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I decided to finally have it done after losing...

I decided to finally have it done after losing 75lbs and keeping it off now for 6 years, this is a wonderful gift from my spouse. After researchingg doctors,i went with dr. Case which was my sister's doctor, after 15 years after her BA they still look beautiful and she's had no problems so that was my reason I choose him.

2 days until my ba so needed to share before pics

Surgery tomorrow

So I go in to surgery tomorrow morning and just really excited and just a little nervous so I wanted to post my before photos.

Surgery day

So today is surgery day, I arrived at the surgery center and got all hooked up to the IC, for my vitals taken, I'm super excited and just a little nervous, more about the pain for after but it will all be worth it, here are some photos.

2nd post op

Today is my 2nd day post op. I was in to much pain and still very groggy when I got home yesterday, everyone is right about the pressure and tightness of the chest, it was kinda hard to breath, but took my pain meds and muscle relaxers and that has helped, plus having a great boyfriend that took very good care of me, he had to work today but he made sure emerging I needed was at asked length since no lifting arms, my arms and back hurt from having to sleep propped up but so far this morning the pressure as subsided now just have the muscle and boob pain since I had mine under the muscle.

More pics

Post op day 2

No longer taking pain meds just extra strength tyenol and my anti biotic

2nd day post op

3rd day

Forgot to up date yesterday so here are so pics from yesterday 10/22/16
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

So far the staff at dr. Cases's office has been wonderful and have made me feel so comfortable and welcomed. My consult and pre op with dr. Case went very well, he answered ask questions and made sure i understood everything. I went in with a certain size, cc as with what the docs go by, and after trying on different sizes choose to go ahead with what i had in mind, which is 550cc HP saline under the pec muscle,i didn't want to look to bug for my frame but I also didn't want to have any regrets that I should went bigger and I really liked the way this size not only liked on women my height and weight on this sight but how they liked in the bra.

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