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Hey everyone! Well, i have finally made the...

Hey everyone! Well, i have finally made the decision to say goodbye to my deflated boobs and belly and all that came with growing and birthing five kiddos. The baby is 3 and our family is complete, so this Momma is READY!
I have a consult with 2 local surgens within the next month. Dr Deluca-Pytell and Dr Anthony Youn. So me and the hubs will see both and make the big decision.
I am thinking i want an augmentation,TT, and lipo of the flanks,hips and thighs.
Cant wait to get this process going!

Getting ready for my first consult!

I am getting excited to meet my first Dr....And a little nervous too. As I mentioned I have 5 kids.... ranging in age from 13 to 3, a busy husband who travels, and a boat load of responsibilities to keep our house running. We have no family within 4 states of us and I'm just starting to worry about how we are going to do this. I also wonder what I'll say to my children...any recommendations out there? My 6,4,&3 year olds won't really get it BUT my 12 and 13 year old certainly will. (13= boy,12=girl) I just want (especially my oldest daughter) not to start to question her body because mom is unhappy with hers! :(
Here are a few more before pics
Meet with the doc Tuesday! Wish me luck!

First consultation DONE

Yesterday I met with Dr Danielle Deluca-Pytell....and I liked her A LOT! I know I should probably meetmet with another doc to two, bit I felt super comfortable with her and I felt confident in her abilities. I don't really know what more I would be liking for. Am I crazy?? Or have any of you gone with the first and only doctor you saw?
The examination was pretty embarrassing I have to say...I wasn't quite prepared for that. I have never had anyone grab on to my rolls and squish them all around. Or squeeze my boobs like a pancake and measure them. But all for a good cause right! Haha!
I felt and tried on implants and think I'll be going with silicone implants under the muscle. I have asymmetry so one implant will be bigger than the other. I was surprised how big the sizes felt. I definitely came in thinking (based on reading reviews and seeing pics on here) that I would want something around 400cc's. However, I am pretty sure I will be sticking to 350 on my smaller side and only 300cc's on the other.
She said I was a fantastic candidate for a tummy tuck and I would get a really great really result. She did say however, which really surprised me, that she did not recommend lipo. She said I already had an hour glass and a figure others were trying to achieve and that lipo could potentially change that and make me look out of proportion. That made me feel good to know that she wasn't trying to force or encourage unneeded procedures on me...even ones that I was asking for and ready to pay for.
My appointment with Dr Youn isn't until the end of April, so I'm really torn whether I should even go or not

Surgery has been SCHEDULED!

I did it! I did it! I am so nervous i could puke...but, i did it!
Surgery is scheduled for the 20th of April! It is so close! I hope ill be ready! My in laws are coming this weekend for Easter and staying the following week, then we are taking our whole family to Jamaica for spring break. Then the week after that is SURGERY!
I want to do it more than anything, so I'm excited for sure! Just nervous for my little ones and hubby. Its such a long time to be out of commision. I dont want the mom guilt weighing in on me.
I guess its time for me to throw myself into researching everything i can about leading up to surgery. I want to be prepared as possible! Any tips?


Okay, so I am officially OBSESSED with everything surgery related! I have been spending every free second on this site or my surgeons looking at pics, reading stories, or scouring the forums and Q&A sections.
My husband is out of town right now, so I thought I'd try to start calling around to the medical equipment rental places. I was going to rent a reclining lift chair, walker, and a shower bench. However I have learned that no place rents shower chairs/benches...they are for sale only, and lift chairs are pretty scarce too, like one sales associate put it....it's hard to get the pee stains and smell out! I immediately called my husband, completely grossed out, who had wanted a recliner for the past 10 years and said, we'll babe...I guess you are going to get your wish! I personally detest the look of a recliner, most are just plain ugly....but I will forgo the lift option and we will be recliner shopping this weekend! lol!
I did also find that Walgreens sells walkers, shower benches, and something I didn't even think of, but a toilet seat riser. I can purchase all 3 for under 100.
Although, I called my PS office to see if maybe they had a recommendation of a rental place that was more for cosmetic patients verses nursing home patients, and they actual said they didn't feel any of the things I mentioned were necessary.
Please someone with experience, if you are reading this, what is your take? What would you say are must haves?

