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OK so hmmmm.... Where to start? My...

OK so hmmmm.... Where to start?
My Stats
128 lbs (hoping to drop 10 lbs before surgery)
My surgery date is scheduled for Feb 1 at 7:30 a.m.

I have been self conscious about my breasts since I was 13 years old. Especially having 2 horrible brothers that would constantly make fun of me. Through high school it became a bigger deal because I could never fill out the dance costumes nicely. I have a rather big butt and hated that i didnt have boobs to make me look more proportionate. Anyway I had a baby when I was 23 and I nursed her for a year and a half, I loved my milk filled boobs and wish I had them back and then some. So now a year and a half later I am finally getting the look I have always wanted.

I found Dr. Case, Todd online and loved that he is triple board certified. He is such a professional and helpful PS. We decided to go with 410cc on my left breast and 440cc on my right breast. I am going with moderate profile and with Sientra silicone implants vs the mentor ones. So the sientra silicone implants are a brazilian implant that is only released to triple board certified PS and I am excited I was offered the opportunity to choose those. The difference? Well mentor runs in increments of 25 cc whereas the sientra runs in increments of 30cc. Also, the big different is that the seam of the mentor implants is directly down the middle so if you happen to ripple it might show more as opposed to sientra, their seam of the implant is towards the back of the implants which will be up against the muscle wall. They cost the same and have the same warranty as mentor, so if you have the chance definitely worth looking into.

I am a barely B so I am hoping to achieve a full C, I am so nervous as to what to do to prepare and if I should go smaller. I feel like there is so much to do in such little time. If anyone has tips on how to prepare please let me know. I am driving myself to the surgery then when they are done with surgery my sister and my daughter will pick me up and when my dad gets out of work that day they will come pick up my car. My surgery is at 7:30 am so I have to be there at 6 and no point in waking up the little one to go and wait all that time in the waiting room. I am having surgery on a friday and will be staying the weekend at my parents house and when I am to drive will come back to my apt. Luckily, I live only a mile away. I have a sleep number bed at home with the adjustable base so it sits up and the feet come up too. So I am grateful I will get to sleep there for 3 weeks as opposed to a recliner in the living room by myself. My baby sleeps with me in bed and I would miss her terribly if I cant sleep with her. She has a room of her own but she calls it the toy room because she has never slept in it a day in her life. I think as long as I put up a fort of pillows between me and her we will be ok :).

I bought the bromaline and arnica and will fill my prescriptions today. He will provide a garment I will be wearing for 3 weeks after surgery. He does not want me massaging them at all and can only lift 5lbs for the first 3 weeks (0.o) or stretch my arms up or to the sides. Scary right?! Anyhow that's it for now I will upload before pics right before surgery cus I'm hoping to drop the weight. I will be on here often to read you guys' suggestions and will update if anything changes. Thanks have a good one yall.

Helloooo, Ok so I am super nervous and would love...

Ok so I am super nervous and would love any opinions. I am really beginning to think I am going too big in size. I am 5'2 128lbs and I am going with 410cc in one breast and 440 in the other. is this way too big? When I tried the sizers at my pre op it looked fine but i've done the rice test at home and I am mortified at how big they look. I think I will call tomorrow and see if there is any chance I could go in and try on the sizers again. (0.o)

Ok, So I went back to PS office to try on the...

Ok, So I went back to PS office to try on the sizers again. They were so totally nice for letting me try them again to have that peace of mind. I am keeping the size I originally chose. I cannot believe my surgery is a week from today. I am going to upload some pics of me with the sizers so you guys can see what I will be getting. Also, I lost 6 lbs since my first post. been cutting down everything I eat in like half and been running every day! I will probably post my before picture the day before my surgery. I'm trying to lose another 6-7lbs in a week, wish me look and have a great weekend!

*luck not look

*luck not look

I am 3 days away!!!!!!! All I think about is...

