5 week update - Tucson, AZ

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So I have always wanted bigger breasts since I can...

So I have always wanted bigger breasts since I can remember -at like 14 when it was very apparent that I wasn't getting any for sure! I am now 38 5'6 and 125lbs and a 32a. No kids. I always thought that to was too expensive or that I would come down with some horrible affliction if I got implants, but about a year ago my husband befriended a PS on one of his club teams and I joked around about how I should see if this guy could get me some boobs! And my husband said do some research on the procedure and then let's talk about it! So I did and with the help of this website and a few others I decided this is what I wanted!
I had my consultation in April and it has been a long 8 months! But it gave me time to really follow everyone's blogs and see some actual results. At my consultation I told the doc that I am very athletic, I like to run half marathons and have 6 more days of P90x to do and I don't want huge boobs, I just want to be proportionate for once! Looking for a full B. So we talked about 250 or 275cc. Under the muscle, silcone. I still want to be able to stay in good shape and not be restricted too much.
At one point during my months of research I was worried about not going big enough, but as I get closer I seem to be thinking go smaller! I am worried about a huge change in my appearance. I do wear the push ups bras, but I know everyone knows that I don't have much!
I haven't told anyone at work. I have told only a few friends and one of my brothers. Everyone I told has been very supportive, but people I work with are very negative and get jealous when they hear about fabulous vacations I am planning! So I don't want to flaunt another large purchase. In the end I don't want to care what they think, but I know I do. I have saved all year and given up lots of little things to make this happen, I am good little saver!
My pre-op is Friday and I am nervous, nervous, nervous! I know that I want to do this, but am just nervous about the size, I don't know why! I know that the cc's are not huge, but I have seen girls get 300's and end up with a d cup. I have a small frame for the most part, so I am anxious to try on sizers again on Friday and hopefully that will calm me down and reassure me that I am going to get what I want! Wish me luck!

Pre-op done! 10 days to go!

I went to my pre-op on Friday and sat down with the office coordinator first and got all my prescriptions - Percocet, Valium, antibiotics and nausea pills. I thought Percocet and Valium were both pain killers, but is Valium more of a muscle relaxer?

Anyway, things went smoothly with her, gave her my check, so there is no turning back! Then off to try on sizers! Started with 250's, then 300's, then 350's, which were way too big. So then I tried on the 275's - which is what the doctor had suggested in my consultation. I brought a t-shirt and tank top to try on over the sizers. The 275's looked like I had on my push-up bra with a fuller (real) boob. Exactly what I was looking for! So 275cc it is! Not too big, not too small! I spaced on taking picture, so sorry!

I wanted to thank everyone for their support so far! You have all helped to ease my nerves. This is really a great place to share. Now I only have 10 days to get my world together before I take over the couch!

4 days left!

Well at this point it is almost 3 days and I can't believe it is this Thursday. At work I am busy and time flies which it great and then I come home and it is all I think about! I got all my pills filled over the weekend and bought a sports bra that zips in the front. They told me to bring a sports bra that fits me now??? I know I am not going huge, but really? So I would usually buy a small, so I bought a medium! I am assuming compression will be good, but I don't want to feel like I can't breathe!

I have definitely got the urge to clean the house, my husband is at work, so I have been on a marathon to get everything clean and shiny. As I was cleaning I was thinking the next time I clean it will be with some boobs!

I have had a bit of a nervous belly this past weekend, but I know I will be happier in the end. I keep telling myself this is what you have always wanted! I just hope that recovery won't be too bad and I don't have any issues with them. I even asked my husband this weekend if he thought this whole thing was ridiculous (I already knew the answer), and he said no because I have seen how excited and happy I have been about it. He has been so supportive!

So I am staying positive and trying to keep my excitement up. Hope all of you are doing well! Thanks for your support!

On the other side!

Well I have had a massive sore throat and stuffy nose all week! I think my nervousness makes me come up with a fake sickness before surgeries, it isn't the first time I have done this, but this morning I woke up (really didn't sleep), but I felt great!

Went to the surgery center at 7:30 and waited almost a hour to get back to check in and get ready. They double checked that I still wanted 275cc too. Everyone was so nice and made sure they introduced themselves to me. I think it was about 9:30 before they brought me back to the operating room. My appointment was suppose to be at 8:00am and it didn't help my husband was talking soccer with the doctor while I was sitting there nervous! I just wanted to get the surgery going already, I was also feeling a little impatient!

They walked me down to the operating room and then the only thing I remember was the anesthesiologist telling me she was going to add something to my IV to make comfortable and the I was out like a light. I was glad they didn't stick any tubes down my throat, they just gave me oxygen through my nose. Woke up all wrapped up in an ace bandage and tried to take a peek. They are definitely boobs in there!

I am felling pretty good, they put a local in my boobs and they are actually feeling numb right now. I go back tomorrow and they will put me in a sports bra. I have been taking Percocet's every 4 hours , an anti naseua pill and have taken 1 Valium cause I was feeling some tightness on the top of my breast. But pain scale is about a 2-3.

Hope everyone who had surgery today is doing well. Keep me posted. Will update tomorrow and add a big when I get my first look.

Day 2

Been feeling pretty good! Went to the doc this morning, they removed my ace bandage and they of course look a little high and are hard, but the sizing looks to be perfect and exactly what I dreamed of. I am so happy and relieved!

