34yrs old,113lb 5'4, 325cc moderate + profile silicone Mentor, Troy, MI

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Hello everyone, I love this site! I have finally...

Hello everyone, I love this site! I have finally decided to post in hopes that maybe I can help someone else in my similar situation. I have never been really sad about my breast size until I seen what happen to them after 2 kids, breastfeeding an rapid weight loss due to Crohns. I used to be a 34 B which I was fine with (I mean a little bigger would have been nice) but at least they were perky. Now I'm left with some flat saggy lifeless skin that I'm supposed to call my breasts ( insert the sigh of disgust...ugh!!!!!) Also I have crohns disease and I was diagnoised 10 months after my first child was born. I went through a terrible, painful 2 years. I am also on Remicade infusions and in my search for BA and people taking Remicade it was pretty hard to find anyone who had done the surgery taking this drug. So I'm posting in hopes this helps someone out there like me who wants to have this done while on this medication. I spoke with my GI about the surgery and I was nervous he would tell me it was a terrible idea. But to my surprise we talked over the phone and he didn't seem worried about it at all. ( which helped ease my anxiety a little bit) I'm still super nervous cause I'm worried the drug will delay my healing since its a immune suppression drug. I was worried about infections and wondering if I should premedicate prior to and after surgery. But he said that was not necessary. My PS surgeon did not tell me to stop the Remicade and neither did my GI. So I made sure the timing was perfect and that when the surgery is done I'm 6 weeks into my Remicade (which I get every 8 weeks and soon to be every 10 weeks) So my last visit with my PS is on Oct 2 to finalize size options and answer all my nervous question. I will keep you posted with before pic and of course after pic as well. Any advice or comments would be great. I'm trying to find out everything I need to do to prepare.

Before pic

2 more weeks! October 14th. These pictures make me sad :-( the changes our bodies go through with pregnancy and breastfeeding :-/

12 More days!!

Just seen my PS for the last time before surgery! Doing somewhere between 300-325CC silicone under the muscle Mod profile. I'm so nervous, I have a very small frame and I just want them to look natural and not too big, but I don't want to go through all this and then think they are too small....Ahhhhh...lol. I totally trust that my PS will make this happen. The office is so nice and friendly and very helpful. My PS is very knowledgeable of my disease which was super important to me. I will be 6 weeks into my remicade by surgery so hoping for a good recovery.


I have a 6 year old son and a 2 year old daughter who I am not telling about the surgery as of now. My daughter will never know anyway because she is so young but I know my son will notice. I don't want him telling my in laws or other people that I know will be very judgmental of my decision, hence the reason I have decided to keep this a bit more private to avoid the outsider backlash. My question is......what do I say when he does notice?

More pre surgery photos!

I can't believe how off my breasts are! They are two different sizes an the asymmetry is off. I hope we can correct at least some of that. Yikes

I hope I have enough down time!!

So I have a week off of work an then I work for one day an have 4 more days off. Will this be enough? The reason I ask is my job requires me to use my arms all day 9hrs straight! I'm a dental hygienist. It was hard enough for me to get the days off without my work knowing. What kind of pain am I looking to expect?

How many of you are choosing silicone implants?

I'm just curious on everyone's thoughts about silicone implants. As of now these are the implants I've paid for and from what I read they look best on petite framed individuals such as myself. So I'm going for the most natural approach possible. But I worry about them leaking an not knowing. Also all the previous backlash they received. My surgery is in one week.

Any have problems with Anesthesia post surgery??

I'm so nervous about being put to sleep!! Maybe it's the control freak in. But I don't like not knowing when I will wake up an how it will affect my body especially my crohns. Any one get sick or feel sick after?

So I have to share this.....

