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I am 68 and recently lost 79lbs which in turn gave...

I am 68 and recently lost 79lbs which in turn gave me a turkey neck[UGLY one] So after MUCH debate I decided to get it tightened up as it looked like it belonged to a 100yr ol
13 days ago I had a neck and part face lift So far of today I am thrilled I intend to buy a pretty necklace to compliment my neck

I have all of the stitches out.. feel good today I...

I have all of the stitches out.. feel good today I went shopping.. Now that I am home I have to put the chin strap back on....Going to post yesterday and todays photo now...

So much more bruising is gone today.. THANK GOD...

So much more bruising is gone today.. THANK GOD after washing my hair tonight a lot of the scabbing came out of my head , that was soo annoying.... I have some swelling in my lower face the rest looks pretty good.. I am still using ice but not sure if it can help anymore... I got permission today to be able sit outside as long as I use sunscreen 45 or higher.. I might actually go in the pool tomorrow thinking the sun might help heal some of the scabbing and brusing..Any thoughts on that subject?????

I am going to my grandaughters 17th birthday party sat my first entrance.. Cant wait to hear what everyone says... I decided to wait until monday to go back to work so maybe it will look better.. I am not a makeup person so I have no clue how to cover up the bruises on my neck.... Hope everyone is doing well tonight

I went for my 7 week follow up today YIPPEE I DO...

I went for my 7 week follow up today YIPPEE I DO NOT have to wear the chin strap anymore.. WHEW I have slept in it every night for the last 4 weeks and the 3 weeks prior wore it all day and night..
I asked if the wrinkles under my chin would go away and he said immeidiately that it would , He said it is still hard[whatever that means I forgot to ask] He said start massaging it and when I come back in 3 months for after photos I will be very happy..

To be honest I am MORE than happy now, all I wanted was for 75 percent of my horrible neck to be gone and I have been blessed with a new younger face and a much younger neck.. I like myself so much more than I did.. I didnt get my eyes done becuase first I didnt have the money and second I dont need to look like a 30 yr old I am almost 70.., so I am ok with what I was able t have done

I have gotten sooo many compliments the last 3 weeks it is unreal.., I bought a new large jewelry armoire this week as I have been buying some necklaces this month [lol] I didnt wear them before as I hated people looking at my turkey neck.. Now I want them to look at my neck.. tee Hee

I love my doctor and his staff, they are so kind , and caring... I will post a new photo soon.. Have a good week everyone.

Went back for 6 month check up and was not totally...

Went back for 6 month check up and was not totally happy as one spot under my chin is dropping and has been for the last 2 months... I have worn my chin strap for months... So I felt soo bad, The doctor took one look and said for some reason the skin didnt shrink there.. He then said NO PROBLEM we will fix it right here in the office .. He said he will numb it , cut in the same spot under my chin clip it off and stitch it up.. I a few days it will be fine and should barely bruise.. So in about 3 weeks [maybe two\ on a friday I will be fixed.. I hope. I have total confidence in him... I told him the day he did it to expect something to go wrong, with me it usually does..... I am going to try to post a new picture just showing what I see when I look in the mirror

Ok had the neck repair three weeks ago this. Fri....

Ok had the neck repair three weeks ago this. Fri. Still healing but it looks much better so far. Slept in chin strap for two weeks. Stitches are in the inside now. Still tender but no bruises there was no pain at all. It took about 45min. Will post pics in few days. It will never be perfect had tool much skin there but I think if it stays just the way it is I will be happy

Still waiting for my neck to totally tighten up. ...

Still waiting for my neck to totally tighten up. I am probably too critical I know I had such a Horrible neck. And I didnt do my eyes. My family didnt want me to. Don't get me wrong. I look sooo different and everywhere I go people tell me I look soo different. I will wait until the one yr mark for my final decision. It is none months and s seeing changes. I thought people were kidding but it does take that long. Does anyone know why. I will pat a new photo this week

Update for October 2013

It is so funny that this turned up as an email to me today as I actually went back to the dr today for a followup.. I still have a few small lumps under my chin that bother me, but everyone else says it is no big deal.I asked the Dr what he could do , he said it certainly fixable but I would have to have it done in the hospital becuase it would have to be done behind my ears again. I had SOOOO much extra skin... I looked at him and said No never mind.. I didnt expect perfection when I had it done and I am about 90 percent better than I was.. I told him on that day if I could look 50 percent better I would be thrilled. ......... I asked a few people what they thought and all said the same thing Unless you stare at it no one sees it...... so It is what it is.. Once all the swelling does go down which takes about one year to see all the changes you really dont see the final results.. I am happy I did it.. I didnt have my eyes done as I wanted to look real and not plastic as my kids say......... I will still say Dr Lalla is awesome ,kind caring and gentle He is a gift from God.............. Included is my update photo 16 months since surgery

News Update

It is so funny that this email came to me today as I actually went to the PS tonight for a follow up.. I still have couple lumps under my chin that most days dont bother me at all .. Actually I dont see it unless I take a close up picture then it shows up... I have asked several people and they all said the same thing they don't notice it.. I asked the dr what he thought and he said what I knew he would say It was because I had SOOO much excess skin in my neck before he could tighten it more but would need to have it done in the hospital because it it would have to be pulled behind my ears again...... I asked if it would get worse if I didnt and he said no, it is what it is When I had my surgery I was hoping for like a 50 percent change and said I would be Estatic. well I have about a 90 percent change so I have decided to accept it and just be grateful I read before I had it done that it takes a year to 18 months to see the final results and I am at the 16 month mark.. I am happy with my results and most grateful to the dr.. I didnt have my eyes done and I dont regret that . I am most grateful that I do not have any pain I still have little bit of numbness on one side but very very little Check my latest photo and see if you can see it....... If you want pm me and I will send a close up where it looks sooo much different If I hold the camera head on and close up is when it is visable otherwise not so bad........ Have a good day all..Hope everyone is doing well Praying for all
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I checked for months and months Dr Lalla comes with EXCELLENT remarks from patients. I have also seen his work on several other isssues within my family...He is so kind and so gentle. He is the only plastic surgeon my skin dr recomends I would trust him with anyone in my family.. The fee I paid also includes tax and hospital

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