Found out they are 275 cc high profile, the high profile was a surprise, but doc knows best and I think they look great. He gave me some massages to start doing and to raise my hands over my head every 20 minutes. I am scheduled to go back in a week.

I am really or in pain, just sore on the top and bottom of my breasts. I brought my new nike zip in the front sports bra and he laughed and said I much have been on the internet a lot. He said he preferred the over the head bra, champion ones for target. Which he didn't tell me on the first place, but I should be able to drive my Xmas so I will have to head over there and get a few. I did buy some bounce be gone ones for north face so I can always switch to those later.

I can shower tomorrow, so yeah! Otherwise gonna massage, put my arms up today and try to relax and not spend too much time looking at myself in the mirror! :-)

Day 4 update

I was hoping some of the bloating would go away and it has, but I am definitely feeling that gurgling sound in my belly and boobs today. My incisions are bothering me a lot today, especially the right one. I keep icing it for relief. I had to put on a thin Hanes sports bra so I don't feel the pressure of the incisions. I have only taken 2 Percocet's today, trying to ween myself off of them, but the sleep is so good!

Husband went back to work today, so I have been a little lonely today. He was such a huge help to me the past few days. He has also been telling me how good they look, which I am very happy about! Since I think they look a bit weird and high on my chest. He said he needed to go back to work so he could stop thinking and looking at my new girls!

I am happy I have two full weeks off of work, so the girls can calm down and not be so out there! I attached some more pics with this new Lacey bra I have been wanting to wear. And my fabulous sister in law sent me a gift card to Victoria secret today, so I can't wait to go get sized and buy a new pretty bra!

11 rough days

Sorry for no updates recently, up until dec 24 things were great. Boobs really good, even starting to feel a a little softer, then I coughed - really hacked up a (warning disgusting) phlegm ball of blood! I wasn't too worried thinking maybe it was leftover from surgery, but then my mid back started to hurt. I took a walk with my husband thinking I pulled a muscle from the hacking.

As the evening went on, the pain got worse in my back and I couldn't take deep breathes. Took some pain pills and tried to sleep. Got up Xmas morning intending to skype with family back east and couldn't even sit up on my own I was in so much pain! So I made my husband take me to the hospital.

Arrived and they fast paced me in so I could see someone and sent my husband home because they said it would be hours. Had an X-ray, ct scan and tons of blood drained from me for tests. Found out I had a blood clot in my lung! No one can still give me a definite reason why? Was it the surgery? The ps says no way, I was barely under for an half an hour, birth control pills, maybe- I am over 35, hereditary? How did it start, why did I get it, I still have no answers and I am frustrated.

I spent Xmas at the hospital, we convinced them to send me home Thursday because all they were doing was monitoring me to make sure I didn't get worse, but I was at this point on blood thinners and taking Percocet for pain.

Feeling better every day, still pain in my back, I have breathing exercises to do. I went to my ps this morning on a happy note the breasts are doing great! Got my stitches out, told me to keep massaging and by May they should be perfect! He does want me to make sure I find out why this happened. He was very concerned.

I am off to my primary doc this afternoon for more blood tests and to see if she can help me get to the bottom of this.

My husband has been a real trooper throughout this whole ordeal, I am so happy to have him. He has been giving me blood thinner shots in my belly and making sure I am taking my pills, taking me to appointments! I am a huge pain in the ass these days!!! Hopefully I will be better soon and can start having some fun again, I owe him huge!
I hope all of you are doing well and I will be looking at everyone's recent posts today!

1 month update

Today is four weeks since my surgery. I will post some pics soon. I am feeling good, considering the recent hospitalization with the blood clot. I feel like my breasts have softened up a bit, but I am still having some aching in my left breast only. Is anyone else experiencing this at a month out?

I think the left has dropped more than the right, my nipples seem slightly uneven at this point. I don't have another appointment with my ps till the 31st of the month, so I have two weeks to see if both of these things improve. I hope so, I am starting to worry a bit.

I am still sleeping at a 45 degree angle, trying to scoot onto my right side when I can. My back and shoulder is killing me! But I didn't get to ask at my last appointment when can I lay down flat again? If I lay on my left, then my left boob tightens up a bit. So I guess I am just feeling a little down today.

I have an appointment to see a hematologist for the blood clot on the 31st too. I am still trying to figure out why that happened! Hope all you ladies are doing well. I would love some feedback on how you felt a month out! Thanks!

5 weeks

So I am still having some tenderness in my left breast, I wish it would stop! Sometimes I feel like the underneath is numb, but then I feel like it hurts? So weird. Next Friday I see my ps, so I am hoping I get some idea from him on what is going on! I feel like other people's 5 weeks updates are like I am feeling back to normal, so I am wishing that was mine.

My incisions are still under some tape, so I haven't gotten to see them yet, but they are feeling flat! So I am super happy about that!

I added some photos in some new lace bras that I haven't worn yet, I am sticking to the sports bras for now.

I just want to feel normal again! I am not regretting anything, I know this is a whole process to heal, but I am ready to start really working out again, running would great, but I guess it will have to wait. Guess I am just feeling a little sad today. Hope all is well with all you ladies! Send healing thoughts my way.
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