28 Yr. old Mother of 2... SLEEVED on 5-7-2014 My weight loss Journey- Tucson, AZ

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I'm new to this site and have fallen in love with...

I'm new to this site and have fallen in love with it! I've become addicted, I'm on here almost everyday doing my research and preparing myself for my mommy makeover in the future. I have a looong ways to go. At the moment I'm in the process for the spider sleeve. I have Type II Diabetes. Wasn't Diabetic till I became pregnant & after my pregnancies it came back. I was HUGE both pregnancies!!! After I had my kids I gained a total of 103lbs. My heaviest has been pregnant with my son at 268lbs. My daughter is my oldest she's 3 yrs. old and my son is 1yrs. old she weighed 10lbs. and my son 9.5lbs very big. Both born via C-section. I had a tubal done after my son because of my diabetes so I won't be having anymore kids. They were extremely difficult pregnancies high risk and painful. I'm ready to start working on me again and getting my health back like it used to be before have kids. My husband supports me 100% it means a lot, I have a very loving mother and an amazing best friend they are super supportive. I'm EXCITED and very anxious and impatient to get this all going.....I want to say thanks for everyone who post pics and shares there stories it mean a lot and keeps me motivated and its comforting knowing I'm not alone in all of this...I plan to post pics and keep everyone updated on my progress throughout this journey and transformation.

In the process of getting the spider sleeve!!!!

I'm currently in the process of getting the spider sleeve in a few months. I'm 5'7'' currently weight 230lbs. and my goal weight is 140 I miss doing karate, kick boxing and playing softball. I love weight lifting too! I can't' wait to get back to doing the sports i love and grew up doing....my body change sooo much, both kids were c-section, ive had a tubal so no more kids for us! I'm SOOOO EXCITED and motivated i just get super impatient but reading and seeing everyone's results keep me going. I'm enjoying everyone's stories and tips they have been soo helpful! Thanks for that :) I will keep a journal through here and post pics and I progress :) Happy Healing to all!!!!

Ready for my Nutritionist appt. Tomorrow Feb. 20th!!!

I'm very excited and wonder what I will be learning. I know we will be talking about eating habits, how much I currently eat & what I eat. My husband will be taking me it's a 2 hr. drive from where we live, My mom will be watching my kids we have a 3yr. old daughter and 1 yr. old son. They are quiet the handful! My doc hasn't scheduled surgery yet. I need to complete my insurance requirements which include, 3 months of dieting with my pcp, a visit with a RD (registered dietitian) an EGD which is scheduled March 4th..

I'm feeling very depressed, can't seem to get anything done around the house whatsoever, Cant wait to get this show on the road!

I'd like to hear what any of you have gone through playing the waiting game like I am....Thanks again for taking time to read my story and follow me I really need all the support I can get! Or if you have been through anyone of these weight loss surgeries I'd love to hear from u and your story :) HAPPY HEALING EVERYONE!

Nutritionist went perfect! & having my EDG done next week on Tues. March 4th!

The nutritionist was awesome! we talked everything that has to do with food & vitamins b4 and after surgery & about all my eating habits, & mainly how Im supposed to eat after surgery. Protein first!!! She gave me tons of info...I must take a multi- vitamin and calcium for life. When we got home I looked online with my hubby who is being super supportive & is just as excited as I am for this lifestyle change that is coming up! :) I felt so special with My nutritionist Stephanie Jones out of Tucson Az . All visits are covered by my insurance I have BCBS of AZ , She weighed me on a very neat scale that printed out all my numbers and broke down in % of muscle, fat , water etc. and explained my numbers thoroughly, I was not embarrassed when she measured my belly I didnt care becuz its not where i am it where I'm goin :).... I was happy to see my muscle mass is way above average! woohoo! Reason being a lot of weight loss surgery patients lose weight so fast you they lose muscle too and muscles defines ur body shape soo with that said, I wont have that much lose skin around my arms and legs..except in my stomach and breast bcuz of my pregnancies but only time will tell till after surgery. I will post pics once I have my surgery to be able to compare before & after pictures.... :) :) so far so good! Happy Healing everyone! Thanks to all who are being sooo supportive sorry my stuff is super boring right now! lol just a waiting game for right now

I have my EDG appt. next week! yay! one more procedure to get out of the way b4 my initial surgery for the gastric sleeve!

its 630am! Gettin up and ready for my EDG! eeeekk one step closer to surgery!

Today is my EDG! They do put me to sleep ughhh i do hate that, im sensitive to all that crap im a little nervous prob. very normal....my daughter slept at my parents so only have to get my 1yr old son ready to drop off at my parents. Im so grateful for them watching my babies.. well time to get ready and head out at 8 taking my BFF, my hubby has to wrk! :/ ok tootles my RS friends thank u for those of u keep in touch with me! means tons!!!!

All done....I've had the worst headache after my procedure all day!! :(

Well everything went smooth and as planned, I was soooo nervous I felt stupid! The procedure took about an hour, it was fast and i didnt feel a thing ...Got my IV in and i was out ....next thing i know im waking up in the recovery room feeling like a baaad hangover! lol My Bff took me today my hubby had to wrk. When I got home with the kids, i got the WORST headache everrrrrr! i never get them! my day has sucked because of it!
Sooo I have gastritis which is swelling of the stomach & I have a hiatal hernia! who woulda thunk it! im gonna google what they mean tonight..... I currently have no symptoms of either....I have a follow up appt. next week to findout what all this means and if its gona delay my process ...hopefully it doesnt! im soooo ready to start my weight loss program!!!!!!!!!! eeeekkkk!!!
im boring I know.. happy healing all u beauties out there! xoxox tootlesss!!!!

PSYC. EVALUATION on Wed. March 12th !!!

Boring I know, I have my psychology evaluation set ....its in a couple of days looking forward to just getting everything done! It's annoying waiting sooo long to have a healthy life changing surgery. I lost 2lbs. sine my last doc appt. a month ago so thats a plus but i still weight 230lbs...FAT.....its depressing being overweight but i know my situation is going to get better real soon! :) HAPPY HEALING LADIES!!!!!

Morning my Friends!!!! Had my psyc evaluation done yesterday!

It went very well and i enjoyed it! I was asked couple questions then did a 150 assessment test about myself then a 91 question assessment test :) They were pretty easy and it was fun! :) so far everything is looking good. I have my follow up with my surgeon this morning at 11 am hopefully i get a surgery date today :))))))))))))) well see, i hope my gastritis and hetial hernia doesnt interfere with my process :/ guess ill findout today....ive been doing good with my eating habit making healthy choices and protein protein protein!! :) My nutritionist noticed my confidence and that felt really good! :) I'm still weighing 230lbs....

The only appt i have left to do is my #3 with my pcp weight management visit.....:) :) :) yay!!!!
well i will post my update later today see what Dr. Chaisson says!! wish me luck!

Oooh and im looking forward to tomorrow were celebrating our 2 yr. anniversary at a casino and im gettin a spa treatment yaayyyy for meee!!!! message, facial & a pedi.....never had them done in a spa! l0VE MY HUBBY!
Happy Healing to everyone! xoxo

Just adding a few pics

I'd like to share who I am and be real like a lot of the women on here do I think putting pics helps other visualize and show that were real ppl and have lots of the same struggles, were moms and wives and ppl after pretty much the same goal at the end....:) i hope to inspire ppl to not be afraid of this surgery and know that its a positive thing and takes a lot of work and is not an easy way out, its just a tool and the rest is up to you :) ok enough of me chit chatting lol later dollssss toooooootless!!!!!!! xoxoxo

Me Ready to hit the gym! I'm trying so hard

grosss! meee..in all my glory! lol im ashamed of these pics but we need some to compare to for after! woohoooo!!!! I'm a big momma!

