30 Year Old, petite, having 400cc mentor UHP with Dr Mahadev

I after years of dreaming about it I finally...

I after years of dreaming about it I finally booked my breast augmentation. I went with the Harley Medical Group and my chosen surgeon is Mr Mahadev. I haven't actually met with him yet, as my surgery is not until March.
My experience so far with the group has been great, my PC Shopie is very informative and quick to respond to my queries. I told her that I am looking for a busty but natural look and she recommended a couple of surgeons.
I have been living on forums for months but I can't really find much on Dr Mahadev so if anyone has experience with him please share it with me.

Surgeon appointment

So I had my appointment with Mr Mahadev today. He was absolutely lovely very kind and comforting but by the time I came home and had time to reflect on what was said, I have mixed feelings. We decided on 375cc which I'm happy with but he recommended UHP and I'm not sure what that will look like. I am after a natural shape and I'm very concerned that my new boobs will look stuck on and I don't want a big gap.
There were no patient pictures so I feel like I'm going in to this blind and I'm not entirely comfortable with that. I don't know what to do :/.
I think I will try to see him again hopefully that helps.

Just a follow up...

I have contacted my patient advisor at the HMG, she is so fast to respond!!
She addressed all of my concerns and I can see Mr Mahadev again just to talk through the implant choice again. I am now very happy and looking forward to my next appointment :)

Surgery cancelled with Dr Mahadev

So I had a call from the clinic today and unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances dr Mahadev had to cancel my surgery.

I was offered surgery with a different surgeon; dr Thrush on 4/03/2017 in London. I get to see dr Thrush on 23rd for a consultation and we will go from there.

I'm a bit gutted because I had tickets to the national wedding show at the NEC that weekend but at least I will have 10 days recovery before going back to work.

2 weeks to go

Just two weeks to go until surgery so I thought I'd attach a before photo. I never noticed before how much bigger one of them is and that I have a droopy nipple ????????. Roll on surgery!!!
Dr Gopal Mahadev

I haven't met him yet :(

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