Replace Old Veneers with New, Not As Happy with the Result As I Had Hoped - Trenton, NJ

My original veneers were put on in 1989. I had...

My original veneers were put on in 1989. I had them on the front 6 teeth. They held up pretty well, but my gums were receding a bit and my front one was crooked (never noticed until recently). My family dentist said he could do them at a fraction of the price of a cosmetic dentist so I agreed. He took impressions before and then grounded (grinded?) off the old ones and took impressions again. It took about 3 or so weeks for the new ones to come in. In the meantime, my gums where the temps were got inflamed and bled a lot.

Fast forward to installation day, he pulled off the temps and sanded to make sure all the cement and stuff was removed. He started put them on from right to left. I am not a dentist, but I would assume you would start in the front and work back. He did the right 3 and got to the front left and it didn't sit right, so he went to the 5th and 6th. He then went back to the front left and said it still did not sit right so he was going to send for another. He took another impression, put on another temp, and I was on my way.

He got the replacement in a week and put it on. I am very far-sighted, so when I looked in the mirror at his office, it looked fine. When I got home, I noticed that the right 3 are set farther back than the left 3, with the newest front one sticking out farther and longer than those on the right. I also see that the newest one is not covering the tooth as properly as it should, with a dark edge closer to the next one back. Also, a lot me air goes thru the left teeth, almost to where I feel like I have a lisp.

I understand he is not a cosmetic dentist, but I am not happy. In fact, I am very self conscious of this. I just wanted straight, whiter teeth that didn't show a receding gum line. I didn't ask for the tooth shapes to be different.

I have an appt Wednesday for a cleaning and time to discuss going back one more tooth on each side to make the smile better. But I think this front one, and possible the left 3 may all need to be redone because they are not aligned with the 3 right. Is this something I should not be expected to pay for? Because if I have to pay for his mistake, I will be pissed!

Does anyone have experience with what a dentist is ethically responsible for? I understand if I didn't like the color, that would be my fault.....but if he put them on incorrectly, is he obligated to fix? At this point, the last thing I want to do is compound the issue by getting - more on each side. I think the problem was that he had nothing to align teeth 5 and 6 since he skipped the front one, and had he done the 2 front ones first, and worked back, everything would be lined up.

Return visit

I saw the dentist and he agreed that the tooth looked a little thick and stuck out. So we are redoing that one, but not until he returns from vacation on 7/28.

Here are some "before" photos...

I never realized how many pics there are of me with a closed mouth smile! This is the best I can do with before pics. My left tooth did not stick out. In fact, my right veneer was quite crooked. So I don't think the issue is with my tooth, I think that the veneer is to thick. But you tell me. I also included a shot with my temps.

Nothing new to report this week

I am seeing the dentist on 7/28 for him to grind down the left front, and also do crowns for the 2 molars next to th canines. Looking forward to this being done already!

Waiting for replacement

I saw the dentist Monday. He took an impression to send to the lab as an example if what NOT to do this time, grinded down the large, left tooth, and took another impression, and put a temp on. Hopefully the replacement will be in Tuesday and I will be done with this madness! Will update again next Wednesday! Third time's the charm, right?

Replacement-Better but not great

I got the replacement veneer earlier this week. It is definitely better but not perfect. In hindsight, I probably should have been more detailed about my expectations. Yes, they are whiter, yes there is no visible receding gum line, but something about them just isn't right. Maybe they are too big or maybe I need to go back one more tooth on each side. I am going to give my mouth a break for a few weeks. I told the dentist I would be back for the next tooth back process after my vacation. Next time, I am heading to a cosmetic dentist, that's for sure!
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