write more later, gonna have some soup and relax :)

Day after...

Slept well last night (in the recliner) that was one of my worries, that I wouldn't be able to sleep on my back, just followed Dr Maloney's advice to take some more meds, worked like a charm :) Woke up feeling pretty darn good! Had my follow up and dr said I was in the 5% he sees who had almost no bruising! Yay again!. Said everything looks great and took out the drain, double Yay! lol. Have appt for Monday to take out staples in my scalp (there's a ton of them, yes I have pics haha) Came home and had brunch my hubby fixed, best bacon and eggs I've ever eaten in my life, I think I was starving! Took a shower, feel all clean now (esp the hair, it was really gross!). Anyway, I 'do' have lots of pics, unfortunately with my new cam, I have to resize everything to post here and not quite up to that right now. Will try my best to get that done tonite cuz we all know a picture says so much more ;) My eyes are puffy, and my neck is quite bruised, but I am thrilled! Talk in a bit, I am a happy camper right now! XOXO

Pics finally ;)

These are from yesterday, have a set for today, thought I would try to keep them in order. No blood was cleaned up so... lol

Pics today (earlier)

Before shower lol. Can't believe how great I feel already! I am resting with iced gauze on my eyes couple times per hour, feels SO GOOD! Gonna enjoy being catered too, doubt it will last much longer hehe.
Any questions, would be my pleasure to answer whatever I can.
I tried to put up pics of things I wondered about, it's prob excessive, that's pretty much how I roll ;)

Pics from Day 3

Which was Thursday, gonna try to keep them in order. May not post much, seems like I'm constantly putting in eye drops! lol so my vision is kinda blurry most of the time. It's Saturday, surgery was Tuesday, first night I felt pretty bad, but slept amazingly well in the recliner (I'm sure the valium helped haha). SO here's a few from Thrusday, I have tons more if there's anything you want to see, can't do much so I've been taking lots of pics, had to replace the camera batteries lol.

Warning, incision pics...

I know I wanted to see this, if you're not so inclined just skip these ;)

Day 4 (Friday) pics

Bruising, not much gory stuff here lol

Day 5 pics

kinda doing this for myself, I will write a lengthy review of the whole procedure, esp the anesthesia ;) later this week when my grandson isn't here ;) Hope I didn't post these already?

Day 6 pics in technicolor!

Sorry if all these updates are tedious, it's pretty exciting to me :) I'm feeling great, seems like I am healing faster than I expected? I did order some supplements, etc that my doctor didn't think were neccessary... who knows? Looking forward to my appt tomorrow morning!

Makeup lesson at my follow up :)

Took out all my stitches, the upper eyelid one stung a bit more than I expected, oh well, it was quick ;) Dr was pleased with my progress, as am I. I am delighted actually :D Anyway, the esthetician (sp?) gave me some bruise cover up tips and I came home and tried them, too much fun! I haven't really worn makeup since high school lol, am looking forward to it now, can't wait to try eyeliner and mascara! Also I should have been wearing sunscreen from the get go, which I didn't know, but usually wear it consistantly, so will get back on track with that. Swelling is dramatically less than 2 days ago, still very sore in my upper neck, even hurts to swallow sometimes, that's prob where most of my bruising and swelling is. Oh, and Dr Maloney did some jowl "contouring" that I had expressed an interest in (but didn't know was even possible?) so I 'may' have more of a heart shaped face vs the rounder, bottom heavy look I've always had. I've seen many facelifts with the same structure where the result is a rounded jaw, then a dent and then the chin, not sure if I'm explaining that well? Overall, I am beyond thrilled with my procedures, my doctor and his staff and my aftercare. My next appt is Jan 5, and I can start exercising again in a couple of weeks. I took some pics with my camo makeup on, I feel like I'm being terribly vain posting all these pictures, but I'll take most of them down later on. XOXO

6+ Hours with Local Anesthesia

Finally got around to this update, My Facelift with Oral Anesthesia Experience

My procedures were scheduled to begin at 7:30 am and ended about 2:00 pm. So about 6.5 hours. The procedures I had done were (let’s see if I get this right), Fat transfer, full facelift with temporal browlift (basically extended incision up through the temple hairline in order to allow more tightening of my excessive loose upper eyelid skin) necklift with excisional defatting and LOTS of tightening, upper and lower blephs, with conservative fat pad removal (uppers) and thinning (lowers).

