23 Yr Old 535cc UHP 5'9 145 lbs Tucson, AZ

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So, I'm a 22 yr old mommy of 2 beautiful boys! I...

So, I'm a 22 yr old mommy of 2 beautiful boys! I breast fed both for nearly 2 years and unfortunately my boobs look like it LOL! I have been wanting bigger boobs since I can remember but no one in my family has big breast so I just figured it would never happen unless I take matters into my own hands! Breast feeding took whatever life my little boobies did have and now they are deflated and droopy. Ive become so self conscious about it that I even sleep in my bra. I'm ready to finally do something for myself, and I feel like this procedure will be life changing. I've been trolling this site for the longest reading other people's stories and I'm finally ready to begin my own journey! I found doctor Maloney from his reviews on here and I called to schedule my consultation on Wednesday. The lady who set my appt was very nice and Professional. I'm excited to speak with the doctor and explore my options!

New date set! Nov 8th

So it's been a year since my consultation! I have literally had to reschedule twice now, first was due to an unexpected move and second was a promotion and I had required training during the time I had rescheduled for. I'm really thankful to Margarita I've never met her in person but over the phone she always was so helpful especially with all the rescheduling! So now finally it's my time. I'm not letting anything come in between me and my new boobies! Lol. I have been reading so many reviews trying to find other women that are about my size to see what cc they went with. I'm 5'9 145 lbs so I know I probably have room to go big because I'm so tall. My doctor said the best size to achieve the "look" I want is 475 cc, however I didn't really show him any wish pics so I'm not sure if he really knows what I want. My pre op appt is October 17th so I'm going to bring pics to show so that I know we're on the same page! I'm so nervous and excited all at the same time! One thing that I'm scared about is the snoopy boob, I fear that may happen to me because when I breast fed and my boobs were engorged and swollen my boobs looked almost identical to the botched snoopy breast that I see! I really don't want that to happen, but I can't seem to find what really causes it! I'm going to post before pictures so you guys can see what I'm starting with which is basically nothing lol! I want to lose 10lbs before my surgery so I've been working out more and trying to eat better over all, which is pretty hard for me because I'm a junk food junkie!

Wish pics

So this is the look I want to go for, I'm going to show Dr.Maloney these pics at my next appt. What ever he has to do to get me to look like this I'm down for it lol!

Post opp appt today

So I had my post opp appt today I was really excited to go, but I was nervous because I had changed my mind on the size I wanted. I have been seeing all the reviews of women that are my similar height and weight and I thought I was dead set on the size I wanted. Well, when I asked my doc about the 600 cc I wanted he said I won't be able to because my breast width diameter is 11 cm so the biggest I can go is 535 cc. So the new size is 535 cc and I'm just gonna roll with it because he's the expert here lol! I really enjoyed his surgery asst Susan omg she really made me feel at ease and gave me more of an explanation on why I can't get the size I want lol. I kinda feel weird about my appt today, my doc seemed rushed so I didn't really ask as many questions as I wanted to, but I am glad that Susan was there to just go over everything and reassure me I would be ok. She also explained that I won't have to do any massages, wear a band, or a wrap. I can even put my arms over my head lol, so I'm pretty excited I just want to get this over with, I feel like I've been eating and sleeping boobs. I troll this website everyday lol. 3 more weeks, the count down begins!

2 days until my BA!

It's officially 2 days until my BA! I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time. I got my scripts filled and today I am going to pick up a few things to make the healing process a little easier. Stool softener, travel pillow, ice packs, bendy straws, and baby wipes. If any other ladies have any more pre opp tips to help the recovery process I would be very grateful! I went out last night to a paint and sip with a few of my co-workers it was really nice, I'm glad I got to get out of the house and just do something fun because I know I will be confined to my bed once I do my opp. It's surreal to think I have wanted bigger boobs for as long as I can remember and I'm finally taking the plunge. I'm not expecting perfect results I just want to be happy and proud of them! I believe I made the right decision in my surgeon and I'm going to follow each instruction down to the t, because I'm not trying to have to do this all over again. I have a busy day today, I basically have to get everything done now because I work tomorrow the day before my surgery. So today I'm grocery shopping, doing laundry, and I'm gonna try to meal prep that way I won't have to worry about cooking either.

I have boobs!

So it's finally done! I just got home and am currently laying in bed relaxing. Everything went well, and I feel pretty good. I'm glad I went with doctor Maloney my boobs look great already and the size is big enough but not so big that it is disproportionate. The whole procedure was so fast I went in to surgery at 7:30 and was out by 8:30 and was walking out the door by 9:20 lol. I'm sore but my pain level is like a 3 on a scale of 1-10. I don't feel hungry at all but I'm gonna try to get something in my stomach. I'm gonna try to take some pictures later tonight when I get some more energy.

