Recovering Process from my Phenol Peel - Tucson, AZ

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Growing up in Arizona without spending much...

Growing up in Arizona without spending much thought on the proper care of protecting my skin has left my skin with many fine & deep wrinkles. Add smoking and genetics & I am looking much older than my 39 years. After much deliberation, I have decided to go thru with the expensive & lengthy recovery process of a phenol peel. After 6 hours I would describe my rating as undecided. There was an extreme burning sensation & quite a lot of swelling. Cold wet compresses & assurances from my surgeon that the burning would ease up by the evening (along with Percocet) are the only things to get me thru this so far. I was put under with general anesthesia for the surgery and had no problems with that, there are some bruises from where the locals were also given.

Thankfully, other than my skin felling afire, I haven't felt additional pain or nausea.
24 hours: I am awake with severe swelling, but not much pain at all. The doctor told me the swelling will peak at 48-72 hours then subside. It will be very scary to have my eyes swollen shut, but am prepared. I got to wash my face for the 1st time and was scared it was going to hurt. It didn't hurt, but didn't offer much relief in this awkwardness of feeling huge & "oozy" either. My teenagers are a little frightened of me , but told them I would get worse before I was better. My husband is being a trooper, but this is pretty disgusting. I can't wait for the swelling to subside! I have been told to apply Vaseline every chance I could & it is EVERYWHERE! Will post my progress again when I can see. Still undecided, but hopeful!

Start of day 4- swelling is down! Never knew my...

Start of day 4- swelling is down! Never knew my face could get that big! My face is very red and tender, as I am typing I am working up the nerve of doing my first "wash" of the day. It seems to be most painful in the morning after it gets a little too dry while sleeping. I am still battling Vaseline, can't wait to get past that stage, I don't think I will ever be able to smell it again without thinking if all if this! Today is my 1st follow up with the surgeon, I have been following his directions, but still afraid at times of scarring because I'm not sure how everything should look. Will follow up later- will try again to post some pics, scary but a good idea of what will happen. (looks much worse than it feels!)

Day 7!! Looking much better, I wouldn't head to...

Day 7!! Looking much better, I wouldn't head to the store yet but probably wouldn't make a baby cry! I am still very red, but have no pain at all, even when I'm doing my washes. I have started to itch, very badly!! I took the recommended dose of Benadryl, but it hasn't seemed to help much. I am really hoping not to scratch too much in my sleep. And I have now "graduated" from 24 hour Vaseline coating to aquaphor!

I have added some pictures from the first few days...

I have added some pictures from the first few days post surgery....Looks bad, but getting better everyday. I am now 10 days post surgery and most of my face has healed. I am still very red, but hoping my check up tomorrow I will get the okay for sunscreen & make up to return to the outside world! I am hoping to get the before and after pictures from my doctor to post. Because I was so embarrassed of my skin damage I don't have many pictures from the before. (I avoided the camera as much as I could!)

**Just realized I uploaded the wrong pic for day...

**Just realized I uploaded the wrong pic for day 5- that was actually a full week post-op. Sorry!

Day 12- went back to work today and it wore me out...

Day 12- went back to work today and it wore me out a little. I am still very red and a little swollen. I got the ok from my Doctor to wear sunscreen and a little make-up. The make up was gone after about 3 hours, my face sucks up any moisture that it can & I got very dry. I will have to take extra facial cream & touch up ingredients to make it thru the day! Am starting to get little white bumps that the Dr. will remove in a couple of weeks. Was also surprised & dismayed to learn yesterday that this seems to have promoted some facial hair...bad news is there is nothing I can do but wait for more healing. (possibly 2 months!!) Hoping I don't grow a beard, but then again, it might hide the line from surgery! Upgraded to worth it after being told I looked 10 years younger!!

Day 15- Feeling a little down, my face is so read...

Day 15- Feeling a little down, my face is so read & breaking out. I've tried different types of make up (liquid, mineral powder& cream), but my face is so dry it just seems to suck it in & I end up looking terrible. I resigned myself to just wearing my heavy duty moisturizer & sunscreen yesterday to work. I guess I just need patience, but it's hard!
Dr. E

I don't want to share my doctors name without permission. He was the only one in town that still does the phenol peel. As he stated, with the laser resurfacing & dermabrasion, phenol peels are a "dying" art. But as I researched and in addition with what i learned from him, this would work the best with my complexion & type of sun damaged wrinkles around my mouth

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