Boob 2.0 & Lipo 2013 Update!

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I'm 38 and the mother of three (17,15,10). I've...

I'm 38 and the mother of three (17,15,10). I've met the man of my dreams. We both like the idea of increasing my breast size. I had an augmentation 6 years ago and wanted them bigger even then. I'm happy that almost six months before my wedding I'm going under again this time to increase my breast size and to get lipo of my abdomen. My surgery is scheduled less than a month from now and I am beyond excited. I'm hoping to lose some tummy area but keep my other curvier features. My hubby loves all my other womanly features so I'm excited to have this done.

Pre-op appointment is this Friday 4/5/13. I'm...

Pre-op appointment is this Friday 4/5/13. I'm excited and keeping a realistic attitude about the surgery. After reading tons of liposuction stories I'm trying to adopt a much more realistic attitude. I know it's not a miracle worker but it will give me the boost I need to get the shape I so desire. My future hubby and I are looking forward to getting the procedures. I'm not worried about the breast augmentation since I've been thru that before. I understand the healing process there. Kinda nervous about the liposuction pain. I will post more pics soon. 24 more days to go!!!!

Getting 800cc Hp implants from 400cc per boob. I'm...

Getting 800cc Hp implants from 400cc per boob. I'm 5'9 and I have a large frame (broad shoulders). My doc used the 3-D imaging to show my hubby and I how they would look. I'm more than pleased w/ how they are going to look w/ the liposuction. EXCITED!!!!!

Pre-op appointment went really well. Moved my date...

Pre-op appointment went really well. Moved my date up to the 18th of April. I'm so EXCITED!! I can't wait to have it done and be on the path to healing! We're all paid for and even got a little extra discount. My surgeon joked about my 800cc saying if they make a 900cc by the time of my surgery I will be even happier. I have a wide chest and broad shoulders (linebacker quality) so my 800cc is going to look great. The Vector 3-D showed what the results would look like hypothetically of course and I'm so pleased. I'm glad that I'm meeting my future mother & sister in law looking the way I will look from now on. Traveling to meet them two weeks after the surgery. I'm literally jumping out of my skin. My last breast augmentation I had almost zero support but this time around my daughters are teenagers (older two 17,15 youngest is 10), and my fiancé is so happy to take care of me! I'm used to providing all the care as a nurse so it will be nice to let others take care of me. I feel so comfortable w/ my surgeon I'm expecting highly positive results. April 18th can't get here fast enough. Well back to reading my packet of information. It's informative and he has some really great information inside including an order to pamper myself after surgery and not lifting a finger until cleared!!! Will keep you posted! Also check out my new post to see if I'm missing anything that I will need post op!

I don't want to speed up time but I do! I just...

I don't want to speed up time but I do! I just picked up my wedding dress today and its so beautiful I can't wait until my procedures. I'm going to b so beautiful if I do say so myself! I can't believe how amazing this year has been already!!! New fiancé, new home, new career, wonderful children, and soon a wonderful physique! What more could a girl ask for?

One week to go!!! I cannot contain my excitement...

One week to go!!! I cannot contain my excitement even with a lot of other things on my plate (i.e. wedding planning, moving, and donating a boatload of stuff). Arnica pills/gel have arrived whoo hoo! When should I start taking the pills? Surgery moved to 2:15pm and I have to be at the hospital by 12:30pm. My hubby to be will be taking me and caring for me the first few days. And we will gauge my pain at that time.

Can't stop looking at bras and augmentations/lipo imagining what I will look like. I can't wait to celebrate those important post-op milestones ( 1 week, 1 month, 3 month etc).

I am grateful to this site for helping me to find those in my situation. It's hard for others to understand what this is about. Most either trivialize, demean, or share some other negative feelings when I tell them about the surgery. I've wished I went bigger since my first set of implants settled down. My fiancé and I can afford to do this so we are without affecting our bottom line. I'm running into people who are financially struggling and think its frivolous for us to do something like this. I know I can't worry about them because this is something that my fiancé and I want to. I'm just grateful that we can afford to do this. Exciteddddddddddd stilllllll!!!

Have a romantic day ladies!!!!

This Sunday I'm hosting a brunch at my new home....

