11 year old saline implants are out!

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I got my implants when I was 18 years old. Long...

I got my implants when I was 18 years old. Long story short my mom kind of pressured me into it and I was 18 and thought my mom knew everything. She thought it would help my self esteem and give me more confidence but it didn't, it just made me more awkward because I was still shy and with implants I just got more unwanted attention.

It's not like I've absolutely hated them the whole time, there were a couple of years in my early twenties when I became more comfortable with myself and the implants but I can't say I've ever loved them or stopped regretting them.

Now I am 29 years old and I am ready to have them taken out. Before I got the implants I was a 32A and went to a 32C, now 11 years later they are a full D maybe bigger and I absolutely hate them. I see photos of myself and cringe, I look like I'm about to fall over. They're heavy, uncomfortable when I exercise and I've begun to have terrible posture in an attempt to hide them. Anyway, I saw a PS two months ago and set the date which is a week from today. Today I had my pre op appointment and I paid for the surgery and left the office crying and wanting to vomit. I am 100% sure I will be happy with my new body with clothes on but I am worried I will look like a disfigured monster with my clothes off. I'm mostly concerned because before the implants I had rather small or normal sized nipples and a month after the implants my nipples stretched and are huge. I imagine I will have little saggy boobies with freakishly large nipples. And then I'm like guess what there are people with real problems like cancer and saggy boobs aren't the end of the world, but I figure if there is a place to admit my vain fears it is here.

Seven days till surgery, I'm excited, scared, terrified, hopeful...

Tomorrow is the big day. I am terrified but...

Tomorrow is the big day. I am terrified but confident that I have made the right decision, I am so excited to have these things out of me! Since my pre op appointment I have only been more and more grossed out by them, especially after seeing the photo I posted. I am excited to wear clothes that fit instead of big shirts trying to hide them, exercising without pain, sleeping on my stomach! Mostly I am just scared of surgery, so I can't wait till that part is over. So soon!

Surgery was this morning, I was told it only took...

Surgery was this morning, I was told it only took 30 minutes and they gave me just enough anesthesia to put me to sleep but no more than that so I woke up right after and apparently while I was still out of it I had asked for a pen and paper but the first thing I remember was being halfway down the page writing about what I was going through. I am an obsessive journal-er.

Since surgery I've been feeling pretty good, my mom came to town to take care of me but I haven't really needed it. I had left notes and directions all over the house and clearly labeled all of my medication but it was totally not necessary, she has been the one sleeping on the couch while I watch movies. Later in the day I started to feel the incisions and soreness but I held off on taking the pain pills till a little bit ago so I could fall asleep. They gave me Percocet, valium, an antibiotic and an anti nausea medication (which I didn't need at all).

For me I think the hardest part is over (I hope), I will see my boobs in the morning when I go in for my post op exam. I'm bandaged up and look flat as a board but I am happy every time I look down and am able to see past two giant boobs. I'll report tomorrow when I know what I'm dealing with. Thanks for all the positive thoughts. I feel really lucky to have found this site.

I had my appointment with the doc this morning and...

I had my appointment with the doc this morning and although I do think he does good work he is quite flighty and it's hard to get straight answers from him. I asked when I could start jogging again and he said whenever I want. I suppose this means whenever I feel good enough to jog again.

They took the bandage off and I got to see them, basically it's what I expected not bad and not great, I know in time they will get better but even if they didn't I am happier with how they look now than with the implants so I don't regret having them removed at all!

So far I've only taken one pain pill and that was last night, they are sore and a little uncomfortable but I'd rather feel the pain then be numbed up and out of it. Also, I don't want to over do it so feeling the pain is a good reminder that I am still healing. I sent my mom home this afternoon because I feel confident that I don't need any help.

I hope my posts help anyone who is considering this surgery, I've been thinking about it for years but was always too scared of surgery and the outcome, if I had known it would be this easy I would have done it a long time ago. Good luck ladies!

Day 3 post surgery: Day 2 was pretty...

Day 3 post surgery:

Day 2 was pretty difficult, I am still happy with my decision but I need to remember that this is a big deal and I can't just brush it off like I am trying to do. I often pride myself on being a strong independent woman and sometimes I need to recognize that it is ok to be vulnerable.

