Been Wanting to Try This for a While, Glad I Finally Did! - Tucson, AZ

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Got a great deal on three treatments of the...

Got a great deal on three treatments of the Dermapen by the person who did my botox and filler (only done that once), so I thought why not? Dermapen is a type of microneedling device, but not a roller. I heard about skin needling (Collagen Induction Therapy - CIT) years ago and the science behind it appealed to me. I just got a new camera and took some pics tonite of the same angles as my before pics and what do you know, after 5 weeks I can see a difference! I paid for a series of 3 and have the next one on Saturday. If there's interest I will write more. For now I will post these pics, see what you think?

Before and after 5 weeks pics


Pics won't load...

This review is pointless without the pics, sorry I have tried to load them 6 times. Will try again later...

Pics...I hope

Learning new things isn't as easy as it used to be lol, I hope I did this right (resized pics, new camera was making them too large I think?) If they are too small to see details will try again.

Went for second treatment yesterday, still red and tight today, I have lots of pics (that need resizing ...)

Round 2 Dermapen (Skin Needling) with PRP

Just posting pics now, will write more later. If you have questions I'll be glad to answer. Kind of just documenting for me also.

Hope these load...

48 hours pics

Re the blood, I couldn't even feel it the first time I had it done. This time I couldn't feel the first pass. For some reason the second one was kind of ouchy, guess it was already injured. Then neck was completly pain free. If this works, I would much rather do this than any kind of thermal injury. I have fears about melting facial fat.

No discomfort at all today. I am always diligent with sunscreen, particularly so right now, have applied several times. I always wonder how much sunscreen disappates after sweating (at the gym)?

Day 3 post Rejuvapen

Was pretty aggressive on neck, per my instructions, still a little bit of darkening, may even peel some. Can't feel anything different, and no one has commented .. Takes at least 4 weeks for collagen to form, so really just posting these in case anyone is curious. Thanks!

My M at home needling device

Arrived today! Going to try micro needling to remodel a very noticable scar on my wrist from a procedure in February (7 months ago). Will prob start a new review in maybe the Scar Treatment section, but here's pics now..

Haven't used MyM device yet

Have not used it yet.

May need to order more needles, it came with "10" but I think those are all in one "head". Still figuring this out so I don't waste the needles, not sure how often they can be reused on larger areas.

I ordered some tattoo numbing stuff, looking for the best topical to apply, any ideas? I have read A & D? And I like natural oils etc...

Other places I am considering treating with it
inner forearm is wrinkled from prob sun damage
thinking about knees

Crepey upper arm skin :/

Yea the Bat wings, ugh... Intend to try and roll that area (ouch!) but haven't yet. What I have done is use tretinoin (Retin A generic) on my upper arms and forearms. A few times. Sorry no pics. What I can say though is that's a sensitive (to tretinoin) area, and I have major itchiness with it right now. Def think the dermaroller has potential for that area though.
Kelly Muzall, Estudio Piel

Nothing but good things to say about Kelly and the whole process. She is a RN dual certified as an Esthetician with many years of experience in the area. She's pretty conservative and I like her and trust her.

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