Soooo Excited!!!! Mommy Make-Over Here I Come!! - Tualatin, OR

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So happy I found this website! It has been great...

So happy I found this website! It has been great to read everyone's experiences! Which has helped and also made me more nervous and excited! ;) I've wanted to get my stomach fixed for so long. I have two kiddos who are now 8 and 5. I have my surgery scheduled for 10/16. I'll be getting a mini tummy tuck, I don't have a lot of fat to remove, just stretched out muscles! I'm also having my implants changed, I have saline currently (got them in 2003) and am going to go to silicone. He's also having to fix my right boob as it has bottomed out from my first BA and is lower than the left, not terribly noticeable but bugs me! Very glad he'll be fixing! So he'll repair the right and switch implants in both! At this point I'm trying to decide if I stay the same size or go up a size. Before I had kids I was wearing a 36D and now I'm down to a 34C after nursing them both. I liked the bigger size but at the same time don't want it to be obvious I've increased in size! :) So we'll see....I have my Pre-op next Tuesday so I guess we'll discuss it then. I'll try to get pictures posted soon of what I look like now!

Before Pics!

Here are some before pics! I'm 5'2" and 117 pounds. Not over weight, just need reshaping! And there is a reason people don't take naked pictures...I swear it looks worse in the pics than in real life! Yikes!


Had my pre-op today! Everything is really happening! Surgery is two weeks from tomorrow! Will be getting a mini tummy tuck with full muscle repair. This will allow me to have a smaller incision and use my belly button. Well he will fix the hernia in it and make it hopefully better looking! Hopefully no more outty! And we've decided on 397 silicone implants, which will change out the 350 saline I currently have. And he's using mesh to reinforce my right breast that bottomed out. So excited to get everything fixed and no more sucking in the tummy! New mommy body here I come! :)

Morning of Surgery!!!

It's time!! Really time!! Pretty nervous!! Though very excited!!! I can't wait to see the results!! I posted some more dressed before pics so I can compare later! Ok well wish me luck! I'm off!! Keep you posted!! :)


I had my surgery yesterday! Everything went well! I highly highly recommend staying over night in the hospital. I couldn't have done this home. My stomach feels extremely tight and feels like it weighs a ton! But no pain right now, the meds are working thank goodness! Bye for now!


Well I survived! :) I'm home now! The tummy is pretty sore but the breasts don't ache. I'm sleeping on the recliner couch which helps. Still like a wimp cause I can barely get up off the couch! I feel better than yesterday though so that's good!!

Down Day :(

Today was my roughest day. Been very uncomfortable today and tonight a lot of pressure and pain. Today is the first I questioned why I did this...Saw my Dr today and he said everything looked good but I have to keep the drain in another that sucks! Super happy with breasts though! But my tummy is swollen! So are my butt and thighs! I really hope the swelling goes down soon!! I just want to look and feel better!


Yesterday I emotionally had a breakdown....called my Mom crying because of how my stomach looks, then called the doctor and cried to stomach looks worse now than it did before surgery! It's so swollen from the surgery and because I have a hematoma in the left side. Just thought everything would look a little better by now... It's been a week since surgery! Dr said to be patient, my body needs to absorb the extra blood. I still have the drain in also which is only in by 1 stitch now so it kinda moves and then bleeds so it's really bugging me as well.... But today I'm in better spirits! My Mom is back to take care of me and my kids (no school day). My stomach did appear slightly less swollen. I hadn't seen my Mom since Sunday night and she said I did look a lot better since she saw me last! That made me feel much better! So I guess things are improving slowly! I have to go back to work next week so I just want to look pretty normal cause no one knows exactly why I took time off... Time will tell! :) Will try to post some pics later! Have a great day everyone!

Doing better!

This process definitely takes a physical and emotional toll on you. Personally I would recommend taking 3 weeks off if you can...I'm going back to work in a couple days and now wish I had another week off...this was a lot harder than I expected. The last couple days have been much better though! I actually went out to dinner last night! Nice to get out of the house! Even though just going to dinner made me feel more swollen and tired! I am finally seeing some swelling going down! Yay! But because of the hematoma my stomach is all awkward in shape. The left side which has the hematoma is more swollen than the right. And my stomach is really bruised due to the healing process. I can't wait to see real results a couple months from now! There is still the slight fear in me that I won't be flat at the end of this...just have to stay positive that it will look great at the end! :) Tomorrow I go in for a checkup and hopefully get this drain out! I'm done with it! :) I think I'll feel a lot better once it's out! My family told me today I finally look more like myself than a patient! That made my day! :)
Have great night everyone!!!