I am 3 days away!!!!!!! All I think about is boobs boobs boobs all day. Today I started my Bromelain 500mg 2 tablets 3Xs a day. I went to walmart yesterday and I couldn't help taking a detour to the bra department. I used to hate buying bras in the past because I would wonder if I bought one too big it would be a noticeable gap between my boob and bra but yesterday I was soooo excited just looking at them. I decided to hold off on getting any because my PS will provide the bra I have to wear for 3 weeks and I will definitely hold off on the VS ones until the boobs have settled and they are the size will be. Anyway I got a whole bunch of groceries for the next couple weeks lots of fruit and snacks. For the possible constipation I am old school a tablespoon of olive oil should do it so will take that right after surgery. Seems like 5 lbs was all I could lose so I am at 122lbs now. I am going to spend all day cleaning and doing laundry. I have to stay busy or I am going to drive myself crazy. Will post before pictures thursday night, secretly hoping I will shed another 5lbs in 2 day (0.o). Have a great day ladies and happy healing to all of you.

Tomorrow is the day and I'm all over the place....

Tomorrow is the day and I'm all over the place. Trying to do HW ahead of time and pack my bag, laundry, bathe the puppy, clean the house and all that. Yesterday was incredibly busy and today will be one of those days again. Dr. Case's office called to make sure everything was good to go for tomorrow, scheduled my first post op and Dr. Case will call later on tonight to make sure I don't eat after midnight and to remind me to take my antibiotic and all that. I may have time to post an update before surgery but if not, will definitely post as soon as I can. I also uploaded my before pictures (yuck)! Ok ladies good day to all!

Good morning ladies today is the day! At the...

Good morning ladies today is the day! At the hospital about to check in. Thanks for wishing me Luck. Will post pics as soon as I'm done :)

My morning started off with driving to the wrong...

My morning started off with driving to the wrong surgery center :) then I went to the right one got admitted in and waited on pre op nurse. Took me back collected urine sample for pregnancy test, did paper work, she started iv, anesthesiologist came in, then Dr.Case drew on me. They gave me a sedative rolled me to operating room and I was out. I woke up in recovery Dr Case Said everything went well. Recovery nurse asked how I feel said nauseous and very cold they gave me the patch behind the ear and said it'd help for 3 days with nausea. She also gave me something else in IV for pain maybe and I dressed myself and got in the car. I'm at home drinking chamomile tea and eating soup so I can take antibiotic, Valium, and arnica. Everything went good Little Pain some nausea nausea and lots of pressure in my sternum. Like the size so fat pain Is pretty bearable at this point. Will post pictures little later :)

Hello everyone, it's the day after surgery. So far...

Hello everyone, it's the day after surgery. So far so good I had a little soreness this morning, my rib cage and sternum hurts a bit, pressure is not that bad anymore. The worst part is probably the bra cus it makes me itchy.I only took 2 naps yesterday and took only 3 Percocet and two valiums yesterday. I just took a shower and it felt great. Ive been able to do everything by myself since I came home from surgery yesterday. I made my bed, cleaned the kitchen, fixed myself food and ive been eating alot, i even bathed my 3 year old. I have sensitivity on right nipple n Breast but not the left yet. I iced the boobies all night and putting arnica gel and maybe that's why I feel really good. Don't see significant changes from yesterday to today but will post pics anyway. Hope you all are healing well and if you're thinking about getting them done, just stop thinking and do it. So worth it and pain is not bad at all. Sorry about pics being sideways, not sure how to fix it :(

Hi today is two days after surgery. In the morning...

Hi today is two days after surgery. In the morning its a little hard to get up because you feel all stiff and a little achey. Pain having to do with the implant is very minimal. I even drove yesterday (day after surgery) to the store, the pressure is easing up a little. My boobs are still hard as rocks but my biggest complaint is the surgical bra. I've tried putting gauze between the bra and incision but it doesn't help. Seems like its rubbing right at the incisions, can't wait till I shower again, anytime with bra off is a good time. Plan is to relax today and watch the Super Bowl game. I'm also pretty happy about getting to go home tonight I miss my home! Gonna try to wean off pain medication today. Have a great day ladies!