Pre-op appointment

So, yesterday was my Pre-op appointment. My husband was able to come with me which was nice. I signed all my papers, paid my surgery in full, got my scripts, and took all sorts of lovely embarrassing pictures in front of a blue screen.
I tried on sizers again and decided to up it to 375 and 325. Hopefully I made the right decision. I want to look full but I don't want to create a heavy looking top to my body, especially since I have always carried more weight in the bottom half (hips and thighs)
We also re-discussed lipo...I really feel like I need it, but she insists it will take away from my natural curves and shape. She said we can revisit the idea if I'm really not happy afterward....but she kept reassuring me that the surgery was really going to be great for me and I would get a really great result. I don't want to turn into a surgery junkie and I also want to be realistic...I know I will never a super skinny model with 6 ft long legs. I need to remember my body will probably NEVER be "perfect" in my eyes, and that what I'm really fed up with is what I fixing.
Now...time to get ready and focus on our trip to Jamaica!!
I will post again maybe right before surgery day and include a few more before pics! Good luck to all those getting ready for your day and to those in the healing process as we speak, happy recovery!


I can't believe only week week until surgery!
Jamaica was amazing! We had such a great time. It was a nice distraction to keep my mind off things!
I got a few things in the mail that I ordered and will use this week to finish up all my errands and preparations. We also got a couple recliners. I had them put one downstairs and one up in our bedroom for when I feel comfortable climbing them. Anyone else have a bedroom on the second level? What did you do? How did it feel climbing the stairs? I also bought a shower chair, a walker, and a toilet seat riser. Amazon has also been busy delivering Arnica and bromelain supplements and creams, gauze pads, Neosporin ointments, straws, comfy granny panties, a lanyard for my drains, stool softeners and milk of magnesia, a pill container,and some front closing nightgowns.....I think that is it, lol!
I had my land and mammogram done last week, still need to grab my prescriptions though. I need to do some foods prep and nail down some help for a few things for the kids and their activities.
I think I'm ready. I just this week goes quickly so I can stop stressing!

So close....and freaking out!

Y'all...I'm freaking out! 2.5 days until surgery! I just got the call from the hospital confirming arrival time, along with a few final instructions. I am starting to have major MAJOR anxiety. This is normal right? I think if I wasn't in so deep, I would go running for the hills right about now. I'm scared you guys!
Talk me off the ledge! It's worth it right?....right? Maybe I need to go look in the mirror and remember exactly why I'm doing this!

Well.... I did it!

Keeping it super quick cause I'll probably fall asleep mid sentance! But, sugery was a SUCESS! And first trip to pee was no joke! Jello legs!
Hubby went home for the night while i stay here at the hospital. And i am currently drinking my dinner, a little chicken broth.
I'll see if tommorow I'm a little more with it and give you the full scoop!

Day 1 and a recap of surgery

Well, it is over!
My surgery was yesterday...I got to the hospital at 6:15 and before I knew it it was time to get started! They gave me a little relax cocktail in my IV and I didn't even remember being wheeled back. Surgery was about 6 hours. My surgeon said she was able to go higher and lower on my skin removal and she removed just shy of 5lbs. I woke up in recovery definitely feeling like I had just been in surgery...but nothing a little pain medication couldn't take care of. By the time I got placed in my room it was around 4. I was able to get up and go to the bathroom pretty much right away...although I was VERY wobbly. I was on a liquid diet and ate a little "dinner"
I sent my husband home to sleep and relieve our nanny. I was up and down all night to pee and to walk my required hallway walks! :)
Pain has been tolerable. I'm keeping on top of my meds though. In my opinion my drain sites are the most sore aside from the straight up muscle pain from my repair and then my pecks from my implants. I was discharged at little after 12 today and have been home recovering since. I haven't taken my binders off..not even for a quick peek...So no pictures yet. I'm just too tired and sore, too much effort right now! lol!
Thanks everyone for your support!

