Finally! MI Rhinoplasty

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I actually can't believe i'm posting this on the...

I actually can't believe i'm posting this on the internet- i'm kind of a private person, and this is way out of character. BUT, these reviews have been so helpful and encouraging to me, and I love the idea of being part of a group of people who are supportive,and who understand! So many of these reviews have hit home with me and it's been so nice to find people I can relate to. Plus, like so many of you have said- the only way people I know are going to find me on here is if they're considering having something done as well.

I realized when I was about 11 or so that my nose was HUGE and it become an ongoing embarrassment for me, to the point where my self-esteem is all but destroyed. Like many of you have said, I am very, very conscious of what angle I am being seen from. I literally hide from cameras, absolutely refuse to be video recorded and position myself at meetings, parties, etc. at places where people won't be able to see my profile whenever possible. I wear my glasses 100% of the time, even when I sleep. My husband (of 14 months) has never seen me without them. I know that sounds crazy, but I feel like the glasses minimize the look of my nose just a little and being seen without them actually terrifies me.

I work at a school,and at the begininning of this school year I decided it was time. My goal became to save pretty much every penny I made this year and get it done during summer break. I had never even told my husband that I was unhappy with my nose, and I think he was quite surprised. I expected him to say absolutely no to the surgery, but he was actually so sweet and understanding. His exact response was, "I think you're beautiful, but if it's important to you, then it's important to me." What a guy I found :-). So, I did hours and hours and hours (really) of research and found my doctor in Michigan. I really like the look of his work, and it's definitely a dramatic, noticeable change- while still looking natural. I did find a few bad reviews on my doctor (some with pictures) and while that scares me, I also realize that every single surgeon does make mistakes, or people may not heal correctly. I met with the doctor a few weeks ago, I liked him. I felt like I was meeting a celebrity with all the research I've done on here and other sites, lol. I felt a little rushed,but I understand he's busy. What we discussed (tenatively) was getting rid of the 'ball' on the end of my nose, shaving down the hump on the top, and taking the tip up. I wasn't clear if he would be breaking my nose but it seems like on the phone consult he said he would be. Some of his noses seem a little too upturned for me, I don't know if that would look good on me or not. He said for me he would go for more of the straight look, my nose wouldn't be scooped out. I meet with him again in May to discuss exactly what he's gonna do for sure.

Things i'm worried about: I have two kids, a one year old and a five year old that I need to be able to take care of. It's going to be hard enough to be gone for a few nights when I have the surgery, but I'm mainly worried about being able to take good care of them while I'm healing. Of course, worried something will go wrong and need to be fixed. My doctor does free 'touch-ups' which is great, so long as he's not retired! This may sound like a strange worry, but I'm a Christian,and I worry that I'm doing something really vain and sinful, and that God is against it. Has anybody else had this worry? I did some research on it, and most people didn't think it was wrong, some equated it to getting your hair dyed,except obviously a surgery is a very different thing lol. So, that's been on my mind a lot. My doctor does concsious sedation which at first I was very nervous about but the more research I do,the better I feel about it.

Well, that's about all I have for now! If anybody has any thoughts or advice for me, I would love it, right now I am so excited and it's hard feeling like I don't have anyone who I can talk to about this, which is a huge reason I'm writing this review. Thank you :-)

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