This Sunday I'm hosting a brunch at my new home. It's going to be fun having so much of my family around and it will b the last time most of them see me like I am now. After a cuzzin of mines had breast augmentation 7 years ago, I did the following year, an aunt had it and lipo two weeks later, and another cousin had it done the next year. So we are no stranger to ps however it's still frowned upon and I've received mixed results confiding in my family. So I've shut my trap and look for support from my immediate family.
Keeping my fiancé, supportive children, and my wedding day helps me to keep my eyes on the prize. I hope that everyone is healing nicely and satisfied w/ the results of their venture in the beautiful world of PS. I'm sure I will be.

Have a romantic day ladies!

Yesterday has got to be one of the saddest days...

Yesterday has got to be one of the saddest days for me in a very long time. My cousin killed himself and my best friend from nursing school lost her 4 year old soon in a horrible accident. What was supposed to b a wonderful day w/ my family (brunch at my new home) turned into a 20 hour tragedy fest. Waking up to hear that my friend's young son was killed just compounded the day. My mind is doing its best to focus on those grieving. But I don't know how to reconcile going under the knife w/ all this tragedy afoot. I've waited so long for this. Does it make me selfish to follow thru on Thursday knowing I will be out of it for at least a week or more? Have no answers for myself, maybe you do!

Yesterday was tough on so many levels however in...

Yesterday was tough on so many levels however in spite of all the tragedy it ended ok. My mind was mentally drained from dealing w/ my family but my aunt and I have always shared a special bond so it was nice to b there for her. My friend is bathed in love so I will give her space and stand ready if she needs me. My daughter had a hard time dealing w/ all of this and required some extra attention yesterday. But she said whatever you do don't cancel your surgery. The wedding is happening and you need to b fully healed. You've waited so long for this so please do this so I can take care of you for once. Her words were enough.
I'm not trying to be selfish. I'm moving forward with my surgery for a myriad of reasons. I have so many things going on, I need to be finished and healed from the surgery. My mind won't let me put this on the back burner as I've done so many times before. So it's happening and there is still a large part of me that is excited, nervous, optimistic, and down right happy even as I am surrounded by all this grief.
I hope no one thinks less of me for following thru but I can't worry about that. This was pre-planned and I am going to push forward w/ my plans. I have the full support of my children and my fiancé. What more does a girl need?




My fiancé and I arrived at the hospital a little...

My fiancé and I arrived at the hospital a little b4 1pm. It took about 15 min for them to call me back to pre-op. once I was there I went thru the usual surgical formalities. It took more time then I thought for my case to board. I was in surgery for 3.5 hours. I have no memory of the OR room. I just remember kisses from Greg and that was it. When I finally came too I couldn't keep my eyes open for nothing. I ended up staying in post- op for almost two hours. Once Greg was back there w/ me, I was able to get my bearings. Didn't want to worry him. The car ride home was a blur. I remember asking my daughter for the time. It was almost 10:30pm when we finally made it home bringing my day to almost 7 hours!!!!!!
Nausea and dry heaving permeated my nights. That was awful thank God I was able to nurse myself, splinting with a rolled up towel or small pillow. I was taking two Percocet every four hours but now I'm down to one. I managed a small amount of chicken soup late last night. My daughter brought me veggie soup this morning. Ritz Crackers, which are not my fave, have been a Godsend.
As for my actual procedures Greg says he can see a difference in both areas. My abdomen feels the same except my neither region looks a little swollen! YIKES! My breasts feel heavier but look no different than before. When I got up earlier this morning to potty I had to lean on Greg for dear life: orthostatic hypotension, headache, and the feel of breasts dropping almost brought me to my knees.
I am able to sit up slightly reclined. My head only aches dully and I am smashing crackers about a bought of dry heaving. I feel better than last night and love all the support from my family. My Greg slept on the rocker and futon next to me, uncomfortably, to be here for me. I love this man so much. Having this much support this time around has been amazing. If he can see a difference already then this has been worth it. I will post some pics now. Enjoy your weekend ladies and tell me what you think.

New pics!!!!!!!!!!

New pics!!!!!!!!!!

Oh this itching is on a whole other level! I'm...

Oh this itching is on a whole other level! I'm scratching like crazy! I just changed my bra and put on a spanks top before putting in my compression garment again. I am amazed at the change I see in the lipo areas. My boobs look relatively the same to me they are still very high up. I'm hoping when they settle they will look bigger. I went from 350-400 cc mod saline to 800 cc Hp silicone. I constantly nap and eat soup & fruit! My fiancé is right by my side at all times. Loving his support and attention. New pics posted!!!!!!!!

Lipo looks amazing already!!!! Still needs more time w/ the boobs....