I had absolute confidence in my PS and trusted him completely (I think this is imperative with any procedure actually). Dr Maloney is board certified, experienced, compassionate, professional and artistic. So, with anxiety ameliorated by trust, I followed his instructions. He stated that facelifts/ rejuvenations are his favorite “most rewarding” procedure, that he does 3-4 per week, and over 90% of them are done with local anesthesia and oral sedation.

I tried not to dwell on it or stress about it, I chose my doctor because I trust that he knows what he’s doing. I followed my instructions to take 2 valium 45 min prior to my scheduled procedures, along with my prescribed pain medication.

Before we started, I sat on the side of the ‘table’ in the procedure room while he drew on my face, instructed me to move my face different ways, and made notes on a facial diagram in my chart. Part of this involved his surgical nurse and himself calculating how much fat should go where; he wrote these numbers on the diagram in my chart.

Dr Maloney made sure I was sedated “enough” before he proceeded.

After I was prepped I was given local anesthetic shots in my face that were a tiny bit more painful than botox around my crows feet but less painful than restylane lip injections (I have had those only once, yes they sting a bit with no anesthetic).

I could feel zero pain when he was working on my face, I was aware that incisions were being made all over the place (I joked and made him promise not to cut my ears off lol). I guess because of the valium I was aware of the whole process, but not bothered in the least, I actually found it quite interesting. Before he made any incisions he touched the area (I assume with the scalpel?) to ask if I felt anything, besides slight pressure. I never did. Communication and interesting conversations were continuous and enjoyable.

First they slicked my hair back with some antibacterial soap stuff (I think?) mainly to keep it out of the way I think? The first procedure was the fat harvest and transfer. Did a little lipo in 2 spots on my abdomen (not nearly enough LOL) which felt like a pretty good pinch, and then he injected the fat into the areas previously determined.

The actual “facelift “ order of procedures were as follows (numbing injections happened in these areas prior to incisions etc): Neck tightening and defatting (excisional not lipo); right side of face; left side of face; fine tuning and adjusting, then stitching it all up. During the stitching he injected more anesthetic as needed, per our conversations.

After the facelift stitching was all done we took a break. Dr Maloney left (and I think he relaxed and according to the nurse, probably “ate some nuts” lol) for about 15 mins or so (time seemed slightly altered to me), nurse escorted me to the bathroom and back, I even looked in the mirror tho I said I wouldn’t haha! Wasn’t bad, that may have been the valium ;)

Came back, stretched quite a bit (my back got a little sore from lying like that so long, really the only discomfort). I took another pain pill and dissolved another valium under my tongue and got back on the table.

Stage two was upper and lower eyes. Order was: all excisions first: R Upper, L Upper, R lower, L lower. This included fat trimming. Then he closed the incisions in the same order. Before closing he had me open and close quite a few times until I heard him tell the nurse “perfect”. Sweet words ;) I was quite conversational up until the eyes part, I think I was getting fatiqued and my lower back was kind of bothering me (I am used to this lower back issue, happens at the dentist also) the nurse adjusted pillows under my knees several times, and they stopped so I could move and stretch a little (still in a reclining position though).

The only pain I actually had, and it was kind of weird, almost like it was from being tired or something else, like it didn't have anything to do with what the doctor was actually doing. Anyway, when he was stitching up my R lower lid, all of a sudden I could feel a needle poking me, in an area he wasn’t anywhere near! ?? (it was lower and closer to my nose, he said it prob had something to do with my specific facial anatomy) Weird! Anyway I loudly said “that HURTS!” haha and he wasn’t quite sure what was going on but just put lots of anesthetic all around where I said it hurt (but he wasn’t even working there lol) and that was it, no more sensation. I was definitely ready to be done an sitting up by this point…

I had a drain put in (the “jackson pratt” one, according to Google) which kind of pulled a little on the right side, but it was out by 8:30 am the next morning.

Oh, my daughter was called when they started my eyes, and she came right in the room as I was getting up.

I am now almost exactly 8 days from the end of my procedures on Dec 2 and feeling great. Some small tugging where the drain was if I forget and comb my hair too hard there, etc. Not much bruising left, little bit of swelling in lower face and neck, easily covered with makeup but I’m not even bothering.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat ;) Would LOVE to answer any of your questions btw...