No surgery date yet!

My follow up with Dr. Patrick Chaisson went well, so far everything looks good except he will not be able to do the spider sleeve it will be the the regular gastric sleeve with all the little holes because he needs to repair my hiatal hernia! at this point it doesn't matter as long as i have my surgery done! :) & he wont set a surgery date till my insurance approves me! makes sense.....so still playing the waiting game, meanwhiles i'm feeling pretty good and confident and excited to take this change head on! :) :) :) I'm starting to feel myself again and super motivated thanks to all the support everyone gives on here and reading everyones stories love love!!!!! Thanks for those of u following and keep a close eye on me! means alot ladies!!! xoxoxo to you allll! happy healing my dears gotta watch my littles! :)

just a few of my thoughts....

Just finished reading a few up dates of some mommy makeovers that I follow....Gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for the day I go shopping for some cute jean shorts and try them on with no effort & FIT! lol I love my legs and I love my body and its potential! I plan to work on them and build back all the muscle I once had......(sigh)

I'm sooo happy for all the women who decide to get their wish granted and go all the way to accomplish the look they want, It's so inspiring and motivating to me, knowing im not alone in this...so grateful for this website it provides so much positive feedback from everyone Thanks ladies for keeping real Happy Healing to you all :) :) :) keep the support coming too ;) My last and final pcp visit is April 4th! it will be the 3rd one and let me tell you it cant come soon enough!!!!!! After that then all my paper wrk get submitted to my insurance, keeping my fingers crossed it all get accepted! :))))))))))))) ok toooootles ma ladys! love ya!

April 8th! 2014

Jessica from Dr. Chaisson's office FINALLY CALLED today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is submitting all my paper work to my insurance TODAY!!!!! I'm sooooo Excited and can't stop thinking about my surgery and how looooong my insurance will take to approve meee!!!!! I have BCBS of Arizona, does any1 else have them or an idea how long it will be before I hear from them??!!! Please comment or message me! :) :) :) would really appreciate it!

I've had very stressful couple of days...my mom had surgery yesterday for peritineal dialysis. It was done in Tucson Az, I had my kids with me OMG was it efin TIRING!!!! I was driving to the mall and the hospital taking the double stroller in and out of the vehicle ....I feel like a truck ran me over, my back is killing meeeee! My huge pansa (belly-fat) really did a number on my back and feet....it suck being so fat I hate it, it gets in the way....if i were thinner and not diabetic I know I would have so much more energy and my kids wouldn't tire me out and my blood sugar wouldn't be such a pain in the ass and drop cuz im so busy and dont have time to eat every couple hours.... I hate being diabetic it sucks and seeing my mom go through all these surgeries and losing her eye sight and taking insulin ...I dont want that for me and my family and dont want to be a burden to my husband of my kids as I get older...This surgery means the world to me I'm so ready to do what it takes to be healthy. Thanks goodness for these AMAZING Doctors that do this and discovered this procedure! :) I will be posting pics of my fat self later, I'm doing laundry so gotta run....Thanks for listening to my vent :) and my story and being a part of my journey, I will repost as soon as I hear back from my docs or insurance because next will be my surgery date! and my 2 week liquid diet!!!! :)))))))))))))) i will keep posting ladies thanks tooootles loves! xoxxoxoxoxo love all my RS friends! ;)

April 10, 2014

omg I totally just called my insurance BCBS and I'm APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm having the toughest time getting in touch with Jessica my Doc. assistant who schedules all surgeries!! She told me to call her asap when I got any info!!!! and I have been calling her non-stop! I need to come up to Tucson to see some lady who educates me on my 2 week diet b4 surgery! omg I'm getting really annoyed with Jessica, she NEVER answers her phone always goes straight to voicemail! Well soon as I get to talking to her and schedule my date I will update on here again :))))))))))))))) Tootle RS ladies, and all my friends on here! omg im sooo happy! :) oh yea and I'm impressed with my insurance too, paperwork was submitted on Tuesday the 8th! super duper fast!

April 10th 2014 Pre Op Appoinment/Orientation Scheduled!

Soooo Turns out my surgeons assistant Jessica has a partner name Dallas! lol and She is the one handling all BCBS patients! She called me earlier today to tell me I was approved which I already knew bcuz I called them 1st! :)))))) Sooo Im Scheduled for pre op on April 29th at 1pm where I & my hubby will be shown around the hospital filling out paper work and paying my surgery Co-pay of $200-250 not sure the exact amount, oh and my EDG I already had done was another $200 copay for Dr. Chaisson....apart from the $100 Facility charge...and April 30th they will be scheduling me for blood work and an EKG...and I will be given more info. on what to eat , how to eat and I will be starting my 2 week liquid diet May 1st, 2014 ....im a bit nervous about that and surgery ...& HAPPY & EXCITED a little bit of every single emotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very grateful to all of you have been supporting me through all of this...lots of ppl dont understand what an amazing decision this surgery is and what it will be doing....They think its a mind frame, just stop eating dont eat that much so on and so forth, I say is basically fear of the unknown.....I refuse to argue with these ppl...do your research before making assumptions anyone else go through this??

Also how long do you gals recommend my hubby take off of work 1 week 2 weeks? I have a 1yr. old and he weighs 26lbs. my 3 yr. old daughter is easier to take care of she walks and doesnt ask to be picked up like my little baby...awww lol :)))))
My hubby wrks graves so we were thinking 1 week off?? he can watch mijo during the day and play mommy & daddy till my stomach heals.....Once I get all the details of surgery I will def.do another review. & I will be putting fat ass picks of meee!!!!! are you girls ready!!??? lol uhgggg I've been dreading this day!!!!!!! so baaadddddd GROSS & just plain embarrassing! but I gotta keep it real for gals :)))))

oops forgot to write my actually surgery date!!!! lol

MAY 14TH, 2014 on my dads 58th Birthday! :) awww cute! hehe I was too excited about this post! to remember my surgery date!

