Rhinoplasty. Troy, MI

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Over a year ago my identical twin underwent the...

Over a year ago my identical twin underwent the same procedure with this particular doctor. Following the procedure the results were incredible and the transformation was so extremely beautiful. I finally made the decision to have the surgery for myself and considering I'm only one day post-op and the swelling and bruising are just starting to set in i'd say it looks great so far and I cannot wait until the cast is taken off and the swelling begins to subside.

Rhinoplasty: Day 2 Post-op

The swelling and bruising continue to increase. My eyes are nearly swollen shut and although I haven't had any pain the swelling of my face has become increasingly uncomfortable. I continue to take my antibiotic as well as the arnica montana tablets and cream.

Rhinoplasty: Day 3 Post-op

So today I don't look so hot. My face had a bit of swelling yesterday morning but towards the end of the day the swelling increased dramatically. I'll show a couple side view images but the front view is so horrendous that i'll have to wait a few days before I decide to post any pics. Overall still I have minimal pain. The profile looks great so far but the frontal view isn't so attractive. My cheeks are extremely puffy, two black eyes (they're so swollen that its impossible for me to completely open or close either eye), lips are bigger (but hey no complaints about that), and the tip of my nose is still pretty swollen (and yes I understand that this is the last place for the swelling to go away). To see more updates you can follow my snapchat amelia.namou i'll continue to post on there more often than here but nonetheless i'll be updating this profile as I see changes.

Rhinoplasty: Post-op Day 5

Hello all,
So today was the day that my cast came off. That went extremely well, so far this transformation has been amazing. I'll post a few updates pictures to show the progress.

Also if anyone has any tips I could really use some help...my face is still extremely swollen and there is bruising from my forehead down to my chin. If anyone knows anything I can do to help this healing process I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

Rhinoplasty: Before Photos

Rhinoplasty: two weeks post-op

Just uploading a few more recent pics. Still have a lot of swelling and lots of bruising and discoloration(under all of the makeup, of course).


So it's been almost three weeks since surgery and I still have a significant amount of swelling and bruising. I'll post some pictures of the front view but it really isn't great and I have a ton of makeup on because of the residual bruising. The profile looks great and I'm hoping that soon after the bruising and swelling subside that I will like the front view just as much.
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