They've arrived!!!! 23 Year Old, 1 breastfed child, 420cc HP silicone & round overs, 111lbs & 5'6", 32AA to ???

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Hellooooo ladies!!!! I haven't posted on here...

Hellooooo ladies!!!! I haven't posted on here before but have been following a few journeys! So for all of my life I have had very small (non-existent) breasts! When my girlfriends were getting bra measured, I was feeling sorry for myself in padded bras! My breasts were their biggest whilst I was breastfeeding and for once in my life I could show a little cleavage. However, as soon as I stopped BF, my breasts deflated to a big, fat, NOTHING. I had my first meeting today, just to go through costing and what to expect and have a meeting with the surgeon on the 12th December. i'm SOOOO EXCITED!!! I'm getting married next year on the Greek Island of Kos, so have to look good in my wedding dress and a bikini!!!

Can anyone advise on what ccs to get to achieve a full 32DD?? I'm thinking around 400/425ccs. I don't want to be disappointed in the size...

Decision day tomorrow!

Hi again ladies!!! So tomorrow is the day that I will meet with a surgeon for the first time! I am VERY excited but also nervous at the same time... I'm nervous because I have an idea of what size I want to be and am wishing/hoping that he doesn't comment that I am unable to have it due to my frame/little tissue. Ideally I would like to go to a full DD which I believe I might need 400cc+ for (from 32AA!). I'm also nervous about taking my top off in front of him - more from a self conscious point of view though my fiancé will be in the same room as me!! I hope he doesn't have COLD hands!!!!!

If all goes well then I'll book an appointment ASAP - I'm starting a new job on 5th Jan and finish my current job on 22nd Dec so it would be a miracle if I was able to get an appointment during that period... Otherwise I'll have to be patient ;-).

I guess if he doesn't suggest an implant size I am not happy with, I'll see another surgeon just to get another opinion because I wouldn't want to spend out and be disappointed with the results!!

Fingers crossed xx

Overdue update! SO happy!! Always have another opinion!!!!

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I last posted - Xmas period plus disappointment with first consultation... To cut a story short, I had my first consultation on 10th Dec and was so disappointed because he said that the maximum size implants he would be allowing me to have is 180cc!!! That size would never have allowed me to achieve my dream size of D/DD... To be honest, I probably would have reached a size A which would not have been worth all the money!!! He said its because I have a small breast width... I had mixed emotions at first. I was UPSET but also I convinced myself that he was probably right so almost booked!!!

Good job I didn't!!! I decided to have a second opinion so I saw a different surgeon yesterday and guess what?! He said that I can have 420cc implants!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!! If you read my first post, you'll see that I was hoping to have implants around that size... This surgeon was so much nicer and more informative. He spoke in depth about the procedure and really took the time to answer my questions compared to the first surgeon!!!

This is a dream come true! I have booked my surgery for 8th February and I have my pre-operative screening on 26th Jaunary. I can't wait!!!

So a little advice... If in doubt ALWAYS have another opinion!!!

Sarah x

Some pre op pics

I thought it'd be good to post some more pre op pics just to show how tiny I am!! I can't wait to compare the before and after photos!!!

Height, weight, bwd & implant info!!!

Hi lovely ladies!! I've just realised that I haven't provided much info about my stats!! Well I'm 5'6", 111lbs and my bwd is 10.5. My body is very petite though with broad shoulders and I have long legs. It's annoying because I can't buy petite tops as I have long arms grrr!! My implants will be round, silicone textured and are going to be placed over the muscle! Big choice as I have little breast tissue but the pros outweigh the cons. Im currently a 32AA/30A :-)

Surgery day!!!!!

I haven't updated for a while because I've been so busy with the new job etc but I've been following a few stories...

To quickly update, I had my pre-op on the 26th and brought a load of total support bras (the type my grandmother wpuld wear -see pics!). I was told to bring 3 sizes with me so that the nurse can fit the best one on the day... She took my BP and some bloods - I'm normally not squeamish but it took a lot of prodding and poking to find the vein!!!

So here I am!!! Sitting in the ward with my fiancé. His mum took our little one yesterday night and will look after him today... The receptionist and nurse were to very friendly and welcoming which is nice because I feel quite settled. I had to change into these awful knickers and gown but I have own slippers and robes.

The anesthetist was a little blunt but she was straight to the point about what to expect.

I am sooo happy because I'm the first patient to be seen by my surgeon - I'm a day case so the sooner the better so I can enjoy these new babies and go home!

Is it okay not to feel nervous? I feel 100% calm and ready... Probably because this op is a long time coming!!! I'm just so so hungry right now... I could do with some naughty comforting food!

Pre-Op pics, goodbye baby boobies!

Am I dreaming... I have boobs!!!!

Hi ladies!!! So here I am, one day post op!!

After waking up under anaesthetic, the first thing I remember is talking non-stop to the nurses! I wasn't in any pain at all, just experienced numbness of both breasts... What I did notice is that my left was was a lot more swollen than the right... But apparently this is normal?! MY lefty was always the slightly smaller one so I imagine my surgeon struggled a little with shoving a 420cc implant over my muscle!! I had drains in both of my breasts for four hours post op, and oh my was the sensation (and sound!!) strange when they removed them...

I tried sleeping on the way home but couldn't keep my eyes away from my breasts - I felt like I was perving on myself ;-). As soon as we reached the boudoir, my fiancé was more tired than me and actually went to sleep before I did - anyone would think that her just had HIS boobies done! But I was too busy looking at them in the mirror and taking some photos.... I also put some frozen veg on my lefty in hope that it would reduce the swelling a little!

So one day post op... How am I feeling? Absolutely fine!!! I do feel quite numb and bit by bit I'm learning which way I can turn and which way I can't. I still haven't felt any pain though... Touch wood...

Unfortunately for me, my sister, who was going to help me out for 3 days, had to go on an all day course today, and my fiancé couldn't get the time off work at such short notice... So from 10am until 3.30pm I was with my almost 3 year old toddler... ALONE! To be honest, it wasn't bad at all. I told him that I was in a little pain and he totally understood and tucked me up in my duvet and was very gentle with me! I extended my arm and rested a cushion on it so that he could still cuddle with me and we ended up sleeping for 1.5 hours! My mom then came and took him out after she finished work so I can now relax a little!! My sister will be able to help out for the next few days though and then I'm back to work on Thursday! I only work part time, Thurdays and Fridays and I'm a hospital administrator, so I can chose to focus on tasks which don't involve a lot of movement!

I took my first lot of antibiotics yesterday, and these are to be taken twice a day. However, I haven't yet taken my pain killers which are a blend of codeine and paracetamol. Is this wise? I haven't yet felt any pain and I kind of don't want to experience the side effects of nausea and constipation unless needed...

My breasts feel so strange at the moment. They're warm to the touch and I can feel (and hear at times) the excess liquid squirming around... I just can't wait until they settle and start to feel normal... I want a cleavage!!!!!
Dr. Meleagros

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