I'm tired all the time! My fiancé is worried. I...

I'm tired all the time! My fiancé is worried. I tried to reassure him that its normal to b exhausted after such an extensive surgery (boobs and lipo). There is so much itching it was driving me nuts. Benadryl helps. I'm loving the results of my tummy tuck I know it will only get better as the swelling subsides. Posted new pics!!!

Just had first post-op appointment. Suture removal...

Just had first post-op appointment. Suture removal was a beast! Breast incisions look spectacular and healing nicely. My lipo incisions are still angry red welts. Nurse put some bacitracin on them and covered them up. I feel better but not happy about the weight gain. I lost 13lbs b4 my surgery and all this swelling brought that weight count right back. Oh well I will b patient.
Watching my fiancé is awesome. He is so attentive and worries about me constantly. He hopes when all the swelling leaves I'm 48-38-48 lol. Yikes!
Switched to Vicodin from Percocet it was giving me nausea and gave me a headache. I'm looking forward to documenting more of my progress!

What a long 5th post-op day!?!?! Started with me...

What a long 5th post-op day!?!?! Started with me driving kids to school ended w/ a flat tire. Finally got home and lipo incisions had me in pain. Ate breakfast took pain pills and slept fitfully. Finally got up to take a full shower mother freak that was hard. Changed all bandages and dressed. I was so damn tired by the time I was done. I kept looking at my swollen stomach such a difference from post op day three. I still weigh considerablely more than b4 surgery. My stomach feels so weird and fluffy. My right breast appears to have dropped while my left is still quite high. I look so no like what I was hoping for. I know that this process takes weeks but I'm feeling emotional and discouraged. My fiancé is so supportive and can't stop staring at my boobs while I am laying down. He has noticed my pissy mood and does his best to encourage me. I CAN'T WAIT TO BE AT LEAST A MONTH POST OP! My emotions are normally in check but being tired and achy all the time just wreaks havoc on my emotional stability!! I know it's gets better not my first rodeo but this swelling is making me look so worse than before!! Arghhhhh!

Today by far the worst day! Vomiting and headache!...

Today by far the worst day! Vomiting and headache! Inducing sleep now!

Better than yesterday but far from 100%. Switched...

Better than yesterday but far from 100%. Switched from narcotics to Tylenol PM. My stomach couldn't take any more hard drugs. Trying to find patience for this lipo procedure. My BA has been virtually painless and I'm still riding high on one side but my cleavage is amazing. Looking forward to my post op appointment on Monday. Went without my surgical bra for a day it felt so good to b a bit free. Sending healing energy to all my PS buddies!

Tried to do too much. Hubby 2 be ordered me to...

Tried to do too much. Hubby 2 be ordered me to stay put today. Got my new compression garment today thank God! However this bastard is much tighter. I would really like this water weight to vamoose!!!! I really do not like weighing more than I did b4 the surgery even accounting for the new boobs. Eating a little bit more plenty of fresh fruit glad no constipation. Showering is still really tiring (no rhyme intended).
I know I need to be patient w: the lipo results but can we fast forward to a month from now? I'm tired of being tired.
My boobs continue to amaze me! Great cleavage still need the left to catch up with the right boob but they look great. I took some pics today wearing. Two different bras I bought two months before my surgery (38C). They look amazing! I can not wait for the healing phase to be over ready to show off this new me.
I love my fiancé's reaction to my cleavage! He keeps drooling! Lol He has offered to massage whenever I may need it. Lol.

Feeling better today can see some of the swelling...

Feeling better today can see some of the swelling start to go down in my abdominal area! Whoo hoo! Water is much heavier than just fat so moving around w/ a swollen belly is tiring. I love my house but a quad level house w/ this weight is uh suckie! Guess which floor the master bedroom is on? My fiancé is realizing that last week I may have over did it and gave me the whole weekend to recuperate. Gotta love that man w/ all that we have going on. The roller coaster of emotions have seemed to lessen since I haven't taken pain meds in days. Haven't needed a Tylenol pm in the last 36 hours so that's good. The arnica gel is helping w/ the bruising. I'm drinking as much fluids as I can hold. When it comes to eating I'm doing better but stopping the moment I feel full. This compression garment doesn't allow over eating and comfort.

Greg's taking me to Fridays later it will be good to get out of the house. It's our little hangout and I haven't been for two weeks now miss it.

I hope everyone is healing well! Have a wonderful upcoming week!!!

