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So I've been reading other ladies' reviews and...

So I've been reading other ladies' reviews and stories on this site for months now, and it's been so helpful in knowing what to expect when the big day comes. It's very reassuring to know that there are other women getting BAs out there! I'm 21, 5'1, and 90 lbs and my surgery date is November 1st (I'll be 22 then and eligible for silicone). With my petite size I've been really nervous about what size I should go, and with the rice sizers I think that 290-320 ccs is about the range that I want (but still worried about the boob envy!)

I had a consult with Dr. Case about two months ago and he was phenomenal! He seemed very knowledgeable about what would work with me and took a lot of time answering my questions and discussing my desired outcome. I wanted Sientra implants and he's the only PS who is certified to implant them in Tucson, so before I went I was pretty sure he would be my PS. We decided on 320, HP under the muscle, but I'm still unsure about size. I just wish I had more time with those sizers! My boyfriend was there and he kept saying it was too big, so I felt a little self conscious. Tip: bring someone objective!! Haha, but still, his opinion counts. I keep thinking 320 should be fine, but every time I put on the rice sizers my bf says it's too big, but I think you lose some ccs when you go under the muscle right? I dunno, I'm still worrying about it, haha.

Anyone have any tips about size on a petite figure? I had no idea it would be this difficult, haha.

Thanks, ladies!

The Size Thing

Wow, size is rough. I've been on this site for months now just looking at reviews and I think I've fallen into a sort of cosmic boobie hole, where I forgot that I want a BA for ME and that even though tons of other women have gone up to 600ccs and more, I need to stop comparing myself to everyone else.

So, after some careful thinking/soul searching/rice-sizing/whatever, I've decided that 285 would be too big and 245 is a little too small. With the type of implant I want, my choices are either 255 or 270. I get to try on sizers tomorrow (yayyyyy!!!), so hopefully I come to a decision!

Don't fall into the cosmic boobie hole, people! You can go as small as you wanna!

Does anyone else have a late October/early November date? I feel like I'm going to be waiting foreverrrr and I need some boobie buddies to count the days with :)

Lots of love and good vibes to those recovering!


It's been decided. :)

Just three weeks away!

Might be a little early, but I'm all ready!! October 28th can't come soon enough :)

Woah, it's been a while

I had my pre-op yesterday! It was really weird and rushed, which is abnormal for Dr. Case (based on the two times I've seen him). I'm super hoping he had a bad day and doesn't hate me for rescheduling so much, because I LOVE him. Haha, for realsies, he's super funny and blunt and understanding most of the times. So, again, super hoping he doesn't hate me. I'm thinking I'll bring some bagels and coffee for the staff before my surgery, just in case. :)

I'm out of town for work until Sunday and then I get boobs!!! Work kind of makes it less exciting, since I can't think about my boobs as much, or at all really. I'm gonna be working 10-12 hour days until I get home, so I don't think it's really hit me yet that I'll have boobs in 5 days, but I know when I wake up in that recovery room I'll be soooo happy! :)

Anyway, at my pre-op I tried on both 320 and 270 and when I put on the 320s I realized how little of a difference they both were on my body. I've been really freaking out about nothing. So I told Dr. Case I was going with the 320s! My poor PS has to deal with so much of my indecision!! Haha, I don't know how he handles it.

5 days and I'll have booooobs!!!! :D))

On the Other Side!

So I woke up at 4:30am today to be at the surgery center by 6am, 90 minutes before my surgery. I was greeted by a really nice woman who made me sign some stuff and asked me a few demographic questions, and then I waited to be called back. A nurse named Pam called my name and led me to a room where I sat on a cot (the ones with wheels you see on tv for surgery). She wanted me to change into a robe and pee in a cup, but I hadn't had anything to drink since 10:30 the previous night and was thirsty as hell, so I didn't think I could do it, but i did!! Tip: If you have to pee morning of, only pee like half at home and half at the center. :)

She was soooo nice and tried to make jokes to make me feel better. I couldn't laugh sincerely at any of them, though, because of how nervous I was and felt really bad, because she was such a nice nurse and I really appreciated the effort. Then, she took my pulse, temp, and BP and started my IV. She took this 1- 1 1/2 inch needle and stuck it in the vein in my hand and it was soooo painful. But, when she put fluid through it there was no infiltration, even with my tiny little veins. Pam is the BEST!!!

Then the anesthesiologist came in and introduced himself. He was super young and this was obviously a new job for him, since he kept asking Pam questions about stuff, but he was very nice and I'm a phlebotomy instructor, so I was sympathetic to his newness. He made me sign stuff and he was out of there!