Day 9 pictures, but it's really been 8 days...

Just figured that out, somehow I got off with the days, was a week from yesterday. So mainly incision and healing pics, first thing this morning, then after a shower this afternoon (seems like healed some in just that short time?) then a couple playing with concealer around my eyes and on my bruises on my cheeks. I am NOT good with makeup lol...

Day 10 Lipo bruising vs FL bruising

Hadn't thought to post pics of the area where he harvested fat (lipoed) on my abdomen. Interesting how the lipoed area is so much more bruised? I guess I know what will happen if I ever get any lol. While my fat tum isn't a pretty sight, I will post this for the sake of research lol. Sadly, as I posted these I noticed that it appears now that facial swelling is reducing that the deflated area (think wrinkles, sunken lips and marionette lines) around my mouth is still there... ugh :( Well, I knew Dr Maloney was going to use a scalpel and not a magic wand LOL Thanks for all of your support and well wishes.

Healing Day 11 - not all rainbows and unicorns

Healing fabulously, bruising is fading, scars look great (using neosporin on them, it's worked on preventing scarring at other times, but my dr didn't tell me to do this, they actually advise to keep them 'dry', ugh) Anyway, new tissue is forming and it's driving me nuts! That tight "pulling" sensation EVERYWHERE there is an incision, and it's easier to point out where there are NO incisions at this point, less time consuming. SO it's not really itchy, just super uncomfortable. And my eyes! They are super light sensitive, I may need to be using the drops more frequently. They don't feel dry, but maybe I don't know what dry feels like? And if I don't wear makeup (which I despise, feels gross on my skin to me) I look like a domestic violence survivor. LOL but ugh. Had to go to the school for a conference early this morning, so I gobbed on tons of concealer (which makes my eyes look small enough I looks asian, I kid you not) and felt like everyone was looking at my incisions. My story is I had "eye surgery".. On the way home my eyes hurt so bad from the light and of course I was wearing my Rx sunglasses, that I was afraid I would have to pull over for a while. When I got home I closed all the blinds, removed all the goop, put in eye drops, took a pain pill AND a valium, and felt better in about 20 minutes. Just felt yucky and wanted to be real here. Took a few pics just now (just skin, no bondo hehe) and it's quite possible I will have a neck! wooHOO. Also took one smiling close of the eyes. As the swelling goes down some of the lovely plump youthful look begins to recede, and I look a teeny bit more "squinty" or whatever. Do I love looking squintier? No. Did I expect it? Yes. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat :) Happy healing all you wonderful, supportive curious folks, every day is a blessing

Day 12 - Eyes with Mascara <3 and Before and After Pic

In these pics I didn't put any concealer on my upper lids, just on the cheek bruises and under the lowers. And one coat of mascara, without curling my (pale) lashes. Why didn't I curl them you may wonder? Because I use makeup SO frequently, I couldn't even find one lol. That will be changing... Oh and weird looking eyebrows (I really need that makeup lesson lol) I am so amazed at the difference, I feel amazing :) Took grandson to the mall today and didn't feel like a frumpy wrinkled old lady :D I am also posting a full face pic today and one from July 2 that is same size and similar expression. (Still trying to figure out that cool "collage" thing I enjoy on other people's posts). Even though I still have the "dent" (from a missing second molar,ugh) in my left cheek, it hardly even bothers me now. If I do go for round 2 with fat transfer that is one area I hope to address. I know I have seen the same thing corrected very well with filler, I think it was Perlane? So in theory fat transfer should do work right?

2 weeks, some before and afters..