2nd post op appointment was on Monday. My boobs...

2nd post op appointment was on Monday. My boobs are doing great. Unfortunately I'm retaining about the same amount of fluid as the fat they removed. I'm resigned to just ignore my lipo for now. If it gets better later great if not so b it my wedding dress fits me and looks amazing. The new boobs are gonna be fabulous in my dress!!! Victorian princess here I come.
On another note: my doctor kept my previous saline implants. I got to see them the left implant was crystal clear. The right implant was completely yellow/cloudy indicating it was filled with bacteria. The seal on the implant was intact and no leaking was observed so the contamination must of happened during my first surgery. I'm so glad that I got new implants and switched to silicone gel. If I had been in a situation where that implant could have ruptured that bacteria fest would have been absorbed into my bloodstream- septicemia! Dodged a bullet!! I am emotionally more stable now or at least I think so lol. My pain is non-existent for my boobs only in my abdomen. I was able to clean my room today whoo hoo and wash a load of clothes w/o tiring or needing a nap.

It's been just about a month since my two...

It's been just about a month since my two surgeries and I'm feeling just about 100%. My left boob still needs to drop some more but they look great. I went to Victoria Secret today just to see what I was currently measured! 38DDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! I'm so happy I couldn't believe it. I tried on a bra and it was so nice!!! Still gotta wait for a little more drop n fluff. I'm ignoring my lipo it's just too disappointing to think about it. Was cleared to hit the treadmill. Didn't last long but gonna get on it every day! Hope all is well with everyone!

Post op appointment! No more for two months...

Well had my post op yesterday. The doctor pointed out some of the contouring in my live handles but otherwise still all fluffy. Lipo is not my friend right now. Just hoping after two more months this was a complete waste if money. I could have gotten a pair of Jimmy Choo bridal shoes instead lol ugh! My left boobs has some fluid around it so its really high compared to the right boob. Overall w/ my boobs I'm thrilled thankfully they are so big I can't see my stupid stomach area lol!

Just realized a few days ago...

I just realized while on vacation a few days ago how different my body looks. My sisters were watching my wedding proposal video and I was disgusted by my appearance. I couldn't believe that was me!! I was ready to chalk the lipo up as a waste of money. I wasn't expecting a miracle but I was hoping to see some difference in my shape.
I have dropped a pants size and need belts on a regular basis now but it didn't seem drastic. I'm adding a photo that shows u just how drastic my lipo has been.
My boobs are amazing! As w/ my previous surgery my left breast is a little higher than my right but the girls look lovely! My fiancé loves all of the changes!! He says it was money well spent! I agree now!
I have my wedding dress fitting in four days. It looked amazing on me b4 the surgery! I'm hoping I will b out the stratosphere this Thursday when I try it on.

42 days until wedding day! Over 3months post op!!!

Today I received my order for a bridal corset to wear underneath my dress. I couldn't be happier with my surgery! It was designed specifically for my size however my lower section has shrunk so much since my lipo. It's amazing still down a pant size but because of my butt n thighs I will probably stay in a 14 versus a 16 or sometime 18. My wedding dress absolutely didn't fit both bummed and happy! My waist area was looser but my HP 800 silicone implants required serious modifications to accommodate. I can't wait for my final fitting!!! I'm thrilled w/ both surgeries! I think a tummy tuck is still in my future but now I'll wait a few years. It was such a long recovering that I'm glad is fairly behind me!!!


Hello anyone reading!!! It's finally come and gone-MY WEDDING DAY!! I worked so hard as DIY bride to make the wedding perfect and it was!!!! My surgery just helped make me look exactly like the 17th or 18th century Victorian Princess that I was going for!!
What a wonderful day! Every thing was absolutely perfect!!! Especially the bride!! Watching all those crying faces as I said my vows was a day I will never forget. Seeing my husband's handsome face was just priceless. The audible gasp from the audience as I made my grand entrance was tear inducing. I'm so glad I had the surgeries. I'm so in love w: my husband and happy to be in New Orleans on my honeymoon!!! Peace to u and yours!!
Michael J. Schenden, MD

You're an amazing surgeon and even better doctor. Your bedside manner deserved a thousand stars. Dr. Schenden is so easy to talk to and has a vast wealth of knowledge. I would highly recommend anyone in my area to utilize Dr. Schenden. He listens!!! He cares!!!! My fiancé calls him Obi-wan-Kenobi for good reason!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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