2 months (8wks) post-op

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Hello hello! I finally decided to make a review...

Hello hello! I finally decided to make a review here since I know how scary it can be to make such a decision. Reading other reviews here made me feel a whole lot better, so I figured I should return the favor and maybe assure others who are feeling nervous about an upcoming procedure. 

So I've been self-conscious of my nose since I was about 14. Now I'm 20. No one ever made fun of it or anything, and I can't recall just one day waking up and hating it. It might have been a gradual process. Anyways over the six years I would go through phases where I was feeling so-so about my nose, but the majority of the time I despised taking pictures of myself, and every time I'd look in a mirror, my nose would be the first thing I notice. I would analyze every aspect of my nose. It became an obsession. I just wanted some improvement so I wouldn't mind people seeing me from the side. I didn't want my nose to be the first thing people notice about me!

So what bothered me most? The hump. It's actually a pseudo-hump because the area between my eyes, the radix I believe, is too low. It creates the illusion of a bump. Also, my collumella hung too low, and you could see my nostrils too much for my liking! I have tiny red veins on the inside of my nostrils so each day I had to use cover up to make it look less red. Even frontal pictures bothered me because of the way the lighting hit my face; with the radix so low, it made it look like a dark crease between my eyes as opposed to a smooth nose up and down. Does that make sense?

Once I had my first job in my senior year of high school, I vowed to save up the money for a rhinoplasty. After two years I had enough tucked away to feel comfortable with seeking out a doctor. Thankfully my family and friends were supportive and understood that I would be the one living with my nose for the rest of my life! It made sense to do it while I was young and healthy, that way I ~hopefully~ could live out my life without a constant battle with my nose.

So I've spent hours upon hours researching rhinoplasty doctors, reading reviews, and learning the proper terms for describing my nose. Originally I was going to wait until this fall to have surgery, but I thought, "Why push it off? I want it done now!" So in January I had a consultation with Dr. Theodore Golden. I live about 50min away from his office. I had heard about Dr. Golden's lack of bedside manners, but personally I found him quirky and very kind. Not once did I feel rushed or ignored during my consultation. Now I know it's advised to have more than one consultation, but I broke that rule and scheduled a date for surgery. I was told my hump would be shaved to give a straight profile, my collumella shaved a tad bit along with the nasal spine. My septum would be broken to straighten it AND allow my entire nose to be deprojected. No work would be done on my tip, which as Dr.Golden described, was perfect. I was fine with my tip to begin with so that was good news =) I know swelling on the tip tends to take longer to go down, so hopefully I won't be dealing with that. Dr.Golden assured me I would NOT have a piggy nose, but I'm aware that the first few weeks post-op are when the swelling tends to give it such a look. 

Fast forward to my final pre-op appointment. We went over my pictures and confirmed what would be done to my nose. Also, what would NOT be done. One of my nostrils is a bit larger than the other, and he said that wouldn't change. That's okay, because that didn't bother me before either (I had noticed it when looking at my nose from below, but who does that anyways? lol) . My main concerns were the hump and collumella. 

Now surgery day. I was nervous as heck of course. My mom went with me. In the waiting room we met the mother of another girl who was having surgery before me. Dr. Golden came out and hugged me, telling me not to worry because he knew what he was doing. Haha. I can tell he takes a lot of pride in what he does, which is good. Eek I was afraid of the twilight sedation, because I've heard stories of people hearing the bone break and whatnot.

Once in my gown (I still had my yoga pants on, just not my shirt), I was given the IV. Yadda yadda, it feel weird and I recall saying, "Ohh I feel it now!" once everyone went blurry. I think the procedure started around noon. I DO remember hearing a crunching sound, and him scraping my hump. And tugging which very faintly hurt, but nothing big. This was what I was afraid of, however, rest assured that you are so drugged up that such sounds will not bother you! I didn't care at all, and found it a little interesting haha. Next thing I know, I'm resting in the chair for a while. It's 2:45pm by then. The nurses are very attentive and sat beside me while I came around. Apparently I swallowed blood so I was nauseous and expected to puke. My eyes felt so heavy and disorientated when I tried to open them. I just wanted to go to sleep. My throat was super dry as well. I remember coughing a few times. 

