30 Y/O, No Kids, Abdominal/Flanks Lipo & Fat Graft to buttocks - Tucson, AZ

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I truely believe in helping others through our...

I truely believe in helping others through our life experiences. With that being said I'll share my BBL on here. I had abdominal lipo at age 18 or so. I wasn't in the best shape, didn't exercise or maintain good eating habits and didn't know the fat would come back if you didn't stay in shape! Fast forward 5 years ago, I've been wanting to get it done again and finally decided to take the plunge. I found a surgeon, had a consultation $50 (its applied to total cost, if you elect to go through with it. I wanted my love handles gone and more fat removed from the abdomen. Then I've always been a fan of big butts so I decide why waste the fat? Most people have lipo from several different areas being injected for a buttocks transfer but I didn't want that. I actually like the size of my butt, there was just one minimal flat spot from an office job and sitting so much. Also the first place i lose weight for me is my behind. Any who, I'm an athletic build, 5'4", high muscle tone with quick results from working out. I just wanted a bit of sculpting. After recovery I'll be able to tone up a bit more. My very first lipo was the most painful experience ever. I felt like I got run over by a bus and they backed up twice. I couldn't sit up by myself, roll over our barely breathe! I mentally prepared myself for that this go around causing myself anxiety and almost backing out. This time i awoke from recovery with bad pain which the nurse quickly gave something thru the IV and it started to ease. I got dressed, she helped me sit up straight! I was so surprised! These 2 surgeries were like night and day. I went for my post op yesterday and everything looks great so far. VERY little bruising, I can use my stomach muscles and am needing less pain meds! He says he only injected acute 200cc in each side.
So now for some tips: The more padding in your undergarment wrap from the doc, the more stable you feel, sit backwards on the toilet to pee and keep a mop nearby, rest the first day but after that get your blood flowing by getting up, the go girl pee thing works sometimes, other times I peed on my legs and the floor, start yogurt, veggies, and fiber the week before. Take stool softener. I'm still waiting to poop but I can feel my stomach starting to get uneasy. Too much heat or activity on dates 1 thru 3 may cause nausea. Eat small meals even if you don't want to. Fruit natural popsicles and vitamin C drops help with dry mouth and throat. It's most comfortable to lay flat on your stomach, practice before surgery. Your sleep will suck! No need to buy expensive pillows. Throw blankets blankets rolled up behind your back in the car is great. I lie down in back seat. You WILL be swollen and gain water weight! Avoid sodium. Drink plenty water. Buy your own Spanx type garment for after post op appointment. Comfortable resting positions for me are on stomach, on stomach with spine slightly turned left or right. I will post before and after pics.

5 Days Post Op

Day 2 I felt my best. Days 4 and 5 starting declining due to low energy, and full of poop! Omg I've never been so clogged in my life. It really takes a tole on you. My guy had to purchase a squeeze bottle of laxative. He is so helpful and it worked right away! It's called Fleet. I recommend the liquid kind. Beware it will hurt coming out. We did it yesterday then the constipation returned today so we did it again. I feel better now. I was drinking water, eating fiber and a good diet! It's those damn pain pills. So now I can get some rest. I plan to go back to work Monday and I’m hoping my energy levels come back up.

5 Days Post before and after

Bottom 2 pics are before

17 Days Post

I'm still sore in the abdomen and flanks. Flanks started to feel a little hard. I stated to rub them with lotion. More bruising showed up around day 10. Not sure how many cc's were injected. Top and bottom look nice, middle looks lacking. Bending at the waist is tough from tightness and soreness. A painful knot can be felt in one area of abdomen. So far minimal pain meds needed. More of a mental toll being taken on me now. Waiting to see results. Started back at the gym doing light activity this week.

Go in with a bunch of questions and you'll get the best results of your consultation time. Remember it depends how much fat they can gather as to what results will be.

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