These befores were the tipping point. I am healthy, I feel wonderful, I didn't look the way I felt. I still have lots of bruising and swelling in my neck, and my scars are reddish, oh I had just washed my face and rubbed them pretty hard to get the sunscreen off, I actually don't think they're usually noticable at all, I don't use any coverup anymore, except those 2 spots on my upper cheek and they're almost gone. Anyways, I do have more pics, but I feel like I'm getting ridiculous lol. Here I am, back in July, and today, 2 weeks after my upper and lower blephs, temporal browlift (basically longer facelift scar) face and neck lift and fat transfer, all while I was awake and conversing (mostly) merrily with Dr Maloney. Pretty amazing world we live in wooHOO ;)

2 Weeks ago today, scar pics etc

Took these last night right after I washed my face so this is it for bruising etc. Still have swelling of course, around the column (?) of my neck is the most bruised, had a hard time getting a pic that really showed that. I am feeling super energetic, got lots of cleaning done, decorating, baking, and getting ready to go up to Mesa (90 mins away) to spend a couple days shopping and hanging out with my daughter. I really didn't expect to feel this good, I am so grateful :)

Day 16 with pics of course ;)

Spent 2 energetic days with my daughter in Mesa, cleaning, baking, shopping, decorating and catching up. Tiny bit of makeup instruction (haha) and I took pics. She told me what to do and then checked my work lol. In those pics (teal shirt) I am wearing complete face makeup, concealer, foundation, blush, powder. Plus the usual brow and lip pencil. Oh and mascara with lashes curled. Looks nice in pics but I don't like how it looks in person and hate the way it feels on my face. I usually wear sunscreen vs foundation. I'm going to post those, then post again today with progress pics. Also, I did NOT have lipo to my neck, He excised (cut away) the fat and recontoured my neck and jawline with a scalpel, and I only wore the compression for one night.

Day 17

Here's the no makeup pics, I don't think I had sunscreen on yet in these.

A lil humor

Being a southern gal and all this make me chuckle...

Been working on a productive cough

Haven't taken any pics last few days as I've been feeling poorly and actually sleeping a lot, taking Mucinex and vitamin c and consuming homemade turkey soup (leftover from Thanksgiving) and tea and water. Grandson was sick enough to miss school last week so pretty sure it's one of those gifts that keep in giving (just a cold). It's Christmas Eve (morning) and I still have things to do, feeling glad I got so much accomplished early this year. Looks like I may be practicing "Fake it till you Make it" for the next couple days ;) Wishing you Peace, Comfort and Joy! XO


My traditional pose, must say the eyes look better this year ;) It's not to late to say Happy Holidays I hope?

Day 30 Scar Pics!

Everyone's favorite I'm sure *eyeroll* Well, I am certainly spending a lot of time looking at the lumps and bumps and scars, so what the heck, figured I'd share my obsession with you ;) Oh, I have sunscreen on in these, I didn't think about taking pics till I was already slathered up and I"m sure you're used to my lovely twigged up hair...smh Well, here ya go...

Before and After 30 days, Warning GRAPHIC photo

lol, seriously scary. Just thought since I was focusing on the negative somewhat I should be real so here's before and today, both unattractive, slack jawed no makeup poses, but oh my, what a difference! How can I not be pleased? LOL

Happy New Year! (I've been a little under the weather, finally feeling better yay!)

What a difference a smile makes!

These are from the other day when I took the other pics. Just wanted to show how much better my face looks when I'm smiling (duh lol). Mainly cheeks/mouth area I guess? And sorry the smiling ones are blurry... And I have makeup on, having a ball with that :) Also, I have noticed in some before and afters, the after pic is smiling but the before is not. Something to think about...? Oh, and I have my (5 week?) post op this Monday, was wondering about the little things I'm concerned about. Should I wait for the doctor to bring it up, should I bring it up? Should I take a list? lol jk I am obvously VERY pleased :) but we are our own worst critics and I still spend a lot of time with the mirror...surely this will go away eventually? Any suggestions on how to approach this post op? Doesn't seem like there are a lot of 'after' appts so I want to make the most of it?

Back neck hairline scars, anyone else have these?

I wear my hair up like this when I go to the gym. I had extensive neck laxity/work done thus more incisions/scars in my hairline. I know I'm only 5 weeks out but they bother me, red and lumpy and imo pretty noticable. I am self conscious about them. The scars in my hairline and in front of my ears are not as bad or as obvious or maybe just because I can see them and know how they look they don't bother me as much. Here they are, anyone else have these? And a pic of my bare face this morning, seriously, I can't complain (but I am? lol)

Day 40 Pics, before and after

:) Scar pics to follow...

