Closed Rhinoplasty on 28 Year Old Female - Troy, MI

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I had a typical Italian nose (deviated septum and...

I had a typical Italian nose (deviated septum and a large dorsal hump.) Everyone in my family has the same nose with a varied degree of the size of their dorsal hump. I was always told to accept myself and I'm so beautiful. Count your blessings! Ever since an angry jealous girl made a terrible comment about my nose 7 years ago, I've been awfully self conscious about it. I finally made the decision to fix everything wrong with my nose (raise the tip, straighten it slightly, eliminate the dorsal hump, and fix my deviated septum.) I was so scared since I never broke a bone in my life! The pain afterwards was less than a tattoo. My results are perfect. I picked my doctor based on experience, credentials, and patient before and after pictures that I most easily could relate to/desired their outcome. Dead on to the results I was hoping for based on his previous patients. Took me months to get my free consult. Waited an extra hour on my consult day only to spend 15 minutes with the doctor. He knew what to do more than what I thought I wanted. So the appointment went differently than I expected. I had to be trusting. There's no fancy before or after software imaging. It also wasn't explained to me that the pre op appointment was just to collect payment and do labs. I wasn't local to the area so the process being explained could have eliminated a half day of work missed. So yes very very happy with my new nose so far. However the process and manner from consult to surgery to after care left a lot to be desired.

Day #14

All my bruising went away from the naked eye by day #10. Obviously I still felt bruised because my nose was broken and it was completely re shaped. It still is most sore on my nose bridge where the break is and the majority of the swelling resides. I had a follow up with Dr Golden on day 11 and he said all my swelling will go down and I'll have a "perfect nose." I'm worried I still have a slight bump but I believe the swelling on the side/bridge of my nose is creating that slight bump as its only visible when I take a pic from one side not the other. My sister agreed and my nose is still so tender! My sister even said having a little bump makes it look natural! No way is my final nose visible at the 2 week point so I'm going to be patient for at least 3 months. My nose tip and nostrils are absolutely perfect. Reading other rhinoplasty stories that's where people seem to be let down by their results the most. I uploaded pictures from today from both sides.

Before Pictures!

So you can compare the difference of my nose before and after. Obviously I had a very ethnic Italian nose before. Now I feel I have I have a much more ideal Caucasian nose.

Day 14

Picture from day 14

Collage with before and after

Huge difference with the collage showing the before and after (day 14 post)

Day 15

The swelling in my bridge and central areas of nose are decreasing everyday. Here's some regular pictures out and about to see more normal views of my new nose. Overall I'm still stuffy but some nose bleeding occurs still during cleaning it but most of my daily activities have been resumed.

It's Ok To Be Active Again!

I didn't see any updates about being active or when in relation to real experiences on here. I just read more questions and answers. So I'm an avid weightlifter. Prior to this procedure, I trained everyday 6 days a week. I patiently waited. By day 16, I felt like I could easily walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes and do a 5/10 weightlifting routine. Obviously no quick up and down motions or head jerks to avoid rapid blood pressure changes. My heart rate monitor clocked me in max at 178 and averaged around 138 bpm for over an hour. No nose bleeds. No extra swelling. I actually felt much better since I'm used to being active. I'm a huge believer being active actually speeds healing. My surgeon gave me the clearance to go 100% at my workouts after the 28th but until then, mild weightlifting and gentle cardio is just fine.

Also no one figured out I had a nose job at work! To the regular person, I look completely normal. Even though I look so different, it's not terribly obvious. The doctor's office told me I'd look like my best self and people won't pick up on why you look so great. It's true!

Day #27

Voila. Less swelling. Tell me if I'm crazy but my nose looks very natural. Almost too natural? Do I have a bump still? Obviously not like I did before! No more long witch nose :) I think I do have a slight bump but we all over analyze ourselves too much. Especially after plastic surgery. No one can tell I got a nose job unless I tell them. Almost a month after surgery already

6 Weeks Post Op

My nose is still sore at the bridge and where I had the stitches between my eyes. No nose bleeding or bloody scabs on the inside anymore. The sides are slowly less swollen but still swollen. The tip of my nose is stiff and numb still but that's to be expected.

6 Weeks Post Op

2 months post op

I'm a few days out from my 2 month post op date. I still have a bump on my bridge that I want addressed. I'm waiting until December to make that follow up appointment.

2.5 Months Post Op

The mid to top of my nose is still fairly sore. I can't wrinkle my nose without it hurting yet. It's still healing deep inside as it's slightly crusting and dry far inside almost into the bridge of my nose internally. Still changing daily.

Almost 4 Months Post Op

So I'm feeling self conscious tonight. My nose profile isn't smooth to touch. There's little bumps of bone towards the start of the tip and it feels like the left side of my nose wasn't smoothed down completely creating a crest feeling as I move my finger left to right. Also towards the tip it feels like part of my nasal bridge was removed too much and now I can feel the division of both sides of my nose start. Almost like there should be a smooth roof of my nose to speak (the part of the nose that structures the profile) but it's missing. I still have a bump slightly towards the top due to the unsmoothed left side. I don't need a Barbie nose but I'm worried it's going to require another surgery. Obviously comparatively my new nose rocks. Just feeling uneasy. Why can't t just be perfect. No problems at all. I'll be scheduling a follow up.

5 Months Post Op

5 months ago a picture like this would of made me extremely self conscious. Now it's just a normal side view picture.

6 months already!

My nose is still sore/swollen feeling when I scrunch it. I still have that small ridge and now a small boney bump at the base of where my hump was. Overall my nose looks natural and still much better than the before. I'll be making a follow up appointment in the spring to see if my nose needs to be slightly modified.

Just about 7 months.

My nose isn't changing at all anymore. At least to me. Viola!

8 months

9 months

No changes whatsoever any longer. I'll update if I do back for a revision but if I'm not self critical, the slight imperfections are not noticeable. My nose has a slight ridge where my hump was and a boney ball/bump where my new tip starts and feels bumpy on the mid slope area of my nose. Breathing and all other functions of my nose are perfectly fine. I thought I'd stop snoring after getting my nose done but I've been told I still snore a bit.

1 Year Post Op

It's been a year now! My results are very natural. Just still don't love my bumpy feeling slope of my nose but not entirely. I should schedule a follow up to see the surgeon's point of view. Overall very happy with my new nose. Hated my old one so much now I look much more Caucasian then Eastern European.

Found another before picture

Here's a great picture of my old nose for comparison.

I choose my doctor based on his experience and skill. I got exactly that. A perfect nose!!!! However, all three interactions I had with him I felt rushed and unsure exactly what was going on. Like is my appointment over? Wait I have more questions. Should I be following him out of the appointment room or stay for his assistant? Nothing was throughly explained to me regarding pre/post op besides the musts. Everything that was extremely helpful was on realself or on a handout that should have been explained one on one during the consults. Guess you are expected to be a teach yourself patient. Proactive I am but be aware that's this office's style.

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