22 Yrs Old 32A Not Sure if 275cc or 300cc, 5'2 & Athletic w/ Booty, Not Wanting to Look Shorter or Too Kardashian - Tucson, AZ

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I am so confused about the implant size and...

I am so confused about the implant size and profile, also my surgery must be in june. Already went to two surgeons appointments and the first one recommended me to go between 275 and 300 cc (which he told me that 300cc would be great) and the other surgeon told me that 330cc and ultra high profile would look good on me. isn't much difference the look of the 275ccs to the 330ccs? also... what if i chose the 275 ultra high profile, or 330 moderate profile? as i've been reading to much womans on this site, the difference would be just the side boob? my perfect implant wont look so big because i have a big booty and thick legs so if i get bigger boobs than i should i will look fat or too kardashian, and i am so afraid about that i even had a dream where i was just waking up from the surgery (275ccs) and i had really small boobs and i was unsatisfied with them... i want to look boobylicious but not grotesk or too big, also im short (5'2) may big boobs make me look shorter? i am going to post pictures of boobs i like.


6 days til surgery!!

I am very excited I finally will have my surgery done in six more days, I was 100% sure about getting the 300 ccs but last week I went with my surgeon again to discuss the implant size... And when he gave me the sizers I liked the bigger one but he didn't tell me that it was a 400 ccs implant until y asked him later, I was impressed... But that's without bra, If I add the bra (unless I use only sports bra and bralettes)

I don't want my boobs to be what everyone will notice first on my body because I really like my body and i want my boobs to only compliment my proportions. I'm 5'2 (160 cm) and my weight is 125 lbs... I also have thick thighs and big butt, even tho, I have an athletic body.

OK SO; we ended up choosing the 350 cc implant because 400 cc would be a bit much he said, my boobs would look like if they were together all the time and idk if that's what I don't want.

I've been struggling finding girls with my stats so, if ever of you chose 350 ccs and you're my height, comment your opinions here pleaseeee????


Oh and I forgot they will be high profile

Surgery is TOMORROW!

I have my pre opp today and I'm STILL not sure the size of the implant will be... First I started with 275-300 cc and last time I visited the surgeon I liked the 350 cc BUT since I'm 5'3 and have big butt and thighs I don't wanna look so so curvy, shorter or fat in clothes... I wanna look the slimmer I can.

They will be HP also.

I'm not nervous at all... Only not sure about the size :(

Here are some pics of what I want

Today is the day!

I'm heading to the hospital right now, surgery is in about an hour I'm not nervous, I'm actually excited.

Surgery DONE

I had my surgery today approx at 9, it went perfectly good, the doctor said that I didn't move and I didn't feel anything but when he was putting the implants inside of me, I was totally sedated and I only could hear when they finished they said that everything went so perfect and that I looked so good with them!

I haven't even seen my boobs yet! The doctor said that I will feel good until the anesthesia effects are gone, then I will take my pain killers, I am laying in my bed now and I just feel a lot of pressure there, but not pain at all... I will show pictures later.

Oh, and I went with 325 cc Round HP implants. Loving them so far.

Pain is horrible in the mornings...

I have a question... Is it bad if I smoke weed? It really helps me to not concentrate in pain, I used to smoke weed everyday (I don't do any other kind of drug tbh) I don't even like to drink and I don't smoke cigarettes, so it's nothing alarming.

Btw my pain killers are not strong enough for me, so I woke up at 5 AM and had to let my mom help me to get out of bed since the worst pain is when I try whether lay in bed and getting up... Ughhhh

The doctor told me he doesn't want me to so the icing, can someone tell me why? I will get my first shower today also.

Post op day 2

I just got to shower, when i took the bra off and the bandages I started to feel dizzy and felt like if I was going to faint... My mom helped me to shower and to put the new bandages on and surgical bra again.

I felt better with the cold water.

Day 3

Today I could get up without any help but I'm still sore and the boobs are still huge and up

Post op day 5

So today I felt way better but I was supposed to have my period three days ago, does anyone know if the operation made some changes to my body? I'm kinda nervous...

Day 6


Tomorrow I'll go with the surgeon to take off the stitches, I hope they don't get more small through the time :(

Update day 10

Two weeks post op

So I am a little uncomfortable thinking of the new size of my breasts... i def look better than ever but even though I wanted a natural size and instead of 350cc went to 325cc I regret on not going 350cc which was a "good C cup" I though 325cc wasn't any much difference than 350cc.

I told my boyfriend about it and he became kind of mad because of that, he said that plastic surgery was like an addiction and people are never conformed. It really helped me, for sure. But on clothes I think I look like when I was an non existent A cup with push-up bras. Am i loosing my mind?! Or is still too soon to be judging the final size? They will be smaller when they settle I guess :(

On another posts of girls with 325cc, I read they were C cups, without the implants i was like 150cc so, I guess now i am 475cc.

One month update


Almost two months

How much important is to massage everyday? How much time?

Three months

4 months

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