Day 40 scar pics, etc

Still have swelling and healing mainly lower face. Most noticable in the 'jowl' area. I am very pleased so far. Had my dr appt Monday, went fine, I am healing well, my issues should all resolve with time, 2 months predicted. I knew that ;) Talked about another round of fat transfer, which is months down the road, I seem to want everything NOW *eyeroll* Prob because of that character defect, I scheduled a "multi layer" TCA peel for Feb 16 (President's Day). I will prob cancel it honestly lol. I should prob wait and just get the Sciton resurfacing like he suggested. I asked the docs here a question but I phrased it wrong, need to do it again. Idon't think the Sciton is CO2, which is what they all rec, for my skin type. I am just leary of melting my face fat ugh lol. Seriously though, have you heard of that? Also, I bought some Vit K cream, suggested by someone here, forgot who will have to check, thanks! Seems to be helping with the swelling. Also started Arnica and Bromelain/Quercetin again. Can't hurt imo and I healed so quick at first, then seemed to stop. I was really sick for a few weeks too (yucky chest cold that required antibiotics to eliminate, fun!), so maybe my body was just working on healing that instead? Anyway, I felt like I was kinda obsessing on my face (!) so have slacked off some with all the pics and stuff. Change isn't as drastic now anyway (think goodness I'm thinking!). Having lots of fun with makeup (MASCARA OMG!) before I was pretty much sunscreen, eyebrow pencil and color my lips. Now I have eyes too, ain't life GRAND!? XO

Scalp isn't numb anymore

Yay! I had extensive incisions on each side, with less than 4" between then on top of my head. My scalp has felt 'strange' since SX and the last couple days even more so. I just realized that my scalp feels pretty much normal now, nerve wise. Where the incisions were (almost invisible now) are a little tender if pressed on, and I'm swollen along jawline and under chin. Also tender and I think swollen between my ears and eyes, guess it's cheekbone area? Don't notice it though. Anyway, I thought it was worth mentioning, and it's day 43...

8 weeks post Facelift, etc...nitpicking ;)

LOVE my eyes! My neck is slim and youthful! My profile is lovely :) My looks are very much improved and I do feel rejuvenated and really like playing with makeup. However (lol) there are some things I am disappointed about. Not sure If I misunderstood or my results could have been (will be?) better in certain areas. I do still have swelling, mainly on my right jawline, very normal. My scars are healing nicely and unless you really look I don't think you can see them. My 30 year old son (who I hadn't told, despite him working 2 blocks away I only see him a couple times a month) finally noticed and had to examine me, at which point he congratulated me and called me a 'scamp"? lol and said it was a great birthday gift to myself :) Ok, so what am I not over the moon about? The area around my mouth is no better imo. Marionette lines are better, but not gone. I seem to have line from nose to mouth on the left side that I never noticed before, how is that even possible? Unless I am smiling, or consciously engaging my mouth (I call it my 'neutral' position lol) around my mouth looks skeletal. I will post this pics briefly because I think they look horrible. So posting left and right oblique angle, 3 from each side: before, smiling, and 'unengaged'. Cropped out eyes and neck so as to focus on these areas. Will post full face in a post to follow

What I hoped for and reality (so far)

Pics tell the story. I thought it would be a little "tighter". I thought I would get more correction around my mouth. I thought my 3/4 (oblique) profile would look better. I didn't expect a "new" NL fold/line to appear after a full facelift with extended temple incisions. I know I look SO MUCH better! and trying to keep it real by posted a horrible one with my whining LOL So, anyway, pics!

Profile Week 8

Here ya go grace ;) and a couple more scary ones O_o Also, still have swelling in my neck and jaw that I can feel. Continuing to use arnica, bromelain and light massage in that area.

Day 72 post facelift, etc, had Full Face Ablative Sciton Contour Erbium Laser yesterday!

Yep, and can I say OUCH! lol Anyway, started my review of the resurfacing here http://www.realself.com/review/tucson-az-sciton-contour-ablative-laser-resurfacing-after-face-eye-lifting

Posting a couple pics here, right after and 30 mins ago. I will continue to update here, but will try and keep the laser resurfacing tale over there. Compared to this, the FL was a breeze, no joke haha

Pre and post op FL pics from the doc

Forgot I had this.. This is 2 mos post op, before the laser resurfacing (ouch!)

Day 85 pics

So, almost 3 months.