Once I was well enough to get into the wheelchair, I was taken to the recovery room. I told them my mom could come in. We just sat around for a while. One of the nurses kept asking if I was feeling okay. They didn't want to give me water because that would make me more sick, but the whole time that was the only thing I wanted. Just some water. I was given a wet rag to wipe the blood off of my lips. I finally did puke up a little bit of blood and felt better. They wanted me to use the bathroom before leaving but I just didn't have to. It was a relief to be able to go home. I had my foam u-shaped pillow and a dolphin pillow pet to rest my head on. It was comfy. Upon getting home I rested on the couch for a while, and my cat kept me company ;) My room is upstairs, so my mom helped me up there because it's more quiet and away from the noise of two yappy dogs and a little sister ahah. I took sips of water, had a single bite of toast. Dr. Golden called to check up on me and said I shouldn't take the vicodin until I had some proper protein in me. Around 9pm I felt better after napping for so long, and had some scrambled eggs to take my medicine with. Sleeping on my back was annoying but not unbearable. Now I feel much better, but look terrible as expected haha. I had a good breakfast this morning. I have to change my drip pad on occasion but there's not a ton of bleeding at least. It looks piggy when I go to change the pads, but it's so funny looking that I don't mind at all. I know it'll change as the swelling goes down in time. Anyways here I am, typing this up before I forget anything. I might post pictures coming up by right now I don't feel comfortable doing so. I WILL eventually, because personally my favorite reviews are the ones with pictures. Thanks for reading!

4/3/13 Day after surgery. I felt good up until...

Day after surgery. I felt good up until late afternoon, at which time I started to feel nauseous. By the evening I was puking a lot, it was horrible. I think the vicodin was behind this, along with the bit of blood I had swallowed before. The nurse had told me I would likely throw it up, but since it had been over a day since surgery, I thought I was safe. I won't go into details, but my ill episode wasn't pretty. That night I had a lot more trouble sleeping. I was shaking and trying to keep down the saltine crackers and ginger drink my dad got for me. Thankfully I did keep it all down.
I felt weak all day due to bad sleep and lack of proper food. My nose still needed a drip pad. My mom got me some shake called Ensure Plus which helped fufill my lack of nutrients. I went through a ton of water too because I was worried about becoming dehydrated from the puking, not to mention I could only breathe through my mouth. My lips are not too pretty right now despite applying good chapstick all day. I shudder to think what they'd look like if I didn't have that! Also I washed my hair with help from my mom...don't know how people do that without help. It felt really wonderful to have clean hair, my goodness.
Still need drip pad. Nose is still super stuffed, but I noticed on occasion I'd feel some air enter it, and feel bubbling from all the gunk in it. Lovely image huh? So I havent been taking that vicodin, and went all day without pain meds. Sometimes I'd feel a sting near the stitch holding the septum in place. I still don't feel that hungry, but I'm eating anyways just to feel less weak.
Went in to get my cast off. I didn't wear a drip pad but I brought q tips to wipe the slight drainage I still had on one side. In the office I met the girl who had surgery right before me, and then another girl who had hers the day after mine. It was a relief to see how similar their fronts looked to mine, all swollen and a bit upturned still. One of them mentioned looking on realself before, so maybe she'll see this haha.

So I heard getting the nose cleaned out was uncomfortable, so prior to it I took two tylenol (yeah I abandoned the vicodin), which may have helped. It still hurt when Dr. Golden shoved cotton soaked with medicine up there and cleaned the crusty blood out. There was a lot of pressure when he took the cast off and put the tape on. Dare I say this was worse than the surgery itself. I could breathe through it for a while after though, which was nice! But I got really light headed for a while, and I still feel a bit dizzy now. Regarding my nose, with just tape on I can see it better, and it's wonderful. So swollen but it's already better than I imagined. Gotta admit that I kind of cried earlier because of how happy I felt. With time my nose will get even better, my bruises will go away, and I'll resume life as usual. Only this time I won't be turning my head to avoid people seeing my nose. I already feel more confident.

5/7/13 added pictures, and gotta change the dates...

5/7/13 added pictures, and gotta change the dates because I put down April instead of May, silly me!

5/9/13 So I can't find a way to edit my past...

So I can't find a way to edit my past posts to change the dates to May and correct some spelling errors :/ oh well. Um anyways today marks a week since surgery! I can kinda sorta breathe out of my nose, but it's still pretty stuffed. I go back on the 14th to get another cleaning, so I'll update after that too since the tape should be gone by then. I was told the tape would come off on its own, and so far just one piece has. I hope it comes off by the weekend because I want to go out!

I still have some ugly bruises, especially under my right eye, but they're getting smaller each day so hopefully in a week they'll be gone too. I had some weird red spots on my left cheek, next to the nose. I worried myself because I hadn't seen anyone else with those (they looked like freckles), and I try looking them up and all I could find was broken capillaries which can be permanent. Well, thankfully whatever they were, they flaked off and are gone now. What a relief!

Swelling-wise, oh boy. I can feel it down near my tip now. Thanks, gravity :p I didn't even have work done on my tip but I guess it IS connected to the rest of my nose and has to suffer the same fate of edema. In my front pic (1 week post-op) you can see a line around the tip because of how swollen it is. I think that'll go away in time, so I'm not letting it bother me. You need patience with rhinoplasty! One day at a time.

So I haven't chosen whether or not this was "worth it", only because I think I should wait until a month has passed to make a solid decision on that. I don't know. I love my new nose even with all the swelling and I feel that is IS worth it for sure, but I want to wait just in case...I don't know what could change my mind though. I have a way of jinxing myself when I get too excited about stuff.

