450 CC, So Nervous! Tucson, AZ

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I have been wanting a breast augmentation for a...

I have been wanting a breast augmentation for a few years now, I have always been bigger in my rear end, but never was I blessed up top. So I am ready to finally make a change to my body it is the only thing I am insecure about. I am going to Dr. Taki for my procedure, I know many friends and family that have gotten the procedure with him, he comes highly recommended so I am pretty excited but extremely nervous at the same time. I am not nervous for the pain or the actual surgery my biggest concern is going to big or going to small. At first I was set at 350 CC and now I have my mind on 450 CC, but as I look at pictures and videos and reviews I'm thinking maybe its to big. I want that natural look, I am 5'6 1/2 and I weigh just about 130 and I am about a 34B right now. Please help ease this nervousness!!!

3 days away! So nervous...

So ladies only 3 more days, I have been a clean freak. Making sure everything is clean and ready to go after my surgery. I'm ready but still so nervous.

Tomorrow is the day! :))))

So tomorrow is the day :) I am so excited and so nervous at the same time. I have to work today but that's today its my Friday hahaha. I will be doing tons of laundry tonight and plenty of eating since I have to stop early. I am so ready to finally have boobies. Well wish me luck i will update after my surgery.
Again I am about a 34B and I am getting 450CC
Under the muscle.
Should take my into a D hopefully not to big though.

Few hours after my surgery

So it's done everyone! I finally got a BA . I am in no pain at all, I'm just sore and have a lot of pressure, but I can handle it. I have a high tolerance! Thank god. I haven't seen my boobs that will be tomorrow. I ended up with 410 cc in my left boob because it was bigger and lower and 450 cc in my right. I am hoping they are exactly how I want them, I don't want to be disappointed at all it would be a complete bummer, well I will update you again tomorrow. If you have any questions ask away!

1week tomorrow

So I had my surgery Wednesday super early 5:30 was my set time to get ready. The nurses were super sweet and made sure I felt completely comfortable the whole time. When I woke up my boyfriend was holding my hand and all I said was "I want ihop" hahaha so we went to IHOP right after surgery :)!! All I felt was pressure and soreness. When I got home I layed down for awhile then I stated doing laundry and other things and then rest again, the next day is when the pay hit, right underneath my armpit "omg!!!!" It hurt so bad, so make sure to take your meds ladies!!! I still feel like they are alittle small but I'm told otherwise! I'm told they for me perfectly !!!! So we will see when they settle :)

Going on 5 months with my breast implants

Okay girls, I am so happy with my breast!!!! I am so much more confident :) this is literally life changing. Best feeling in the world.
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