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I have always hated my nose! I hate my bump and...

I have always hated my nose! I hate my bump and how wide it is !! I finally decided to go through with getting a nose job and I feel that my choice with Dr. Golden in Troy is the right one ! Less than a week until surgery and I'm getting super anxious and nervous !!! Here are some pictures of my nose now. Sorry that I don't have many side view pics (I hate my profile).

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This would ideally be what it looks like from the side !!! Dr Golden does not show you after pictures on the computer so I did play around on my own lol


So today was the day ! I was very nervous going into the office but the nurse, receptionist and helpers were all so nice and welcoming !!!! It didn't feel like some scary operating room - it was a small little room with a chair and they gave me a warm blanket to cover up with ! The surgery was over with before I knew it! I could towards the end hear them talking and I knew when they broke my nose - I also remember spitting out lots of blood - but better out than in right !? Although I could hear things i definitely couldn't feel anything - it was the craziest feeling !! Anyways when it was over I got some apple juice and rested until my sister came in and the nurse went over the post care. They wheeled me down to the the car and though I did feel a little nauseous at first I basically just had a small headache by the time I arrived home. I'm assuming it was because i had nothing to eat or drink including caffeine (I normally get caffeine headaches if I don't start the day with it). When I got home I was just so tired still so I took a norco and went to bed for 5 hours. When I woke up I felt a little nauseous so I ate some soup and a grilled cheese, it's kind of hard with the drip bandage to eat soup but I made it work lol. My nose has been bleeding pretty heavily through out the day I've changed the bandage three times. Dr. Golden called me from his cell tonight to check in and reassure me that everything went great and that he was there for me if anything was feeling scary. He is so funny and such a great doctor! He really did throughout this whole experience make me feel safe and so good about my decision. Here are some pics starting from right after the doctors until bedtime. Will post more every day.


So today I was definitely more swollen and I had more purple around my eyes! I can't taste anything and I have to change the drip pads pretty often ! I've been putting the arnica gel under my eyes and taking the pellets still religiously.... It's hard to open my mouth wide because the swelling but the Norcos are real long helping me stay comfortable. I keep looking at my profile in the mirror and picturing how cute it hopefully will be!


Today was definitely the worst day !!! I woke up super swollen and puffy. I still can't taste anything and my nose hurts when I open my mouth wide so I've only been able to eat soft foods. I have been drinking lots of water in hopes of tomorrow being better!

DAYS 4-6

These were the days where I noticed the swelling and bruising going down. I sat in the yard with a hat on for some sun and tried to keep busy - going quite stir crazy !! It still is so uncomfortable sleeping on my back since I am normally a stomach sleeper :( I also wake up every morning with extremely dry mouth and lips bc I can't breathe through my nose lol. Tomorrow I get my cast off ! So excited !

CAST OFF !!!!!

I freaking love Dr. Golden!!!!! I love my nose and I could not be happier !!! I do know that it is still swollen and will take time to show its true colors, but I can already tell that I will be obsessed. I am so excited to look at my profile now !! I am beyond happy with my decision to go ahead with this surgery and with my decision to pick Dr. Golden!!! He is amazing at what he does and I can tell he truly cares about his patients. Such a great guy!


Here is my nose before compared to what it looks like today on the day of cast removal.


I got my face wet on accident and the tape started to come off and now it is off already ! I love how it looks but I don't know if the little bump that is showing is swelling or part of the final product ! Still love this nose much better than my nose before :)


It's been exactly two weeks ! Keeping track of the swelling ! Hope this can be helpful to anyone out there contemplating rhinoplasty ! Still very happy with my decision :) at my post op Today I asked about the small bump I can still see, and dr golden assured me it is swelling and very normal given he shaved my bump down only 2 weeks ago !


Loving it more and more every day !


I literally love my nose more and more each day. It's starting to feel so normal again and though I know it will be stiff and the tip will be numb more long term, I am SO happy I got this surgery. My self confidence is at an all time high and I am very happy :)


Here is a side view now compared to before. SO in love with dr goldens work I am unbelievably happy


I love it more and more everyday !!

I love everything about Dr. Golden, his staff, and my new nose !! From consultation to post op I can honestly say this surgery was way less scary than I thought and so worth it thanks to him !!!! Whoever hasn't picked him as their surgeon is missing out.

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