HAPPY EASTER!!! April 2014

Nothing has changed, just playing the waiting game...I wanted to upload some pics from Easter! I had a great time lots of fun, with very good company :)

Surgery Date Changed!!! Getting Sleeved 05/07/2014!!! :)))))))

Went in for my post op paper work and payed the copay $200 per surgeon & or assistant so it was $400 on Tues. April 29 & had my EKG & blood work done the 30th at Northwest Hospital, I love it there!!! Had my son there :) ;)

So my surgeon Dr. Patrick M. Chiasson MD, FACS was able to change my surgery date because my BMI is 37 and is so close to 35 ....my insurance won't cover it if on the day of surgery if it goes down to 35!!! How sad that it is that way, so I dont have to do the liquid diet! lol He told me eat as I normally would and enjoy trying different protein shakes for after surgery! :) I'm SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo motivated I'v been cleaning the house and doing laundry like crazy :) it's unbelievable what good news can do to you! lol :)))))))))))) I'm so ready for this new change and BEGINNING!!!!!! I know that I'm gonna start being myself and be HAPPY WITH ME!!!!! I plan to start weight lifting and wrking out like crazy just like I used to , I love to do all that, and finally be able to see results!!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! eeekkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol My husband is super excited too and my family! Everyone is super supportive and excited too! It was cute my dad watched a youtube video of surgery to see what i'll be getting done :)

So my new surgery date it Wed. May 7th, 2014! at 2:30pm! :) I won't be able to pick up my son for about 4 weeks! :((((((((((((( that's the down fall, I wonder how I'm gonna feel!??? crazyyy! Well I'm gonna add some b4 pics of me and where I hope to be! (older pics)

Soooo funny I have a couple of old good jeans that have been in my closet for the past 4 yearssss waiting to be worn by meee!!!! sizes 11, 12 & 13!!!! They are a dream to wear!!!! lol I'm currently a tight 16 in jeans or capris and I weigh 233lbs ....I've been in an 18 before so know what that feels like :/ hate it....

pics of my different sizes throughout my life

I've always struggled to maintain a certain weight I was always up and down on the scale :(


I'm doing this only because I want to remind myself of what I NEVER want to look like again!!!!!! The pics are self explanatory .... No need to put myself down anymore because it's not where I am it's where I'm going! :))))))) I hope my lady friends can relate in some way either being over weight or having saggy breast... I'm so looking forward to my weight loss transformation then my mommy makeover!!!!!!!! Thank u all for ur support and postings ur pics I promised I would do the same sooo here I am!


Only to help others and myself

1 day away from surgery!! Finally getting Sleeved!!!!!! 05-07-2014

What a day I've had!!! omg I swear I have felt every single emotion today, I have been a crazy mess, anxious, angry, annoyed, scared, sad, worried, everything bad! I'm sooo scared of dying and leaving my babies motherless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(((((((((((((( I know this is not going to happen to me but my so "supportive" husband was being a complete ass!!! so that didn't help, I suppose he is nervous too and didn't know how to know cope with it....
I'm just worried about him taking care of the kids and me not being able to control my house hold, I do things for my kids a certain way....
Anyways Tomorrow is the big day! wow I can't believe the day is finally here my weight loss journey has begun, its going to be nice to finally see the scale go down rather than up!!!!!!!! I have not seen this in about 4 years!!!!!!!!

I will def. keep all you lovely ladies updated as soon as I can , Thank you for all your support omg I swear this website has been my main support and most reliable than anything or anyone else! Again thanks ladies for staying in touch with me love you all!!!!!! xoxoxoxo Wish me luck! ;) toootlesss to the sleeved side I go!!!!! :)))))))))))))) Have a good night dollssss!!!!!

3:00am!!!! almost a day out of surgery:)))))

Hello my lovely ladies... Surgery went well... When I woke up I was crying and had lots of pain it was badd scary! I have zero tolerance for pain!! Lol in really high and on a cloud as I wrote this... I haven't seen Dr. Chiasson yet ...
Today at 8am I'm supposed to attend a class about info. For my diet or food ill be eating and different stages etc.. Here are some pics!! And day of sx I was 233.7 lbs. I haven't weighed myself user or walked around either... So far all the staff have been amazing they r my little angles!!

1st after being Sleeved!!!!

After surgery I was an absolute mess!!!!! Crying like a baby and grateful for the husband I have!! He has been awesome with or son... In sooo proud of him!!!
Last night I was out at 6 pm my surgery was 2 hours long!!! My hernia was related too... Last night tried walking and forget it!!! I was sooo dizzy and ready to fall over!! So went back to bed I couldn't sleep bcuz the nurses check on me every hr. They have been awesome!!!!

Earlier this morning I walked!!!!!! I did it!!!! Omg the breakfast was funny broth and jello and some Lil packet called liqua cell....I have not finished my breakfast and lunch is here!!?? Lol omg it's crazy... Yes I'm in pain as long as I don't move much in OK.... In sooooo EXHAUSTED!!!!! TOOK SOME PICS of the food and me! Oh and I'm staying one more night thank Goodness!! My kids are wild little ones who I can't take care of yet.... My pain is about 6-7ish I'm allergic to morphine! I get hives and dizzy and sooooo itchy!!

soo many typos!!!

Sorry about the typos I'm doing this on my phone and I'm on pain meds I see I posted the same thing twice!!! Didn't even know I posted at 3am!! Lol I'm funny! :) ;) week my beautiful RS friends I just want to say THANK UUUU SO MUCH for all ur support u all have been an inspiration and comforting when I be needed uuu galss!!!! Happy healing to meeee and to all of uou wonderful ladies!!! Besos!!!!!!!! Xoxoxo

here are pics of my incisions!

Not too bad at all!! I wonder how much I weigh lol!!!!!!! I'm feeling pretty good omg it's gonna be amazing to see the pounds come off!!!!!!!

day after surgery ! 5-8-2014

Sooooo today I'm feeling a lot better!!! Except my I.v. infiltrated and has to get another one done!! It was painful... The fluid was building under my wrist!! I seen and felt it on time... It could'be gotten worst

And im really bloated full of gas and air that's the most painful part.. Oh and I'm head hungry!! That part sucks lol I can't eat but I want to eat is that makes sense!??? I haven't had a bile movement yet and my incisions and itching like crazyyy!!!! I suppose that's good there healing :)))

Day 5 out of Surgery....I feel like shit :(((((( this is no walk in the park shit

This has not been an easy surgery what so ever....I'm seriously an emotional wreck, I'm EXHAUSTED! I'm still hungry and wish I could eat, I'm extremely irritated annoyed, my husband can't do anything right ( cuz of how I feel) I had my 1st bowel movement on the 3rd day out and have had diarrhea ever since, I shit myself yesterday twice thinking it was gas, I feel like an old lady, wtf and to top it alllll off I got my F***INg PERIOD!!!!!! I woke up in pain today on the 5th day, bloated! I'm miserable!!!! I cannot wait till my 2 week follow with my surgeon and I can start trying food, even if it is greek yogurt and cottage cheese whatever seriously anything is better than just liquid!

highest weight 268 lbs.
Yesterday I weighed 225.5 lbs.
Day of surgery 233 lbs.
and this morning 228.5 lbs.

I have my follow up appt. with my surgeon May 22nd

Yesterday I was craving salt sooo bad, made myself a lemonade with 2 lemons 12 oz. of water salt and agave...it went down great and was extremely satisfying....had lots of salt yesterday prob. didn't help my weight but to be honest I could care less what the scale says right now, Im just sick of feeling soooo WEAK!!!!

It did not feel like mothers day at allll yesterday....im just soooo out of it, I feel bad for my husband and kids having to put up with my grumpy useless ass....

I cussed my husband out this morning for not getting home on time to take of the kids, took my pain meds and layed down to cry....then I realized realself is there to vent so here I am going on my vent rampage sorry for all the negativity ladies just keeping it real! This is as real as it gets, If you want to follow me check out my you tube videos curves latina
Thanks for listening appreciate everyone who takes the time to read all my shit....

Happy Mother's Day to everyone and love you guys! xoxoxo

I feel sooooo much better this morning!!!!! WOW!!!

