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Well, I did it. After nursing 3 kids and always...

Well, I did it. After nursing 3 kids and always thinking about it, I finally went on 3 consults and on the 3rd consult I felt that he was going to be the one. I can't wait. It will be 12/27 (my brother's 40th birthday). So 2 more months. I was going to get it done next July because this is my 40th birthday present to myself but I just can't wait. I am even forgoing a trip with all my HS buddies to Puerto Rico for our 40th so that I can start paying for this.

I am getting a lollipop lift with silicon. Currently I am really deflated (pictures soon) and they say I am a 34D at Fredericks. Ha, where? I want to be a full c/small D. I can't wait for the machine to come in that's 3D but that does not only the implant part but the lift part, so November 25, I really will see what I will look like. I go for a mammogram on the 25th as well since I am over 35, it is mandatory.

I have 2 girls who are very impressionable and I told them mommy isn't happy with how they sag and I want them lifted but they surely will see that I have bigger boobs! I don't want them to think that mommy is crazy. I don't know. I want my girls to feel happy about themselves and love themselves for who they are, and not want to change. I loved my tits till I had 3 kids. I told them that. I'm a little nervous about when they get older, they might feel that they need to change things so quickly b/c mom did.
My sister, my brother they all want me to save my money b/c they are like you are fine the way you are, use it for something else, cancel the appt.. but I keep telling them, really, it's not about what you all think. I am totally secure with myself, but I am not happy with my breasts. I look fine in clothes, Fredericks bra's help but it's about how I feel when I am naked, and the one person who sees me naked does not care one bit if I get them or not.... he knows it is what will make me happy. So why does everyone want to change my mind?


Put down the deposit and going tomorrow to put down $3500 more! 2 months from yesterday. Still so many people are wondering why... one friend said "Why" and then she said "I guess I am just jealous I"m not getting them, but I'll be there for you if you need me to watch the baby." At least she's honest and supportive!


for 11/25... I am bringing 2 close friends since the hubby can't come.... I need some help making sure I don't go too big. I have several pictures on hand to show. I can't wait...

finally, some pictures

I,too, an obsessed with this site, looking at boobs..

34 more days!!!!

I have my pre op on MOnday and I am soooo excited. I can't wait to discuss what I am going to have.


So, just finished with the nurse at pre op. Lots of info. Massaging immediately after surgery only under the breast. The 300 seemed full c, the 350 seemed too big for me. And really I went with the nurses opinion as well since I showed her my wish boobs. I still need to transfer I'm getting a lift so they will be up there. Lol
Can not wait

Some photos I snagged from other users that are great

Having Dreams and funny ones at that...

So I am less than 3 weeks away, 19 days to be exact.... and last night's dream was the nurses putting antibacterial all over me, the Dr coming in drunk and it wasn't my Dr, and then the nurses all being crazy.... and then it ended like that!

2 weeks from tonight

I will be sitting in my bed wondering what my new girls will look like!
I am soooo excited. I am looking at clothes and thinking that will look great on me this summer... and summer for me will be in March since I live in Florida! :))))

omg omg 7 days.....

Hubby getting excited I think.....he says I will have fun bags now!!!
-wanted to know what size cup cuz he wanted to get me some Fredrick for Christmas....but I told him to holdoff....
I'm so so excited

5 more days... I am sure I will get the call tomorrow to see what time to go in....

So I picked up my meds today at target. I got keflex for infection, a suppisitory for nausea and percoset for pain meds.. and I"m scared about them. I have always had vicodin for pain manag, and I didn't realize that percs were oxicotin.... and they are addicting arent' they???? Pharmacist said no, not unless you are on them for awhile, but I have a ten day supply.... that seems a lot....
anyone not taking any pain meds?
anyone taken percs and they are totally fine?

OMGGGGGG..... UTI 4 days before surgery

Called surgeon at 9 am.... told him to put me on Cipro asap and they called it in! I have a 7 day rx but by Friday I should be free and clear.. Drinking lots of water, cranberry and limiting coffee intake.
I am a teacher so I don't drink a lot and I don't relive myself when needed.....
I was crying this am thinking I can't reschedule.... me not having the surgery was like having your mom tell you she's taking you to Disney with the best hotels and all the parks and then saying oops you cvan't go, you didn't do your hw!
The disappointment..... I was scared for at least 5 hours.....

7 am is arrival and I should be picked up by 12:30!!!!

So excited. excited...nervous a bit

Omg...I just can't believe this is actually happening...but here's a funny...
Child: how high your boobs gonna be?
Mom: up here(shows them)
Oldest child,: oh where normal people have them!!!!
This is my last day of wearing under wire, padded bras....


