24, Tall and Toned. I Did Not Choose the Boob Life, the Boob Life Chose Me. - Traverse City, MI

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I am 24 years old, 5'10, I weigh 145 and it's...

I am 24 years old, 5'10, I weigh 145 and it's pretty much all muscle. I honestly don't know what my "correct" size is, but the bra that I have that fits the best is a 32J. Every day consists of me wearing a regular bra that doesn't fit right, a sports bra that is entirely too small (try finding a sports bra when you have a huge rack and visible ribs, it's absolutely impossible!), a tank top, and some form of shirt on top of all of that. Even with that I'm constantly tugging at my clothes and trying not to look inappropriate. Unlike most people on here, I didn't hit puberty until 16 and was flat as a board until then. After that, they never stopped growing. I've done physical therapy, I've been to the chiropractor 3x/month for a year, I've been put on prescription strength pain relievers and nothing helps with the pain. I run a few times a week and in order to do that I have to wear 4 sports bras (none of which fit) and it's still painful. So, I finally decided that enough is enough!

I met with my doctor a few weeks ago who completely agreed that I would benefit from surgery, she then put in the referral for the surgeon. I met with him today and he also agrees that I would benefit from surgery. I've got the imprints in the shoulders, the imprints in my ribs, nonstop back pain, days where I can't even get off the couch because my heating pad is the only thing that will help, and I'm just completely unproportionate. The only problem is that for how large my breasts are, they're not very full (think half filled water balloons.) Because of that as well as how tall I am, I don't qualify on the Schnur scale. My surgeon HATES the Schnur scale. So I'm terrified that my insurance will deny me. I have BCBS and we're submitting letters from the surgeon, my doctor, and my chiropractor as well as pictures. So now we wait...


Extremely Frustrated!

I got a call from my surgeons office today and it was not good news. They contacted a rep for BCBS (the insurance that I have) who pretty much told them that he didn't think I would qualify. So what did the surgeon's office do? NOTHING. They didn't submit anything to my insurance, just wrote me up a quote for $10k. I am so frustrated that they thought that was acceptable. I asked them to send me the "checklist" that the insurance rep had sent them so that I can start making my own case for my insurance company. I know that the reason the rep said I probably won't get covered is the Schnur Scale. I just can't believe that my surgeon didn't even try to make a case for me. Anyone who has had success appealing to an insurance company, PLEASE help! Send me examples of letters, anything.

Feeling defeated :(

I started working on my appeal at the beginning of August but it took some time to get documentation and recommendation letters from everyone. By the time I submitted my appeal at the beginning of September it was over 40 pages. I had notes and a letter from my physical therapist, I had a letter from my chiropractor, I had notes and a letter from my regular doctor, I had notes and a letter from my surgeon, I had pictures taken at the surgeons office, I had pictures of my own that showed my ribcage literally bleeding from the weight of my chest on my bra cutting into my skin, I had a 5 page highly detailed letter of my own referencing every incident of pain that affects my well being, I had three medical journals that supported reductions of less than 500 g, I had EVERYTHING that you could possibly have in an appeal, and I still got denied.

Tomorrow I will call the number referenced on my letter to find out why specifically I was denied and to keep fighting this battle.

But as for tonight? Tonight, I will cry.

I can't keep living in this much pain. I can't do it anymore.
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