26, 2 Kids, 32 Ddd and Growing?! - Traverse City, MI

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I'm 26 years old and I have had two kids. I'm...

I'm 26 years old and I have had two kids. I'm 145-150 pounds and 5'4". I had a hysterectomy at 22 due to some cancer scares and bleeding problems so I am done having kids. My boobs for some reason keep growing. When I met my husband I was in a 34 C bra. Things were not fitting right. My breasts don't have much projection but they are quite round. This means my back size of my bra has to be small and the cup size needs to be big or my nipples will be out and I will have "quad boob". I got fitted at a 32 dd. That was comfy but I can only get bras from Victoria's Secret in my rural area. If you go to Walmart, sizes stop around D and the back sizes are rarely smaller than a 38. About a year later, I needed bigger bras again. I got fitted at a 32 Ddd and I can only wear certain fits, like a "Demi" cut, or my nipples will be out again. These certain styles of bras aren't sexy, my back hurts, I'm always slumped, my aerolas are too large. I got a tummy tuck last year for loose skin and when people see me, they ask if I got breast implants too. Certain shirts make me look inappropriate, even if they are the same shirt a flat chested girl could wear. Bikini tops barely cover my nipples, and I look like a sports illustrated model. I'd love a small reduction and a lift. My two issues? My husband LOVES my breasts (go figure) and my insurance company won't even cover certain medicines. So I doubt they will cover a surgery. My whole life I have paid for everything cash. My house, my tummy tuck, my cars. That kind of money isn't easy to keep spending and my credit is terrible from old student loans and no credit history (due to paying cash). Any input would be appreciated.

How I feel

My husband

My husband says women would kill for my body and that it's unhealthy to think I need plastic surgery to fix everything. Sigh.

People and perceptions

Just another day of wondering if I should have the surgery. I was in my best friends wedding this past weekend and had quite a few people comment on my large breasts and how they looked in my dress. The groomsman I walked with was really mean to me and I was told it was probably because my boobs are so big and his wife is the jealous type. Well I'm happily married and just because my boobs are big doesn't mean I'm going to throw myself at any man I can?! Kind of hurt...whatever...

Step one

Signed up at a gym. Going to try to lose weight and tone up and see if that makes a difference. Boobs are just fat, right? When I was younger, I used to have to tape my boobs down to exercise and they were only a size C then. I have worn a sports bra over an underwire bra recently and that holds them down but shoves them up to my neck so they are even more obvious. So here's to some jiggly workouts in my future.

My journey

Deciding to put the idea of breast reduction away for now. Feeling a lot less back pain due to lifting weights at the gym and slowly becoming stronger. I'm on a journey of learning not to be so abusive to myself about my personality, life, and body. I'm happy with my tummy tuck (besides my dog ear!) and for now I'll just enjoy life as a curvier, thicker woman.

It's been awhile

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