415cc, Textured, high profile. 5'8 -115pnds.

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I am so stoked and happy to say that I had...

I am so stoked and happy to say that I had scheduled a date for my BA and Its just 22 more days to go! I am counting down the days and time, Super stoked. I have two small children and my breast always stayed the same.
But I am excited to start a new chapter in my life! With the excellent help and a lot of patience that Dr. Maloney staff has, has brought me in great peace and satisfaction that everything will be okay and turn out great.They had answered every question I had with no hesitation.
I am hopefully going to go for the HP Silicone Implants, just not knowing which size yet.. Still deciding, because I am 5'8 and weigh 125 so I am a Slender tall woman..

new scheduled date!!

Okay, I had to reschedule due to this bad Stomach virus that hit us hard. I'm a little traumatized and just want to rest it out ..but nevertheless, my new surgery date will be in June 9th! I'm so stoked still, wishing and hoping it could have came sooner, but I want me and my family to be healthy as possible going out there for my procedure. I'm just a bit confused on the MOD and the HP, implants? I have heard the MOD are better for a girl who is tall, and I'm 5'8 and very slender.. any suggestons or advice?

I am Officially sticking with Dr. Marin- Appointment August 11, 2015

I am so tired of researching and dealing with some health issues, that I am finally settling down with Dr. Marin in Del Mar, CA that I feel like its the best fit and awesome staff that really understands me along with great listening skills. I cannot wait to go for my Consultation. We will see if I am a good Candidate or not. Crossing my fingers. :)

Wish Boobs

I guess I can start putting up pics of what I'm leaning more towards..these are my wish boobs that I found on here that I think is such an inspiration! I know not everyone will have the same outcome to our wish boobs, but one only can try to hope to look like ?????

Pre-Op Pics! FINALLY getting the nerve to post

I have scheduled my Consultation on the 5th of October and my Surgery date on the 6th of October! I'm so Ready! I'm just so nervous about the outcome, because every body is different, and I'm just hoping that I love them as much as I want to! I am hopefully going for 400cc or higher.. not too much because as you can tell I'm very slender, but I am a little wide. I just wish it was sooner, but I'm so anticipating the wait and drive to AZ.. this has been my dream since I was little and I'm just finally going through with this! No more backing out ????????????
I have been very self concious my whole life, due to me being 5'8 and super skinny, I want at least something that is normal size in my body... I'm just hoping for the best. I have seen a lot on this website and it gave me more inspiration to persue my dreams so I can be a little more confidence in myself. I am scheduled with Dr. Maloney in Tucson, AZ...on the 5th and 6th !

Consultation completed ????

Hello everyone, we'll I just wanted to update on my journey, I completed my consultation here in Tucson, AZ. And it perfectly easy and fast! I am so pleased with the consultation and so me and the Doctor Christopher Maloney agreed upon 415cc Textured Silicon implants from Sierra :) He also did a picture from the before and after look that i might look like after my procedure, amd i love my results! Just couldnt be more happier! Iam very excited to see the results and just hoping for nothing but the best! 2 more days is my Surgery, on October 6th, 2015, and I'm just so excited but yet terrified about the recovery process because I'm hoping everything just goes well. And nothing goes wrong. Prayers for me and my recovery will be a big help! This site has really helped with my decision on obtaining my size and many other excellent decisions that I hope to accomplish, that kind you everyone! :) Now it's just a waiting game. Two days will go by so fast.. yikes!

I did it!

Hello everyone, sorry it took me so long to post, but the 1rst day was so crucial, becaude i was in s lot of psin and sorenedd together ths i couldnt really move out from my bed. Maybe im just over the top with myself lol but other thsn that, i had gotten Textured 415cc under the muscle and high profile! I am loving my new results. I feel liek a total different person! My new boobies, arent exactly perfect but as long as I love them that's all that matters. To me it's way better than having nothing like before. Also I just want to let you all know I see my books a bit small, I hope it fluffs out and drops eventually...I can't wait to start my new adventure with my new body .. I'm going to upload a couple of pics. Sorry my pictures can be a mess ..I'm also not sure if I need to sleep with my sports bra or not? I feel so comfortable without it. But sometimes I like that support. Thank You everyone who had faith in me. Any questions you can ask away!

P.S I remember reading a review about BA and this lady said it felt like a truck driver drove over her chest, now I know what she means becaude that's how I felt the 1rst and 2nd day.. it was terrible. I couldn't get out from bed a lot.. only to use the restroom. Even that my husband had to help. me.but over all I love my new chest! Everything was well worth it. :) :) :)

1 week 3 day Post Op

Hello Realselfers! I am so pleased with my results and recovery. It's taking a little long for the tenderness and firmness to go away, but hopefully it will go away soon. I feel great, I just am debating when should I get sized with new bras? I want to go asap, but what if I get bigger or smaller? I'm tired of wearing my sports bras but I don't even know if I will be comfortable in a bra yet since I'm so sensitive at the same time. It's kind of hard to make a decision when I'm still in recovery. Also I feel like one boob is bigger than the other, my Dr. Says it's normal and I have to be patient to let both of them settle in, but I'm just hoping I won't stay like this. Another post op negative is Boob greed. . I kkwo I'm very slender, but I couldn't help thinking if I should have went one size bigger? I look much smaller than I imagined. But I do have to say I still love them. I wouldn't go under another surgery unless I absolutely have to. I stopped the pain meds about a few days ago .. and antibiotics all completed so I'm just trying to be patient with my results. I hope everyone is having a good day so far. I also want to be able to hold my son normally and get out of the house, but I feel like it's a lot for me to do. Or am I just being over dramatic do you think?

3 weeks and still feel exhausted

Hello everyone, I will be posting more pics tomorrow, my 3 week mark, but I just have a quick question..tomorrow is my 3 week mark and I still feel a loss of energy and exhausted when I do a little bit of things. Not sure if this is normal or not, but I am ready to feel good about myself already .. but I dont.. any suggestions ? Also I'm not taking any vitamins, which I know I should be. .

My Update

Hello Ladies, I forgot to add picture updates, but I am loving my results, but there are little nicks and nacks that I would like to share with you all. For one, The whole area below my nipple parts are all still numb, my Dr said it will go away within a few months, but It has been a couple of months, does it last for almost a half of year? or How long?
Also I have one breast bigger than the other, and one nipple goes outward and not straight, so I have a bit of a few flaws, but I am glad I at least got to do this! The Sientra textured implant I love because with you lay down or jump they do not go all over the place, but the fact that I wish I had a cleavage, I still dont, not even with my new bras. I am thinking about The gummy bear clear silicone gel implant, does anyone have that that they are able to make a cleavage when they have no cleavage without a bra? I am just trying to get more information about it, and also I feel it is not as big as I expected it to be. But I do like them overall. :) Hope everyone is doing great with their results!
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

I have been with Dr. MALONEY and staff for about a few months now, and I just want to day the staff is very concerning, answers all your thousand questions with no attitude, and in general is there for you 110%! Along with patience as well. I have my Consultation on October 5th, 2015, and then that following day is my Surgery! I'm hoping for the best, but I know it's going to be very rewarding! I live in California, but I have heard nothing but EXCELLENT reviews from this PS, and also I have my family out there. Cannot wait to get everything started! Wish me luck everyone, just super nervous.

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