So I have to share this cause I thought it was funny. For the last couple weeks I have been cleaning and organizing my house like crazy in anticipation for the surgery ....just like what you do when you are "nesting" before your baby arrives :) then I thought well I am getting a new set of twins in 3 days....LOL Anyone else find themselves doing the same?? I also made rice sizers and I've been walking around glancing at myself in the mirror making sure they don't look too big or too small. HaHa :)

Before photos with sport bar an bathing suit

I can't imagine filing out a bathing suit!

A couple more pre-surgery photos

My last set of pre-surgery photos, just to compare some before an after.

I did it!!!

Well it's all done an I can't believe how calm I was today. Very weird. I'm feeling really good. Very tight an sore. Pain is fine for now but I feel it creeping up....... PS went with 325cc moderate profile mentor silicone implants. So far they look great. I know they will look smaller after its all said an done but I wanted to be conservative an look natural for my body type. I came home ate some soup and took some vitamins. Time to take a nap.

Day of surgery

So I'm relaxing in my recliner taking naps eating snacks an drinking coconut water. I honestly feel really good. They are sore an tight but no more than how they feel when your encouraged with milk during breastfeeding. He did give me a pain injection during surgery so im sure that will wear off soon :-/ but I'm already so happy with them! I hope the recovery continues to stay on course. My healing may be a bit slower because of my Remicade medication but I'm praying for the best. I will not be receiving the drug for about another 3-4 weeks. I hope all of you are doing well an I wish you the best!!!

Day 1

Today is kind of like a roller coaster of ups an downs. Over all I'm feeling pretty good. Just very sore an tight. My ribs feel like I got punched :-/. The right is dropping faster which he said would happen cause of the asymmetry. I definitely need the pain meds every 4 hours. It keeps my pain under control. I would like a BM soon though. Lol...but I'm also supposed to start my period in 2 days so that's also part of the hold up. Ladies you know what I mean. HORMONES!! Not the greatest timing for that. I do have a low grade fever 99-100. Mostly 99. Pretty normal though, bodies response to surgery an pain. Just have to keep a close eye on that. But I love them an I'm so happy I did it!! I already feel so much better about myself. I hope the recovery continues to go smoothly. Have to rest now :-) can't wait to shower tomorrow!!

Day 2

2 days post op pic! Surgery was Oct 14th.

Day 3 post surgery

Mornings are rough but after I get going I feel fine. I'm sore around my ribs but No more pain meds needed so that's good. Maybe just Motrin if needed but so far so good. I don't know about you guys but I'm a very active person who can't sit still so I'm feeling a bit antsy! Although at the same time I kind of want to milk these few days before I have to get back to the grind of parenting an working. :-) so I'm finding a happy medium between taking rest breaks an walking around hanging out. The bad part right now is my entire family has a chest cold!! Ugh!!! Not something I have any interest in catching. Could you imagine non-stop coughing right now?!?Not the best time of year. So I'm trying to avoid them an I walk around wearing a mask...lol. I like the size right now but I'm worried how much I will lose over the next couple months. :-/ Hope all of your are doing well!!

4 days post op

Feeling better each day but WOW do I have some muscle spasm in my back! OUCH!! It's worse than the entire surgery. I have my first follow up appt with my PS on Tuesday. Kind of wondering what this incision looks like under this tape. I do get some sharp pains on the left incision when I bend forward. My nipples are also SUPER sensitive. Holy cow! So I'm posting my 4 day post op pic in my old swimsuit. I just had to try it on an see. They still have a long way to go to drop an fill in. But I love them!

One Week Post Op!!!!