I took a shower yesterday for the first time and it was very exhausting, it was weird touching my little boobs and I tried to avoid it, after the shower I sat on the couch and cried for an hour. Not even really sure why, I don't regret having them removed, I can't even say anymore that I regret having them in the first place, I think it's just all the changes in my life right now everything is very transitional, I am originally from Arizona but I live in Spain, I came back to the US a couple of months ago to help a friend out with his business and to have the surgery with enough time to heal. Before leaving Spain I moved cities for work and only spent a week in my new city so I guess I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed and out of place. I am currently staying in a friends house in Tucson where he doesn't live so I have the place to myself and it is about 2 hours away from where I am from and most of my friends and family. Ok, enough with the therapy.

My pain has been minor but I get tired very easily. This morning when I woke up my sports bra had ridden up and the elastic band was on my incisions and it was painful, I'm trying not to take the pain meds anymore because I think it has a negative effect on my mood and also it makes me itchy. Does anyone have any advice on how long to wear the sports bra? I asked my doc and he said however long I think I need to, he's impossible to get a straight answer from.

Ok, to leave this on a positive note, last night my friend took me to the craft store to buy some yarn so I could start a knitting project and a kid at the store asked me if I go to Tucson High School, and I said no, he then asked which high school I go to and I said I graduated 11 years ago, he couldn't believe it and said he really thought I went to school with him. I am going to attribute this to my tiny chest. I'll post another photo when I think there has been some progress.

Day 5: The last couple of days have been rough,...

Day 5:
The last couple of days have been rough, I've cried just about every day and night. Part of me wonders if I should have listened to my PS and just replaced my implants with smaller ones, but then I remember how gross they felt inside of me and I try to convince myself that I made the right choice. I guess I thought they would be a little bigger, they seem to be the same size as when I originally got my implants which doesn't make sense because they grew at least one cup size in the 11 years that I had them. I really don't want big boobs but my chest is looking as flat as a board right now and I'm feeling like a 10 year old boy. My right boob is still looking droopy and the nipple is looking pretty sad.

I really hate that I am feeling this vain and look forward to a day when I can love my body the way it is. I have a 15 year old sister and I'm always telling her she is beautiful the way she is and encouraging her to be comfortable with her body (which is way more womanly than mine), I feel like such a hypocrite that I can't take my own advice.

Day 10: I want to thank everyone for their...

Day 10:
I want to thank everyone for their support, the first week was really difficult but I am feeling a lot better. I am now around family and friends and feeling more comfortable with my new body. I don't have much pain, just occasional aches and the incisions are a little sore and itchy.

My breasts are changing every day, they are fuller than the first days but all of the volume is all below the nipple. I'm posting new photos which look better/fuller than they actually are but overall I am satisfied with the way things are progressing.

Whoa, I can't believe it's been almost three...

Whoa, I can't believe it's been almost three months. I've meant to give an update but have been really busy. My breasts fluffed up a bit and were a 32B by 4 weeks, since then I have started training for a marathon and have lost a little weight so they're down to an A now. I am mostly happy with how they look, a little droopy and my nipples cave in when they aren't hard but I really can't be bothered. Overall I am very happy with my decision, I'm able to exercise, sleep on my stomach, wear form fitting clothes without feeling pornographic, and not that I find validation in male attention but I haven't had any problems in that department. Posting some photos from 4 weeks and from today.

Little over a year

So it's been a year and a month since I had my implants removed and I am still happy with my decision to get those giant things out of me. I am much happier with the way I look with clothes on, I love it, but to tell the truth I've become quite self conscious naked or in a bikini. Obviously they are saggy but my nipples were so stretched out from the implants that now they are wrinkly. I keep remembering my PS advising me to get a small implant and sometimes I wonder if that's what I should have done. I have no problems with the size just what they look like and I definitely don't regret having my implants removed. Hopefully time will allow me to be more comfortable with my new body.
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I was referred by a friend who had her natural breasts removed. I think Doctor Taki is a great Doctor who knows what he is doing, for me I need a little more coddling and hand holding but I would still recommend him.

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