I can't believe I feel so my more alive this morning!!!!! What a difference and u did my make up!! And got dressed in comfy clothes instead of staying in PJs! :)))) my husband came home and was like awwww ooooh look at uuu!!!! Lol :)))).... So that was good... But he still trying to make golfing plans for this weekend! I was like um... Negative! Who's gonna watch our son!? Im not released to pick him up! Ughhh that is sooooo frustrating he can be extremely selfish! Hate that about him. Because I know if the tables were turned I'd be taking care of everything and not even think of getting away! ....
Thank uuu my lovely ladies who have been soo supportive with ur words! Much needed and for sharing ur experiences too... Nice to know I'm not alone I love real self for that!!

feeling better everyday.... day8 after sx 223.0 lbs

My husband and I took the kids to the park for the 1st time since surgery and I've been off pain meds going on 3 days now. I just feel really sore and when I take a deep breath a little sore too...I walked around the park where e live and thought that was awesome..... Still drinking lots of fluids clear everything....

ugh it's so hard....day 10 out of sx I still want to eat food

Its hard to write this but I tried corn on the cob chewed it up and spit it out and i ate a couple of pieces chicken Breast with BBQ sauce..I his doing this from my husband. I'm still not supposed to be eating anything just clear liquids... It went down hard too felt like it got stuck and it came up and I the it up I felt better after but it's like a sickening disease this relationship I have with food it's ridiculous when and how did I become this way!!???.... Never noticed till after I had my surgery. I'm a complete food addict...its sickening. :(
Today my mom made menudo I've have been craving it too with tons of lime and chiltepin but can't have it :( It's a tripe and hominy soup amazing! Mexican...
Omg and last night we rented a movie and I always have hot cheetohsOr chips!!! I loved chips!!! Lol it'd so hard... Don't get me wrong I'm glad I did this just going through a rough patch I hope... Can anyone relate!? Comments advice and all needed plz share.. Thank u for reading this... Xoxoxo love all my realself friends

down a few pounds

My current weight is 220.0 great but not there yet.... Feeling eh...

Feeling optimistic! :) Day 11

Wow what a difference a day makes!!! Today is the 3rd day I go walking... I walk from my house to a park near by and go once around. That's all I can do right now, pushing my 3 yr old, she weighs about 35 lbs. It's up hill than down hill. Today I remembered when my sister and I used to run all the way up to d hill... Everyone in our town knows it... There a few different trails we used to do. I can't wait to be doing them again!!!
This transformation is going to be amazing... I can't wait till my sister sees me when I hit at least 190 lbs. I know she's gonna get emotional and feel like she's getting her old vibrant happy wild sister back! I want to be me again. My mom is gonna cry too she is my #1 supporter k like my sister they back me up like no other!!!!

No it's not the easy way out, if u think that you need to educate yourself and ask that's involved in this journey.
Im period to say that I no longer have the luxury of binge eating or stuffing my face whenever I want just because I could. Before the surgery I would've already given up and slipped into binging on the 2nd or 3rd or 4th day.. since I've been deprived of food I seriously wouldn't of made it. It is mind over matter for sure. Making healthy choices everyday. Living life again to the fullest!!! I cannot wait for the new me!!!!! Thank u lord for these amazing doctors and surgeons who care about ppl like us, it's a sick nay disease and can happen to anyone.... That is all! Love u ladies xoxo

Current weight this morning 219.0 lbs!!!! I'm in the teens!!!!!!!

today marks 14 Days being Sleeved!!!!!!

ones!!! I'm officially 2 weeks out... I feel great ! amazing! super energetic! And I'm so happy with My decision :) ..I
Woke up cleaned my daughter messy room and did some laundry:)))) and her bedding needed to be washed , if i don't do it no one will i vacuumed too! etc. :) I don't know what I'm weighing.. My scale is not working :( .... But couple days ago I was 218.0 lbs. that's a total of 17lbs lost! Wow :) woohooo for me!

Also I can't believe I'm not diabetic I have not gotten the shakes or felt clamy like when my blood sugar used to drop for not eating or not eating on time or enough food.. I ABSOLUTELY FEEL AMAZING!!! I feel normal!!!!! Myself almost! Hehe Lol THIS SURGERY HAS SAVED MY LIFE!!!! Truly :)))
I haven't really cared what I weigh or what the scale says... I'm just going with it:) and Doing what I'm supposed to the weight will eventually come off it has no where else to go!!! Because my gosh my portions compared to what I used to eat are by far tiny and I know whatever i eat now has to be of good quality that's not gonna be hard because in my house hold we have always eaten really healthy everyone LOVES VEGGIES and lean meats but my portions at one sitting were out of control!!!! I could eat a huge salad with a 16oz Ribeye And my weakness like I've said before were chips!!! I did try like 5 salt and vinegar ones bad idea I felt sooooo SICK my stomach hurt for like 30 min. I had to lay down i even felt nauseas!
Lol I LOVE my new stomach it's satisfied so easily.. Tomorrow is my follow up, can't wait to see what my surgeon says....I am feeling constipated tho... My loose bowels stopped on day 10th and on day 11th had a normal poo ..... That's it..... I would like to go everyday ..maybe when I start eating actual food.I will...
I had a cup soup of veggie soup my mom made with carrots squash cabbage garbanzo beans and red potatoes! It was the tiniest amount but it was DELICIOUS! IT WENT DOWN!!! :))) SLOWLY but surely omg SOOO slow!!! Lol not used to that!
Thats gonna be the hardest to get used to is eating slow because I'm so used to scarfing down my food but my throat reminds me because I feel like I'm choking and it comes back up lol wtf! Haha it's crazy but my only choice :) I would do it all over again! So far living my sleeve!!! Love u ladies thanks for all ur support taking it a day at a time :)))

19 days out

Just wanted to give u ladies an update... I still with the same 218.0...
My surgeon was proud of me and what I've lost.. I've started my vitamins there gross hate them. I used to eat or swallow them so easily before... Not the case now.... I've been walking no problem I look forward to my walk every morning.
I can start lifting weights at 4 weeks... Very happy about that...
Everyday is a battle with food I hate it... It's pretty tough getting 64oz. Of water down i'm busy with my kids and family and I need to constantly be along in order to get it in....
I'm doing 2 shakes with water and one soft meal of protein... I'm aloud fish and chicken.. But I prefer soups... My mom made me an egg drop soup and that's my one meal it's a cup serving but can only get half down in like 1hr. The chicken feels like it gets stuck and hurts to swallow... Other than that I'm doing OK....
Had a movie night on Friday it was weird I swear since we've had our kids my husband and I have lost touch were also working on our marriage... Starting all over and getting to know each other. We've been together 5 years and married 2...
My own issues about my appearance get in the way I don't let myself be loved... I hate my body what it became after having my kids I'm really struggling with that and I have a bad negative attitude because of it. I'm always in a bad mood and actually have been since having my kids... So sad to not be able to be the mom and wife I pictured, I need to learn to love me again no matter what...I used to...
At least now since surgery I'm working on it and I feel having my new stomach gives me an incentive it's my tool to start seeing results Finally....I do find that I need a nap everyday in the afternoon to recharge so I've been listening to my body that way... I have a few pics to update... I'm feeling whatever as I wrote this too just wanting memorial day to be over .... Sad.... Hope everyone has a great day and thank God for our military.
Oh... We had a cook out yesterday and family and friends over it sucked watching everyone eat and drink and boy was I exhausted :((( that's all girls

3 weeks out

Today marks 3 weeks out from surgery... So far I'm down 17.5 lbs... Started at 235lbs and current weight is 217.5 lbs ...I only lost 1/2 a pound since last week... Im ok with that wish it was more... Seems like I lost all those lbs. In the first 2 weeks!
Yesterday I did 6 miles 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon walking then trotting the best that i can...i need to lose more weight before running real good i find my right knee starts to hurt, I always try to push myself more everyday...