Finally Dr. Case came in and as soon as I saw him I was immediately calm. He was so unintimidating and warm and calm and made jokes left and right. It was so good to see him there. He drew ALL over me. It looked like a crisscross lined box up the middle of my chest and half circles everywhere else, haha. It was fun. I was a little embarrassed though, as I had to be naked during this and I wore lacy underwear. Oops.

Then they wheeled my cot into the operating room, which was a small cute room, that wasn't scary at all. I placed myself on a separate skinnier cot and the anesthesiologist put an oxygen mask on me. Then he put the knock out meds in my IV (which felt like fire!) and I was out.

When I woke up I was in a room divided by curtains. I felt AMAZING, but I could NOT stop crying!! It sucked. I guess the anesthesia does that to women sometimes. I felt so great. No pain or anything! They put me in a wheelchair ad sent me on my merry way :)

I got to my house and my mom was there. She had agreed to come take care of me the first day and was completely surprised by how good I looked. She was really worried. I've only had pain in the sides of my boobs and on the top. I cannot feel pretty much the rest of my breasts. Super numb. I'm hoping that goes away soon. My right boob feels way worse since he had to lower the crease on that side, but it's mainly the right side of my ribs. I've been staying on top of my meds, so it's been a super easy recovery besides that. Dr Case is the best! Also I took a peek and my boobs seem very proportional and not too high. I showed my sisters and they said they looked great! So, fuck yeah!!!

I'll post pics tomorrow if my bf lets me. He has an aversion to me showing my tits on the internet, haha.

Thanks girls, I hope your recoveries are going as well as mine!!!

I'm so drugged up by the way, haha

So, sorry if my previous post was all over the place. I think I'm sensitive to these drugs.
Recovery has been so great so far. Except for last night. It was terrible. Sleeping was easy and comfortable. I put one pillow vertical and a horizontal pillow in front of that and a travel pillow to the right of my head in case I wanted to sleep with my head to the side. But every time I woke up to take my pills my sides hurt soooo badly. I couldn't even move side to side. But after I took a shower and walked around a little bit I felt so much better. I guess that's what morning boob is, haha.

Pictures will be coming soon, I promise.

Thanks for the support girls! And good luck tomorrow, HipsterBarbie!!! Your surgery is gonna be great!


So my bf still won't let me put pictures without clothes on, so this is the best I can do. Rice sizers and after surgery comparison. Hope it helps!

So much time has passed!

It's the third week and I feel amaaaazinggg! I still have to wear my "Nana Bra" as my current students are calling it, but I'm almost to the point where I can wear a real one!

Week one wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, probably because I was so drugged up and just laid around all day, but week two was terrible! Which is probably because I went back to work that week. I teach new hires in the classroom so I pretty much don't move or carry anything but, oh my god, I was dying! My boobs itched and my incisions kept feeling like they were being pulled at the seams and I couldn't scratch or adjust since people were around. It was very draining. My house was very very dirty for a while, haha. So if you haven't had your BA yet and can get more time off work, DO IT! :)

It wasn't until that weekend that I was feeling about 90%. My right boob was giving me troubles. It just wouldn't drop and for a while I thought my implant was weighing down too much on my incision and was going to bottom out, but now it's dropped and healed and looks great! I'm definitely at 100% now. Also, I've been using Bio Oil and Arnica salve and haven't seen any stretch marks yet, so woo!

And I can sleep on my tummy now! They feel like rocks when I do, but they're getting to feel more and more like a part of my body. I can squish them individually, but I can't squish them together, so no possibility for cleavage yet. But I think it'll happen soon :)

I'm sooooo much happier! All of the saving and waiting and research was so worth it! I feel like an actual female now. With actual boobs!!!

I'll post some clothes pictures later (I bought a bunch of new ones!!) but that's been my experience so far, e.g.: awesome!

Oh, on another note: It kind of seems like my boyfriend is super controlling from what I've been saying on these updates, but I promise he's not. He just cares about me and doesn't want my coworkers/family/mutual friends to put two and two together, see me naked, and think of me any differently. I don't think it's that big a deal, but I respect his opinion. If I were in his shoes I'd want him to ask me to weigh in on his half nude pictures, too, haha.

Best wishes to those recovering!! I hope your post op experience is as great as mine has been :)

Picture Time!

34C, baby! For now....

Dr. Case is phenomenal! At my consultation I felt so taken care of and listened to. Dr. Case discussed my options and provided recommendations for what type, style, and size were best for me. After my surgery I felt great with hardly any pain! I was made to feel comfortable in the operating room when I was nervous and freaking out and came out with only a little bruising. Dr. Case is the best there is. I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking about breast augmentation in the Tucson area:)

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