Day of surgery

Day of surgery

Post opp day 1

Ok so I set my alarm for every 3 hours to take my pain mess otherwise I'm in terrible pain and sitting or standing makes me instantly nauseous. Is this normal? I've thrown up twice already and I only have eaten 2 pieces of plain toast which I know isn't enough but I'm scared I will throw up even more if I eat anything else.

Stopped the oxy

So I had to stop taking the oxycodone because my body is just too sensitive for it. I called my doc office today to see if it's ok to just take ibuprofen and they said it's ok to take 800mg 3x a day. Hopefully that's good enough to subside the pain and I don't have any more nausea. It's still hard for me to get up and walk around or even use the bathroom I get instantly nauseous. I just can't wait for this part to be over. On the flip side my boobs look great, I'm gonna try to take some more pics today.

Post opp day 2

So today is my first post opp appt exactly two days since my surgery. I feel so much better today now that I stopped taking the oxycodone it was totally making me horribly nauseous. Throwing up and new boobs just don't mix well at all, it's the most painful thing. I've been taking ibuprofen 800mg and it's working just fine for me. I also took my prescribed Valium and that's helping relax my muscles so I feel pretty good. I showered again this morning and washed my hair. I'm gonna try to blow dry and flat iron if it doesn't strain me too much. My boobs are still really swollen but so far so good. Apart of me is scared I may have gone too big I'm just hoping they will look smaller once the swelling goes down. My husband has been helping me a lot through this whole process but I can tell I've been kinda getting on his nerves lol. Anyway I took some pics today so here goes nothing bring on day 2 lol.

Went shopping today

Ran some errands and bought some stretchy comfy bras. I feel really good so far, I missed my post opp appt because of confusion of the time but I'm going tomorrow at 10am. Hopefully everything is healing well, because I feel awesome!

Post opp appt today

So I had my first post opp appt today with my doctors medical asst. Everything looks good and is going as it should. I still have the steri strips on and she said they will dissolve on their own. My next appt is 5 weeks from now. I had a pretty busy day today, I went shopping for myself lol and grocery shopping and came home and did laundry and cleaned up. I'm not really feeling any pain just a little sore and I get tired easily but it's really not that bad. They said I can start bra shopping lol so that's exciting. I got sized the other day at 36DD. I'm sure it's gonna change a little as they drop and fluff. Anyways I love my boobs they are looking better and better each day. I'm so excited for them to get even better. The hardest part honestly with my recovery was the pain mess they gave me, because of the nausea. Other than that I can't even ask for a better recovery it's unbelievable. It almost makes me want to go get something else done lol.

More pictures!

Showing the difference from day 1-3

Day 5

One week post opp!

So today marks exactly one week! I went back to work yesterday and all of my co-workers said I looked great which really made me feel good about the size I went with because I was a little worried I went too big. I just notice so much more confidence in myself and my attitude towards everything is just way more positive because I feel good lol! This has definitely been a life changing experience for me. I'm so grateful for how everything is going so far. I just hope the rest of my healing pans out like it has been. My boobs are still very firm and stiff and I still wake up pretty sore and stiff lol. But as soon as I take some ibuprofen I'm fine pretty much for the rest of the day. I still take my prescribed Valium at night time with ibuprofen to help me sleep. I think the medicine is making me have crazy dreams because every single night since I have been taking it I have been having off the wall dreams lol. Anywho I'm about to get ready for work and start my day! tootles!

2 weeks

So it's been a little over two weeks since my BA. So far everything is going good, I'm completely off any pain meds. I'm still very constipated ughhh. My boobs are starting to soften but they're still far from where I want them to be. My right boob nipple is pointing lower then my left? Not sure if this is normal, I honestly can't really tell which one is softer they both feel pretty much the same. I just am I hoping I don't become asymmetrical lol. Pretty sure one is just dropping faster hopefully. My incisions look gross and I can't wait for them to flatten out but I know it's just the beginning and I just have to give it time. Overall I love my boobs I'm so much more confident and I feel like everyone notices the confidence around me. My co-workers all say that I don't even look like I had anything done because it looks so natural, which is a good thing because that's the look I was going for. I'm also glad I went with my gut instinct and decided to go bigger than what my doctor recommended which was 465 because it would've been too small in my opinion. I love my size and I probably could've went a little bigger lol but I'm content with my size.
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