Operation C Cup - Madison, WI

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My breasts have given me pain and impacted my...

My breasts have given me pain and impacted my self-esteem since puberty. I could go through the list of grievances but they are all the same as everyone else here, so I won't bother, except for this one. I got my boobs the summer before 7th grade. This was 1980, and it so happened that tube tops were the in fashion that year. I remember putting on my tube top and wondering why my boobs weren't staying up like all my friends' did--they just sagged and looked like a grandma. My first disappointment. I do truly appreciate that my breasts fed my two babies very well for over 3 years. It was very uncomfortable though, having to hold my heavy breast in order to feed them because they don't hold themselves up. I am very, very ready for this procedure. I'm ready to feel better, to have clothes fit right, and to take control!

Fun with numbers

I thought it would be interesting to do measurements before and after surgery. Like most of you I've been reading anything I can find about this operation and you come across "standards" for the aesthetics of breasts. Obviously every situation is different because every breast is different, but I wonder how close I will be to these standards afterwards?

Distance around boobs in 38F bra: 110.5 cm (43.5 in)
Distance around ribcage: 86.5 cm (34 in)
This puts me anywhere from 36I to 38 DDD in various bra calculators. We all know how accurate those are, right? ;-) I generally wear 36DDD or so.

Notch to nipple left: 28 cm (11 in)
Notch to nipple right: 30.5 cm (12 in)
"Ideal" notch to nipple: 19-21 cm

Areolar diameter: 75 cm (3 in)
"Ideal:" 35-45 cm

Nipple to midline left: 15 cm (6 in)
Nipple to midline right 17 cm (6.75 in)
"Ideal:" 9-11 cm

Nipple to infra-mammary crease on both: about 12.5 cm (5 in)
"Ideal:" 7-8 cm

Just for fun I drew some circles of where the "ideal" placement and size of my nipples would be. Hard to believe that is even possible!

The dreaded empire waist top

You know, those tops where there is a seam or elastic on the underbust and your boobs are supposed to go in the space provided above that? Yeah, not so much. Let's see if this operation can get my boobs where they belong!

Tomorrow is the day!

When I made the appointment back in March it seemed like so far away, but now it is here! I am not nervous about the procedure or recovery. The only thing that worries me is that I won't be small enough and that I could still be droopy. I know there is only so much the doctor can do with what I have and I just have to trust that he will do the best he can to achieve what I'm after. I would love to be a C cup or even smaller, and I would especially like to have very little droop of the breast onto my chest to alleviate the rashes and irritation that results from that.

I have been eating as healthy as possible for a few months now and have lost 13 lbs since the winter, but I am still 18 lbs over my goal weight and 13 lbs over the weight I had in my mind as my "surgery weight." I take comfort in the fact that it should be so much easier to exercise after I am smaller, so I'm sure I'll lose it eventually.

Eating lots of vegetables and lean protein, drinking lots of water today. After someone mentioned it on here I looked into what to eat and not eat before surgery, and I cut out all nightshades (potatoes, peppers, eggplant) 2 weeks ago, and I didn't drink any alcohol for a week. And let me tell you, I really enjoy my glass of wine in the evening so that kind of sucks!

So good luck to those who are having surgery today or around now, and I'll check in as I can after I'm done.

Today is the Day--C Day!

Off to the surgery center. I have my pillow for the ride home, arnica, pictures of my idea of good boobs. I am so ready. Wish I could have some water though.

I'm home!

It went well, was on surgery for 3 hours, 2 hours Post-op and out the door. Pretty sore, sitting with ice bags on the sides. I'll post pics when I can get on my computer, I can't figure out how to do it with my phone!

Day 1 Post Op

Pretty sore, don't feel smaller. That's the main points today.
Surgery day went about as well as I could have hoped. I got to the center at 8. The nurses were all dolls. I swear that I've never met a nurse that wasn't! The nurse assigned to follow me had had numerous breast surgeries and was very complimentary of the staff at the center, particularly the anesthesiologist. He came to talk to me first, nice guy. Then Dr. Siebert came in to mark me and we talked about what I wanted, I showed him a couple pictures and stated that I wanted to be a C cup at the biggest. Surgery got started around 9:45, next thing I remember I was back in my recovery room. Apparently the doc came in when I was still waking up to say it all went well but I don't remember that! Surgery was about 3 hours. I had to wait almost 2 hours after I was awake to leave, they kept saying that they wanted the anesthesiologist to talk to me, but he was in another surgery, so they found a different one to check me out. He said I just needed to answer one question and he could release me: What year did Wisconsin gain statehood? And somehow I knew the answer, 1848! I was a little woozy in recovery and I had one moment when I though I was nauseous, but it turned out that it was just my throat feeling closed up and irritated. They brought me some ice and that made it better.