Im doing good with my protein shakes I make them with water and ice, vanilla flavor 24g of protein per scoop 2 carbs and 1 sugar. I just ordered unflavored protein and 3 large bottles of sugar free torani syrups from amazon, I need some different flavors to add to my shakes!!! Lol! I got a 3 pack flavors coffee, hazelnut, and brown sugar cinnamon the pack came like that I couldnt pick the flavors... I've been craving coffee so that will be perfect for me. They are expensive any where else because the shipping is where they get u! I'm getting only 40oz of water down not to include my shakes, it's tough but I know it will get better im constantly sipping till I go to bed.

Went to walmart yesterday ...I bought some string cheese, almost ate the whole cheese stick.. It Went down fine and had 1/4 cup of cottage cheese with pepper not all at the same time tho in a 4 hour span and i bought individual packaged salmon 23g of protein for 4 oz. Each package... Haven't tried that yet i love fish!! Today I will for sure and that's about it.... I haven't been craving anything! not sweet or salty! Interesting :) that's good! I think that's all for now ladies thank u for reading this! Xoxoxo

Sunday.... June 1st.

Hello just wanted to give an update... Im 214.5lbs doing great....
I'm not hungry. I find that I'm thirsty and want to jug down water soo bad but I can't.
I absolutely hate the calcium chewables I got the are cherry tart flavor and are sooo bitter and sour. I will never order them again I've been avoiding taking them... I know bad. I want the caramel chewy ones.

I went to eat for the first time with my cousins to pita jungle. I ordered an appetizer of garlic chicken and hummus trio it was delicious and went down fine I only ate half it was tiny to begin with!!! My son ate more than I did and his plate was bigger than mine from the kids menu..
I was sooo exhausted yesterday!!!!! I just lounged around my energy level was super low.
Went to old navy the other day and bought some shirts size 16 and couple of vintage v-necks ! The 16 fits me perfect right now :) glad about that I have a big bottom. I feel my belly has gone down a lot I need to take full body pics. I will at some point ...
In still doing 2 protein shakes with water and I'll have a small meal usually at lunch either chicken breast, salmon or cottage cheese.... Im still walking I've been waiting for the sun to go down it's sooo HOT! Today is gonna be 105 out! Dry heat!
Looking forward to vacation well be driving cross country to buffalo NY to see our family in about 3 weeks I hope I'm 200lbs or close by then! :))))))


I meant I bought 2 shorts jean Bermuda stylestyle size 16 and v neck t-shirts size L !!!!!! :)))))))) it's the first time I've bought anything for myself in a long time and was excited about it! Lol ooooh the possibilities in the future!!!!

yay!!!! my syrups are in!!!!!

Had to let y'all know hehe just got my new syrups took forever but sooo worth it!!!! Still waiting on the pumps and unflavored protein powder! But I'm super EXCITED TO USE THESE!

6 weeks out being sleeved! 6-11-2014

Hello! I'm 2 days early writing my 6weeks review! I weighed in this morning at 210.5 lbs !!!!!! I'm very happy about that! I have not had a stall yet....
I took pics today named and with clothes so u ladies can see what I look like. I'm 5'7''
I'm still doing 2 shakes a day and I eat a string cheese and turkey and still doing my egg drop soup... I love my soup. V still do 1-2 oz. Of salmon every now and then... It's hard only take like 3 bites and I'm done!
I FINALLY WENT WALKING this morning!!!! I feel great! Much better. I still nap everyday.
My period was supposed to come on the 7th and I thought I got it but I didn't... Weird must be the weight loss and changes my body is going through weird anyone else experience this?!
I order all my stuff from amazon. Com they compare prices and have given me the best deals!
I get just placed my second order for my protein powder got a cinnamon graham cracker flavor had good reviews!

Previously I had the vanilla powdered protein 5lbs. Jug and it lasted me a month. Cost. Around $60
I as my sugar free syrups to this for different flavors! I highly recommend them especially if u are like me and get sick of the same flavor over and over!
I do the coffee flavored syrup every morning LOVE IT! SINCE I can't have coffee it really does it for me and they taste like what it says it is! (The syrups)
I will be ordering more for sure!!!!

correction I'm 5 weeks post op NOT 6 weeks

Sorry about that I was a little excited about my last review and being 210.5!!! Lol I am 5 weeks out today! Lol yayyy!!!! Very exciting!!!
Omg I was starving earlier and I ate about 3oz of salmon and threw it all up!! It made me sick I ate waaay too fast and too much :(((( it really sucked... I'm having my shake right now sooo yummy got my new protein powder flavor Cinnamon graham cracker! Soo good it taste like a gingerbread cookie...I like it better than the vanilla one. It's optimum nutrition brabd . I also walked 4 miles today ooooh and I did end up getting my period 2 days later. So on my 3rd day today. Felt shitty the week before getting it exhausted..
Let's see... I have a follow up appt. With me surgeon tomorrow actually the nurse Debbie Belcher super cool and nice. I'm excited to see what I weigh on there scale 2 weeks ago I was 220lbs on there scale. And at home I weigh myself first thing every morning naked :)
Vacation is right around the corner well be in Buffalo NY for 3 weeks... Driving there! Can't wait to see all our family! And all the GREEN TREES AND GRASS!!!! LOL

packing for vacation! &update 209.5lbs

Hey Ladies just thought I'd update u girls. Had a follow up appt. And weighed in at 209.5! Very excited about that.
I'm supposed to be packing getting stuff ready but I'm sooooo EXHAUSTED! the kids are napping and my hubby is cleaning the car ....
I'm in no mood for packing I feel so stressed about vacation well be in buffalo NY for 3 weeks!! Ahhhhh
I feel like a zombie....im not hungry either I have been doing really bad with my water just barley getting my 2 shakes in. Peanuts have been a go to snack, string cheese and crab sticks. No more chicken or salmon it's too heavy and painful going down very uncomfortable.
Im just so tired....
And super moody.... Other than that just preparing for vacation.... And I have not had the energy to go waking again with the kids and my husband schedule and vacation coming up so close... Im really irritated....I could just lay here and sleep all day!!!

Back from Vacation! 10 weeks out- 198.0 lbs.!!!!!

Sorry ladies have been super busy on vacation, I didn't get a chance to sit down and write or update for anyone! Had a great time! Got to visit our family, it was tough to keep track of my water intake because I was staying at different houses.
When we got home I was exhausted!!!!! I felt like I was getting dehydrated, so ive been drinking water and keeping on my shakes, I boiled eggs, and still eating string cheese and crab sticks, I'm trying to rest up and get my energy levels back up, havent been walking.
I have not hit a stall, every week I've lost between 1/2 a pound and 2-3 lbs. a week....

