Starting My Breast Augmentation Journey - Troy, MI

I have always disliked my breasts. Despite having...

I have always disliked my breasts. Despite having a B/C cup, my breast shape is awkward. I have no fullness at the top and a lot of fullness on the bottom. My breasts aren't proportional to the rest of my body and I have considered BA for the longest time. This was my third consult; I guess the third time is the charm!

The first two consults were less than stellar. I felt like they barely looked at my body and just chose what size implant for me based on my preferences. Dr. Deluca-Pytell is amazing. She apologized for running late which was nice because most docs won't even acknowledge their tardiness. She thoroughly went over my health history and explained all the possible choices (type of implant, incision, size, etc).

Then she did multiple measurements of my breasts, did a breast exam, and let me try on bras with multiple sizes of implants. I was very impressed and she made me feel very much at ease. She asked if I had questions multiple times and was very accommodating. I will be scheduling my surgery with her, will update at that time.
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Please see above for my experience with the consult. Will update when I have the surgery

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