Well I made it through the first week...WHEW!!! Things are definitely better each day. My main issue is the uncontrollable back pain! WHAT THE EFFFF! I have the biggest knots in my back and its awful!! I've been doing everything....heat, tiger balm, icy hot pads, massage from my hubby, essential oils. but these babies won't let up. So therefore I'm also getting a tension headache that last from the morning till the night. UGH!!!! I did have my first post op yesterday and now I'm wearing my surgical bra upside down to help push these girls in their places! Who knew that surgical bra dub as two things. Pretty sweet. They did say that the back pain is because I'm a "tiny lady" and the peck muscle are pulling on the back muscles. Well thank GOD I didn't get these things any bigger or I'm not sure how my back would react. An despite my best efforts and a million vitamins I feel this cold coming on that my lovely germy children brought home. You moms know this time of year is the worst and when your immune compromised like me, well then, there is only so much you can do/ Especially when you have a 2yr old who just coughs and sneezes all over the house :( Well back to work tomorrow so that should be interesting. Hope you all are recovering well. Best of luck to those coming up on surgery.

One week post op pic

Tank/ surgical bra

I thought I would post this. It's a pic of how he told me to wear the surgical bra they sent me home with after surgery. He said to turn it upside down an it helps to put pressure on the top. Which I thought was cool it dub as two things, I just cut the straps off...also the tank is a reconstruction tank they sell at their office to wear post surgery. It's so comfortable an feels like light compression. It was $22 which I thought was reasonable. Don't mind the white things on my neck. It's icy hot pads that are AMAZING!! They last for like 8hrs. $5 for 5 of them.


Ok so I'm going complain a little cause if any place, this is the place to do it..lol....So I had to work today and it totally sucked! I only worked a half day but UGH the mornings are the worst time for me. I know some of you are having more chest pain than back pain but let me tell you what you are feeling in the front is probably what I'm feeling in the back. WTH :( I wake up and my neck and back are stiff as a board and I have a tension headache that has not gone away since probably surgery. The headache is making me feel like throwing up and I know its all cause the muscle tension in my neck and back. But I HATE headaches!!!!! I feel sorry for people who suffer from migraines. So I go to work and have to bend over working on patients for hour appointments as a dental hygienist with my arms lifted and my neck tilted and a migraine. All the while keeping my arms up is making my implants feel like they are bulging out to the sides. .

So tomorrow I'm going to Chiropractor just for a neck adjustment and Sat I'm getting a chair side massage to work this tension out. I've tried everything!!!! Also I'm having some sternum discomfort, I guess I would assume its bruising??? Most of my implant discomfort is on the sides of the implant closer to my armpits. Not sure why.

Another thing is don't get me wrong I love my PS and MOST of the girls in the office have been super great except this one girl. When I have had to call and speak to her I end up wanted to smack her from the other end of the phone. She talks to me like I'm a 2yr year old and I'm the dumbest person on earth. Maybe its the high pitch tone of her voice or the condescending way she answers my questions but it's really getting under my skin. I asked about wearing the surgical bra upside down like he told me and I wanted to know just how much I should be wearing it and she was like (insert super high pitch annoying voice) "I mean your not going to be wearing an upside down surgical bra to work and to do errands and stuff" As if I just asked her the dumbest effing question. No lady I just wanted to know how many hours I should be and for how long. An guess what, if he told me I needed to wear the dumb thing under my clothes to work you better believe I would do it. UGH!!!!! This not the first issue I've had with her but its something about her demeanor that pisses me off. Alright so sorry for the ramble but I needed to get this out. Also I'm not supposed to remove the Steri Strips that are covering my incision till they just fall off on there own. Any one else do this? My incision area is super sensitive and more so as the implants move down.

9 days an feeling way better

Here is a photo update. First two are before pic, The next is 4 days post op an then 9 days post op. Progress is being made. What do you ladies think about the size on me?? I hope they stay this size where an just drop an fill of course. I just think if I had went with 350-375 it might not look right/natural on me. But either way doesn't matter now right..lol. I need some outsider opinions. Also it's weird but for some reason I keep feeling I'm gonna wake up one day an they are just gonna be gone an as flat as I used to be...haha is this weird?!? I feel like I need to keep lifting up my shirt an looking at them cause under my clothes you can't tell I had anything done. I guess that's how padded my bras were before. :-/ the great thing is they look like I'm wearing my super padded bra but I'm not even wearing bras yet...can't wait for that in a couple months. Oh pretty sexy bras here I come!!!! Also I had a bit of an emotional moment today, I cried because I guess I'm just happy I did it an though some may not understand or approve it was my choice to make an in the end I deserve to feel better about myself.