So it's been 12 days. I decided to just ago ahead...

So it's been 12 days. I decided to just ago ahead and mark this as "worth it" because from the get-go I felt better about my nose. I took my tape off so I could go out on Saturday, and I felt a lot more confident in my appearance even with some bruising and swelling still. Now I don't mind people looking at my profile! It's a huge relief to me. Sometimes I wake up and think I've been dreaming all of this, because it feels so unreal to have finally gone through with it.

Today I went to another post-op to have my nose cleaned out, which helped my breathing a lot. The amount of gunk that builds up in there despite my careful efforts to clean it is crazy. Anyways, Dr.Golden said it doesn't get any better than this at 12 days. He asked if he could show a potential client my results because she is interested in rhinoplasty, and of course I agreed. I'll post more photos on Thursday to mark two weeks.

Two weeks: pics

Added pictures. Excuse the big red hat lol it is a lifesaver in the sun though. I don't look happy in my front view but I was sick of trying to get a decent pic at that point haha. I know the swelling will go down. Right now I'm just looking forward for the bruises to finish going away. They're a lot smaller now (you can see the bigger one under my right eye, or left in the pic). So yeah, I'm only posting that front pic for you guys. For science!

3 weeks post-op

So it's already been 3 weeks. Time has flown by. I'm looking forward to being able to wear glasses again in a few more weeks, since wearing contacts every day can get tiring. My nose is still numb at and around the tip, and when I touch the sides I can feel the swelling, all squishy-like ew. However, I do feel tingling now and then which is a good sign that the nerves are working to heal. Right now my nose kind of feels disconnected from my face because of it's heaviness. It'll be nice when that goes away too. My bruises are at last gone. Breathing-wise, I need to go back for another cleaning because there's still a lot of gunk in there. I don't want to be too aggressive with cleaning, but I've tried nasal saline spray as well which helps. It's kind of like having a mild cold without the constant itching. Speaking of itching, since my nose is numb, scratching does not relieve any itch that does occur on my nose! It drives me crazy when that happens. I'll post pics next week at the one-month mark.

4 1/2 weeks post-op

Sorry for late update. Anyways quick report: I'm getting more feeling back near my tip, though the tip itself is still numb. It kind of tingles when I tap it. I'm going in tomorrow for another cleaning since I'm still stuffy.

Today I was going through some of my pictures on my phone and came across some pre-op pictures I took of my nose, and I visibly cringed. Oh lordy. Haha well, I'm so glad I went through with this. My nose is more upturned than I expected it to be, and I'm wondering how much more it'll go down as swelling subsides. I can feel a lot of swelling still so that gives me hope the tip will drop a little more so it's not as, er, swoopy I guess. Either way, I still love it and think it's a huge improvement so that is what counts. On this site I saw pictures of someone whose nose looked completely different from the first month when compared to the result in six months, so I'm excited to see how mine might change =)

4 1/2 weeks post-op

I seriously wish I could edit past updates...-hint hint- So after updating with the last pictures and comparing them to the others I really did notice how my profile looks more upturned than even two weeks ago. I find that strange. I'll ask Dr.Golden tomorrow because I don't want it to look so upturned, or "puggy" I guess. Could it be more swelling that is pulling it up? Or perhaps swelling that has moved down into the tip more and made it stick out more? Time will tell I guess lol.

2 months (8wks) post-op

So it's been eight weeks since surgery. I can't believe it has already been that long.

Progress report: My tip is still partially numb but now it feels more tingly when I touch it so that's improving. As a whole my nose doesn't feel quite so heavy, but I feel some swelling mainly on the sides and down where my columella is. Which reminds me- at my final appointment with Dr.Golden, he mentioned how he had removed bit of bone under my nose (that one at the very top of the upper lip/bottom of columella) to create more space between my nose and upper lip. I had no clue he'd done that, but it does explain the swelling there. Not that I mind what he did! I tried wearing my glasses several times but it leaves big dents after only ten minutes (they go away after a while) so I'm reluctant to wear them still. My nose is not perfect, but I think it fits my face now and is very much improved from my old one.

I feel so content with my nose now. Everyone has told me it looks good (and if they think otherwise then clearly they don't remember the old nose lol). There is a sense of peace I have with how I look now. Someone asked me if I felt any hesitation with handing over so much money during my pre-op. The truth is, I did not! From the beginning I had this goal, and that money was never meant for anything else. If you truly want something, then don't be afraid to pursue it.

On that note, I have been putting off updating because, and this might sound weird, I feel ready to move forward. Coming here just reminds me of the surgery, and while there is no shame or regret or hard feelings (quite the opposite really), I don't necessarily want to dwell on this either. I just want to continue life with my new nose and be happy about it. I will update at the 4 month mark. Suddenly I understand why some people don't update again after the first month or two x) thanks for reading!


Added pics. I've never been a fan of taking pictures of myself, regardless of my nose. I'm not very photogenic, but oh well x) it shows the progress.

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