The ride home was a little painful, it's only about 20 minutes but we have a Jeep and it's kinda bouncy! Got home around 3:30. I sat in the recliner and in a comfy chair outside all afternoon and night. Didn't have much appetite, so I only ate some crackers and a piece of toast with honey. That's probably why I felt a little nauseous around 6:30, so I took a Zofran and it was better. Finally fell asleep around 2:30 a.m.! We are in the process of moving, so my bed is a mattress on the floor in the living room. I was a little skeptical about having to sleep down there, but it actually wasn't bad. I'm pretty flexible and the yoga I've been doing has really helped with my core and lower body strength, so I am able to get down and up pretty easily. I have pretty good mobility with my arms, can reach up and around but am being careful not to do it too quickly or while bearing any weight.

Today I still don't feel much appetite but I had some eggs for breakfast and some bone broth soup for lunch. I was trying to only to Tylenol for pain, but a while ago I took a hydrocodone, which seems to be helping a bit. I didn't really like how the oxycodone made me feel but I might try it again later once I have more food in me. I have quite a bit of pain over the entire breast area and on the sides. I feel like the anesthesia cleared well, I could smell/taste it for about an hour after I got home but I did as much deep breathing as I could and that was gone.

I measured myself and I am exactly the same around as I was before, 108 cm. But it's a lot higher up! I am hoping hoping hoping that this is just swelling as I really want to be at least 4 inches smaller than that when this is over. Hard to imagine that all that is swelling? I don't have drains so maybe that is part of why they are still bigger.

I am supposed to change my dressings at 24 hours but I am afraid to take off the bra and look at them! Isn't that silly? I am not afraid of seeing them bruised and bloody, I'm afraid of looking at them and thinking that they seem just as big as they were before. I asked him for one-handed boobs, but when I embrace them over the bra they are still multi-hand. I need to maintain a positive attitude but crap they still seem so big!

Day 2 post op

Pretty painful day. Ate lots of healthy food, went for a walk around the block. The big deal today was taking a shower and taking off the bandages. The nurse said it would come off easily when,they got wet but it took quite a long time carefully prying it off. Before I took them off I was thinking hey, not much bruising. Well there is! My right is much more sore and bruised. It was the bigger and saggier sister so I guess it took more to whip it into shape. It is pretty numb on the bottom and side. Left feels better and I have feeling in that nipple. Yay!

I have steristrips on the incisions but not around the nipple. I am supposed to put bacitracin ointment on the stitches and on the incisions when the steristrips fall off. They gave me gauze pads to put on under the bra, and I'm supposed to wear it 24/7 for 2 weeks. I am going to look at other bras as I don't really like that this one comes down so low on my belly. It's also fairly tight, although maybe that is good?

Day 3

I've settled into a routine. I usually wake up around 8, take some Tylenol, go back to sleep. Get up around 10:30, drink coffee and eat some breakfast so I can take my oxycodone. Read and play on the computer, take a little nap around 3. Have some dinner with more painkillers. Then watch some TV until I fall asleep around 1 or 2. It sounds weird but I am actually very much of a night person so this schedule isn't far off from what I would do ideally, and since the kids are off school that helps, they're sleeping in too! It is getting a little boring not being able to do much, I'm looking forward to being able to go shop and visit my friends at work in a few days. I did take a walk this evening that was twice as long as yesterday, so progress!

Boobs are not so much painful as uncomfortable. The right one is definitely more sore, underneath where the bad bruising is. They are becoming very itchy, which I know is because of the swelling. I could try Benadryl but that makes me super sleepy so I reserve that for bedtime. I am also getting a vibrating feeling in the right one especially, I assume it's a nerve thing. Kind of weird, my husband said that maybe the doctor left his pager in there. Ha ha honey you're hilarious.

I am still feeling a bit sad that they're not immediately smaller. I mean, looking at them yesterday it's obvious that they are indeed smaller, it's just that they are very swollen and they are so perky that they seem almost as big as before. I used to be able to sort of hide them away underneath as they were so saggy and didn't project much, but now they're up and in the forefront and still pulling the buttons of my shirt. I so hope that the swelling will go down soon! I'm taking the Bromelain and trying to move around enough to keep that lymphatic fluid moving.

Day 4: Itching!

Oh my god, the itchiness is overwhelming. Both my boobs are itchy all over. My friend the health care professional says this is a good sign of healing. I think it's because they are so swollen. I remember being itchy with my swollen breasts when my milk came in with my babies. Icing seems to help a bit but only while the ice is on and I can't do that 24/7. Benadryl might help but it puts me to sleep and I don't want to sleep during the day or I won't sleep at night. Any suggestions??