It's 3 days after surgery, woke up with less...

It's 3 days after surgery, woke up with less soreness this morning. I drove 3 times yesterday, might've over done it cus I'm a bit tired. Today is the first day they don't feel as hard as rocks I also gained like 13lb since the surgery. The absolute worst part of the process is this darn surgical bra. I've been putting tons of gauze between bra and incisions and I also started putting a spaghetti strap shirt first then the bra over it. I have no bruising and swelling doesn't bother me much. Other than that hateful bra I feel awesome. Way easier than I expected. Oh yea I've been feeling that burning sensation at the incision sight but doesn't hurt so bad. I have sensitivity in both nipples and I get the occasional zing that travels from the outside of my boob to the nipple. Happy healing !

Hey girls! Today is 4 days after surgery, I feel...

Hey girls!
Today is 4 days after surgery, I feel awesome. Been driving since the day after surgery and stopped all pain medications since day 3. Not even Over the counter tylenol. Today I cleaned the whole house, did laundry, bathed the dogs, and went out to eat. This has been so extremely easy it's crazy. I know everyone has different pain tolerance and that everyone's experience is different. But honestly its mind over matter, you sorta just accept that you are gonna be in a little pain, little sore, and little uncomfortable and you just don't dwell on it. Trust me, you wont die of pain. Anyhow today was the first day I noticed they were a little less harder but I dont see them dropping yet. I see Dr. Case in 2 days for my first pos op. Hope all is normal, The only thing I can say bothers me is how the infamous bra rubs on the incisions, so i might ask if I could use a different sports bra brand. Since there is no difference in the boobs I wont put anymore pics till the week mark. Hope you all are healing swell and best of luck to those getting their surgeries soon.

I went to my week 1 post op. PS said everything...

I went to my week 1 post op. PS said everything looks fine. The steri strips will begin to fall in the next couple weeks. He said I need to take it easy at least another two weeks because he is a little concerned they have not dropped much. He showed me how to do this one exercise he wants me to do to help bring them down and let may say OUCH. I felt like my stitches would rip open and he wants me to do it 10 minutes a day 8-10 times a day. Honestly the surgery or any of it has not been painful at all but this part of it is. Has anyone else had the same problem where they take a long time to drop. He said if we cannot get the implant to drop into the pocket we might be looking at a revision surgery and I am not trying to go through that. I will put pictures up and see what you all think Other than that nothing new I am done with antibiotic but he wants me to do Bromelain and Arnica another week. Happy healing to you all!

Hello ladies. So its been two weeks today after...

Hello ladies. So its been two weeks today after surgery. This last week I definitely feel more energy, I have slept on my side for the most part of the night. I am a tummy sleeper and one night I slept on my belly for a little. The next morning was pretty painful and sore. Especially around my sternum area. I have been doing my one massage thing this week. Not really a massage more like you measure the middle point between your nipple and the top of your implant and you press down for 15 seconds and do about 10 mins of it. I know the pictures do not show that I have dropped any and when I look myself in the mirror it looks like they havent dropped but I honestly can feel the bottom of the implant at the creases of my boobs. I am concerned that they don't look like they've dropped any. Did this happen to anyone else? As far as pain I do not feel any. I feel like every now and then I still feel a little sore and I am starting to feel like the numb part at the bottom part of my boob is developing more sensation. Vacuuming and mopping are still a little uncomfortable and sometimes when I drive turning the wheel feels a little awkward. Other than that nothing new. Steri strips still haven't fallen off and still gotta do surgical bra one more week. Would love any advise if you've had trouble dropping when you got yours done.

I had my 3 week appt last week and DR. Case said I...

