21 Year Old, Getting 295cc HP Round Unders, Currently a 32A (Ish) - UK

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I'm 21 years old, I'm 167cm (5ft6) weigh about 120...

I'm 21 years old, I'm 167cm (5ft6) weigh about 120 pounds (8 stone 8) and I'm mostly a size 8 so quite petite. I have picked 295cc HP round implants for my surgery in 2 days!! They will be going under the muscle and after looking at lots of photos on here, I think I will be happy with the size. I just want a C cup as I've never wanted big boobs, just a nice pair of boobs! I made it clear to my surgeon I don't like the fake look and want them to look as natural as possible. I did think about the tear drop/anatomical ones but he assured me round can look just as natural and the tear drop can spin round inside you and look a funny shape. Plus they were £1,000 dearer! I think a lot of people on here are from the US but I live in the UK and I'm getting my surgery through Transform and my surgeon is Dr Daniel Widdowson. I was a little bit worried these implants would look too small but after looking at photos on here, I think they'll be ok! I started getting nervous on Thursday when I realised my surgery was only days away but now I'm just really excited! I'm going to try post photos and updates over the next few weeks/months, feel free to ask any questions as I've found this website sooo helpful in the run up to my op.

Before pics

Here are some before pics, I've never been measured but wear a 32A

My op is tomorrow!

Just a short update as I'm going to sleep soon. I've to be at the hospital for 7.15am tomorrow, op is at 8am for an hour followed by an hours recovery. My mum is going to come to the hospital at 10am and sit with me until I can go home. It's just a day case so I'll be out later tomorrow!

Sooooo excited and don't feel nervous or scared one bit, it honestly feels like xmas eve - I hope I sleep haha! I'm sure I'll be nervous when I get to the hospital but right now I just can't wait to see them!

I'll try post tomorrow depending on how out of it I am!!

Surgery in 30 mins

Arrived at the hospital (it's more of a clinic), I don't feel too nervous but definitely have butterflies. Had my blood pressure and temperature taken and got measured for my surgical socks! I've been told when I get changed that I've just to wear only my pants and then I put the gown and socks on! They are extreeeeemely nice as they must know how nervous people must get. The nurse could not have explained what's going to happen in more detail, she was great.
The anaestheologist just came and spoke to me and he was just as nice, friendly and helpful. He asked me lots of questions then explained exactly what would happen and told me that I will experience a tight discomfort when I wake up but they will give me the right pain killers and anti sickness tablets of and when required.
They said I can get my phone back as soon as I've woke up properly so I'll write again soon!
So excited, I can't believe I'm not that nervous and they'll be operating in 30 minutes! Bring on the booooobies!!!!

All done!

Went into surgery at 8am and it's now 2pm. Everything went amazing, I can't even remember being put to sleep but I came to about 10am and was just chatting away to the nurse. I tried to stand up at 10.30am but felt sick so lay back down and she gave me an anti-sickness liquid. I've honestly been soooo shocked and delighted at how little the pain is. I'm sure it's the pain killers but my biggest fear was waking up in agony. She gave me some tramadol at 10.50am then at 11.05am I went up in a wheelchair to see my mum! I've just been lying in a reclining chair (it's a day case clinic so I don't get a ward) since then dozing off now and again with someone coming in to take my blood pressure etc every 30 minutes. They've taken the blood pressure machine away now so think they are just waiting for me to eat before discharging me. Attached a few pics but it's hard to tell what they will look like naked! So pleased and can't believe how easy and non painful everything has been. A bit spaced out on tramadol I've been telling the nurses how nice they all as I'm feeling the love hahaha!

Home now

Home now and still actually overwhelmed at how easy and pain free the whole day has been. I've added some photos and have to say I wasn't expecting them to look like this already, I prepared myself for the worst but actually think they look good for op day!

Day after op!

My surgery was just over 24 hours ago. The pain yesterday was about 1-2 on a scale of 1-10 and maybe about a 3 if I was walking or trying to do something with my arms but seriously nothing and I wouldn't even say it's a pain it's just so tight like someone has tied something super tight round your chest or maybe after a serious work out at the gym, that kind of feeling. I took my pain killers at 9.30pm last night and was considering setting an alarm for 4 hours later to take them again as so many people told me that 'morning boobs' are the worst and that the pain on day two is a lot worse. Anyway I decided against setting an alarm and I woke at 4.30am needing the toilet and was surprisingly in the same amount of pain - barely anything! I took my pain killers anyway and woke up at about 7.30am feeling great. I think I'll keep taking my pain killers today then maybe cut back tomorrow. I have anti inflammatory and anti bruising tablets that I'll keep taking till I run out. I know everyone is different but I've never had surgery before and I've never considered a boob job seriously till this year for the reason I was thinking 'there's no way I could go through an operation'. But this has been an absolute walk in the park so far so I hope it continues to be as easy! Anyone worried about the pain or operation, I have to say you'll probably be very pleasantly surprised (especially if you've been expecting the worst like I was). I've uploaded some pics of how they look today, still swollen and nipples are numb, feeing a bit itchy round the plasters but it comes and goes.

Day after op - dress up time!

Disclaimer- please note I only took the sports bra off for 5 mins to try some clothes on then put it straight back on. Here's some photos the day after my op in bikini and clothes. Can you tell I'm loving them... Haha!

2 days after op (about 48 hours exactly)

I've not had pain killers since lunch time yesterday and it's now 7.09am the following day and I feel no pain! When I use my arms or move around I can feel the pressure on them but I dont think I'll need to take any more pain killers! I think the thing I thought was going to hurt the most was the incisions but even when I press on them I can't feel a thing! If strange how everything I expected has been basically the opposite of what has happened! My boobs feel a bit numb under the nipple and the pressure of the implant seems to be making my nipples a bit puffy so they don't get completely hard yet! I hope my posts have been useful, please feel free to message or ask me anything! Unless anything unusual happens over the next 5 days, I'll wait until the week mark before I post any more photos - so that it's easier to make a comparison!

3 days after op

Today has probably been the most uncomfortable day but I've tried to stop having any pain killers so that might be why. It's still not a sore feeling, it's just a really tight feeling like I want to take the sports bra off. I'm going to try get a slightly bigger size but they do still feel tight without a bra on. When I push down on my breast bone above my boobs there's wee cracking noises like it sounds like gristle YUCK! But I've read that's normal and can just be air bubbles etc! I can't wait to get the dressings off and see how the scar is looking! I'm getting bored of being pretty much house bound already! I've never wanted big boobs but from some angles/in some light I actually think I could have gone for a bigger size... It's only day 3 so they might soften and look a bit bigger in a few weeks. Still delighted with them.

Before and after compared

Everything still going great, I get my dressings off/stitches cut on Tuesday so I'll post an update of how that goes then.


Got my dressings off yesterday (after 1 week) and these are my scars. They look horrible to me but the nurse said they are healing brilliantly and there's some glue and iodine on them so they aren't as scabby as they look lol! I have to put steri-strips on them for 3 weeks but theres no pain or anything! I wouldn't mind hearing what other people's scars looked like after a week? I was back driving on day 5 (shouldn't have been but there was no pain and I didn't have to strain to do it).

Nearly 6 weeks post op!

Everything is going great, back to gym weightlifting, jogging again etc. Still wearing a sports bra and will continue that for a while after the 6 week mark I think just so no bra rubs my scars or anything. Here's some recent photos of my scars - the little scab is where it opened a bit on week one and I didn't realise so it's left a scab.
Dr Daniel Widdowson

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