Im wearing a size large in shirts all styles! Size XL are too big! :))))
In pants and shorts Im sure I fit into a 14, I havnt tried yet, My 16's are fitting me really big now! They get loose and soggy, lol
I bought a dress in size 12!!!!! it was a weight loss break though!!!!!! It felt amazing and such an accomplishment my eyes got all watery! :))) I feeel beautiful every morning when I wake up!
Im in such a better mood! my husband and kids have noticed and i have noticed! :)))))))
It's been the best decision Ive everrrrr made!!!!!
I still get full super easily!!!! its amazing and little annoying lol not used to it...
An awesome thing is that my hubby and I SEx life has improved immensely!!! My husband is all over me! I feel like were getting our life back like when we first met!!!!! lol IT's amazing and a beautiful thing!!!!! I'm feeling very loved by him and proud of him for sticking by my side through everything!!!!
here are some pics of my progress while on vacation!
I'm going to sign up to the gym come monday! I have my 2 month follow up next week on thurs. lets see what the doc says! :)

Thanks ladies for your support, Im sorry I havent been on here, its like im living again and being on vacation didnt help, there was no down time!
I love you ladies!!!!!
Hope everyone is doing well, and those of you waiting to get sleeved you will love it!!!!! and keep it up we got this!!!!!!

hello Ladies :) feeling beautiful!

Just wanted to say hi and I'm feeling amazing!!! I dyed my hair last night abs did my make up! Mary Kay only! I decided to start my own business doing skin care with Mary Kay! I'm super excited!! And want to make other women feel and look beautiful! Love u dolls!

3 months out, 194.0 lbs :) :) :)

Thank you ladies for all your amazing comments I really do enjoy and love reading them!!!! I'm so glad to hear from all you future sleevers and from the ones who have been sleeved and maintaining Love it from both ends!
I'm doing great, Im still losing, not as fast as I'd like...I must confess I have eaten foods I'm not supposed to and i'm having a hard time getting to the gym ...I'm not being hard on myself or beating myself up about it but I definitely want to keep it real for all you gals out there....
My kids keep me super busy and my business has too! at the end of the day last thing I feel like doing much less do I have energy for is a walk or going to the gym, My hubby works graves for I have to keep the kids quiet, make dinner, bathe them etc. it's a lot on me and my energy level is low.......
I'm doing 2 protein shakes with ice, unsweetened almond milk, sugar free torani syrups, and ice...I snack through out the day to keep me going my snacks are a fat free string cheese, a deviled egg, tuna, crab sticks, I've had pretzel sticks, chicken is tough still and hurts, I love egg drop soup or homemade veggie soup.

I keep forgetting to take my calcium chews... ugh my multi vitamins are from bariactric advantage dammm they make me feel sick every time I take them no matter what! they suck, but I still take em.....

I wish I was weighing 180 already...My hair is falling out I hate it, its gross.....

If I overeat on anything I feel sick and nauseated and weak, dizzy and need to lay down or if I eat something high in sugar or carbs! lol its funny and sucks but glad I cant tolerate those foods...

Overall the sleeve has been the most amazing surgery ive ever had! and sooo blessed to have the support I do at home with my family and husband. oooooooh I got my Ninja blender the other day!! its amazing and sooo powerful i love it! smoothies all day baby!!!!!

I'm also looking forward to hitting my goal weight of 140lbs and getting my TT and BA and Blift! all needed! I swear I will have skins for breast!

Im in an awkward weight loss stage, My size 16 are really really loose they look super baggy and my size large t-shirts are too big too! butttt I dont want to go shopping yet because im still losing and dont want to waste my money on clothes or outfits I will never wear again

Everyone can notice Ive lost weight and compliment me, It feels a bit weird and I forget that ive lost weight lol pretty cool..

I took pics and will be posting them, I look nasty of course but i wan to show you what 194 looks like naked and what I've got to work with and what will be gone!!!!!!! It's not where your are it's where your going!!!! ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))0 woooohooooo!!!!!! Happy healing to all you lovely ladies out there thank u sooo much for the support Gacias chikass!!! Besos!!!!!! muahhhh!!!!!!

pics beware they are gross! me at 194 total loss of 41lbs.

Meeee!!! Hate these pics but I do it for u ladies!!!! My realself family.... Ughhh what a disgrace..... Ohh well

update! 189!!!!!

This morning I was 189!!!!!!!! Wooohooo!!!! I'll tell us this has not been easy at all, I'm still adjusting to my new life style change, eating clean, protein first! Drinking plenty of water, everything I've dreamed of doing I am officially becoming! I did this not anyone else. I'm proud of myself and proud for sharing my story to empower all women around the world, i know the struggle of being over weight and u can do it too! I'm feeling very powerful???????????????? going to the gym is hard work and something I'm starting to enjoy again like I used to. Muscle does have memory in proof of that, and I will continue to move forward and not be another statistic over weight, diabetic, Latina.... IcI've got curves and I'm keeping them and doing everything in my power to keep the right ones!!!!! Lol thanks for listening ladies, can't believe how far I've come I want to cry! Love u my realsef familia! Besos!!!

4mo. out 188 lbs. :) my goal is 145lbs.

Hello Ladies want to give a quick update! I'm currently 188lbs, I'm 5'6'' 28 yes. Old, I've been listing weights 2 days of the week, I have a protein shake every morning with 1 scoop & 1/2 of protein powder, 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk ice, and water and couple of pumps of my coffee flavored sugar free to ran I syrup, LOVE THEM!!! there a must! Then for lunch ill have an egg scrambled with 2 crab sticks, water in between each meal or crystal light 20oz. Then for dinner chicken breast with a veggie and a protein shake with cocoa powder, I've been craving chocolate lately, ice cubes, water , and almond milk and couple pumps out my sugar free vanilla torani syrups to taste! It's my sweet treat! When I crave salt I'll have couple baby dill pickles....

I'm still getting used to eating slow, but it's getting better
I LOVE HOW I'm not hungry like before, or I don't crave the old foods like I used to, I can't have sugar at ALL! MAKES ME SO SICK! LOL
ALL fried foods make me sick too, I throw them up, I can taste something fried and that's it!!!! Pretty amazing, I don't drink regular milk, I'm scared to. Lol
I try to make sure everything I eat is of high quality!
Any questions feel free to ask away ladies, that's what I'm here for, it does get better! And it is SOOO WORTH IT!!!!!

I fit into M & L shirts, and into size 12 pants and shorts!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!! I'M VVERYET PROUD OF THAT!!!!!

I really can't wait till my mommy make overover!!!

Thank u ladies for all your support!!! Love u all!!! Xoxo

just turned 4 months out on the 7 the of sept.

I am currently weighing 185.0 lbs. Yay!!!!! Wearing a size 12 comfortably and med/ L shirts.... I messed up the date last review thought I was 4 mo. Then ....
I've lost a total of 50lbs. !!!!!!!! In just 4 mo. That is sOOo AMAZINGAMAZING ! And I feel so good now I'm starting my second week doing cross fit today! I love it!!! I'm so sore! All over!! Lol my wonderful husband has joined me in it, can't believe it either!
Were doing great!
My little ones keep me super busybusy, after the workouts I'm very tired and go to bed by 9
I still don't eat much at all, I've tried 4 ff and bit my little ones burger and ohh man I threw it all up!!! I CANNOT tolerate any fried foods at all..... I'm fine with that but the times I've done that I've been out and about with the kids didn't pack a snack for me, shame on me. I think I can only eat about a 1/ 4 cup of any protein....
I've had alcohol, flat drinks not with carbonation I would die!!! Only twice! At my Hubby's golf tournament and yesterday at a friends house, it was made with crystal light, I was fine nothing happened.
My goal weight now is 150lbs. That's what I'm thinking... I'm looking forward to all the muscle toning I'll be doing at my workouts it's mon. Through fri.
Feel free to ask me any questions ladies, this was so worth itit!!! Im so happy!!!!!!!

