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Five years ago, I finally decided to get breast...

Five years ago, I finally decided to get breast implants after I've been debating it for ten years. During my consultation, I told the doctor that I wanted to be a full "C" cup as I was currently a 36B. I left his office feeling confident he would deliver on my request. So I paid the deposit, went through Pre-Op, and had the surgery done within a month. The doctor was very generous as filled both saline implants with 550cc. I am now a 38DD!
For almost two years I've been going through the motions to have them removed and finally I've made the choice to get them explant. They're too heavy (4.5lbs each) and I'm having shoulder and back pains and I'm constantly adjusting my bra straps for comfort(I was professionally sized so the bra size wasn't the issue). I'm ready to get them out NOW!

I had my first explant consultation about two weeks ago with Dr. John Porcaro, a cosmetic surgeon. I told him that I was interested in getting the removal and my reasoning. He, arrogant as he was, told me that he would perform the implant removal that wasn't his, a bilateral mastopecy, and a capsulectomy all for $6500. I looked at him as if he didn't understand my ONLY request. He didn't even bother to explain why he came up with the recommendations for the two additional procedures and left saying that the patient coordinator would give me price quotes. I left his office feeling defeated.

After I left his office, I drove past a plastic surgeon office and decided to do a walk in. The doctor wasn't there so I chatted with the nurse for a bit and told her my story. She gave me hope and I scheduled my consultation with Dr. Viggiano, even though they charge a $45 fee, for September 18. I've researched him and he's done some charity work in poor countries so I'm hoping he'll be willing to do a simple explant for a reasonable cost. Keeping fingers crossed! :)

To be continued...

2nd Consultation

Today was my consultation with Dr. Viggiano and he was a breath a fresh air. He was very passionate and caring. I told him what I wanted, implant removal only, and he agreed. He didn't try to recommend procedures that I didn't need and was very understanding. He was the complete opposite of the first doctor I went to. His staff was friendly and helped me through out the appointment.

I was so impressed by the service that he and his staff provided that I went ahead and scheduled my explant surgery for November 20. I'm super excited to finally be moving on to the next stage of operation implant removal.

Thank you all for your support. I'm so ready to be me again! :)

To be continued...

They're gone!!!

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update as I'm not feeling too well. I had the explant this morning and everything went well minus he nausea. I will add more to this update once I'm feeling better.

Thanks for all your support. Xoxo

They're gone Part 2

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I had my explant surgery. I don't remember much about the surgery though. Dr. Viggiano and his staff were amazing. I felt like I was part of their family. They even gave me a beautiful rose which made me felt super special even though I was out of it. I recommend them for any surgical procedures on the Treasure Coast,Fl.

I just wanted to mention that I am not a fan of Valium. This was the worst part of the procedure. It felt like I was at a rave party and didn't know whether I was coming or going. Also, I took a Percocet about two hours after discharge and I was out like trout. I did switch to tylenol and took two late last night to help ease some of the discomfort as I was afraid to take any of the Percocets. I do have a high tolerance of pain so I'll probably stick to the Tylenol moving forward.

So now it's day one of post op and I'm feeling so much better. I haven't taking any pain pills as of yet. I was able to get up on my own and shower. I'm able to eat solid food and just relax without any nausea or pain which I'm super happy about.

I am loving the results and I can't believe I even went through with breast implants in the first place. I can't wait to see the final results and I promise to never augment on them again. EVER! ????

I'll keep updated you guys on my recovery journey. Thank you all again for your support, I really appreciate it. XOXO

PS. I'm not sure why the pictures are not right side up. Hopefull some can fix them. Sorry. ????

Delayed 1st week post op review

Hello everyone,

It's been pretty hectic with the holidays so I haven't had the chance to do a weekly update. Last Tuesday I had my post op visit with my surgeon. He removed the bandages and said I was good to go and that he will follow up with me in four months. Ecstatic, I gave him and the entire staff hugs and thank you.

Fast forward to today. My boobies look awesome. I have no pain or discomfort. It's like I never I had the procedure done. I've started putting kelo-cote scar treatment on my incisions to help minimize the scar.

I noticed I have a lot of breast volume after Explant so I decided to get sized at Victoria's Secret. Man did I give that poor lady a fit. She pulled out a D cup and said well Hun, you have a lot of breasts. LOL! I just couldn't wrap my head around being a D cup after Explant. I was thinking I was still a B cup in my head. I told her maybe I'm still swollen, let's try a C cup bra. In the end, my current bra size is a 38C. I'm ok with that :-)

I'll try to update weekly but I go back to work tomorrow and I have finals this week. I'll be graduating in December with my Bachelors so I'm super excited. Also, I start my weight loss journey tomorrow. I'm hoping to not lose so much volume in the breast area but then again, weight gain is what gave breast in the first place. Cest la vie!!! :-)

Today's pictures

I'm not sure why I wasn't able to add more pictures to the last post... Here's what they look like now.

Just an update

Just wanted to give an update on my recovery. So far, it's going well. However, back in January, I felt firm, mass like areas in my left breast and it felt completely different from my right breast. Oh course, I was scared with thoughts of cancer and had my doctor check it out immediately! After a mammogram and ultrasound, I was told that it was a loose chest muscle that I was feeling and but everything else looked normal. Physical therapy was also advised. I guess that happened during the augmentation procedure. My left breast always felt tighter and sat up higher than the left. It all makes sense now.

Other than that, everything is ok. I did decide to get my nipples pierced this week. I tend to do spontaneous things every now and then.

Here's a few updated pictures. I'll try to do an update again around the six month mark.

Happy healing!

Port Saint Lucie Plastic Surgeon

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