25 Yrs Old Taking Charge of my Shape

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This is gonna be like a live-tweet record of my...

This is gonna be like a live-tweet record of my experience Coolsculpting my inner thighs. So... Bulgy inner thighs run on the female side of my family. Like not just thick thighs and ass(which we also have) but a fairly distinct handful of fat right at the top of my inner thighs. I consulted with Courtney at Gorin Plastic surgery and Medspa who told me I was an ideal candidate due to the fact that my exess fat was so distinct, like a "bubble." Fast forward to today: I'm sitting in a rather cozy(for a doctors office) room. Pillows and fleece blankets provided for my comfort( and I suspect to cover my thigh so I don't have to look at it). I should preface this next bit by saying I am very mild-mannered when it comes to language but HOLY F% THIS HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She put the gel pad on first which was cold but nothing crazy- kinda feels like a sheet mask for your face only more heavy-duty. But then the applicator went on and askHghnsgdzbjjHhagflbrggt&;%#*€flibt I was thisclose to just being like nope get it OFF F$&@ing G0D she said it should go mostly numb after about five minutes and I think she may have turned the setting slightly down or something because I felt a -slight- letup right as she was pushing some buttons. It did get better very slowly but I felt like it was more like 20 minutes. She came to check on me and, when I asked, brought me some Tylenol. I had read you aren't supposed to take ibeprofen as it can cause blood thinning which she agreed on but apparently Tylenol is safe so they keep some in the office. I'm sitting here right now about 30 minutes into the procedure still hella uncomfortable but it's mostly bearable now. If it means goodbye to feeling like I have balloons taped to the inside of my legs it MIGHT be worth it. Right now I'm feeling like one of those little kids that goes to get their ear pierced and then doesn't want to do the second because the first one hurt so bad :_(

Day 2

About an hour after finishing the second leg, my inner thighs just felt like I'd left an ice pack on too long. Unpleasant but not painful. The only difference being that they continued feeling that way until this morning. Now I just feel a bit bruised, although there are only a few small dots of hickeylike bruising- nothing that looks scary. I should mention that i didn't really get the "butterstick" effect when the applicators were removed yesterday, and the massage was not really painful, and I'm not sure whether that foretells a less dramatic result or what, but after the pain at the beginning of the treatment it was a relief when the massage didn't hurt as terribly. I've included a picture of what my legs look like now, just as a record to compare in the future. No visible results yet but here's hoping. I've outlined the general shape of where the applicator was in my right leg.

Day 3

Just a brief update; I'm in zero pain now. I even went ahead and took a hot bath last night even though some people say that causes pain to flare up in reaction to the freezing- but I had no issues. I still have very minor, small bruises. Will update if/when anything changes.

Several weeks later

I wish I had taken measurements. I definitely still feel like I need more of a reduction and it doesn't look like a dramatic transformation. However I don't feel my legs rubbing together as much as I used to. Might just be in my head tho.
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