4mo out! 180lbs. !!!!!! total loss of 55lbs.

Hi Ladies!!!!! Sooooo I'm doing absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! my goodness I cannot complain, my land came back perfect from my PCP :) and I will be getting blood work done with my surgeon how it comes back perfect too! My A1C is 5.7 that's amazing too!

I've been doing cross for 3-4 times a week for a month now &I love it, it kicks my ass! Lol

I'm wearing size 12 & 14 in jeans! And size L in tees and some med. It all depends on the style of the shirt
I have soooo much energy thank goodness finally!!! Lol
I love getting dressed and ready feeling super sexy and myself again FINALLY!!!

Im weighing 180lbs. And only 3 lbs. From my Dr. 6 mo goal! And 35 lbs. From my personal goal of 145lbs!!! Which I have until my year surgiverssary !!!!
Still doing my shakes and eating very little, same foods... I'm def. A creature of habit haven't changed much of my routine.... Can't think of anything else I'm tired its late... Love u gals thanks for all ur support!!!! Xoxo

5months out! 175 lbs. Feeling Great

Hello Ladies!
Sorry I've been gone, my weight loss has def. Slowed down... Looks like I'm losing 3-4lbs a month... It's only been 5 mo. & I'm still very proud of all I've lost! A total of 60.5 lbs.!!!!!!
It still hasn't hit me! I do notice ppl looking at me and checking me out, they treat me different, and I also carry myself differently..... More confidence just overall HAPPY and not bitter like I used to be.
I enjoy going out and getting dressed!! CLOTHES FIT!!!!! Lol it's such a beautiful thing! Lol
This past month has been a little hectic, we were house hunting and my hubby schedule makes it tough to stick to a workout routine, I need to get back into it..... So we finally bought a house!! Were moving Nov. 1st !!!!!! Got lots to do!
My personal goal is still 145lbs. I need to build muscle....
Some days I'm still very unsatisfied with my body, I feel fat and ugly and the same as when I was huge/ obese......
My goodness my hair is falling out soo MUCH!!! I bought a extreme thinning hair system at Sally's for $27.99 I think it's helping to soon to tell....
I'm wearing a med. In shirts and 12 in pants almost into a 10!!!!!!! Is all my skin from my belly was gonna I would def. Fit in a 10!!!
Some days I crave crap! Carbs and sweets! It's so annoying I'm sooo scared of gaining weight ! But yes I have given in to my cravings depending what it is and how much I have, I've thrown it up and it's made me sick.... This craving has happened when I haven't drank water all day or just doing bad with my fluids and or I'm hungry and have gone more than half a day without eating or drinking anything it's a set up for failure and poor food choices ....... I'm just keeping it real
I try not to beat myself up over it, is not worth it and I'm still losing weight.... I'm ahead 5lbs. From where I should be at this point :) soo that's awesome!!!
I'm sooo CONSTIPATED!!!!!!! ugh it really sucks I got a hemorrhoid :((((( and I do my miralax daily! I think it's the lack of fluids.... Not cool at all my stomach always feel bloated or gassy.....
Omg, I CANNOT for the love of God eat pizza!!!!!! today is thought I'd taste it! Bad idea, I had half a bread stick and two small bites of meat lovers pizza from pizza hut, I threw it all up!!!!
I just can't have it.....
Last weekend was fun!!!! I went out alone no kids ! no hubby! It was my 10 yr. Reunion and I looked fabulous!!! Lol loved it! And I drank and felt great!!!! Slowly of course had a michelda! A cranberry with vodka and white Russian!!! Lol mixed it all up! I did fine! Then hydrated the next day all day!!!!
Feel free to ask me any questions ladies, thanks for keeping up with me! Xoxo to u all!!!! I feel naked pics coming soon!!!! :))))))

comparison pics! current weight 173lbs.

Here are some before and after pics of how far I've come ladies! The sleeve is amazing!!! I highly recommend it!!!

videos not complete but it's an attempt :)

3 video was to long included body shot... I will have to redo it sorry

6 mo out sleeved currently 169lbs.

Quick up date girls!!! I'm currently 169!!!!!! Amazing for into a size 10!!!!!! Able to wear my jeans before getting pregnant! I feel amazing!!!!! Still can only eat 1/4 cup of soup at one sitting, I have days I feel I eat more than others... I haven't exercised at all and I'm still losing! Here are some comparison pics and naked skin pics, mommy make over in the future FOR SURE!!!!!!!!
All naked pics are self explanatory!!!!! Good LORD!!!!!! :/ I live in spanx 24/7 they are a must with my skins!

7mo. out VSG

Hello Ladies!!! Thank u for reading my journey it's a long one! I'm currently writing 165lbs. Wearing size 10 in jeans comfortably... Size med. In shirts... I'm not used to buying these sizes! :)))))))))) it feels funny and good doing this!
I still get very moody sometimes because I miss eating all fried foods and bread.... I can't eat those things at all!!!! They make my stomach hurt and they don't go down it's painful.....
My hubby and I are doing AMAZING!!!!!! WONDERFUL!!!!! LET me tell u! Lol we are all over each other! It feels like we were when we first got together!!! I feel myself again!
Anyone thinking about doing this, I say do it if your ready for good change to come, it's not easy at all you will never be able to eat like u used or what u used to.... It's a complete life style change, I could easily go a day without eating, no it's not good but food doesn't have a hold on me like it used to. Happy to say that! I will continue to post! Love u girls!!!

just for fun comparison pics! WOW!!!!

Made a few comparison pics! So you ladies can see pics of me and how far I've come so far!!!! It's been absolutely stunning!!!! Again THANK YOU Dr. Chaisson for giving me my life back!!!!!! I'm sooo HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

165 lbs. feeling great!!!

Here's a couple of pictures! Wearing cargo pants size 10 from the gap as a my shirt is a med. Amazed at how small I've gotten!!! Wanted to share with u gals!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! last of 2014

Wow!!! I have not been on here since Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ladies! What a year it was, I'm so grateful for my VSG! lol

OK let's start with my current stats my lowest weight when I go to the bathroom regularly has been 161.5 lbs.... Remember I'm 5'6'' and a half.... Got my blood work results and I'm Anemic- iron deficient. But 2mo. Before I was not taking my multivitamins, with house hunting and moving I didn't make time to buy them. Shame on me. But I'm back on them I buy them on amazon the bariactric brand they are pricey but worth it. They told me to order iron pills but I'm a very constipated gal and that will make it worse so I'm trying to just stay consistent with my multi and take it from there I have faith I'll be OK