Day 5: Itching and Pooping

Ok, I followed the directions on the stool softener and still had a rough time going. Obviously I needed more than the minimum dosage! And I even took Citrucel the last few days too, and ate lots of fiber. So gals, I would advise doubling up on what they tell you to take so you don't end up like me. I haven't had a backup like that since I was pregnant. And when I could finally go yesterday it was practically like giving birth, not fun.

Good news is that today is my first day off the narcotic pain killers and I'm doing OK. They cleared me to take ibuprofen so I'm alternating that with Tylenol. I'm more clear-headed, but also extremely tired today. I had more energy the last few days, I guess this is just a correction. Tried to do a few things yesterday like folding clothes, putting stuff in the washer/dryer. My boobs told me not to!

They also said it was OK to use hydrocortisone cream on my breasts as long as it's not on the incisions. That made a world of difference with the itching!

Will post pics when I uncover them for my shower later. Not much changed, a bit more swelling on the outsides and bruises spreading.

Day 5 pics

Boobs be gone!

So I found out how much they took off: 680 grams off right and 631 off left! That is just about 1.5 lbs and 1.4 lbs so a total of almost 3 lbs! Too bad the swelling makes it seem like nothing happened. I'm going to try moving around more today and see if that doesn't help a bit.

8 Day post-op

Had my post-op appt. yesterday. She snipped out the stitches around the areola and also the knots from the stitches in the crease--she said that they do those on the outside so that they can snip them off at a week and they don't pop out on their own. Hadn't heard about that before but sounded good to me. I was a little worried about her taking off the steristrips because they seemed very well adhered still, but she just pulled them off in one long pull and it didn't hurt! It actually felt good to get those old crusty ones off. She only put new strips around the areolas and on the vertical incision down to the junction, not the rest of the crease incision. I have minipads on over those, between me and my bra, but they are kind of sticking and I feel like i want more protection for those so I think I'll go get something at Walgreen's. it seems like most people on here are getting all their incisions taped for much longer than my docs do.

Yesterday is the first day I felt an almost normal level of energy. I was able to go to my appt. then do several errands. Yay!

We leave tomorrow for a trip to our new home in Colorado, driving two vehicles each towing a trailer. I will have to drive a fair amount as it takes about 15 hours and we have 3 drivers for 2 vehicles. I feel pretty good about that, I've been driving around for a few days now and it only hurts if I go over a large bump. The vehicle i'll be driving is very cushy so that shouldn't be much of a problem.

Day 10: on the road!

Driving 18 or so hours today and tomorrow. My boobs were sore yesterday, I did a lot of walking, carrying light stuff to the trailer, packing, light cleaning.

My back is feeling a pretty good. Upper back is feeling some relief already. Lower back hurt really bad on days 6 and 7 probably from back sleeping and lack of movement but now that I'm able to do more during the day and I can do a little stretching it is better. Still can't sleep on my side but I can change positions some on my back and that helps.

This morning I measured 40.5 inches around so 1 inch less that day after surgery. Swelling on top is getting better but sides and bottom still very big. Left boob has dropped a bit. I know I will be sad because I have loved having them so high and hard and not moving at all!! Haven't felt that since 5th grade!

2 Weeks

I wanted to update more often but we're at our new house and we don't have internet service yet so I don't have many opportunities! It was 2 weeks yesterday. I am doing pretty well. It was a 2-day trip to get out here but thanks to my husband and my awesome friend that helped us move I didn't have to drive at all! When we got here on Sunday I did move some boxes and I know that wasn't the smartest thing to do, my boobs were very irritated with me. I did a little more work on Monday but then took it really easy on Tuesday and yesterday.

The girls are very sensitive and itchy. I take this as a good sign that the nerves are regenerating but it's really irritating! I bought a couple bras Monday because the surgical vest was just getting to be too much. My favorite is the Hanes Comfort Flex. Wow is it soft and comfy! I am wearing an XL so it is really loose but that's what feels good now. The last 2 nights I slept with no bra because at the end of the day they are so sensitive and itchy it feels best. I've tried cortisone cream and coconut oil and both seem to help a little, but not much.

It's a weird feeling to have the boobs so itchy and sensitive, but then when I touch or scratch them they are also numb, especially at the sides and bottom.

My energy is pretty good, but still feeling maybe 60% of what it usually is. I haven't been eating as well as I should, what with being on the road, but yesterday I got back on track with fruits and veggies and that will help. I can't wait to have the energy to go for some hikes! It will feel good to exercise again. I've been taking a nap almost every afternoon. I am so NOT a nap person, don't like them, but my body just says to do it.