They are here. Went in at 7- Sat down on surgery table at 8- was passed out very quickly..don't even remember.
Woke up and they are putting me in a wheelchair. Lmao
Came home, went upstairs, very tired, slept 2hrs, took meds.finally took this picture
At first I'm like oh no, they look small. Um no, they are perfect.
He did 300cc in each I believe. I'll see him tomorrow, he's going in on a Saturday top change my dressings cuz my post op is Monday, he'll be out of town. I'll see the nurse.
But....I just feel like something heavy on me, no pain really...sore. my arms kinda hurt. Yea, don't wanna use the arms top move.
I'm so happy. This is a fantastic surgeon.
I'll keep you posted

1 day post op

So things are okay. Moving around a lot more than anticipated. I've been able to massage them. My sides are the area that is sore. Eating yogurt for the keflex and cipro I'm in for the uti, so I'm guessing a yeast infection is coming.
It's amazing how much we need our arms.I'm getting dressings changed today, maybe I'll take a picture.

Anchor lift......thought I was getting lollipop

So....I'm not mad, just confused....when we consulted I was skiddish about anchor and he said I'd probably only need lollipop. Go in at seven pm last night and removed bandages, the tape was bothersome. Hubby and baby looking on,I didn't bother. Came home to see that holy fuck.......this is anchor....I was dumbfounded...could it be that u was that low, that much Brest tissue he needed to do this incision? I can't be mad, my boobs look high and great. I'll post pics in the am.

Drugs: still need em....I took one percoset at 5 but started to really hurt so at 9- I took two. It's 2:40 and I took only one. Let's see how I do. Morning pain is a real thing. Hurts more at this time than during the day. Anyone know why? Less activity?
I have all the in-laws coming tomorrow, how they don't ask to see. Lol

Dr said I can shower so I will and I'll have hubby do my hair. That's hot, wish I could enjoy my new rack with him. Lol

My aereola are amazing. They were the size of English muffins when I was nursing and now they are quarters... ha,!!!

2days post op

Well, jumping in the's some pics

more pics

Getting itchy

holy itching batman!!!!

Omg ladies...wth? Is there anything we can do for the itching?
Secondly, I'm massaging but how the hell you know your are doing it right? My husband said that I have to put my thumb into my breast bone basically, Dr said move the implant up.eeeeeekkkkkk...
It feels good to massage tho.
Wearing a tank right now...I feel sexy. Lol

my usual night shirt

morning boob....'s harder, swollen more and just feels like all the blood has rushed to my breasts. I'm sleeping in a recliner and out still feels this way.

4 days post op. NYEEVE!!!

Feeling great....
I'm loving these things!!!!

just feeling...

Some pulls her and they're on my side breasts from the lift. Nurse tools me no silicon strips till the wounds are completely closed, like a month. She said my technique for massaging was perfect, JUST IN THE WRONG SPOT. LOL I needed to go more under the breast and not the whole breast.
Hubby hadn't really touched THEm afraid to hurt.
No one was there to help me or baby in crib so I did and he plopped in from his slumber, but what else can I do? Lol

5-days post...morning boob killing me

Omg it's like a hard on with your tits.... they were swollen, harder and when I got up I felt blood rushing away from them.
The itching really bothering me and the lack odd a good night's sleep making me cranky. My bad back is killing me. Wanna take a percoset for my back pain. But I won't, I haven't had a decent bowl movement since Thursday. I'm going to try the laxative.

I tried in my wedding dress last night that looked like crap in the bust area two years ago, and wow,I filled it out beautifully. We have to redo pictures anyway, didn't get any..bad photographer.

Feeling good though. Various pings and pains in my muscles, almost like a breast spasm
. Putting on my kids pants hurts, opening lids, putting on shoes....silly little movements.



It's been a week....

Well, it's been a week..... and sleep eludes me for most of the night. I just can't get comfortable with being on my back. I tried being on my side but it feels as if the implant that I am not lying on is pulling.

My dr office has called and rescheudled my second post op twice and now I go this thursday. THey are healing nicely and I think they are getting less swollen. Sometimes when I look down I have the remorse of "should I have gone bigger??" but when I am in certain clothing I am like I love them this size. I didn't want really big boobs. I can carry it. I am 5'9 but I just didn't want that.

They are getting a little softer to the touch. I can't wait for the stitches to come out. Wearing the bra they gave me is better than wearing just a tank right now.... when I did I felt those pangs and twinges. I think the compression is holding everything in!

I will take some pics before I get in the shower. Nurse said that the bottom part should get rounder and lower and the top should come down more in a natural slope. I didn't want a huge upper pole. But my aerolas went from english muffin size to nice perky little things!

one week post pics

I took the steri strips off just to see, very clean lines for stitches but I almost passed out doing it, so hubby will do the other. this normal?