Let's see what I'm eating, well I can eat a little more and almost everything! SCARY! I know, makes me nervous because I've been eating empty calories and I know I'm not getting my daily protein in like I should. It's almost like I'm trying to test and push my limits. I've been eating late at night chocolate, chips, and popcorn oh and I've been drinking starbucks lattes about twice a month. We don't have one in town but when I go out of town it's a must! I now all bad stuff right!? That is why I'm stuck between 161-165 .... Plus haven't gone to the bathrm in like 5 days!!!! I feel bloated and fat.
Today I'm making a caldo De verduras.... To cleanse me! Putting cabbage, squash, carrots, garbanzo beans, green beans, and tomato in a home made beef broth, no meat!
I am def. Lactose intolerant.... It makes me throw up and hurts my stomach. I'm OK with that.
Drinking and eating is tough I struggle with that still.... Every time I eat I want to drink water or crystal light!
Ooooo I had a slice of pizza the other night for the first time! Couldn't believe it!!! I was happy about it :) it was a thin crust with mozzarella, tomatoes and kalamata olives from this nice little place that bake the pizza in a wood fire brick oven. I forgot what there called. But it was very fresh they make it right in front of u!
I did taste and east lots of bad food over the holidays, I had menudo, posol, tamales, coctel De elote, apple pie, and sweet tamales De frijol! Lots of my heritage food but very very little of it. I know they say not to eat any of that stuff, but it's unrealistic. I have not worked out at all except chase my toddlers around and now potty train and take care of our baby black lab puppy! She was free! How could I pass her up... We named her Zoe. The kids love her and so does my hubby! He's a dog lover, I'm in training.... Lol I never grew up with a dog and my parents didn't like them (my dad) mom did.

I wish I had money to get my TT, all the skin on my stomach is so annoying and ugly. My breast are also deflated, they're just flat flaps....I also lost my ass, but I see that my stomach takes away from it, if it were removed I bet my small butt would be fine and have some projection. I def. Want a breast lift and breast augmentation. I think I want a full D high profile and silicon implants. I do love the work of the surgeons in Dominican Republic Dr. Robles, Dr. Duran, & Dr. Yily...... But not sure yet I love seeing there work and all the reviews their patients write.

As far as my weight goal..... Im thinking 150-155 lbs. would be perfect! I would be happy there at the lowest 147lbs.

Here are some pics of me from new years and just being out and about. I love taking pics just like before, I always have!

OK here are some skin pics!

Sooooo gals How could i possibly talk to you ladies about all my nasty skin issues and NOT show you what I look like and what I'm taking about about!!?? :))))) so this is all I have to work with under my clothes! Lol lucky me! :) i really do hate my bobs and stomach, thank God for spanx and full body girdles i must wear them everyday, I can only imagine what I would look like with a MOMMY MAKE OVER!!!!! Eeeekkkk someday sooner than later I say:) thank u for following my journey..... Oh BTW I've been taking stool softener and it's working! Yayyy!!!

I'm Anemic! 8 mo out of VSG

Got my lab work done and my hemo is 11.8 and anywhere from 12-16 is good. I'm feeling good. I'm starting to get the courage to start weight lifting again. I havent done much exercising at all just walking to the park to take my babies to play to get them tired enough for nap time and to get hungry.

Im ready to start a new review on here to start my search for my plastic surgeon! Im currently fluctuating between 161-165 lbs. depending if i eat bad or too much salt.

I still cant eat very much and im rarely hungry. I have not been stressing about losing weight at all. I weigh myself every other day just remind myself and stay conscious about what im putting in my mouth. Still some days i eat more than others.
I eat at night too rather than in the day. I feel like I never have time to sit down and eat because its a waste of time im always doing something cleaning and watching my littles keeping them from getting into things there not supposed to....im always playing catch up....catching up what i left off the previous day. :)

My hair is still falling out a lot, Im really scared to pic the wrong plastic surgeon pay all this money for surgery and not have the results that I want.....
so I will begin doing my research, thank goodness for this website, dont know how id begin this search....

10 months po op VSG

Hello everyone!!!! I've been gone for awhile! I'm sorry but not much has really changed except I'm going on my 3rd week weight lifting and I'm weighing 162 lbs. Took some pictures I'd like to share! Feeling amazing!!!! I have tons of energy! I will be seeing my Dr. This month I'm sure I'll be getting blood work done. I just stated taking my iron pills! Ordered them @amazon.com

11 mo. out on april7th

Hello Ladies,
So far everything is going great! Going strong in the gym except the last two weeks. One for getting my period, and the second my babies have been sick :( no fun are all and very draining. I'm down to 159!!!!!!! Very excited and wish I had the money for my mommy makeover!!! Well things are going good so far no complaints. Here are some skin pictures

Nov. 5, 2015

My goodness I've been MIA!!!!! I apologize ladies. I'm 1yr. 6 mo. Out from being sleeved I'm currently weighing 167 ....I seriously eat a little bit of everything except dairy. Makes me throw up it's awful..... It depends on the day but I can eat half a burger. I LOVE FISH & soups veggies and tender meat.... I can have a slice of toast at times.... I'm ok with my weight at what it is.... I feel like if I need to lose more weight I can.
The days I won't eat right I get so so so TIRED I'm exhausted.....
I've been terrible at taking my multivitamin. Hate THEM! They make my Stomach hurt... My kids keep me super busy! My goodness I have plenty to do....
Haven't been to the gym I've been slacking. Other priorities like painting my house and decorating ... Here are some pictures.

By far I still say this has been the BEST DECISION EVER!!!!! LOVE MY SLEEVE!!!!

Almost 2 years out its tough 3-22-2016

Hey gals, well recently I've just been so drained and out of energy it's awful. I started a new plan. I'm on LE-VEL Thrive. I've only been on it for 6 days now. It has def. Worked! It gets me out of bed in an awesome fresh mood, ready to conquer my day. My kids drive me nuts and tire me out. 5&3yr. Old I'm going on my 2nd week of working out. Cardio and calistetics my own body weight. I'm holding at 170....I still have plenty of restriction!!!!! it's a love hate relationship when it comes to eating. I want to go back to my old eating habits and I can't. It's all in my head.... I struggle almost everyday. Im bored but have plenty to do. Lol and I want to eat! I'm taking natural blood builders well see if they're working... I need to get labs done again. I actually haven't seen my Dr. Since last summer!!! Lol so bad right!? My goal weight is 160lbs. I'm very comfortable there...

Feeling Good!

Here I am 2 1/2 years out! I'll be three years till May! I'm doing great, slacking on my eating habits. Eating bad food like chips, haven't had protein shakes for about a month.. but I'm holding at 173.

Finally have my MMO DATE!!! 3/22/2017

Hello ladies!
My hubby gave me the ok to book my MMO !!!! I'm Beyond thrilled!!! I'll be having a TT, lipo, and implants for fuller perkier breast. Mine are just deflated! It will be done in a Hermosillo Sonora Mexico, by Dr. Enrique Carrasco he doesn't have a Realself profile....I'll be adding a new review under MMO ...u gals can follow my journey there!!!????????????
Tucson Bariatric Surgeon

I didn't really interact with my surgeon at first, he is very cut and dry to the point. I was fine with that it didn't bother me... I was just eager to have my sleeve done!!! !!!!:) Now that I've had surgery he has been much more involved. There's no doubt he is an EXCELLENT surgeon!!! I've had no issues Whatsoever and from now on I will be having follow up appts until my 1 year surgiversary ...I'll be seeing the nurse Debbie Belcher, she is super nice and personable :) All his staff are super nice and professional! I'm VERY grateful for my surgeon and recommend him for your weight loss journey!!!! :) :) :) May God continue to Bless those hands of his and all his WORK! I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL to my surgeon!!!!!! Feel free to contact me for any info. It's the BEST decision my husband and I could've done for us!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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