My Zeltiq Experience - Tucson, AZ

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I went in for a consult on Dec 2, 2010. I am...

I went in for a consult on Dec 2, 2010. I am 5-10lbs within my target weight, but I've always had a muffin top and love handles. After chatting, I decided to go forward with treatment. There was an immediate opening, so I had my lower abs treated with the small hand piece (large one was too big for me). The treatment felt crowded, but not painful. I read and listened to my ipod. I was given some pillows to prop under my knees which made me more comfortable.

I'm not terribly squeamish, but I was a little freaked out to see the pomegranite-red lump the size of a large stick of butter when they pulled off the device. After a minute or two of massage, it was just a numb pink spot. Within an hour you couldn't see anything.

On day 3 & 4 I still feel numbness at the treatment site. I'm also feeling a little tenderness and some intermittent prickling, tingling, and itchiness. The itchiness cannot be relieved because of the numbness! I spoke to the dermatologist's office, and they told me this is normal. I'm a little bothered by it, but it isn't terribly painful.

I can't really rate this yet, but I'll try to come back and update.

It is now about 5 1/2 weeks since my treatment....

It is now about 5 1/2 weeks since my treatment. The numbness is entirely gone, but I don't see any difference. I have gained a couple of holiday pounds :(, but my lower ab pudge just hasn't changed. I was told the peak change would be at around 2 months. I was also told that the change is subtle. My fingers are crossed.

It's about 10 weeks now, and I think I see the...

It's about 10 weeks now, and I think I see the faintest of reductions, but it's pretty subtle. Almost anything seems worth it when it comes to getting rid of the muffin top, but I don't know about this. I can barely see the difference. Clothes aren't fitting me differently. The numbness for a few weeks after treatment was bothersome.

Never saw a result

I never saw a result from the treatment.
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