I was fine, took a shower and my right breast is so much lower.she did say it would go lower, but one before the other?

first day back teaching

So, first day back and I only had four hrs sleep. Terrible...I was up pondering my boob issue, reading reviews. It's normal, just scary to see. Today several teachers asked top see,I showed them, it looked more fuller on the bottom right and less deformed. My right breast also feels a little numb. Is that normal? So many questions for Thursday...
The bra I have shrunk and it's digging into my scars. I need a new one asap. My 34d did not fit...
Wonder what size I am

really scared...Dr answered question

A Dr online here abetted my question about my dropping breast. He said it's already too low and gravity will take its force and I still have more months of settling and even if the left came down, it's still already took low for the best aesthetic he said return to your surgeon to see how he can fix. Wtf...I thought this was supposed to happen.

calling the Dr today

As soon as I can...I'm so scared..another surgery? Ugh..I'm not paying for crap...


Couldn't get into the PS today. I am seeing the nurse on thusday and he on Tues. He did see my picture that I sent/. He did say that the right breast is definetly lower and not where it should be and even the upper pole is lower. There is nothing to correct this from sagging more. It's just the way it is. We will wait to see what the left one does. If it sags to the area of the right then I am ok with not having a revision b/c I do'nt want surgery if I don't have to and second, I am still a 36D, I am still perky even if it isn't really as high as it should be. What's interesting.... my nipple on the droopy breast is higher than the nipple of the non droopy so thihnk about this.... if my breast did not sag I would have a very high nipple I think!

I aSked if I would have to pay for such a revision. She said that would be up to him and she has seen him not charge and she has seen him charge for anesthesia. Um, that in of itself is $1500-$2000!!! i AM STILL PAYING OFF THE BOOB JOB/ BREAST LIFT FOR ANOTHER 18 MONTHS!

At this point, Ican't be mad at him. I breast fed three chldren. The last was with a machine b/c he wouldn't latch and I pumped 8 hours a day for 3 months. and this damn machine wrecked my skin and elasticity...... so it goes without saying. how could the Dr know that my tissues were very weak.... the right was waaaay lower to begin with, so, I can't be upset with him. I'm upset that my dream after 9 days was matters for concern.... and now I know that the left won't go down. It was smaller and didn't go through what the right did. I traumatized my right.. I breast fed 3 kids solely from the right! So the tissues are able to withstand an implant.

He would hav to go in a do permanent sutures and basically make a shelf to hold the implant.
And this can't happen until I heal...... 6 months from now.....

so as I get back into shape and into the gym , I will have another surgery and go through this crap again... on one breast

2 weeks post

My nipples are hypersensitive...I really hate wearing a sports bra, bra, no bra, whatever, it just bothers me.
Went to nurse today, she took off a stitch. Said I'm healing beautifully, they will do whatever I want in terms of fixing this, but we have to wait and see what the other breast does. When I measure my fingers on the crease, itr really is a small difference odd less than an inch, do u really want to go through another surgery, when in fact, it's not even guaranteed that it will fix it, be symmetrical and perfect....I'm ok with a little asymmetry, but I want to see how it looks in clothes, bathing suits, etc, fits it really n bother me?

showing them off...

It's been chilly here in Florida so not showing them off yet till today. Went bra, that was awesome!!! Sleeping still sucks. Does anyone have pain like their implant is fighting against gravity when trying to attempt to sleep on the side? I'm two weeks post, when the heel can I sleep on my side,I can't do this back herniated discs hate Mr and my knees are getting worse.
My nipples are very sensitive and driving with a seat belt sucks ass.
All in all, very happy..kinda maybe wish I didn't ask for not sick big upper pole,I mean I love how natural they fall, but sometimes I look at my one day post and I'm thinking whoa.

Feeling like they apart of me

Last night I was able to maneuver sleeping in my side a bit with a pillow in between the tatas. The pulling feeling is uncomfortable. Went to see the Dr today. He said my healing is above average. The numbness will go away and the skin pulling below the lift well go away as well, thank God because doing just dance and lifting weighs is very important to me!!!!
I'm having the feeling that I should have gone bigger. I did say full c, baby d, but now that I'm used to them, full d would have been acceptable as well. Argh. However, they feel so natural, like they aren't implants. My husband loves that. Haven't had sex, cuz basically I'm a little uncomfortable I'm certain positions and he's afraid to touch them. I'm like can you please grab them? He's scared to hurt me he said. I'm like, we'll we have to find a way cuz I'm's been a month!!!! I can't wait till he comes up behind me and grabs them already!!!
Dr said in six months I'm still unhappy about the asymmetrical of my right breast, it would be in office procedure, local anesthesia, take the skin tuck in under and it'll be fine but I can't think of that now as I'm still healing

one month post...34DD

Yay, I've been sleeping on my side....the left breast had dropped a bit so I'm not so worried about fixing. They are still numb in the bottom a bit. The scars look great. I'll start using some stuff now. I'm a 34DD, went to Frederick bought some bras, they didn't fit around the band, so I you tubed how to measure.
Feeling great, can't wait to show them off, it's been cold here in Florida.
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