I had my 3 week appt last week and DR. Case said I am healing up just fine. To continue to massage my left breast as it is taking a longer time to drop. I can wear any sports bra and if I decide to wear underwire bra I should be able to fit 3 fingers between the wire and my skin. He said I can go back to running and lifting things gradually. I can raise my hands above my head and sleep without a bra at night. I still have a sore kind of stinging pain when I touch the bottom of my breasts but no pain at the top. I will post pics of my incisions and breast at 28 days.

Hey ladies, Today is my 5 week mark. My day to...

Hey ladies,
Today is my 5 week mark. My day to day life is pretty much back to normal, except for going back to running. I am pleased with my results (a lot better than what I started with) but just like many of us, I WISH I WOULD HAVE GONE BIGGER!. yup I said it. for now I'm satisfied I figured by the time I am done having kids I can have a tummy tuck and boobs re-done to be bigger. Right now the energy level is back to normal but I do still have plenty of pain from time to time. My incisions and rib cage around the incisions are still sore. The sides of my boobs are still sensitive to the touch and every now and then when I pick something heavy up or hyper extend my arm backwards I feel like a ripping sensation like scar tissue ripping or something. I also get the "zings" at night, it will wake me up out of my sleep feels like a really bad cramp that travels from my boob through my arm. Does this happen to anyone else out there? Could be that I am a tummy sleeper and out of habit I end up on my stomach often. Any inputs? Other than that they're appealing to the eye but I am wondering if this is as soft as they're gonna get, I anticipate them getting softer as the muscle has to stretch then relax right? Anyhow that's my post for today I put up new pics too.

OK so I had my 6 week appointment March 15th. He...

OK so I had my 6 week appointment March 15th. He said everything looked fine, my incisions looked good and now I can start using scar medication. He recommended physicians formula scar guard over mederma because of the vitamin e, steroid and silicone it contains. I am cleared to take bath and get in a hot tub. I can swim in a pool now and my pain is getting considerable better. I hardly have the muscle spasms I was complaining about last week. I put up new pictures

4 and a half months

So I had my 3 month appointment 6 weeks ago and I'm good to go until next year. I am now at the 4 and a half month mark, I am able to do just about everything. Every now and then my incisions still itch or sting a little if my bra has been rubbing in that area a lot. I can do push ups just fine but trying pull ups still scares me. They are so much softer now and my clothes fits completely. If you are even debating this procedure just stop torturing yourself. It has literally been one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. :)

1 year after breast aug surgery

Hey guys, So I haven't been on here a while. But I met my one year mark about a month ago and just now remembered to put some more post op pics. I am very happy with my surgery, I sometimes laugh when I look at the pics of me before I had my breast aug. Why did I wait so long?!? LOL I have no pain other than my scars itch or ache when I wear a bra that has wire, but to be honest I think it has more to do with my body and scars. I have always had an issue with scars as you can see my scars are still red and pretty predominate but scarring has always been a problem for me. I still have a scar that hurts me when I bump it and its a 24 year old scar. For the most part I stick to bras that do not have wiring unless I go out for a special occasion. But even then without padding I feel great with how I look. I did lose the 10 lbs from last year but it has all been diet changes. I need to start exercising more often because I want to be bikini ready this summer. Last year I did not feel so comfortable wearing a bathing suit, I got my breast Aug in feb and if any of you have been to Arizona you will know our summer starts in April lol jk. but this year I plan on showing the girls off just a little more. Any questions just ask, and to those still considering getting them done, JUST DO IT! lol thank all of you for posting on this website, I found it very helpful when I was considering mine.
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr.Case online and so grateful that I did. He did such an awesome job and was very professional throughout the whole experience! His staff and staff at surgery center were all very great. He did so good and I am ecstatic with my results. If anyone is considering coming to Arizona to get them done, come to Dr, Case. Was all such a smooth, speedy, and just plain great experience. Thanks Dr. Case and all the staff as well.

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