Picosure Treatment on Colourful Upper Arm Tattoo - Bluewater, NM

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So, I have been getting treatments on a wrist...

So, I have been getting treatments on a wrist tattoo for nearly a year now (you can see my progress in a separate thread) and have now decided to start Picosure treatments on a multicolour upper arm tattoo. My tattoo is approx. 15cm x 13cm so its going to take time and patience. It includes black, blue, orange, red, yellow and pink inks so the laser technician said she may introduce the Revlite depending on how the red shades respond with the Picosure.

I had my first treatment 5 days ago and the laser was set at 3.0 so not had much blistering or anything. I see break up in the black ink already and the blue has responded really well. I have added a picture before treatment and a pic 5 days post treatment. I look forward to seeing some good fading over the coming weeks :)

2nd Picosure completed 15/07/14 on blue and black ink.

I had my 2nd Picosure treatment on 15/07/14. I don't know what setting it was on this time but boy did it hurt. I still didn't blister or scab after though. This time I only had the black and blue ink treated as my technician thinks the red inks will definitely respond better to the Revlite. I have to go back next week to get the reds pinks and oranges treated but for now I have added some update pics.

3rd Picosure completed 10/09/14

I had my 3rd Picosure treatment today on the blue and black inks of my tattoo. Again, I forgot to ask what strength it was set at but she did say she had increased it and it was really painful. I am going back in 4 weeks to have the reds and oranges treated and by then am hoping to see some good fading on the blue and black. I have added a pic of my tattoo a few weeks back although its not very clear so apologies! I will add a better progress pic when I am fully healed.

4th Picosure treatment 16/11/14

I had my fourth picosure treatment yesterday and it went better than I had anticipated. All my treatments previously have been pretty painful as its a large tattoo but yesterday didn't hurt as much, even though the laser was turned up again. This time the laser was set at 2.6 and we treated every colour. I have been having the reds pinks and oranges treated with Revlite but the technician said she would like to try treating the whole tattoo with Picosure to see what happened and it responded really well. I have added pictures of my tattoo just before this treatment and a couple of photos I have taken today 1 day post treatment. I am feeling pretty optimistic at the minute that I will have a good 95% clearance on this tattoo as I see good results when looking back through my pics! I am hoping for some good fading over the coming weeks :)

7th Picosure complete 20/07/15

So I haven't updated this review in like 8 months or so. After my 4th treatment, progress seemed to slow a little so I started to leave a bit longer between treatments. Since my last update I have had 3 more treatments with the Picosure. My last treatment which was last week went okay. I think the laser was set at 2.4 this time. No blistering or anything just a little swelling and redness immediately after and some slight scabbing for a few days. It is now pretty much healed already so have added a couple of pics for you guys to see my progress since November last year. I guess I am happy with my progress so far, however, I expected to see a bigger change on the black ink. What do you guys think?

Quick update!

Sorry guys, I havent updated in so long!
I have now had a total of 9 picosure treatments on my upperarm tattoo but still have a long way to go. We are now treating with the picosure boost setting as we are nearing the two year mark since the first treatment. I have a treatment booked in for next week so will upload a few progress pics over the next couple of days :)

Treatment 12

So I have just had my 12th treatment yesterday and I have been getting lasered for just over 2 years now. I have seen some really good progress but there is still quite a bit of ink to budge! Yesterday we treated with the Revlite all over. The Picosure boost is working well but the technician wants to see how the tattoo responds to the Revlite. I have uploaded a pic of the tattoo today a day after treatment.

Is this normal?

So, I'm currently 4 days post Revlite and I've noticed that some of the skin in the surrounding areas of the tattoo has gone a red/light brown colour. It looks like skin that didn't contain any ink has been hit with the laser. Is this normal? I'm also worried this could be the beginnings of hyper pigmentation which, if it is, I will be pretty upset. The Picosure had caused no damage or changes to my skin whatsoever throughout treatment so if this is the consequence of treating the whole tattoo with a different laser then I will be pretty gutted. Thoughts guys?

Healing well

So my tattoo has continued to heal well over the last 2 months and the hyper pigmentation has started to fade slowly over time. The Picosure machine at my clinic has broken and so am not able to have a treatment for another few weeks. I have added a couple of pics of how my tattoo is looking today. I still have a long way to go I think. I have also completed treatment on my wrist tattoo now and you can see my progress on my other thread :)

Treatment 15 28/05/17

Hi guys,
Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I had treatment 15 two days ago and I'm healing atm. The last couple of treatments we have just been using the Picosure Boost. I have had some further fading and the hyperpigmentation I experienced last year has improved dramatically. I will take a couple of new pics when I am healed. I feel like I am getting there slowly. I will be having a break now though and probably wont have another treatment until October time as I'm away for the summer and want to tan. Pics soon!
Holly, Trueskin Bluewater

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