Day 88 and before and after

Good idea bythec :) Here's a pic in full coverage makeup from Sephora yesterday (amazing job!) a 'before' *shudder* lol, and last night after I washed my face. Right after I clean my face it's a little redder so it's coming along ;) I think I will be well pleased when all healed.

Someone (not sure if was this thread?) asked how deep the laser resurfacing was. Wellll, Vanessa looked at my chart and said "800"! I don't 'think' that's microns, but not sure what, I do know that's DEEP! Yikes, well guess I got some bang for my buck there, and I'm all about the bargains...*eyeroll* lmao

oops. pics

Pics wouldn't load, try again...

Day 93, Haircut

Cut some of this long hair off and added some bangs, I love it! Took one of my 'before' pics with me, that was fun! Feeling great!

3.5 months (108 days) Before and After pics

Yes I keep track to the DAY of when I had my facelift. It was a VERY important event!

Anyway a couple of before and afters that are similar, and another couple, one in natural light, the other shows I’m still red in places (esp jawline) from the resurfacing. Got some filler (yea I know) and my lips are still swollen I think. Normally I have no lips lol.

Otherwise, life is good, lots of personal (family) drama going on and I need to replace my computer, it’s old and overloaded (hmm, rings a bell!). Anyway, it takes forever to even load pages, much less post, so havent’ really been here much. Hopefully the computer thing will get sorted soon.

And re not being on here as much, it’s just not enjoyable to navigate anymore to me. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I just don’t seem to find posts that I am interested in without a lot of work, and I have other things to do. Anyone else having this problem?

Miss you all! XOXO

RS fixed the last 5 comments part...

Now they show up when you go to the profile... yeah!

4 mos post pics

124 days, feeling great about this decision. Still pink from the resurfacing, and caused some irritation by applying tretinoin last week (too much, too soon), but very happy, esp with the filler I had couple weeks ago. That really made a difference, hoping that I won't feel the need for filler once the full benefits of the resurfacing kick in about 4 mos down the road. Anyway, took some no makeup (except lip tint) pics yesterday, you can see the irritation, but I'm not complaining.. Was a great time to do this, def feel rejuvenated and ready for Act II ;)

Happy Mother's Day! And Grandma's, too ;)

5 months post (Day 160) and happy I did this. Took a couple pics just now, will write more later. My skin looks amazing and I've had several people appear to be shocked that I am 60 (who knows maybe they were just trying to make my day... they succeeded! lol) Still have the odd twinge in my hairline (necklift) scars, and I 'think' I see a tiny bit of relaxing under my chin. Prob not enough to do anything about though. XOXO
I have been using careprost (generic Latisse) for a couple months now and my lashes are darker and approx 50% LONGER! VERY pleased (especially for less than $4 for 60 days ;)

Lashes close up

2 mos post careprost

Hello friends...it's been awhile.

Life is good! I feel great and this lovely, firm face and neck and rejuvenated baby blues helps a lot lol.

Been a little over a year since my face and neck lift and upper and lower blepharoplasty and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. There were some ups and downs. I healed beautifully and rapidly until I got sick about 3 weeks after my procedures, and then got food poisoning less than 2 months after. Lost almost 10 pounds and all the fat that was transferred during the surgeries.
It’s really important not to lose any weight for 90 days following any fat transfer procedure.

A couple of months ago we did the facial fat transfer a second time and the whole process was so much better, I really love it! The fat did not take in a completely symmetrical manner but my face has never been symmetrical anyway lol. It was 100% painless this time and really rejuvenated my face. We did temples, around and under eyes, cheeks, nasolabial folds, lips (!), and pre jowl (volume loss there contributes to downturned mouth and marionette/puppet lines). It was a pain free (local only), stress free, “very” cost effective and rewarding procedure and we have already discussed a round three in a few more months. We’ll see…

I know I need to put up some current pics. My diet has been a little whack lately (long story…) and my skin is complaining, hate to post pics with a couple of large blemishes LOL. But I know pics are what I always want to see ;) I (accidentally) saw a ‘before’ pic the other day and ohmygoodness, I am so GLAD I did this! How did I even see out of those upper eyelids?? And I looked so sad, and angry. Kinda defeated looking… The inside of that person did not match the outside.

Now I feel more congruent… This was the right choice for me.

At my consult I really felt like we were on the same page. He seemed excited to rejuvenate my face. He is qualified, personable and kind.

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