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Experiencing "boob greed" and hoping I didn't go...

Experiencing "boob greed" and hoping I didn't go to small. I wanted a look that people didn't automatically know whether or not they are fake, but I think I wish they were a tad bigger. Also, experiencing stomach bloating from pain meds and swelling displacement. I am currently 5 days post op and can't wait for them to drop and become more full. Pain has been minimum and i mainly use meds to help me sleep. I'm usually a tummy sleeper so I've experienced discomfort with sleeping on my back. The first photo is from day one of post op and then there is a photo from each day after.

Progress from day 1 to now

Feeling like maybe I went to small, but am hopeful for when they drop. I'm put on some bloat which I read is natural and also due to being so sedentary. I go back for my first post op appt. on Tuesday and will see what the doc thinks.


These aren't great pre op photos but this is what I was working with before. Small A boobies.

First Week Check Up.

Saw the doctor for my first post op appt. he said everything was looking good. Asked about my right side being higher and said it could be attributed to me being right hand dominate, but really no one truly knows why one or the other drops first or remains more swollen. He said my scars looked normal as that was another issue I was concerned about. My doctor showed me a "massage" technique to progress the dropping of the right breast. In two weeks I can take off this hideous bra and put on a normal one. I'm exited to see what size I measure out to. Im adding some photos of my incision site as well as today's photo.

Right boob still more swollen and higher. Been...

Right boob still more swollen and higher. Been doing my massages as much as possible but I know that time has more to do with this process. Wanting them be drop and be full.

Can't wait until I can get out of this bra and get measured. 2 weeks and counting. Having some concerns about my incisions under the breast. They feel very itchy and lumpy. I
Do tend to scar bad so hopefully they want be awful.

Massaging and sharp pain

I've been doing my massages (not as often, because frankly I got stuff to do) and I can't tell if it's helped of not. I'll post pictures later. However, I've been experiencing the sharp pains in my higher and more swollen breast. It's kinda intense, but I'm assuming it's due to the massages working the implant down. Roughly a week and 3 days until I can lose my granny bra for one without an underwire. I'm pretty excited about that.

Day 13

They are a bit smaller than I wanted but they will definitely look natural I think. Also, I had some previous weight to lose...about 6/7lbs which will also help with looking a little bigger. Hoping for some good fluffing.

Two weeks

Looking better every day. Just busy yesterday and got the first look at the these puppies when I was hopping out of the shower.

3 weeks. 32A to 32DD

I was sized yesterday for an non underwire bra at Victoria's Secret and measured to a 32DD. She she that I may even be 32DDD. We will see. I didn't expect to be that large but I don't feel huge.

8 month update

I'm assuming final results. I love them. Wish they were a pinch bigger but overall they look very natural and most people would never guess they are fake which was ultimately the look I was going for. Love them and worth every penny.
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