Pics--2 weeks

Here are pics taken yesterday. Overall I'm pleased with how they look. Under boobs are somewhat painful but not really the Incisions, rather around them where the skin is itchy and sensitive and a little reddish still. Still swollen on sides and underneath.

3 Weeks

Things have been busy! We spent a week at our new home in Colorado, then drove back Wednesday and Thursday. I had to drive the whole time as we lost our assistant driver, but I was in a very plush riding car so it was ok. I had to hold the seat belt away from crossing my chest the whole time.

I think it's safe to say that I've been doing more than I should be for the last 2 weeks and I need to take it down a notch. I feel that my healing is progressing pretty well. I My incisions are looking good except for the junction of the vertical and horizontal, that are where there is almost always an issue. Yesterday I noticed that this area was bright red on both sides, and the left side, which had previously been healing better, has a small area that looks like pus. I called my doc's office and the nurse said that this is very common, especially around this time in the process, and probably has to do with my body reacting to the internal stitches. They are irritating so you the body creates inflammation as a result. She said as long as it doesn't spread and I don't have a fever that it should resolve on its own.

The underside and sides of the breasts are still very itchy and hypersensitive. Annoying, but I'm still going to trust that it is a good sign that I have sensation and that it is a sign of healing going on. Right side swelling seems to have gone done and now it's the left that looks more swollen! Bruises have faded almost away. I still don't have all my energy back but I am able to do what I need to do.

Will post some photos later today--I got a new phone and I can't seem to get the hang of taking a good boob-selfie with it.

A strappy dress!

Still working on getting the nudie pics from this week, my camera isn't cooperating. I did manage to get a pic of the dress I got to wear yesterday. I have had this for years but didn't hardly wear it because I had to wear a really tight bra underneath for enough support (this has a shelf bra). Well it fits like a charm now and I don't feel like a freak when I'm wearing it! Yay!!!

Strappy Dress Before

I found a pic from 5 years ago of my boobs wedged into the same dress. Hooray for smaller tits!

One month

It's been crazy busy with moving but I finally took some pics. I have better ones on a drive somewhere but can't find them now, must have packed it away.
Had my 1 month post-op last week and she said it looks good. Normally they'd want to see me in a few months just to take pics and assess, but since I won't be around so we took them now.

Boobs are still swollen, she said I might go down about another half cup size. Yay!

I have a couple spiky things that I assume are sutures. Am I supposed to just leave them alone?

Dammit, it's not letting me upload my pics!

One month photos

It finally seems to be taking my photo uploafd.

6 weeks

Been meaning to update for a while now--busy moving and stuff. Now we're getting settled! 2 weeks ago I had my 4 week checkup and she was happy with how things looked. After that I went on a camping and water park trip and unfortunately just before we left I had an issue with the vertical incision under my left nipple--it got pretty angry and red. Since I was going to be in the water for several days in a row I tried a Tegaderm dressing on it. It worked well--sealed it from water, particularly the lakes I was swimming in--and kept it clean. They say it stays on for up to 6 days but I had to remove it on day 7. It seems to have healed well under there, it wasn't weeping at all after I took it off. Now a week later it is drying out and healing well.

Overall I am pleased with the way my boobs are much more lifted and much firmer. I am not pleased with the size--I was hoping for a small C but they are a full D at least. They measure about 40.5 inches around, which is only 2 inches smaller than before surgery. They are clearly smaller, but just not as small as I would have liked. I am very much enjoying wearing strappy tops with very little support and being able to go without a bra without feeling self-conscious!

I am now focusing on losing weight--I know that the 15 lbs that I'd like to lose will make a difference!

6 weeks photos

Scar treatment

Forgot to mention, the doc said that my boobs were still swollen and irritated and they will be for weeks or months yet. She said I could hope to lose about another 1/2 cup size, which made me a bit sad. She also said that she didn't recommend any scar products, but does want me to massage the scars at least once a day. She didn't care what I used, she recommended Aquaphor but I prefer to avoid petroleum products so I've been using coconut oil, vitamin E oil, olive oil, and lavender essential oil. I'm also massaging the whole breast in addition to the scars. They are markedly less sensitive than when I started doing it 2 weeks ago and the scars under the boobs seem less pronounced and ropey.

Anybody see this story?

Bra company makes male employees wear weights. Love it!
John Siebert

I chose Dr. Siebert because a friend had her reduction with him, and recommended him. So far I have only spoken to him once, at the consult on March 4. He seems confident and no-nonsense, like most surgeons. His PA Luann Shay has been very nice and easy to talk to.

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