2 days post OP

Day 2
I have been sleeping TONS! My recliner has been a God send! I am taking it completely easy only getting up to go to the bathroom, get my self water, or just the stretch my legs and keep my circulation going.
I got curious and snapped a couple pics. I am so hunched over it isn't funny. At this point I can't even imagine standing up straight. The girls are riding pretty high, they look like torpedoes lol! But good thing I read up and know they will settle in eventually. My tt incision is super low and I'm very excited about that.
Overall, so far today has been a Good day. I'm eating light...protein shakes and crackers or toast, but I'm not especially hungry so it's plenty

Day 3... And a SHOWER! :)

Hey ladies, well here I am at day 3 already! I am happy to report I feel so much better than I thought I would at this point! I sure hope to continue on this path! I am making sure to get up the bare minimum and resting a ton. Last night I only woke up once as compared to waking up every one to two hours the two previous nights. I'm not messing around with my medication either, I'm staying right on top of it, taking it before I'm in pain. I also took a nice refreshing shower today. It felt great. I still have iodine and markings all over my body that would not come off...but at least I feel clean! I'm walking a little faster (still a snail's pace lol) but I am still very bent at the waist, so my back is in pain. I think it might be awhile before I'm comfortable standing, it literally feels like I would rip in half.
I snapped a few new pictures, boobs are settling a bit (one side faster than the other...but that's okay) Overall, even with the swelling and lopsideness I am super happy!
I could have cried when I sat on my shower chair and looked down and didn't have a belly flopping on my legs. This surgery is definitely going to be worth it!

Hit a rough patch

Well day four was official terrible, I felt so down and awful all day. I stopped the pain meds because I was so miserable from not being able to poop! Sorry, I know tmi, but I was dying! Happy to say it worked but Tylenol alone has left me in more pain than I was ready for. I really really questioned my decision in doing the surgery. I got nasty with my husband because I was so frustrated, luckily he knew my emotions were going to be all over the place!
Today, day 5, I am better, not great, but better....I am just super super swollen and I guess while I knew there would be swelling I didn't think it would be like this. I took another shower today, and I did it all by myself (with my husband close by just in case) and that made me feel better. I am also having a much easier time getting up and down, so that has been better. I am really really having a hard time with the way my stomach feels. I feel like someone cut off someone esles stomach and Frankenstein'd it on mine. I feel an itch and go to scratch and it's like I'm touching someone else. It is such a creepy feeling. I just hate feeling so down. Recovery is hard. I hope it gets better!

One week!

Can't believe it's been a whole week, it has both flown, and dragged. But one thing I know is I am feeling a whole heck of a lot better! :) My emotions have finally (hopefully....I know this process I'd a rollercoaster ride) settled and I am feeling much more like myself! Tomorrow is my first post op and I am excited to get out of the house for a little bit! I am a doer and always on the go. It has been tough to be sidelined! I think that is what brought on the emotional crazies for a couple days, I just hate feeling so helpless or burdensome. Third shower today and this completely on my own from start to finish and I even felt like checking out the new boobs! I tried on an old bikini top and I have to say, I'm pretty excited!

Drains are OUT!

I repeat....My drains are OUT! ****HAPPY HAPPY DANCE***** So happy to get my drains out today! Hopefully I can avoid the dreaded seroma! I am totally still swollen...to the point I have a slight overhang above the incision on my left side...and I have what I have heard others lovingly refer to as kengina (bahaha, that one still cracks me up...but if ya got it, you know what I'm talking about) BUT I am finally feeling well and like myself again and can see the light at the end of the tunnel! This is one crazy process, but I keep reminding myself of that gut that I had to tuck into to all my pants, that gut that prohibited me from wearing many a cute outfit because it created unsightly bumps and lumps. I just can't wait to see where I am in the next few weeks and months! This is not for the weak minded, girls...It takes a lot of strength and a lot of keeping your "eye on the prize" mentality! But, I'm staying to feel a little taste of the freedom of being released from the constant wishing I could change this and that about my body...cause guess what....I DID IT! :) :)


Two weeks ago at this very time I was just getting settled in my room after surgery....Today I was up walking around fairly well, picked my kids up from school, and even folded some laundry! I keep saying it, but the human body is pretty amazing! It's just crazy! I'm feeling pretty good! First getting out of my surgical bra and then getting the drains out, and finally the intense pain I was having under my left breast subsiding....I finally felt like doing a little comparison photography session! lol! I go back for another post op appointment on Wednesday. Until then happy healing to all my girls!