3 weeks!!

Wow I'm overdue to update. So tomorrow is 3 weeks an things improve daily but at a slow pace. The right side has dropped a lot more than the left so I look asymmetrical. Let's hope they catch up at some point. Also they are still pretty firm an I can't wait for them to soften up. But I know it's only been 3 weeks :-). These nipples tho are so sensitive!!! OMG it's intense. My steri strips still remain an are starting to fall off but still have prob another week or more. Curious what the incision looks like under there :-/ I am currently writing this as I wait my turn at urgent care. 3 days after my surgery I came down with my children's cold that has now turned into a sinus infection, With my awesome immune system an all :-( I guess I just like to be super miserable all at one time. I had the BA then started my period an now have a sinus infection. Haha I don't mess around lol. Regardless I totally love them!!!! They look so natural under my clothes that it sometimes makes me feel like I had nothing done. But then I take my shirt off an it's like surprise!! Haha. So I will post pic later when I get home. Happy healing everyone.

3 week photos an mondors cords

Here are some 3 weeks photos. They are so off. The right is so much lower an it kind of looks silly. Looking in the mirror doesn't look as bad as the photo UGH I hope they catch up. My PS said it would take me a solid 3 months to see the final result. The other pic is of my post surgical bra I bought that is so comfy.

4 week pic

So it's been 4 weeks an I really hope the left boob catches up to the right. In the pic they look like totally different sizes. It doesn't look as bad in the mirror. My steri strips have started to fall off so I've trimmed them an I can finally see some of my incision which looks pretty good. On a side note it's a bit cold here an when I go outside its the weirdest feelings when my body contracts from the cold cause I can feel my pecks contract around the implant. It's the craziest feeling lol...nipples are getting less sensitive every week. Thank goodness :-). So today is my first remicade treatment since the surgery. So I'm hoping things keep progressing an the medicine doesn't slow things down.

Help ladies!

So I'm 5 weeks post op an just tonight as I was sitting I could feel a rippling under my right breast! Is this bad? I don't see my surgeon for another 2 weeks. But from what I read on this site if you are a smaller person with not a lot of breast tissue to begin with you may feel a rippling. Just wondering your thoughts an advice. I'm worried it will get worse.

It's been forever!!

Omg I haven't posted in forever!!! Life can get crazy as all you moms know with kids an holidays. So things are going great! I do get some weird sharp pains only on the left side every now an then but this is also the side that's been a bit behind. I'm not sure they will ever be totally even but that was my anatomy before so I expected that. Regardless, who cares, I love them an I feel more confident! I finally had a massage since I've had more back pain from the surgery than chest pain an OMG my back is a mess. The girl worked for an hour an a half an it hurt like hell but in a good way. She said I needed to come back in like two weeks cause the muscles are just so tight. But after I felt a lot of relief an it might sound weird but loosening up those tight back muscles seemed to make my implants relax an fluff a bit. Yea!! As far as my remicade I had a treatment an everything is great! I had no complications from my crohns or my remicade. I'm also currently moving my remicade to 10 weeks instead of every 8. Fingers crossed but I can't put this stuff in my body forever. So I'm seeing how it goes with a bit of weaning. These pictures are from today in my new Victoria secret bras! I guess they measure me at a 32DD which I have to laugh at cause only at VS would I be a 32 DD their bras are just made different. Can't wait to order my first swimsuit!! Also I love VS Ultimate sport bra. It's comfortable an super supportive an those bad boys don't move at all while I work out. I go back to my PS in Feb. but he was really pleased at how they looked at my 6 week appt.

Before an After 3 months post

Few more pic

Scar therapy

Troy Plastic Surgeon

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