20 Years Old, Mother of Twins, Ready for a New Me - Troy, MI

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Hello! I'm a youngin' scheduled to get my...

Hello! I'm a youngin' scheduled to get my procedure done Wednesday, August 20th. After going through heck and back with Star Plastic Surgery (didn't hold my surgery date and tried to push my date back further) I am going with a new surgeon to get the body of my dreams. I know some of you are probably reading this thinking why in the heck is a 20 yr old getting a cosmetic procedure done. Let me start off by saying I NEVER had a nice body. My mom fed me a little too good and by the time I was in 6th grade I was over 160lbs. Prior to my pregnancy I was 195. During I shot up to 234lbs and I am only 5'0. I had my twins in February. Since then I have dropped under my pre-pregnancy weight and stabilized at 183. I have tried everything to lose more weight, but my body just won't let go. So I decided if I am stuck at this weight I'd rather be comfortable in my own body. About 2 weeks ago my husband and I got into an altercation. As he stood over top of me he kept calling me a fat bit*h. I cannot look in the mirror without crying. I feel like I am in my 20s I should enjoy life. I was financed for my surgery and I have my consultation tomorrow with my new surgeon. I will be having an extended tummy tuck, with lipo, breast ilft, and breast augmentation. By the time this is done with, I want to be comfortable with the woman I see in the mirror and wear a bikini for the very first time and above all make my husband stick his foot in his mouth. Wish me luck!

Star will be performing my surgery this Monday

I contacted star to see if they could do anything since they already took out $500. They squeezed me in on monday. I will not be having the breast augmentation (I'm a full D) so for now extended tummy tuck, with lipo, and breast lift is the plan. My surgery will be a little over $12,000.

a bundle of nerves

Today I filled my scripts for Valium, percocet, and stool softener. I am getting so incredibly nervous that I will not like my results :/. I am ready for Monday to be over with. August 31 is my husband and I's anniversary. He has never seen me naked due to me hating my body. I just want to stand in front of him and him eat his words for calling me fat. I want to feel beautiful. Hopefully this will all be worth it.

today is the day

I am scheduled for my surgery at 11:30 today. My husband dropped me off and apologized for everything he has said and done to me. I hope I can feel comfortable with him again. Not worry about how disgusted he is with the dimples, rolls, and crevasses in my body anymore. For some reason I am sad about losing my c-section scar and stretch marks. I feel like it's a memory imprinted on my body that marks the happiest day of my life- that being the birth of my twins. Once again, thanks everyone for the support, I will see you on the other side.


Well I made it. I have a flat belly (weird being abe to look down and see my who ha). My breasts are perky and I have small nipples. Will post pics next update. Thanks everybody for the support!

feeling kinda down :(

I know my body isn't where it is supposed to be yet, but I am very upset with how small my breasts came out :(. I'm hoping that my stomach gets flatter and my. Boobs fill in a bit more :/

wish the swelling would go down :(

On my back and hips it is extremely swelled and I look mutated :(. I'm still unhappy with how small my breasts are now. So far not happy. Hopefully there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

1 week down!

I am happy with my tummy tuck. The areas where I got the lipo is EXTREMELY swollen, painful, and bruised it looks like an abcess coming off from my hips. Can't wait for the swelling to go down. I go in for my check up tomorrow. However I am extremely upset with my breast lift. I was only supposed to have reduction on my right breast, I swear he did both. I was a DDD36. I tried on just a D bra and even that is too big. I am going to talk to him about breast augmentation tomorrow.

My poor boobs :(

I am exchanging my Victoria secret Bras today for a smaller size since I can no longer fit in a DDD let alone D. :( I am so depressed with my breast-lift. I think he botched my right breast. Is there anything that I can do about the massive swelling on my hips from the lipo? It is very painful and looks horrible under clothing.

mommy makeover gone wrong?

Not only do I hate the size of my breasts, but what in the heck is going on with my nipple? Not to mention my sides where I had the lipo... UGHHHH. Not happy!!!


I have an INFECTION in my right breast my sutures have popped open. I am leaking yellow discharge and blood. I am so incredibly upset right now and scared. I had 3 drs. Tell me that my breast is infected and the Ps is denying it. Anyone in michigan please avoid star plastic surgery and dr. Reisin

more photos

Sorry I know th see are gross
Dr. Ruthie Mccrary

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