First Day Back To Work!

Went back to work today! Made it thru the day just fine! I have a desk job so nothing was too stressful. Most stressful part of the day was trying to get dressed for work! Oh wait need to back up to yesterday....had a follow-up appt. Dr said everything looked good. The breasts came out great and are healing nicely! Have to wear a semi supportive bra 24/7 to keep them nicely in place! The tummy on the other still extremely swollen due to the dang hematoma....which meant I had to keep the drain another week, at least... :( so sad because I really wanted it out! It's such a pain! But I also want this hematoma to Dr said to massage the tummy to help loosen things up. Has anyone ever had one? Are there any tricks to help it heal quicker? All in all yesterday was a great day! Felt really good for the first time! Felt more like me! Ended up over doing it a little though with carving pumpkins with the kids! Kinda paid for it today being more swollen and sore...But after the getting dressed issue this morning, since its hard to hide a drain in work clothes, I had a pretty good day! Was very swollen and uncomfortable by bed time! Took muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory meds when I got home and a vicodin before crawling into bed! I've been taking just Extra strength Tylenol during the day. I haven't had too much pain just kinda achy and the super tightness. I can stand pretty straight, still hunched over some, have to make sure to stand up every once in a while at my desk to stretch my muscles out or I'm really hunched over! So the last two days have been really good though! I still would suggest taking 3 weeks off instead of 2..kicking myself on that....lucky I have a desk job and an understanding boss! :) I had wanted to post pics (even though I'm bruised and swollen) without the drain but since I'm stuck with the dang thing I'll hopefully post some tomorrow! Well sweet dreams for now!

After Pics

Here's some after pics! Swelling getting a little better each day!
Big difference when wearing a binder versus not wearing it. Definitely going to make sure I wear it! Didn't wear it yesterday cause I thought the pants I had on would hold me tight enough! But I was wrong! I was so terribly swollen last night! I feel much more secure wearing it today! :)
Implants were done from under the breast this time, originally done thru the nipple. I'm hoping the squareness look of the bottom of them softens with healing. But I really love the look and feel of the silicone!!

Still got the drain.... :(

Ohhhh...going on week 3 with a drain....what a bummer...Went to the Dr today cause I was concerned about the drain site being a little pink and having a little puss (sorry to be nasty). Dr said it looked ok and he wasn't worried about it. He had hopes that maybe by the end of the week getting the drain out...I sure hope so....Its kinda hard to dress for work with a drain, though I'm getting to be a pro! :) Still draining about 50 cc's a day of the hematoma, looking to get down to less than 30...preferrably even less than that. I sure hope this hematoma is almost done! I'm over it!

Other than the drain I feel pretty good! Much better every day! Still walk a little hunched....was told I walk like my Grandma! Not a good thing! :) I'm still pretty swollen but its slowly going down and that makes me excited! I even had a dream of a flat tummy last night! It was great! I've just been taking Tylenol every once in a while, just get achy, nothing is really painful. I tried sleeping on my side last night and that hurt....tonight I'll be back to sleeping with my 6 pillows and sitting up more. I can't wait to sleep on my side again!

Drain out!!

I got my drain out yesterday!! I swear that was almost more exciting than surgery day! I had that drain for 3 1/2 weeks!! So it's out now, felt pretty weird coming out but didn't hurt, I feel like a new woman without it! Dr said everything looks good and is healing well! Don't have to go back for a month now! Still swollen but he said that would keep going down of course! I'm so happy with the results so far!! I wore a shirt the other day I hadn't wore since before surgery and I'm flat now! I don't look pregnant in it!! I was so thrilled!! Can't wait for everything to keep healing and getting better!!


Trying to have patience.... I get kinda freaked out that the surgery didn't really work. My stomach is's weird. I don't really know how to describe it...When I'm standing I can tell that I'm flatter. My stomach still pooches out but maybe it's still just swelling? Cause it is so hard. When I sit or bend I feel like it's all just falling out though.... Like it hangs out like it used to. It seems like I was flatter weeks ago. I'm just over 10 weeks now, I guess I thought things would be less poochy. Really I'm just worried that after all the money, this is it...and it's just weird.... I keep telling myself to just be patient... :)


I guess I should have went back thru my pics before updating...I guess it really is a major improvement! I had forgotten how bad it was before! I'm still nervous about the hard weird tummy I have now...but it really is better than before! :)
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