22 Years Old 100 lbs 5 foot 250cc Mentor - Troy, MI

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I am scheduled to have a consultation June 1st...

I am scheduled to have a consultation June 1st for my implants and I'm not 100% sure what I want. Originally I wanted saline teardrop but after being on here I'm not sure teardrop is right for my body type. Any suggestions from anyone? Also I do not want to go huge with my size I just want to be able to have boobs in shirts bathing suits etc. Also I don't want super round boobs but I do was a good shape.

More pictures

I am currently a 32b but some bras don't fit that well. My actual measurement is 30 though.

Consultation Soon!

My appointment is June 1st for my consultation and I am pretty excited and nervous. I can't wait for this to happen but at the same time I know I'm going to be a nervous wreck when the surgery date approaches. Any suggestions lady's for my consultation or surgery date?

What CCs?

I finally had my consultation with Dr Youn! I am excited but not sure what CC to go with. Can anyone share some advice? I am 5 foot 100 pounds so I am worried about looking top heavy. I am stuck between 250 and 275 cc! Currently I wear a 32B push up which is a tad big on me.


I tried on a non push bra and it was a 34 A from my understanding is the same as a 32B. I wear 32B push ups from VS and I believe they fit pretty good for the most part. Sometimes if I reach my arm out or hunch forward it's a little big.

What will get me to the right cup size?!

I believe I want to be a true 34B/32C no padding! Lol what cc will get me there 275 or 250? I am currently a 32B maybe a tad smaller

Picture with no bra

Anyone else have Mentor silicone implants?

Hey everyone! I was wondering if there is anyone else who had mentor silicone implants ranging from cc of 225-275? If so can you please comment below! I am trying to figure out what cc to go with and profile. I believe I am leaning towards 250 mod profile +. Thank you !

Opposite of boob greed?

I've been looking and found that I think 275 is way to big for what I'm looking. Now I am contemplating between 250 and 225. I like the look of the 225 it's perfect for my body but I'm worried about loosing ccs under the muscle. Anyone with similar stats or suggestions ? I currently am around 5 foot 96-100 pounds very boney and small. I did 3D imaging but I feel like it made my boobs look HUGE!

Accidentally added the wrong photos in the last post..

I think I have finally decided! 225 cc

I feel like I'm going to go with 225 cc since I am very petite 5foot 95-100 pounds. I'd rather go smaller than end up too big! Anyone with any advice please comment :)!

Pre Op Monday!

What should I expect and do I need to bring anything?

5'1 any girls with the same stats? 225cc or 250cc mentor moderate+

What size?! I keep going back and fourth between 225 and 250cc my bwd is 11-11.5 I am around 97 pounds currently and 5'1. Opinions please! Any girls with the same implants help!

All done!

Surgery was yesterday at 9:30 am. Got home yesterday around 3:30! Ladies I'm so swollen today (post op day one) does the swelling go down a lot ? Will they get smaller I hope..

Zip Sports bras???

Any ladies don't need their zipper sports bras anymore? I don't know if this is allowed here but I'll buy some if someone doesn't need them! I'm hoping to wear it when I go out instead of the surgical bra. Also suggestions

Too big or just swollen?

Ladies please comment! Do your breast shrink a little once swelling goes down? My boobs feel too big right now and I'm so upset (5 days PO). Advice is appreciated !!!

Some pictures

I feel that they are much bigger than I wanted them but I know I'm not even a week post op. It's hard to convince myself that they will go down. This morning I woke up balling my eyes out. I like how I look in clothes but I hate how I look naked right now :(

Ladies all your kind words and advice are really helping me thank you !

Sleeping on back or side?

How long did everyone sleep on their backs for ? I did for like the first week, now I've been kinda sleeping between two pillows kinda on my side. Still in my surgical bra. Is this ok? Added a an updated pic !

Breast Decision Ever!

I love my boobies !!! Literally the best decision of my life! I'm happy with the size now that the swelling went down and I got used to them, now they feel small! Lol but I'm not going to get myself worked up over boob greed because I finally have cleavage !!!! Yay!

Wish I would have gone bigger!

After almost a month now I realize that trying on implants in the office verse them inside you is totally different. They seem much smaller than I hoped for. I think they are proportionate to my body but I still feel like they are small :( I guess I'm happy because I have boobs now but I'm unhappy because they are not what I thought they'd be. Maybe I just feel this was because I haven't gotten to wear a real bra with push up or underwire? Every bra I've been wearing is a looser fitting sports bra. I think down the line I want them redone but not anytime soon. Hopefully they round out more and seem bigger once they are completely healed. Ladies any comments on the difference from the size a month PO compared to several months ? Do they seem bigger ? Smaller?

Update photos

Five months update!
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