Before and afters

My surgeon gave me copies of my before pics yesterday as per my request (I knew they'd be a true representation of my body before) Let me just say I an so happy to have these because I can truly look back and see what a crazy transformation my body had actually been through. I am SUPER happy with my results!

3 weeks

Nothing really to report. Next time I go in for an appointment is a week from tomorrow, hopefully then I will be cleared for scar treatment. I still have quite a few spots on my incision line that are scabbed....So hopefully in the next week those week heal completely. The boobs are pretty pain free, I'll get a twinge every once in awhile, or feel heaviness when I lean over (still feels very strange, like I've stuffed my bra with rocks) The only thing I am seeing is a possible revision of some sort in my future on my tummy...it is more prevalent on my left but is also on the right and that is skin/fat that I can pinch above my incision line. It's good when standing but when I sit, I'm not too happy. I really don't know if I should just try to drop a few lbs and see if that resolves it or what....I get that I don't weigh 100lbs (or ever will) BUT I don't want anything bubbling over where it shouldn't be :( Here are some progress pics from today though....I honestly can't complain overall...I'm still so happy I went through with everything!


4 weeks 4 days and first date night with the hubby since surgery! I felt AMAZING!

Bra and bathing suit shopping.....WHAAT?

So last night I dragged my husband to Victoria's Secret so I could be re-sized and try on new bras and swim suits. I have dreaded suit shopping my ENTIRE life and for the first time in....EVER....I felt confidant standing in a swim suit. It was surreal! Also, I was "reevaluated" at a 36 DOUBLE D girls! I thought she made a mistake for sure and was convinced when she brought all the bad for me to try on I was going to be swimming in them. But they fit and looked amazing! SOOO, almost 300 buck-a-roos later we walked out! lol Also, super excited to ditch my binder on Monday, as I will be 6 weeks! On a down note .....because let's face it....everything can't always be perfect....I am pretty sure I have dog ears :( So that sucks butt.....and I know I'm still early in recovery in the scheme of things but I think I might need a revision for extra skin removal. I'll take pics later, but when I sit, I now have a slight roll again! It's like the skin is relaxing or something. I'm kinda upset, but then I battle myself because I see SUCH a great improvement, should I really be complaining?? But then I think, well I did pay 15 grand, I would like to be completely satisfied right.....But then I think, well even normal people have a little roll....ugh! I'll just ride it out and give myself 6 months before I really start freaking, I don't really want anymore surgery! Oooh gosh, I almost forgot....I went to Zumba yesterday! It felt so good to move again! I was surprised how well I felt! Hope all you girls are doing well on your journeys!

Double bubble???

So literally no sooner than right after I hit the post button, I went and tried on one of my new bras for my husband...as I was taking it off I liked in the mirror and saw that my right boob looks deformed. It is my bigger implant and wasn't doing as quickly, but now I'm freaked the fuck out! Is this the beginning of a double bubble? It bottoming out?

8 weeks!

Hey hey! Well, I'm at 8 weeks already! I'm feeling really great. I have another post op appt on Thursday, but thithus farI would say things are going picture perfect. I found out the thing going I with my right boob was just settling from the tubular release they did. So thankful because I had talked myself into thinking it was all sorts of terrible things!
I took a few updated pics and honestly it made me pretty excited to see the comparison. It's crazy how are mind work, I swear I've been so down on myself lately because I haven't been eating great and not being able to workout the way I like, I just felt like I had gone through all this for nothing. It's just so nice to have pictures so I can convince my brain that is RIDICULOUS! LOL!
Anyway, hope everyone is well!
Dr Danielle Deluca-Pytell

I absolutely love doctor Deluca-Pytell! The office is beautiful, the staff is polite and friendly, and Dr. Deluca-Pytell herself is wonderful! In my initial consultation I was there for quite awhile and she took her time answering all my questions and explained everything in detail. She just gave me a good feeling...I knew she was the surgeon for me. The day of surgery she met with my husband and I and helped settle my nerves! I am only one week post op...but so far, I am loving my results! My scar is so low and perfectly placed. I even received a "get well" plant from the whole office. Kelly and Andrea (her assistant and scheduler) are fantastic as well! I have nothing but good things to say about the whole process! I highly recommend her!

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